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New Probe Microphone for measurements in small, hard-to-reach areas

Shoulder Dolly

Products. The Pro Lift is ideal for two people in industry moving heavy and awkward loads, including furniture, machinery, and building materials. The sturdy harness fits comfortably over shoulders and uses natural leverage to make the load seem lighter. With a carrying capacity of up to 450kg, the Pro Lift professional model is ideal for movers, hauliers, warehouse operatives and workers in industry. Each kit includes two padded harnesses made from breathable mesh and nylon webbing with metal tri-snaps and tension buckles, one 3.6m x 12.7cm nylon lifting strap, manual, carry bag and DVD. The Shoulder Dolly range consists of three products, each aimed at a different weight range and grade of lifting. The Ready Lifter is designed for lighter items with a carrying capacity of 270kg. With a carrying capacity of up to 360kg, the Shoulder Dolly is ideal for everyday use from professionals to DIY enthusiasts. Ergonomically designed to promote and facilitate proper lifting techniques, the Pro Lift encourages the use of legs for lifting, leaving hands and arms unconstrained and reducing the risk of injury and back strain.


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he innovative Shoulder Dolly ‘Pro Lift’ lifting strap is now available from Packaging Aids t/a Packer

probe tip diameter is extremely small measuring 0.050" (1.3mm) which enables white goods, telephone, headphone, loudspeaker and musical instrument manufacturers to make measurements in small, confined and difficult-to-access areas that cannot be accessed using traditional microphones, which are typically larger. The small size of the probe tip also allows near field measurements with minimal disturbance of the sound field. This enables more accurate test results. The probe microphone (Model 377B26) comprises four components: microphone, preamplifier, housing and several probe tips of different lengths. The components work together to provide a maximum operating temperature of 800°C, much greater than traditional test & measurement microphones. The high temperature capability and small diameter make it an excellent choice for HVAC manufacturers and test engineers performing leak detection tests at elevated temperatures.

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Re-design & relaunch of heavy duty engineering profi hoists

As a completion of the re-design project for their Profi range of air operated The latest

hoists, the J D Neuhaus company have now launched their new, innovative

Profi 75 TI and Profi 100 TI hoists, offering SWL capacities of 75 and 100 tonnes respectively. Existing products in the Profi range cover lift capacities from 250kg up to a full 60 tonnes, ideally suited to engineering environments.

introductions, which incorporate savings in energy requirements as well as reductions in both weight and overall size dimensions, cover the demanding requirements of heavy engineering working conditions. The key component of these hoists is a new air motor unit, based on the well-proven J D Neuhaus motor-brake concept and incorporating a patented integrated brake system, with

a stepped brake piston and a reliable self-lubricating rotor. In the standard configuration of a 6 bar air pressure supply, the motor provides a 9kW power output, adequate for the operation of either hoist while still providing significant energy reductions. At full nominal lift capacities (75 or 100 tonnes), the compressed air consumed is 7.6m3/min which represents in excess of 30% saving over the hoists being replaced. On lowering of full loads, the air consumed is 6m3/min, which represents an impressive full 50% saving over the power/energy consumption of the hoists being replaced.

J D Neuhaus

MCERTS certification A

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CB Piezotronics, Inc. announces the launch of their new probe microphone for R&D enginee`rs who need to measure sound pressure in confined areas. The


BB has achieved MCERTS certification for its AX400 pH measurement system, following tests in a field trial over nine months on an effluent discharge at Pembroke Power Station. The AX400, coupled with ABB's 7650, 7651, 7660 pH sensors, successfully demonstrated its

suitability for use in

treated wastewater, untreated wastewater and receiving water applications – meaning it can now be used in such as power industry and potable water treatment applications. "ABB's pH measurement systems have long been used throughout a wide range of industries to provide reliable and accurate measurement," says Mike Sparrey, analytical sales specialist for ABB's UK Measurement Products business. "We are delighted

to have achieved MCERTS certification for our AX400, which forms part of our commitment to providing users with the best available techniques for their environmental monitoring requirements."

ABB UK Ltd Tel: +44 1925 741 111 Web:

ew sensors from ifm electronic withstand weld fields The latest pneumatic cylinder sensing innovation from sensor market leader ifm electronic can withstand the electrical interference from powerful welding fields. These new versions of the popular MK series, MK5214 and MK5215 feature a patented method of detecting the external field and suppressing the sensor output until the interference has passed. The new MK is claimed to be the only T-slot sensors with a stable signal, independent of the welding duration. The MK series fit easily into the T- slot on standard pneumatic cylinders, or equally into adapters made to fit most other common cylinder types, and do not sit proud of the slot which affords them additional mechanical protection. The short connecting cable of the weld-field-immune MK5124 and MK5125 is protected from weld spatter by a PTFE sheath, and the connector (M12 on the MK5124 and M8 on the MK5125) is coated in a highly-resistant non-stick material. ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm products.

Cylinder sensors for welding N

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their presence in hydraulic systems interferes with the ability of the hydraulic fluid to lubricate and causes wear to the components. The extent of contamination in the fluid has a direct bearing on the performance and reliability of the system and it is necessary to control solid contaminant particles to levels that are considered appropriate for the system concerned. To measure the extent of contamination by solid particles, sensor market leader ifm electronic has just launched the LDP, designed specifically for the analysis of particle concentration for trend monitoring and display of the cleanliness levels according to ISO 4406:99 or SAE AS4059E. Typical particle sizes found in hydraulic oils range from 4 to 14 m, and thus within the measuring range of the LDP. The LDP will cope with various oil types, from mineral and ester oils to biodegradable oils, with temperatures between -10 and 80 °C and dynamic pressures up to 420 bar. Not only does the LDP have a display, but will provide analogue output (4...20 mA configurable), with a digital alarm output, with digital input to start and stop readings, but it also features a data memory for 3000 data records.


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Oil Particle Sensor

here are any number of sources of contamination in oil, but no matter where particles come from,

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