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May 2013. Caitlyn Slovacek Yeager and Caitlin Shepherd were bridesmaids. In attendance were Steven Yeager ’05, Rebecca Blum ’05, Michael Rivers ’05, Allison Condo, and Julianna Koch. This past July, Jessica Lubniewski moved to Berea, Ky., to take a job as cura- torial assistant in the art department at Berea College. Jessica is working on a yearlong project involving the college’s textile collection. Back in 2006, sparks flew at Gaffney’s patio in Saratoga Springs when Jenna Walsh met Will Bastian. In October 2013, they returned to Saratoga Springs to tie the knot at the Gideon Putnam. Many Skiddies were on hand to help celebrate the event and the couple was accompa- nied by “the best wedding party this town has ever seen”: Caroline Bergelin, Megan Noyes Fournie ’07, Toby Osherson, Lance Meyerhoff, Jeffrey Goldberg, and Kevin Fournie ’07. Brendan Murray and Leigh Stokey


Murray welcomed a son, Owen Robinson, in January 2013. Amy Dobbins is in her fourth year of teaching science at Manchester Essex Regional Middle School. She loves teach- ing kids in this age group. This past sum- mer, Amy caught up with classmates at a mini-reunion in Saratoga. They enjoyed seeing the changes the city has undergone since we graduated. Jocelyn Levitan is engaged to Daniel Sulzberg; the couple will wed in July. Jocelyn received a PhD in counseling and school psychology from University of California at Santa Barbara. She resides in Santa Monica. West Richland, Wash., resident Tiphony Dames is the lead singer for blues band BlackWater. Last year, the band performed at the prestigious Untapped Blues Festival, where they were favorites on the home- town stage. Tiphony is a manager at Gamestop and loves spending time with her boyfriend of six years and their two kids.

Amanda Predmore served in the Peace Corps in Morocco. She is currently in Seattle, Wash., finishing up a master’s in community counseling at Seattle Univer- sity. She is also interning for a mental health program serving older adults. ALEXANDRA RAVENER FEIGMAN 43 VALENTINE AVE. GLEN COVE, NY 11542-4127 AFEIGMAN@GMAIL.COM

Katherine Largo married Jere - miah Yourth in Richmond, Va., in

got engaged on August 29, 2013. Nick proposed to Marissa on the summit of Mt. Whitney, at the completion of hiking the 210-mile John Muir Trail in California. The couple will wed in Massachusetts this summer. They attend Portland State Uni- versity in Portland, Ore., where Nick is pursuing a master’s in business adminis- tration and Marissa is completing a mas- ter’s in sustainability education. Sarah Lynes married Pascal Maharjan in


Woodstock, Conn., in June 2013. Atten- ding the wedding were Sophy Bishop, Erich Yee, Alex Shapiro, Alex Grossman Jaffe, Max Jaffe, Josh Keefe, Matt Donohue , Joey Anderson, Laura Ballsolier, Chloe Lewis, Megan Noyes Fournie, and Kevin Fournie. James Woods-Corwin married Laura Henderson ’08 on Sept 7, 2013. The cou- ple lives in State College, Pa. James works in campus recreation and club sports for Penn State University. Last year, Ricky Silver headed to South Africa as a U.S. delegate for the One Young World Summit (www.oneyoung- Ricky says it’s “a really excit- ing opportunity to participate and make an impact on global economic and social development.” Daniel Moran is pursuing a master’s in

city and regional planning at Cornell University. He is working on an urban


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Friends since freshman year, Marissa Block and Nick Mastors

design project focused on NYC’s East River waterfront and working with the Port Authority on a rezoning plan around Penn Station. Allison Keane married Brendan Barr on

July 13, 2013, in Plymouth, Mass. In attendance were Emily Maskin, Mariah MacCarthy, and Kathryn Madaus ’08. After three years in San Francisco, Calif., Josh Lauren moved to Brooklyn, N.Y. He is a talent recruiter at Achieve - ment First, which manages 25 charter schools in New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Josh loves Brooklyn and enjoys seeing NYC residents Jordan Taler, Andrew Eifler, and Joe Cavallaro as much as possible. Matthew Isakson graduated from med-

ical school and is in his first year of plas- tic-surgery residency at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. Glenna Martin received a master’s in public health in August 2013, and will graduate from medical school in May. She is living in Seattle, Wash., and has been applying for medical residencies. She misses her friends on the East Coast and hopes to see them all soon! Hunter Marston completed two mas-

ter’s degrees, in international studies and public administration, at the University of Washington in Seattle. Afterward he trav- eled back to Boston, Mass., by motorcycle with Alex Tzelnic. Hunter is seeking a position in foreign policy or global trade in Washington, D.C. This past August, Sarah Soltau finished

a PhD in chemistry at Boston University and moved to the Chicago, Ill., area to take a postdoctoral research position at Argonne National Laboratory. Ashley Woodhouse is engaged to marry Michigan State alumnus Kurt Slade in Minneapolis, Minn., this coming fall. Amelia Rubenstein will be a bridesmaid. Ashley resides in Minneapolis and works as a professional rider and trainer. After a six-month sabbatical in the San Francisco Bay area, Amanda Avery Heimann returned to New Jersey to work in the mental health and developmental disability division of Capitol Care Inc. Nicky DiMarzio was married on June

22, 2013. She is head women’s basketball coach and sports information director at Holyoke Community College in Massa- chusetts. Jennifer Kraft says that this summer

was “a whirlwind” spent with her busi- ness partner cooking, baking, and event planning at Samantha’s Cafe & Catering in Glens Falls, N.Y., which now features a new catering menu. Jennifer managed to


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