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We extend condolences to the family of Janice Brooke Woodward and Ann Libbey Spelman, who passed away in 2012, and Jane Zirinsky Haskell, who died on May 28. They will be greatly missed by the many whose lives they touched. In other sad news, I received a nice note

from one of Myrna Kroll Weed’s four sons, informing me that Myrna died in April 2013, after a stroke. We send our sympathy to her family. DOROTHY ROMAN GUENTHER 248 PINES LAKE DRIVE EAST WAYNE, NJ 07470-5009 973-835-1869 SYNCHRODOTTIE@AOL.COM

library, a member of the town Democratic committee, and co-chair of the music committee at her Unitarian church, though she will soon give up driving. Her life includes nine grandchildren and eight great-grands, all of whom live nearby. Jane Ernst Remy lives with eldest daughter Alison and her husband in Upper Nyack, N.Y. There, she enjoys visit- ing with two granddaughters and four great-grands. Jane’s other daughter, Phyllis, and her husband live in Ohio; their two daughters and four children reside in Texas. That adds up to eight great-grandchildren living in very differ- ent places! We extend condolences to Jane, who lost her husband last year. Congratulations to Ethel Sobel Brody, recipient of the 2013 Elizabeth O’Neill Verner Governor’s Award for the Arts, the highest honor the State of South Carolina presents in the arts. A longtime supporter of the Columbia Museum of Art, she has contributed numerous works to its collec- tion. She has two children and five grand- children, three of whom live in NYC. Staying in touch with family keeps Ethel happy and busy. Betty Williams Eslick says she is “alive


and well.” She cherishes her wonderful memories of Skidmore and sends best wishes to all. I also have given up driving and find it

sad not to be able to hop into the car. I am told I look “fit” for my age and hope you all are too. I swim, walk, or use a sta- tionary bike almost every day and spend two or three hours in my studio most mornings. SUSAN RABINOWITZ MALLOY 8 DOGWOOD LANE WESTPORT, CT 06880-5021 SUCO7@AOL.COM

Marjorie Horstman Calvert is secretary for the board of the local

travel. They celebrated their 65th wed- ding anniversary in June on a cruise to Bermuda with family. Over the ensuing months, they visited Hilton Head, S.C., Cape Cod, Mass., and Maine. They capped their summer travels with a trip to their son’s home in Pennsylvania to cele- brate Ralph’s 90th birthday. Louise Bossler Cervon is living near her daughter, Kathryn, outside Washington, D.C. She recently celebrated her 90th birthday. Dunedin, Fla., resident Faith Hope


Barnard and Dave are still in real estate and gradually selling some of their prop- erty. The couple spent August in the Chicago area visiting children and grand- children. One of their sons lives in California and another is in the Florida Keys. The Barnards live happily with their eight rescue dogs. I am in my 12th year living in Elim

Park, a large adult-living community. My first mobile chair wore out and I am breaking in a new one. At Skidmore, I was delighted to combine studies in music and chemistry. My two daughters, who both have careers in science, still play vio- lin and clarinet. Now my two grandchil- dren are following in their elders’ foot- steps: Sarah is at the University of Florida working on a PhD in paleobotany and playing trumpet, while Phillipe is a senior at the University of Rochester double- majoring in music and physics. Remem- ber to put Skidmore in the subject line when sending me e-mail. BETTY BRYAN ROSENBAUM 150 COOK HILL ROAD, APT. 1105 CHESHIRE, CT 06410-3763 203-271-8805 HAZELALLEN@AOL.COM


Joy Miller Brown feels fortunate that she and Ralph are still able to

glowingly about our 65th reunion and the six Libbey House pals who were also on hand to share in the fun. She loves staying busy with her pastel art work. Northbrook, Ill., resident Sally “Sandy”

Krueger took a day trip to Pullman, the Pullman Company town that features apartments, a church, and a market for Pullman employees. This “fascinating” town is being considered for national his- toric-site status. Zilpha “Dotsie” Slosson Erskine was unable to attend Reunion because of a sinus infection, but recovered in time to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with her daughter and 24-year-old granddaughter. The family bought Dotsie’s daughter a villa. Wow! She loved the country and had a great trip. Joan Theobald Mitchell was also sorry



Elizabeth Bahlke, daughter of Bill and Marge West Bahlke, wrote

that her parents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in September 2013. Susanne Lutz Dean lives most of the

year in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., but also has an apartment in Garden City, N.Y. Her granddaughter, Elizabeth Dean ’15, has a work-study job as a photographer for Skidmore. Mary Jane Baker Macartney wrote

to have missed Reunion, but enjoyed reading about it online. “I didn’t recog- nize all the gray-haired ladies,” she quips. She is proud of her new eyes (cataract sur- gery) and new ears (hearing aids)! I was heartened to hear from Nancy “Leggie” D’Wolf, who is dealing with medical issues. Although she is now walk- ing with a cane, Leggie is still not able to navigate stairs. She says having a ramp outside her front door is a huge help. Leggie was delighted that Elizabeth “Tibby” VanNess Reid received an Outstanding Service Award at Reunion. “She is so deserving of the honor. I con- tinue to marvel at the Class of 1948.” Ann Crooks Seitzer and husband Dick visited with Leggie this past summer. Ann reports that Leggie “looked really well.” Evelyn Burns Stewart and her husband moved from their villa in Florida to a retirement community near their son in Charlottesville, Va. She enjoys walking beautiful trails with her dog and is happy to be free from meal planning, cooking, and housekeeping. I say “aye” to that. Marylou May Hartmann had a ball traveling to Ireland this past summer with 15 people on a Smithsonian-sponsored tour. The travelers were guided by an Irishman as well as a PhD from Harvard well versed in ancient music, who allowed Mary Lou to sing whenever she wanted! While there, the group spotted Mrs. Obama and her daughters, preceded by Secret Service agents. Marian Miner Heddy’s husband, George, sent word that Marian is suffering from significant dementia. The couple met at Skidmore in 1946. Their four chil- dren are spread out all across the country. Ever the loyal alumna, Marian drinks from a Skidmore coffee cup daily.


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