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weather, took in several wineries, and enjoyed two dinners in the homes of some local people, an added bonus. CAROLYN BROWN STRAKER 500 E. 83RD ST., APT. 11K NEW YORK, NY 10028-7208 MOMSTRAKER@AOL.COM

this past July to support a grade-school friend seeking a second medical opinion. They stayed in the city for about 10 days, taking in the Edward Hopper exhibit at the Whitney Museum and shopping at 15 wholesale bead warehouses (Mary’s bliss!) before heading to Maine for a week. Mary’s summer also included a drive from their home in White Plains, N.Y., to Dorset, Vt.; she spent a week visiting old friends and her sister, Eileen Winters Mann ’63, along the way. Returning home, Jim and Mary stopped to see their son and his family in Scarsdale. I am saddened to report that Ann Davison McDonough died in April. We recall her as a devoted educator. She will be sorely missed by the many whose lives she touched. We also mourn the death of my treasured friend, Suzanne Shaffer McGown, in June. I received many expressions of condolence and recollec- tions of our precious college years. Mary Cooper summed them up best when she wrote, “May Suzanne know only peace and love in the life to come. She was an inspiration.” Alan and I celebrated our 75th birthdays


on a monthlong trip to Southeast Asia that included Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. We were touched, enlight- ened, and completely captivated by the people and their culture. As in past expe- riences with Overseas Adventure Travel, it was a pleasure. GAIL BENDIX JAFFE 5431 N. PASEO ESPEJO TUCSON, AZ 85718-5229 520-575-0165 GAILBJAFFE@MAC.COM


Joan Horowitz Behr was thrilled to attend a ceremony honoring

Linda Haas, 2013 recipient of the Amer- ican Association of Diabetes Educators’ Living Legend award, during the organiza- tion’s annual conference in Philadelphia, Pa., this past summer. Since 1982, Linda counseled, treated, and educated diabetic patients and served on national commit- tees and councils before retiring from the Virginia Puget Sound Health Care System in 2012. She continues to lecture, serve


Mary Winters Cooper and hus- band Jim traveled to Manhattan

on committees, and write for scholarly publications. After the ceremony, Joan and husband Dick hosted Linda for sever- al days of celebration and relaxation in Cape May, N.J. Patty Paige Johnson and husband Leonard enjoyed a Michigan bike tour in September 2013. They biked to the hilltop home of Mary Campbell Paddon and spent the night. Unfortunately, I was back in Virginia in September and couldn’t join in the Michigan mini-reunion. Cookie Rapoport Thier reports that

Judy Brown Tulchin stopped to visit her in Boulder, Colo., in between Judy’s fami- ly vacation in Vail and her trip home to Chapel Hill, N.C. “It was a terrific day and a half, with lots of catching up and enjoying one another.” Just a week later, Cookie spent time with Gail Anderson Ducey in Gail’s newish digs in Cayucos, Calif. The visit included a long beach walk and was full of love and laughter. In case you’re wondering, both Judy’s and Gail’s laughs haven’t changed in over 50 years!

Claire Hawkins Seaquist says she still

feels the “warm, nostalgic joy” generated at our 50th reunion, an occasion that seems all the more precious given our ages. She is very interested in reaching out to classmates who are facing life- changing challenges in their lives. “It would be nice if they feel our support and know that we care.” She can be contacted at My former roommate Jerry Conley Richmond has enjoyed a long career bringing Montessori education to chil- dren in Hawaii and beyond. Her work was featured in the Honolulu Advertiser last year. Jerry learned about the Montessori method, which helps children teach themselves using their own lan- guage, culture, and natural environments as guides, while traveling in the Philippines in 1966. She returned home to Hawaii to establish Montessori-based programs there. She currently heads up


If you spend part of the year away from your primary residence but still want to receive information about regional Skidmore events and other news from campus, just let us know.

Share your seasonal address

by calling 518-580-5600, or e-mail Pat Poirier:

the Montessori Summer Institute at Chaminade University of Honolulu, which trains teachers from Hawaii, Japan, Kenya, India, the Philippines, and Mexico. Jerry says, “I feel that I’m sitting in the perfect place and time to help expand people’s vision about what we can do to help children feel comfortable with themselves, to care for other people, and to look at the environment respect- fully and responsibly.” Linda Speer Diez’s first granddaughter

was born the day of Linda’s retirement party. She is now teaching this grand- daughter how to drive and visiting col- leges with her. Linda enjoyed a great fam- ily trip to Alaska and then headed to the Dalmatian Coast. In April she attended a small memorial luncheon for Sonja Karsen, professor emerita of Spanish, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She notes, “Sonja was a very profound and witty person.” Linda Collier Kenerson’s youngest son, Bruce, was married this past summer in California. Linda had a fun three-day visit with Pam Merton Jackson, touring muse- ums in Boston, having dinner with Pat Moorhead MacKinnon, and visiting Maine for more art! In June Joan Beckwith Braffet was in London taking care of her “awesome” 11- month-old granddaughter for three weeks. Joan’s daughter Kim and husband Collin (who live in Warsaw, Poland) took turns staying at Children’s Hospital in London with their 7-year-old son, Brynn, who was there for an operation to address a breathing problem. A month later, Kim and the children flew across the pond to stay with Joan and husband Mickey in The Villages, Fla., for three weeks. The couple later enjoyed a visit to Austin, Texas, to visit their other daughter’s fami- ly, including grandchildren ages 8, 11, and 12. Jan Curren Moffitt and husband Pete visited the Braffets for a few days during their stay in Boynton Beach. Last year, Sandra Weisman Sheppard expressed interest in Skidmore’s Alumni Travel Program trip on the Danube, a clas- sical music tour of Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland. She reached out to Jacki Jung, who suggested she get in touch with Sylvia Santore Contessa. Sandra and Sylvia took the trip together and enjoyed it immensely! In the small-world depart- ment, Sylvia’s dad was Sandra’s husband Jack’s history teacher in high school, and they discovered other mutual friends! Susan Stark Match’s granddaughter Charlotte Morse ’17 spent her first

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