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Wide-scale Interactive Development for Educators (WIDE). Realizing that she missed working with young children, Jane also started an after-school program for young singers in the school district where she worked for 20 years. Liz Roman Gallese and Peter Barton

(the husband of Jane Startz) report that they are making excellent progress on the documentary Women of ’69, Unboxed. They screened a 12-minute preview clip at the Tang Museum during Reunion 2013 and received enthusiastic feedback and much encouragement. Several of you wrote that you were interviewed for this project and found the entire process thought-provoking. Liz, Peter, and Jane plan to screen the completed film at Reunion. For more information, visit Barbara Poole-Street has spent the last

30 years in Honolulu, Hawaii, raising a family, teaching economics at Chaminade University, and enjoying life. This past summer, she went on an excursion around the world, visiting a daughter in Taiwan, presenting a paper at an Istanbul conference, reconnecting with old friends in Prague, and then visiting upstate New York, including Saratoga. There she toured the town and Skidmore’s campus with Jo- Ellen Unger. Jo-Ellen, who has diligently worked to return her house to its authen- tic Victorian splendor, is also an expert in fashioning exquisite dresses inspired by that era, and periodically joins with oth- ers to plan Victorian-style events. Having worked internationally for over

a decade, Karen Johnson has lived in France, Switzerland, and Bulgaria, all “fas- cinating” countries. She also visited over 15 countries in three-week stints as an auditor. Now based in Princeton, N.J., she works as a CPA. Life is good for Gloria Martin-Press-

man, who enjoys travel, volunteer work, book clubs, exercise, and time with her four grandchildren. Gloria lives in Anna- polis, Md., and frequently visits son Roger ’02, who resides in Denver, Colo. I enjoyed hearing from Margaret Amyot Mangano. I have such fond memories of her mom, Dr. Amyot, cam- pus physician during our student days. Margaret is another retiree blessed with good health and the ability to travel. Her adventures include a hike to Machu Picchu and a 400-mile bike ride from Buffalo, N.Y., to Albany. Other highlights of 2013 were visits from children living in California, taking second place in two road races (in the “old lady” division), and a week at a summer camp with two

granddaughters during which she climbed one of the 46 Adirondack high peaks. Maureen Kelly Cooley’s eldest daugh-

ter, Martha is the author of Ice Shear, a suspense novel that will be released this summer. Youngest daughter Mary is busy with her latest political campaign for the Public Advocate of NYC. Middle daughter Bridget, like her sisters, is always a source of great encouragement and support that Maureen especially appreciates at this stage in her life. Last year, Barbie von der Groeben visit-

ed MaryAnn Eldred on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Kay Giles Arthur in the Thousand Islands of New York and Canada, Carol Bogardus and Nancy Marx Ellsworth in the San Francisco Bay area, and Paula Tripp Lusardi in Maine and Massachusetts. Barbie also attended the wedding of my eldest daughter, Johanna, to Josh Paller on June 2, 2013, in Old Lyme, Conn. Barbie, who was a great support and friend to Johanna when she lived in the Bay area, was an honored guest. I also was grateful to my wonderful Skidmore roommate, Marcia Jensen Watson, who, as she had done for me in July of 1975, hand-wrote Johanna’s Quaker wedding certificate that was signed by all present. The certificate will hang on the wall in Johanna’s dining room as mine has done in ours these many years. Judy Allen Wilson is the development director of the Pasadena Community Foundation. She manages to take some wonderful trips, including a recent three- week trip to New Zealand. Sandy Smith Dovberg has volunteered

to step into the role of class historian and is looking forward to hearing from many of you in the coming months. Living just 40 minutes from Skidmore has allowed her to continue a close and rewarding relationship with the College. She made use of College facilities while pursuing graduate courses in art education. Sandy reminded me that she and husband Norman were the first couple to be mar- ried at Wilson Chapel on May 10, 1969. Reverend Tom Davis conducted the cere- mony. Sandy’s daughter was married there in 2003! Bobbi Koblentz Bernstein, who had

been a member of a pioneering rock band while at Skidmore, released a CD of origi- nal music last year called Dance for Joy, which features songs from many genres, including rock, jazz, Latin, reggae, and country. A long list of musicians collabo- rated with Bobbi on this seven-year proj- ect. In addition to writing the lyrics and

playing keyboards on all the tracks, she also sang lead vocals on most of the songs. To sample her music, visit A reference librar- ian at the North Myrtle Beach Library in South Carolina for over 12 years, Bobbi loves living near the ocean. Barbara McConnell Taylor and hus-

band Dick are now fully retired. After attending Dick’s 50th reunion at Union in 2012, they spent time in Saratoga Springs. The couple toured the new campus, visit- ed the Saratoga Battlefield, and drove to Lake George. Their children are practicing physicians and have given Dick and Barbara four grandchildren. The Taylors celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in June 2013. Greenville, S.C., resident Dusty Deming Acosta not only recently retired, she got remarried. She hopes to return for Reunion. Bob and I enjoy travel and family. After

our daughter’s wedding in June, we spent the remainder of the summer at our lake house in East Haddam, where we enjoyed music events, relaxed, swam, kayaked, and hiked the nearby trails. We enjoy having two of our three children fairly close by, and I personally enjoy the pleas- ure of my continuing friendships with so many Skidmore classmates. I hope to see many of you in Saratoga in May! MARY HARDMAN LAPORTE 143 FERN ST. HARTFORD, CT 06105-2248 860-236-0742 CBANDCO2@AOL.COM



immersion training in microfinance with her employer, Accion International. She joined colleagues from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the U.S. to learn from staff at Banco Sol and their clients, small entre- preneurs ranging from a seller of spices to a small dairy farmer and her family. Sandra, who spent most of her career working in corporate financial services, feels fortunate to be part of this more rewarding endeavor. While vacationing in San Francisco and along California’s northwest coast, Betsy Polezoes D’Annibale caught a little of the America’s Cup, sipped wine in Napa,

’71 WINTER 2014 SCOPE 45

This past June, Sandra Lipson traveled to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, for

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