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settled into their new home in South Yarmouth, Mass., and love it. Chick’s gar- den produced lots of vegetables this past summer. She is having fun serving as a docent and leading tours in costume at the Captain Bangs Hallet House, a 19th- century museum in Yarmouth Port. Dorothy “Ditto” Briwa Ball’s daughter Jennifer was wed on August 16, 2013, to Mark Wagar. The newlyweds reside in Hiram, Ga. Tucson, Ariz., has been home to Ann Laurie Douglass Moore since 1962. Still working in real estate, she is always busy but manages to fit in swimming, golf, and bicycling. She would welcome hearing from classmates who plan to venture west. Judy Fletcher Baker enjoys her new home in a retirement community in Falmouth, Maine, a location convenient to Portland and her family. Nancy Mann Germanetti and husband Hugh took another long cruise last winter. Highlights were Easter Island, Pitcairn Island, and Jerusalem. The expedition was led by the same tour director who had guided their trip to Turkey in 2004. After returning home, Nancy experienced heart issues that required surgery, but she is recovering nicely. Joan Firmery traveled to Lake Tahoe

and Yosemite in California, where she is always awed by the beautiful scenery. At Tahoe she took a boat ride on the lake, then boarded a gondola to travel 10,000 feet up to the top of Heavenly Valley, a mountain featuring incredible views. On a sad note, Joan saw a vast area of black- ened tree trunks resulting from last year’s fire in one area of the park.

I have finally retired from all employ- ment and am trying to ease out of exces- sive involvement with my volunteer activities. I am filling my newfound free time with a drawing class and lots of exercise. Contact me if you are in the Washington, D.C., area. I would love to see you. BECKY BECKWITH BALLENTINE 801 S. PITT ST., #220 ALEXANDRIA, VA 22314 BBBALEX@VERIZON.NET

at the State University of New York’s Westchester Community College in Valhalla. Last year she and husband Max took an extended trip to Vienna and Israel to visit family that included a visit to Petra, Jordan. After this exhaustive trip, Lenore was “ready for rehab.” The couple

’58 36 SCOPE WINTER 2014

Lenore Blitz Lerner spent many years teaching freshman English

recovered in time to enjoy a pleasant cruise to South America. In September Lenore was pleasantly surprised when she spotted a Skidmore ring on the finger of a longtime member of her temple, Esther- Ann Solotaroff Asch. Neither had previ- ously recognized the other as a class- mate—it was a huge revelation for both. Retired elementary school art teacher Sandra George Stewart now instructs stu- dents of all ages on the use of enamel on copper in jewelry making. She is a charter member of the Enamelist Society. Last year, she enjoyed an extended trip with husband Barry and their daughter to Egypt, Costa Rica, Greece, and Italy. Sandy says she is feeling great after under- going successful treatment for ovarian cancer. Ann Pizzutello Innocenti leads an active lifestyle in Florida, where she is proud to be the oldest member in a com- petitive tennis league. She also golfs, belongs to a book club, and plays bridge three times a week. Ann enjoyed careers teaching art and English as a second lan- guage as well as reviewing books for sen- ior citizens for the Miami Dade Board of Education. Our artistic class mermaid, Mary Anne Groves Carley, has been teaching water aerobics, children’s swimming, and life- guarding at the YMCA in Danbury, Conn., for over nine years. She swims her 50 minutes of laps before she starts teach- ing. She is also busy working with various watercolor techniques. Check her Web site at Shirle Jankowich is the proud owner of

“two of the absolutely best ever” Shih-tsu dogs; she takes the canines with her everywhere. Shirle enjoys volunteering as a teacher of watercolor and acrylic paint- ing at a senior center in Riverside, Conn. She stays in close touch with her former students from Greenwich High School. She is hoping that the recent removal of a wisdom tooth will cause no long-term damage. Barbara Bongard is happily raising thoroughbred racehorses on the farm she shares with her sister in Schuylerville, N.Y.

Gretchen Sause Redden lives in Bal- timore, Md. She continues to stay in touch with Norine Reilly Toole, who lives in New Canaan, Conn., and with Hudson, Ohio, resident Marianne Maskey Oberlin. Pat Mosher Pirnie enjoys a stress-free

life in North Augusta, S.C., with her hus- band of 55 years, Bruce. She finds time for book clubs and bridge games. Pat also

stays busy supporting Tamassee, a residen- tial school for underprivileged children affiliated with the Daughters of the American Revolution. Pat and Bruce enjoyed many adventurous years living in Asia and Europe. Aurel “Andy” Brown Searls is still in love with Colorado’s great outdoors, where you’ll find her skiing, hiking, bik- ing, and swimming. She manages to play bridge as often as she can. Pat enjoys liv- ing with her son Paul. She and Paul are planning a trip to Accra, Ghana, to see Andy’s older son, Neil. Claire Steinmetz McCleery divides her

year between homes in San Francisco and Palm Springs, Calif. She has recuperated nicely after hip surgery last year and is now back to day hikes, swimming, volun- teering at church, attending the sympho- ny, and reading. Past travels with her hus- band have included Egypt, Jordan, and Israel; she is looking forward to more travel adventures. Claire keeps in touch with Gail Dodge Mead and Heidi Herrick DiCapua. Annarae Tong Hunter is concentrating

on enjoying life and staying healthy on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. Martha Walsh is working hard as co-

chair of her 60th class reunion at the Emma Willard School in Troy, N.Y. She also serves as a volunteer ombudsman for the Department of Aging at an assisted- living facility in the city. A longtime vol- unteer at the Troy Music Hall, Martha also plays tennis and bridge, participates in two book clubs, and spends time with her children. Jackie Bush Collopy has temporarily set

aside her painting to explore the genealo- gy of her own and husband Bruce’s fami- ly. Engaged in serious quilting projects for each of her eight grandchildren, she has completed five quilts thus far. Bruce is recovering from knee replacement sur- gery.

Susanne Hecht Goldstein says “Life in

Los Angeles, Calif., is great.” She contin- ues to travel and hike (slowly). Last year, she participated very stimulating exten- sion courses for “seasoned adults” at UCLA. In an effort to simplify her life, Susanne made the decision to sell her home in Aspen, Colo., and stay in a rental property while there. Priscilla Knowlton Tavenner and hus- band Tom had a busy summer filled with friends, food, and festivities, including the celebration of son Tom’s 50th birthday. Sid Wright Coursen and husband Beau joined the party, bringing friends with whom they traveled to Sicily last year.

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