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semester in London. Susan joined Charlotte and her family for orientation day on campus before the students left for England. Susan observes, “We all should be so proud of Skidmore! This program is run extremely well, down to the smallest detail. And the campus is drop-dead gor- geous!” Linda Brafman Berke moved from

Tucson, Ariz., to Phoenix after a divorce. Now just seven miles from her oldest daughter, Linda says life is “cheery once again!” She has happily involved with several organizations and volunteers. Linda would love to hear from any of us who plan to be in the Phoenix area. Contact her at the e-mail address listed in our class history book. Carole Saunders Schontag’s big news

was undergoing a total hip replacement late last year. It took time to recover, and she needed to use a walker for a while. “Thank heavens for grandchildren, ages 4 and 8, who live nearby and cheer me up.” Barbara McIlveen Baldwin and Dave

took Barbara’s daughter Kim and her son Liam, 17, on an Alaskan cruise in July 2013. Barbara and Dave spent August in Southampton, N.Y. Joan Royter Walsh and Mel moved into

Vareena, an active retirement community in Santa Rosa, Calif. Joan says it’s fabu- lous and they are “very spoiled.” She encourages classmates to check out the community’s Web site and hopes to entice some of us to retire there. Happy and healthy, Joan has seven grandchil- dren, including a set of twins. Margaret “Skeet” Howe-Soper moved from Groton, Mass., to Charlotte, N.C., this past July to be near her daughter’s family. Skeet loves spending time with her grand- daughters, ages 2 and 3 months. “Life is good and I am having a great time.” Joan Magid Quittner and husband Bob

have loved living in West Palm Beach, Fla., for the past 23 years. For the past four, Joan has been an independent asso- ciate of Legal Shield Services. She also recently started selling medical and mobile alert systems for East Loving Home Care. In her free time, Joan does commissioned pet portraits in oil. “Whoever said retirement is boring lied!” Helen Illingworth Challenger and Dave took an interesting cruise on the Danube this summer from Bucharest, Romania, to Budapest, Hungary. They traveled on to Prague in the Czech Republic. Their youngest son moved back to Atlanta, Ga., this year, so Helen has four of their six grandchildren nearby. “It is such fun watching them grow.”



Wendy Worsley Breslin was heart- broken that she could not attend Reunion. She hopes that some of us who were able to go got to listen to and maybe meet their son, Beau, who is Skidmore’s VP of academic affairs. They are very proud of him and love visiting him and his family in Saratoga. Their other four boys and their families are scattered across the country in Atlanta, Ga., California, Denver, Colo., and Washington, D.C. The Breslins have seven grandchildren. “Life is good.” Elaine Boschen Ball and Stephen con- tinue to enjoy life in Hanover, N.H. Elaine loves living in college town. She plays tennis at the Dartmouth courts four times a week, takes classes, and attends lots of college sporting events. Joan Todd Lewis and Bob traveled to Provence and Paris, France, with dear friends last year. She reports the food and wine were outstanding and the weather was perfect. A highlight of the trip was an excursion to see the beaches of Normandy. Emily Jansen Kane and George took another river cruise in mid-September of last year. They spent several days at Lake Lucerne and then boarded a boat in Basel, heading down the Rhine through Germany to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Emily was excited to pass through Alsace, which is where her mother’s family came from. The Kanes then headed back to the sunshine state for golf and bridge. They spend summers in Pelham, N.Y., taking jaunts to NYC to catch up on culture. Last May, Judy Martin Clements and

Bill joined 15 other cyclists in Spit, Croatia, for a two-week bike ride down the Dalmatian coast to Dubrovnik with Experience Plus, a biking tour company. The group took ferries to islands along the coast and biked up and down the small mountains overlooking gorgeous views of the coast line. With an average age of 60, the cyclists were all physically strong and very congenial. Bill and Judy took up the rear. They found Croatia to be a beautiful country with friendly peo- ple and excellent food. The tour leaders also arranged guided tours of a Roman palace, a school for limestone sculptors, an oyster farm, and several wineries. The trip ended in Paris, France, where the group biked around city landmarks and lunched in the Tuilleries. “It was great fun.”

Elli Rachlin Halsey spent this past summer performing her music. She had an exciting gig at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., titled Nights in Morocco, a tribute to the film Casablanca. She also performed at the Williams Inn in Williamstown, Mass.; Gay Mulligan Scarborough and Naomi Leibowitz Cramer came to hear her. Elli and John stayed overnight with Gay and enjoyed her gracious hospitality. Elli also heard from Jackie Merriam Paskow, who had a glorious visit to Europe for six weeks in May and June before undergo- ing knee replacement surgery. Jackie is healing quite nicely. Mollie Klee Heron enjoyed a trip to

NYC in November 2012 to attend Skidmore’s Friends of the President event. She and Brice had fun touring Chelsea with a Skidmore group. They spent Christmas 2012 in Austin, Texas, with Molly’s son and his family. The class extends condolences to the family of Elizabeth Joyce Hitchcock, who died in April 2013 after a long battle with dementia. As for your class secretary, I manage to

keep myself busy doing jazzercise four days a week and serving as chairman of our church’s arts and design committee, and treasurer of my PEO chapter. I also foster Brittany dogs that have been res- cued from kill shelters and bad breeders, mostly in the south. We usually have one or two dogs at a time in addition to our own Brit. There is never a dull moment. SUSAN SAMBROOK BERRY 402 NH ROUTE 25A WENTWORTH, NH 03282-3119 603-764-9802 LCDRSSBERRYRET@YAHOO.COM

reunion (and I still choke on those words), when we gathered with dear old friends and made new ones. I rejoice in these new contacts, many of which I have made in more recent years as a reunion volunteer and class secretary, as well as from surfing the Internet. These include Judy Pettingell, who happens to live nearby, Judy Fuller Aronson, with whom I communicated almost daily regarding our 50th reunion class-history book, Willa Zens Marten, Lynn Edwards Hendricks, Ginny Nyvall Durfee, Gerry Emerson MacCartee, Jane Snowdon Jones, Judy Hestwood Feagin, Jennifer Podd Parsons, Joyce DiBona, and the late Kathy Conwell’s lovely daughter Nina Collins. Among my new Facebook

’63 WINTER 2014 SCOPE 39

I have heard from a number of you since this spring’s great 50th

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