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accompanied her daughter to a grand- son’s graduation from Chicago State College in May. She had a “busy and fun time.” Edie Celley was profiled on the front

page of the Haverhill, Mass., Sunday Valley News this past fall. Edie, who heads the town’s historic preservation committee, was named Citizen of the Year by the chamber of commerce. She is currently working to save Pearson Hall, a 197-year- old local landmark, from demolition. Keep up the good work, Edie. Cary Brunner Dean lives in West Chester, Ohio. She and husband Henry spend the summer months at their cot- tage on the St. Lawrence River in Ontario, Canada. This past May, the last of her 10 grandchildren graduated from high school. Cary and Henry are avid golfers and active in churches in both Ohio and Canada. Cary enjoys crocheting and bead- ing with a ladies handiwork club. Two of Beverly Bernhardt Jarrett’s grandchildren have college degrees, two more currently attend college, and three grandchildren are still in secondary schools. One grandchild attends medical school. Beverly’s son Mark authored a book, The Congress of Vienna, which was published in November; son Kenneth is president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China. At the age of 86, Bev held her first art exhibition at the Bar Harbor Public Library last year. She sends best wishes to classmates. We extend condolences to Bev on the loss of her husband, Paul, in July 2013. I received the sad news that Carolyn Dobbins Lange passed away in February 2013 from her daughter. We send our sympathy to her family.

I am fine with exception of a shoulder for which I am getting physical therapy. This past summer, my garden supplied me with enough tomatoes, kale, basil, rosemary, beans, lettuce, and cabbage to keep my table full. I now have 14 grand- children and five great-grandchildren, all of whom are doing well. I continue to volunteer and especially enjoyed working at the historic farm in Richmond Town this past fall. School- children from NYC and New Jersey came to pick pumpkins, go on hayrides, see animals, and learn about life in the 1800s. I walk a mile each morning before breakfast to keep in shape. EDITH ARMEND HOLTERMANN 319 CLARKE AVE. STATEN ISLAND, NY 10306-1127 HOLTERGLAS@AOL.COM

Mass., and Lake Worth, Fla.; she volun- teers her time at hospitals in both cities. She also keeps busy knitting blankets for children in wheelchairs and staying in touch with several members of our class. Fay Syrett Kester resumed active partici- pation in her family’s real estate sales and management business this year after her son suffered a stroke. She rejoices that many of her immediate family and grand- children live nearby. She welcomes e-mail at Carol Eaton McMillan stays active with


church activities, senior education classes, and gardening. She and her family enjoyed vacationing together on Cape Cod for a week this past summer, an annual tradition.

Joan Meyer Bramson and husband Bob winter in Boynton Beach, Fla., and summer in East Brunswick, N.J. They keep in touch with family members via Skype. Jan Sutherland Fairservis lives in Salisbury, Conn., with daughter Jenny ’84. Mother and daughter journeyed to Tuscany, Italy, together in 2012. Jan cre- ates artistic signs for her church and is painting formal portraits of her four daughters. Ann Tompkins Hewat stays busy with

an art club, church activities, and volun- teering at the library. She travels to North Carolina regularly, accompanied by her “feisty” black cocker spaniel, to spend time with a cousin who has visual prob- lems. Ruth Niederlander Shoumate has recovered from a broken hip in 2012. This past July, she enjoyed a Grand Circle trip on the Elbe River touring the Czech Republic and Germany. Jeannette “Jay” Price Ruffo’s daugh-

ter reported the sad news that Jay passed away in 2012. We also mourn the passing of John McCarty in September. Joan Weller Lapann, who died on June 22, 2013, was predeceased by her husband, Edward Lapann. We remember her as a loyal class volunteer and perennial attendee at reunions. I also learned that Joanne Harder Woodward died in May 2013. We extend condolences to the families of all these fine people. PEGGY KAHLES GUYDER 300 SW GOLFVIEW TERRACE, #149 BOYNTON BEACH, FL 33426-4653 PKGBX7@NETZERO.NET

Ann Perkins Ott travels season- ally between Williamstown,

to Europe, visiting Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Morocco this past fall. She celebrated her birthday in the Canary Islands. Isabelle Bohman spent the summer learning how to videotape footage and edit it for airing on her local TV station. Then she took a couple of weeks off to travel around Portugal with a friend. The trip included river boating on the Duro River, where most of the world’s port wine is produced. George and I sorted through 61 years of memories and “stuff” last summer when we sold our Princeton, N.J., condo. We are now settled in our Amelia Island, Fla., home year-round. PATRICIA GRUMMON CLEGG 4670 CARLTON DUNES DRIVE, #14 AMELIA ISLAND, FL 32034 PATRICIACLEGG436@GMAIL.COM


and carrying (taught at Skidmore by Miss Paulding) to help make life more pleasant for husband Frank, who is in a lovely nursing home a mile away from their home in Ithaca, N.Y. She gets him to activities, including Cornell sporting events, which they both enjoy. Barbie also enjoys visiting Saratoga Springs. Truly devoted to Skidmore, she says she is “so proud” of our College. Peggy McConnell Hinrichs was busy cleaning out her townhouse in New Canaan, Conn., in preparation for a longer stay in Vero Beach, Fla., this win- ter. She has so enjoyed living in New Canaan. After 20 years in Bishop, Calif., Lucy Leach Crosby and husband Bob are now living in Mansfield, Texas. They enjoy being closer to their three sons and their families. Ann Burchards Botjer reports spending


the spring and summer on “forced vaca- tion” in her Medford, N.Y., condo due to a broken leg. Now on the mend, she is back to volunteering at a local soup kitchen. Her grandson, Dave, works for Canyonlands Ballooning in Moab, Utah; she hopes that classmates will visit him if in the area. Marilyn Burns Hughes wonders where

the years have gone now that she has nine grandchildren! Living full-time in Stuart, Fla., enables her to volunteer three days a week at the local hospital and a museum. She is thrilled that she is med- ication-free and can enjoy her daily swim in the pool.


Barbara Underhill Collyer uses proper body mechanics for lifting

Charlotte Heavens Bruins took a 42-day cruise from the Caribbean

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