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CREATIVE THOUGHT Renaissance woman L

ori-Nan Kaye '76 describes herself as intensely curious and open to experience, qualities she has harnessed throughout a series of reinventions. Kaye, who designed her own major in English and modern languages and lit- eratures at Skidmore, has always preferred to forge her own path. “I don't think you need to limit yourself to one thing,” she says. “I try to be open to the experi- ences that are made available to me. I think if you set your eyes on one specific goal, you might miss out on other opportunities that come along.” After gradua-

tion, Kaye earned a law degree from Georgetown University. That opened up other opportunities,

including jobs in Georgetown’s dean's office, admissions, and commerce department. In 1981, she became counsel for Elscint, a

manufacturer of medical diagnostic-imaging devices. She flourished during her tenure with the company—even appearing on Novato talk about one of Elscint’s devices. Still, she decided to change course when Elscint relocated. Instead of following it to New Jersey, she moved to Florida, where she raised her children and developed expertise in managing psychiatric practices. More recently, Kaye has put art—always one

of her passions—front and center. As a fiber artist and owner of FibeRLiNKS, a boutique where she sells her work, she belongs to a thriving artistic community. She has helped develop the Boynton Beach Art District, and her installations have been publicly displayed through the Bay Gates Project and Art in Public Places exhibition. Kaye remains as eager as ever to try new things. She has become a successful competi- tive ballroom dancer and instructor. And last year her poetry was published in the anthology Jewish Women Write. Having enjoyed her explorations of forks in

the road, she says, “I don’t really believe I've made the last change.” —Sara Daniels ‘05

Marjorie Lilly authors a column deal- ing with the U.S.-Mexican border for Desert Exposure, an alternative newspaper based in southern New Mexico. She hopes old friends might be interested in checking it out. Cathy Zeiser Taggart is all smiles af-

ter the birth of her first grandchild, Catherine, who arrived September 28, 2013, four weeks early and healthy. Here’s a fair warning to all: Cathy will come to Reunion with tons of baby photos! Donna Andres had a wonderful 12-day adventure in Alaska this past summer, kayaking, hiking, walking across a glacier with ice crampons, and whale watching. She also spotted two mama bears with cubs from a few yards away. Donna stayed at an old mining lodge in St. Elias National Park and toured Denali National Park. It was an amazing and exhausting trip. Donna observes, “Alaska is even more beautiful than in postcards and photos!” On behalf of the class, I extend heartfelt condolences to the family of Lois Dates, who passed away in October. Close friend Nancy Haas Geyer passed along this sad news. We shall certainly Miss Lois’s posi- tive energy, smile, and caring personality. Reading class notes provides a mere sampling of the stories you can share at our 40th reunion, May 29 to June 1. So mark your calendars, and stay tuned for more information from class officers and members of the Reunion Planning Committee. Remember, we need you to make the weekend extra special! REGINA N. CARBON 706 BOUNTY DRIVE, #603 FOSTER CITY, CA 94404-2609 RCARBON14@GMAIL.COM

Award at a celebratory meeting of the Music Library Association for her role in merging the U.S. chapter of MLA with MLA International. She also assumed the presidency of the Society for American Music in March 2013. NONI REILLY 114 CUSHING AVE. BOSTON, MA 02125-2033 617-288-2104 NOREEN.REILLY@VERIZON.NET

’75 ’76 48 SCOPE WINTER 2014

Eileen Crowley Sullivan is in her fifth year working in the

dean’s office at the School of Education at Rhode Island College. A Boston University faculty member for 26 years, she enjoys the teacher preparation work,

Judy Tsou received the Ralph Papakhian Special Achievement

especially leading state-level certification meetings and conducting research. Eileen’s son Brendan graduated from Carnegie Mellon in May 2013 with a doc- torate in applied math and is now a col- lege professor. Daughter Cassie teaches middle and high school Latin and coach- es varsity field hockey in Bronxville, N.Y. Eileen loves talking Skidmore with niece Krista Glencross ’10, who was impressed that Eileen submitted a photo for college color day this past August. Eileen spent time with buddy Vikki Farrell Lyons ’77 over the summer. Peter Appelbaum lives in Aventura,

Fla., and owns a company that exports high-performance fibers for recycling, mostly to Europe and Asia. Cam Miller and wife Katy have moved

to Newport, Vt., where Cam works part- time as an Episcopal priest and spends the rest of his time writing. He had coffee with Donna Wiegand-Bicknell ’78 and her daughter Kappes Emmons ’09, who live nearby. Julie Mayne Baker and daughter Meredith spent a week touring castles, drinking wine, and biking through France’s Loire Valley this past summer. One of the biggest highlights of the trip was dining in Paris with Grace Meade Diggs and Amy Simons Abramovich. The group celebrated the July 4th holiday along with Meredith’s 24th birthday! Closer to home, Julie completed three Irongirl sprint triathlons. Dorothy “Deedee” Oertel-Albright

is a senior vice president and private client advisor with U.S. Trust Bank of America Private Wealth Management. Last April she had dinner with Allison Gray Sanders and Carole Cunningham McNamara in NYC. Carole, who resides in Ann Arbor, Mich., was visiting the east coast on business. In August Deedee visited Claire Dworak Olsen on Cape Cod, where Claire and husband Gary have recently retired. Melinda Halpert hosted a mini-reunion

this past summer in Washington, D.C., attended by Barb Mahlum Bartlett, Cindy Haak Ahmuty, and Kathy Dur - ham Brechner. While in California the following week, Kathy spent time with Beth Boynton Porter. INGEBORG HEGEMANN CLARK 26 KERRINGTON WAY STOW, MA 01775-1036 IEHEGEMANN@GMAIL.COM AND NANCY REEVES REARDON 420 SOUTH GREENWOOD PASADENA, CA 91107-5019



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