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intellectually curious.” Judith also gave a talk at the Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago titled “Webs of Desire and Violence: Power Politics and Sexual Politics in Three Works of Florentine Renaissance Sculpture.” Rothlyn Pond Zahourek has been named the 2013 Holistic Nurse of the Year by the American Holistic Nurses Association. Rorry was recognized for her outstanding achievements in the field of holistic health care and her contributions in furthering the practice of holistic nurs- ing. She holds a doctorate in nursing. This past summer Bob and Sue Steele Isbell spent five weeks in Telluride, Colo., where hiking trails kept them active, farmers markets had them eating region- ally, and festivals and concerts enter- tained them. The eldest of their 11 grand- children is a freshman at University of Tennessee Knoxville, while their young- est, 5, is into bugs. The couple recently visited friends in Northern Neck, Va., and visited a daughter and her family in Portland, Ore. Sue Gibbs spent six weeks in New England this past summer and had the usual hectic but fun time trying to fit everyone in. Sue hosted a family of four from Oslo, Norway, for a week, serving as “tour guide extraordinaire.” She thought she’d be relieved when the family went back home, but ended up missing them and all the activity. Sue then went back to New Hampshire for 10 days to see the fall foliage before flying to Berlin, Germany, for a long weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday. She loves the travel opportuni- ties retirement offers. Lynne Frost Deutch and Irwin had a fantastic time on a trip to the North Pole over the summer. They cruised up the Norwegian coast for a week and saw walruses, reindeer, and lots of birds. They also learned that only female rein- deer have antlers at Christmastime (so Rudolph can’t be a male). The highlight was seeing a huge polar bear stand up, put his paws on the side of their ship, and rest his nose on a porthole! Ellen Shack Taylor retired as mayor of Claremont, Calif., in 2009 and from her full-time job of law firm office manager in 2011. When not spending time with four young grandsons, she is active in the League of Women Voters, which recently honored her with the Caroline Beatty Award for her distinguished service. Three-time president of her local chapter, she has served on several county and state boards. Maxine Silton Goldberg is still “work-


ing like a crazy person” managing her real estate office, which was recently acquired by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. She is very excited to be affiliated with a Warren Buffett company. Husband Jay has retired from practicing law but stays busy on the boards of the Pennsylvania Ballet and other nonprofits. During their free time, the couple loves to bike and take biking vacations. Maxine jogs and walks about 20 miles a week and plays tennis. She and Jay have three grandchildren, ages 9, 3, and 1, who they see as often as they can. While visiting one of their sons and his family, Maxine realized that his wife and her brother’s wife were also Skidmore grads—small world! Julie Sparks Parmegiani reports that husband Bob required two procedures to correct a heart valve problem. He is well now and working on their circa 1872 home, which Julie thinks is reminiscent of Skidmore dorms on the old campus. The couple visited Graceland, St. Jude’s Hospital, and Old Miss last year. Karen Berlan Bleier celebrated her 70th birthday with a trip to Israel in May 2013. She toured Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and spent time with Sheila Schmidt Warshawsky and Allan, who sadly lost their daughter, Lora, last spring. Back at home, Karen organizes fundraisers for cancer research and serves on the board of a local nonprofit. Kathie Aberman traveled to Spain for a five-week stay that included an eight-day volunteer stint in an English immersion program. She later headed to Prescott, Ariz., to visit her daughter and Kathy Feingold Hotchner. Kathie keeps busy with political environmental action work and does some substitute teaching. She and Sallie Baldwin celebrated their 70th birthdays at a Buffy St. Marie concert opened by Joan Baez in Woodstock, N.Y. Joan Laskey Sussman joined in the fun. Carole Walter Maeder, our grand cham- pion travel expert, went to Cuba in April, took a river cruise in Russia with her brother in June, toured Alaska with hus- band Zack and her youngest granddaugh- ter in July, and flew to Portugal with her daughter in August. Carole took her first flying lesson in September. She is looking forward to seeing everyone at our 50th. Carol Hochberg passed along the sad

news that her mother passed away after a long illness. We are sorry for her loss. Carol is still an attorney. I am also saddened to report that Barbara Dunlap died in April, and Pat O’Koon Ernenwein in August. Both were exceptional women. We remember

Barbara as a civic volunteer who leaves a legacy of dedication, self-sacrifice, and compassion. Pat is recalled as a devoted employee of Planned Parenthood and Vassar Hospital who helped countless families navigate the adoption process. We extend condolences to their families. TOBY WEISBERG RUBENSTEIN 315 SHERINGHAM DRIVE HOCKESSIN, DE 19707-1928 302-559-7501 FAX: 302-239-5618 OWCPCLAIMSCONSULTING@GMAIL.COM

10th anniversary. Originally conceived as a platform for reviews of Philadelphia’s art scene, the blog now features videos and podcasts, sponsors art safaris and other events, and partners with universi- ties, museums, and the media. According to Libby, the goal of the blog is to expand the role that artists play in the economic and intellectual life of Philly. Lana Feldshuh Master married Steve LaFalce, a Colgate alumnus from her hometown, in 2012 and retired from nursing in 2013. She and Steve live in Flagstaff, Ariz., where Lana spends her time hiking, horseback riding, and prac- ticing yoga. She stays in touch with Jill Fuller Crowley and Judy Clauson Holmes, who both live in Hartland, Vt., Linda Prince Smith of West Chester, Pa., Ellen Weinstein Angino, who is winter- ing in Naples, Fla., Beth Wardwell of Shelburne, Vt., Anna Hoehn Kline of Frenchtown, N.J., Marianne Mayer Phillips of Manakin Sabot, Va., and Carol Boyce Collins of Tampa, Fla. Kitty Sweet Winslow and husband Carlton sold their Connecticut home of 40 years and moved to Rockland, Maine, two years ago. Like many local retirees, they enjoy being able to walk into town, which offers a restored movie theater, the Farnsworth Museum, a great library, plen- ty of art galleries, and nice restaurants. There is also an art studio downtown where Kitty likes to paint. You can check out her work at She says Maine is “a spectacular place to live in all seasons.” She and Carlton espe- cially enjoy hiking and kayaking during the warm months. Kitty would love to hear from anyone passing through her area.


Sandy Berk Jacoby and husband Richard celebrated their 47th anniversary in June 2013, which mirrors the years since we graduated from Skidmore. The couple celebrated at a family gathering on

Libby Rosof’s art blog (www is celebrating its

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