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TECH Producer



HYPE The original loop creation

N/A 8.0 8.0



software now brought up-to-date to compete with its rivals.

GRIPE Fell out of favour with some

users who switched to other production software.


In a land that time forgot lived a secret tool called ACID Pro. Now it’s back to add a little kick to productions…

SONY ACID Pro 7 is a DAW powerhouse that combines full multi- track recording and mixing, MIDI sequencing and legendary ACID looping functions with pro-level editing tools and studio-quality effects. Long before the mighty behemoth that is Ableton Live, canny producers in the know would use a program called ACID Pro to be able to create tracks via a loop-based system without having to go down the complicated road of sampling and time stretching. This bit of software made the creation of tracks fast, furious and simple, but for some reason it never quite sustained the lead it had on newer software that emerged, and it seemed to fade to gray over the years. Now newly re-developed with the might of Sony’s Creative Software arm, ACID is back to reclaim its crown as the DJ/producer’s production tool of choice. With the new backing and development of Sony, ACID Pro 7 has gained a more professional feel, and what was once considered a program for bedroom producers has grown into a package that not only beginners can use, but pro producers and engineers can turn to as a valid program for music production. The new ACID Pro has also positioned itself as a program that can be used for post-production work, and is ideal for anyone wanting to create DJ or podcast mixes for broadcast, as well as being a digital audio workstation that enables faster, flexible and more creative music production, especially when it comes to creating tracks. Some of the improvements to ACID Pro 7 include the new mixing environment, enhancements to MIDI track freeze and tempo curves, improved beatmapping and the addition of new import/ export options. It also now boasts more powerful and intuitive DAW functions, with multi-track recording, 5.1 surround sound

USE THE EQ PROPERLY When mixing down tracks, try to use the EQ to cut frequencies, not boost them, and cut out everything that doesn’t add something to the track for nice clean mixes.


mixing, new and improved MIDI sequencing, and lest we forget, a newly revamped loop-based environment, making it even tighter and more accurate than before. The addition of interactive tutorials is designed to help new users get started quickly, and they offer a point of reference for their productions if they get stuck. Sony are also keen to promote an ACID Pro-based social network, allowing users to upload songs to the online music community directly from the ACID Pro interface, allowing producers to get together and share ideas, music and views. And there is more, as users of ACID Pro 7 are gifted with Sony Creative Software’s most extensive content collection of over 130 high-quality loop libraries, optimised to work with the ACID product line for even more music creation content.

In trying to claw back its place in the market and to give ACID Pro 7 a jump-start over its now established rivals, Sony Creative Software has teamed up with some pretty cool third-party developers to include additional software when purchased. This software includes the Garritan Aria Engine for the included ACID Pro player and custom sample library, the ACID Pro Effects Rack, created in conjunction with iZotope, Submersible Music KitCore and Native Instruments Guitar Combos. A pretty impressive bundle of software, and this is not even considering the 3,000 music loops and 1,000 MIDI files available for producers to use. In use, ACID Pro 7 is pretty fast and easy. By combining loops together, producers can build up a track or remix in no time at all. It really is as simple as that. It doesn’t take long to craft an idea into a full-blown track. Users of Ableton Live will be aware of how quick it is to produce.

TREAT YOUR ROOM BEFORE YOU BIN YOUR SPEAKERS The best way to get your studio and your mixes sounding better is acoustic treatment. A good set of monitors won’t sound right in a bad room, so deal with that problem first.

HEADROOM IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LOUDNESS Don’t get caught up in the loudness wars. DJs have gain knobs to turn channels up, but there is no knob that will fix a mix that has been pushed too hard and sounds squashed.

It’s good to see that ACID Pro 7 has been revamped to make it a viable alternative for DJ/producers looking for a piece of software that aids music creation by being fast and not too over-complicated.

8.0 /10



GRABS Here is the good news: as it’s every aspiring DJ’s dream to record professional-sounding, slamming tracks from the comfort of their own home, and with money too tight to mention, we’re offering DJs and producers the chance to get a head- start when it comes to creating that killer tune. Yes, it’s another DJ Mag giveaway. To be in with a chance of winning the updated ACID Pro 7, simply answer this question:

What does ‘DAW’ mean?

Send your answers and the usual contact details in an email to mick. and we’ll pick one lucky reader out of the hat.

KEEP IT SUBTLE When using effects, keep things subtle. Listen to how the pros use little amounts of reverb and other effects to bring out elements.


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