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Caprice Corsair Records

8.0 More solo Lo-Fidelity Allstar genius, this time from Martin Whiteman with his cohort Max Quirk. Intelligent, masterfully created electrotechhouse journeys into sound.

Gosteffects Tear The Club Up

(Monolith Remix) Cheap Thrills 7.0

A scuzzy noiseathon that takes the bounce of the original and bass-blasts it deep into the dancefloor with a buzzing chainsaw riff.

Asbo Kid Twiggy & Trufix

System Error EP Arcade Pony 7.0

A bootytastic boomer that has picked up some Radio 1 plays and would sound at home on a Top Billin’ release. Worthy remixes come from John The Baptist and Floyd.


No More Sleep differentrecordings 7.0

Vitalic smashes back with a taster from forthcoming album ‘Rave Age’ and it’s a bit of a storming party-starter, bouncing around from techno flourishes to Ed Bangery elecro basslines.

2 Tone Techno EP Corsair Records


Has there ever been a track as well-named as ‘2 Tone Techno’? Not only does it mix up ravey riffs and ska-infused horns in a unique blend, that totally belongs to the middle of 2012 as much as it does to Asbo Kid, it also manages to quote Shakespeare and namecheck David Icke. An insanely brilliant megamash of pop-culture references and social commentary, and exactly the kind of thing the UK scene needs right now. Bring on the album.

Blatta & Inesha

F1 EP Bad Life

7.0 B&I’s ‘Consign To Oblivion’ rocked its way onto this page and into DJ sets a few months ago and here they are again, this time with their first outing on the consistently good Bad Life. ‘F1’ is another rolling monster, whilst second track ‘Lights Over Phoenix’ has something of the Oizo about it. BNR’s Shadow Dancer glitches up ‘F1’ with funked up basslines and jittery hi-hats. It is, as they say, all good.

Boys Noize

XTC Boysnoize Records 8.0

KEZOKICHIBACK TO BACK 01. ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ‘Rocket Number 9 (Joakim Mix)’ Versatile

Records “Really like this tune and the original mix is also good. I have most of the stuff from Versatile Records.”

02. HOWARD WATSON ‘Keep Away’ Items & Things “It’s a perfect weapon at peak-time in my DJ set. You should also listen to the

new Items & Things compilation album.” 03. TRISTESSE CONTEMPORAINE ‘Hell Is Other People (Clément

Meyer Mix)’ Pschent Music “I’ve played this track a lot recently.”

04. DANIEL AVERY ‘The Eagle’ Phantasy Sound “I always play Dan’s track in my set. I love all of the tracks on his new EP, you

should check out all of them.” 05. SENSUAL PHYSICS ‘Dust Mite N°56 (Nhar Remix)’ Avant-

Roots “It’s a beautiful track. I think it’s good to start the night.”

06. LOUIE FRESCO ‘Owl Night’ No.19 Music “Love the vocal. As a track, it has a really cool structure. I always put this

in my DJ bag.”

07. AMIRALI ‘Just An Illusion (Appleblim Rmx)’ Crosstown Rebels “Good to change the atmosphere. I do a long mix with it until the great bass

part comes in.”

08. REMAIN/MATT WALSH ‘Insame’ Relish Records “Good to play at an East London party, I think. Slow tempo, but play it at


09. JAMIE JONES ‘Paradise’ Crosstown Rebels “Anytime I can play this in my set, I do. A great melody and really easy to mix

with. Jamie Jones is the man.”

10. JON CONVEX ‘Shadows’ Convex Industries “I like the bass. I play this normally about 125bpm. Jon Convex is next level!”

Deadmau5 feat Gerard Way

Professional Griefers Mau5trap/Parlophone 0.0

Although I’m a big fan of the tradition of artists and bands slagging each other off, Deadmau5 isn’t even any good when he tries that. Having a go at Madonna for mentioning that drugs might be connected with dance music? Slagging off all DJing in its entirety? Moaning about people doing collaborations? This collaboration... truly uninspiring, dreadfully insipid, exceptionally unoriginal. It’s

The first taste of Alex Ridha’s third Boys Noize album arrives just as the mad noise of his debut seems to have infiltrated the mainstream to form the background for numerous chart hits, as well as being adopted as the standard for every EDM bandwagoneering genre jumper. ‘XTC’ moves further forward, kind of a distillation of the likes of ‘Yeah’ and ‘Jeffer’, with the result being warmer and more accessible, although perhaps lacking a standout hook.

the first time I’ve given a release nothing, and it is worth less.


I’m On Vacation Cheap Thrills 4.0

Moonbootica’s ‘Battle No.1’, with its rocking, ravey step-up groove, was a firm favourite with me, and to tell the truth, I’m gutted to hear it re-titled as ‘I’m On Vacation’ with Redman rapping over the top. It sounds like he recorded his stereotypical rubbish (even including a “Hey DJ! One Time” line) over a low bitrate mp3 played back through a cheap iPod knock-off and they released it. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the remixes.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds AKA... What A Life! (The Amorphous Androgynous

Remix) Sour Mash 8.0

Eyebrows were raised when Noel Gallagher had the electro Money Shot with an EP of remixes from James Lavelle earlier this year. Now it’s Amorphous Androgynous reworking his self-declared ‘dance’ track. Anyone familiar with AA (especially their epic 22-minute version of Oasis’ ‘Falling Down’) will know what to expect — 15 minutes of deconstructed Pink Floyd-isms with women wailing and seagulls gulling, or whatever those noises are. A hint of how great the long-promised album collaboration might be.

The Bloody Beetroots

Rocksteady Remix Package 2 Ultra 6.0

Having smashed out brain-curdling remixes themselves in the past, 055

anyone taking on the task of re-rubbing the Beetroots has a daunting job. Shy Kidx goes very much for a Skrillex mode, and if you’re a fan of that kind of baseball bat electrodubstep mosh-up, you might like it. I don’t, I find it unsubtle and boorish in the way of bad heavy metal. Valentino Kahn’s version is more interesting, going from Phillip Glass-like cinemascope to mutant disco.

The Sneekers

G.A.S. Remixes GND 7.0

Lithuanian duo Evaldas Mikalauskas and Karolis Labanauskas have a track from their ‘Splash’ EP given three reworks on this EP. Alex Gopher gives it a refreshingly old skool Frankfurt- style houseytech makeover that bubbles along and Just Regular Guys pump it a little for the floor. It’s the Turbo Turbo version that takes the plaudits, though, with an insistent, almost late Chemical Brothers affair that takes on a life of its own.


The Edge EP Savoir Faire 7.0

The original mix of ‘The Edge’ is a sweet slice of poppy electro that combines that elusive French Touch quality with what could otherwise be something a little too saccharine. Of course, here it’s all about the remixes, and Panteros666 kicks off with a 4/4-based bottom end beatbasher, whereas the Aeroplane version keeps the 4/4, but adds synths and swirls aplenty to make for a gloriously lush six minutes that outclass the original.



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