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vibe front and centre here, too. Oddly, each track contains a layer of bubbling crowd noise adding space, an added dimension. The title track, sodden with bass and pianos, is quite beautiful. ‘Don’t Know Why’, too, once it introduces dark rave stabs, is immense. And that’s without mentioning the Mr Fingers-meets-Masters At Work of ‘Pilau Rice’. Essential.


Style Is The Answer Glasgow Underground 8.0


House Phillerz Vol.2 Archive


Phil Asher needs no introduction whatsoever and this three-tracker for Italian imprint Archive is fabulously blunt in execution. Foreplay is jettisoned in favour of the main event on ‘Vaporize’, an acid-laden assault that builds and builds but somehow manages to stay tastefully understated. It’s masterful. The same can be said for ‘Deep Beat’, a sturdy transition track which could flip a good party into a great one in the space of six glorious minutes. ‘All I Want’ is a thunderous jazz garage jam delivered with a flourish. Young house upstarts take note. This is how it’s done.


Black Shoes White Socks Hot Creations

8.0 A veteran dream team assemble for Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations in the form of Classic Records muckers Luke Solomon and Justin Harris under their legendary Freaks guise. Their original mix is a dirty disco anthem, rattling its tambourines over its bendy bassline, wonky vocals and moody piano chords. Darius Syrossian goes deeper with a tough NYC loop, but it’s the Cajmere mix that wallops, a pared down Chi-town jam par excellence. Yep, it’s just us and Mr Jones locked in for the duration.

H.O.S.H. & HearThuG

Technicolour Stranjjur 8.5

This is a bit of an epic deep disco odyssey from Diynamic’s H.O.S.H. and the whipper snapper


HearThuG, just 19-years-old and producing house music of this most impressive magnitude. Full of cosmic synths wigging out like it’s Rimini in 1981, and a sleazy, slurring vocal, ‘Technicolour’ is stuffed full of funk and punctuated with a mind-melting solar jazz breakdown which stops very much the right side of self- indulgent. This is a party tune as reliable as Quartz and absolutely no mistake about it. Lovely.

Hand Plant

Gone Ghost Disco Bloodbath Recordings 9.0

Hand Plant is one half of Disco Bloodbath, Ben Pistor, and Maxxi Soundsystem, aka Sam Watts. It’s a lovely thing. It is, according to the men themselves, all about “old and new synths, samples, Berlin, aircraft, what happens in the early hours, ecstasy, pads that make you rush”. That fits the bill rather well. Jamie Bianco’s ‘Acid Rework’ of ‘Gone Ghost’ is utterly essential, as is the B-side here, ‘Arpy’, an unapologetically filthy anthem.

Last Magpie (Who Knows) Where Love

Goes EP Hypercolour 8.5

Leeds producer Last Magpie gets classic for this release on Hypercolour, following his last outing for its sister imprint Losing Suki. Not necessarily just classic house, though. There’s a hazy, unmistakably Balearic

Mash is the nom de plume of Martyn Henderson, Capital FM’s exponent of underground house music. So there’s a forensic idea of what makes house music tick at work here. A deep groove is augmented by Charles Bukowski’s famous treatise on the meaning of style, delivered by a man who sounds like he’s been gargling with hot gravel. Mia Dora turn in a broken, bass-heavy version, while Dominic Martin builds and breaks down. The ‘A Deeper Groove’ remix is indeed that. A most stylish package.

Michel Cleis

Mir a Nero Pampa

8.5 A party track of gargantuan proportions from Swiss producer Michel Cleis, who may claim to be Swiss, but appears in fact to be Latin to the marrow. ‘Mir a Nero’ builds and builds and builds until it bursts from its glut of percussion into joyous piano madness. At which point any dancefloor worth bothering with should dissolve into a quivering, yelping mass of flesh. ‘Amaranthus’, on the flip, is almost the dub version, but very much a track in its own right, deep and moody with flecks of piano. Superb.


Sharwarma House Tartelet 8.5

A mesmerising EP from the peerless Danish imprint Tartelet, trumpeting three of its top- drawer producers in one place; O.P.T., Muff Deep and Samuel Andre Madsen. O.P.T.’s jazzual ‘Street’ filters down a Rhodes wig-out, layering it with pounding percussion. Muff Deep’s ‘Lost Soul’ grows into an undulating, space disco anthem, all off-beat stabs and twinkling synths. Madsen’s ‘Synthony’ ditches the deep ecstasy fuzz of the other tracks with crisp hats and gently arpeggiating synths. Each, impossibly, is better than the last. DJ Linus

KB’s Groove Initial 8.0

A re-release of Linus’s 1997 track gets two superb re-workings, one brutal and minimal from Analogue Cops, and another, the pick of the bunch, from Kris Wadsworth, an exercise in restraint.

DJ Tennis feat Pillow Talk

The Outcast Kompakt 8.0

Italian stallion DJ Tennis, aka Manfredi Romano, gets the once over from Metro Area main man Morgan Geist, and the results are predictably ace. Invest.



Standard Rising EP Culprit 8.0

Some superior disco- spattered grooves from Jozif on LA’s Culprit. ‘Benny Benjamin’ is the deeper of the selection, while ‘Standard Rising’ and ‘The Guitar Player’ go unashamedly for the jugular.


Inner Circles Vol.2 Lower East 8.5

Far too much to talk about here, but this huge double-pack features solid brilliance from Tom Budden, Alexis Raphael, Rebel, Michael Jansons, Lee Brinx and Subsonik.


01. LINDSTRØM‘Eg-ged-osis (Todd Terje Extended Edit)’ Feedelity “There wouldn’t be anything such as Norwegian disco without Lindstrøm & Todd Terje.

So very nice to have them back together again, for another cosmic ride.”

02. LOCUSSOLUS‘Telephone’ International Feel “It’s great to see DJ Harvey keep his head on his shoulders despite his cult status.

‘Telephone’ is a neat Italo pop song with a sneaky dancefloor appeal.”

03. LUMINODISCO‘Ragazzini’ Hell Yeah “Italy will never disappoint me. Whether it’s food, clothing or music, they have this

perfect balance of simple, sophisticated and trendy. Here, it’s pumping deep disco.”

04. LITTLE BOOTS ‘Headphones (Dimitri From Paris Dub)’UMG “I love a good pop song, and it’s great fun to turn it into something different.”


V Original Mix)’ Sole Channel “A bit of a forgotten sub-genre, hip house (think Fast Eddie, not BEP) is a guilty pleasure of mine. Not many nail it right, but Mr. V is the current undisputed king.”

06. CASIO SOCIAL CLUB‘Justin Illusion’ Mullet Records “Anyone who does something with imagination gets my attention.”

07. SOLOMUN‘KackVogel’Watergate Records “It’s good but rare when overhype is actually deserved. Solomun gets all the right

stuff in the right place to make everyone happy. No easy feat.”

08. MOONLIGHT MATTERS ‘Come For Me’ Kitsune “This will satisfy anyone’s love of orchestral stab-filled ‘80s dance music extrava-


09. CURTIS MCCLAIN ‘Satisfaction (Marshall Jefferson Original)’ Open House “When old school producers come to terms with the fact that they’d rather do what they do best, we get great stuff like it’s 1995 all over again.”


Know You’ Gomma Records “The best counter attack to EDM is ODM; Organic Dance Music. Real people playing real instruments doing real songs. What else?”


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