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ThE cuTTIng-EdgE RElEaSES you nEEd In youR lIfE

H.O.S.H & HearThuG‘Technicolour’ Stranjjur

THIS wild and freaky, disco house wig out certainly stands out. Slow and low, with a pick of funky guitar and a bassline you’d expect from Diynamic’s ace producer H.O.S.H, this goes somewhere very unexpected. Introducing some decidedly cosmic funk synths midway through, it explodes into a morass of wiggling,

kaleidoscopic keyboard squiggles that sound like Herbie Hancock in the late 1970s, after imbibing some particularly potent star dust. Winding down into pure wigout territory, the beat drops out, only for it all to kick back in again. Young firebrand HearThuG is to blame for this brilliance, we reckon. A real statement tune.

DJ Tennis feat Pillowtalk‘The Outcast (Morgan Geist Remix)’ Kompakt

UTTERLY sublime. DJ Tennis, the Pisa, Italy-residing Manfredi, who runs Life & Death Records, you say? With vocals from San Francisco’s great Pillow Talk? Yes, that’s good. But the Morgan Geist mix on the flip is where it’s really at. Geist is a true enigma. Appearing from the shadows every six months with a new bomb cut (check the new tune as Storm Queen ‘Let’s Make Mistakes’),

you can trace the lineage of Detroit techno in his oscillating computer tones but also a rich seam of disco and electro boogie that surfaced most strongly in his Metro Area project. Both elements collide on this epic piece: life affirming, anthemic, but never cheesy, expect to hear this on all the proper floors.

DJ Linus‘K.B’s Groove (Analogue Cops and Kris Wadsworth Remixes)’ Initials

THIS underrated, understated house classic from 1997, with its dark, smouldering analogue bass, spoken word vocal and reflective smears of synth, sounds like a lost Chicago jewel from the 1980s. Reason enough to purchase alone, but the remixes make it essential. Errant Italians Analogue Cops make good on the form they’ve displayed

Viadrina‘Cellar Door EP’ Lower East

A power move pairing of Polish tech house team Viadrina and the none-hotter Lower East label, this is eerie, moody bassline-powered dancefloor material par excellence. ‘Cellar Door’ looses a smouldering analog groove that wouldn’t be out of place in a Lee Foss tune, with an added melodic sensibility and distinctively Viadrina touches;

‘Black Door’ is darker, later, all pitched low voxes, and crisp percussive snap — an inverted, Black Lodge version of the title cut; but it’s ‘Spellbound’ that really kicks like a mule. Cutting up a lush female vocal, mixing it with airy, floating pads and a classic bubbling bass, this is big room music with a deeper sensibility.

of late, following collabs with Blawan, and offer a thudding, raw, no-nonsense techno masterclass with more balls than Wimbledon, its twisting hypnotic riffs circling the rhythm until a clanking beat and ravey stabs interject. Detroit’s own iconoclast Kris Wadsworth ups the ante on his mix, possibly even darker and more unsettling.

Last Magpie‘(Who Knows) Where Love Goes’ Hypercolour

FOLLOWING the moody garage groove of ‘No More Stories’ on Losing Suki, Leeds’ Last Magpie has been bumped up to the motherlode, Hypercolour. A much housier affair, the title track pays as much homage to US garage as it does the UK equivalent. Reinforced with plenty of Bashmore- esque sub-bass, it’s the saccharine jazz-soul sample that’ll

Auji‘Conclusion Came To You’ Aniara Recordings

SCANDINAVIA is somewhat of an unsung hero of house music these days, much to the credit of Aniara Recordings, run by Swedish duo Genius Of Time. Their fifth release, from Tokyo’s Auji, is less an example of peak-time dance energy than deep twilight-hour escapism. Washed in lush, breezy hues and scattered with off-beat melodies, ‘Part

1’ is absorbingly groovy, getting inside your head only to tinker and meddle with it. On the flip, ‘Part 2’ is icy fresh; in-flight entertainment for the most blissful sky flight imaginable.

win affection here. Elsewhere ‘Pilau Rice’ has hints of Moodymann, ‘Don’t Know Why’ of Fingers Inc and ‘Club Whore’ is deep-yet-tough NY house completing a pant- wettingly good package.


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