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Pyramid Lake R&S 8.0

As Airhead’s second release on R&S, ‘Pyramid Lake’ is pleasingly amorphous; hovering around a shifting beat pattern and disturbing samples, and deploying snatched vocal snippets wantonly, the effect is as enticing as ever. ‘Black Ink’ is an altogether different beast, ratcheting up the tempo but maintaining the oddness. Comparisons with Objekt only last a fraction of a second as the shapes are pulled and contorted beyond acceptability, bordering on unlistenable, and defiantly undanceable.


Darkrum Tru Thoughts 8.0

This is the type of track that insults you, not because it is awful or made badly, but because it nags away in your head so bloody cheerily, it’s offensive. But I like it. Really like it. It’s one of those melodies that flicks the pleasure-switch in your head, tweaking the receptors with wanton glee. This is mobile phone advertising music if ever there was. I also like the Rick Ross-sampling Kidkanevil remix, utilising the odd ”ugh” with amusing effect.


Two Way EP Blackbox 8.0

A rather surprising EP here from Biome, as despite it being very rooted in the classic dubstep sound of the likes of Distance and Cyrus it feels very current, urgent and even forward thinking. I can’t really explain it. Tracks like ‘Reality’ and ‘Charged’ are classic half-step numbers adrift in cold, alien spaces. But ‘Two Way’ charges off into techno crossover territory and ‘Inner Mind’ drops a couple of valium and sets off for chillosphere with plenty of kudos. It’s great to hear the classic dubstep sound done well.


Beggin’ Deletedub 0.5

Domgue’s day job is playing sax for the Detroit Grand Pubahs, but he has graciously saved some of his clearly immense and overflowing musical talent to offer us this wonderful cover


of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons’ ‘60s classic ‘Beggin’’ in a unique and inspired dubstep meets sax instrumental stylee. A winning combination I’m sure you’ll agree, forthcoming on the highly in-demand ‘Hot Dubstep Classics’ CD compilation for sale in all good outlets very soon.

Dub Mafia

Under The Radar Self Release 5.0

This Bristol seven-piece band have been on the tour circuit for just two years, playing festivals, clubs and shows far and wide, pushing their brand of live drum & bass and dubstep. Bottling this live show here has culminated in ‘Under The Radar’, a kinetic piece of drum & bass abounding with rocky guitar riffs, grotty synths and a sweet little vocal from Eva Lazarus. But it just sounds so painfully middle of the road, it makes Norah Jones look like Aphex Twin on crack.


Halo Ninja Tune 6.0

Shuttle is the drummer of synth rockers Passion Pit, who uses this pseudonym to realise his solo electronic urges. This is his second release for Ninja Tune and sees the American updating his sound with a quartet of sonic reveries. Engorged with ravey overtones, the UK influences weave throughout the whole EP, most overt through the hardcore breaks on ‘Halo’ and the UK

Old Apparatus

Realise EP Sullen Tone


This is the first in a trilogy of EPs being written and produced by individual members of the OA collective, with the acronym-esque LTO steppin’ up with the inaugural fistful. ‘Chicago’ is an arpeggio-fuelled whirlwind of keys and rain-sodden atmospherics. ‘Found’ is a scratchy syncopated roller with a whiff of Autonomic, but it is the decaying crunch and electronic maelstrom of ‘Realise’ and ‘Holding’ that truly delight; two shifting, widescreen pieces that deserve due reverence.

funky drums on ‘Whip’, which are infused with a pugnacious energy and spirit. ‘Wake Up’ channels a wonky bent, whilst ‘Apple’ wanders off into deeper, esoteric territory.

The Eyes

Harder Estate UK 8.5

A fresh collaboration between Manchester’s Chimpo and Fox delivers a surprisingly dope two-tracker, and since I’ve never been a big fan of his dubstep output he has outdone himself here. ‘Harder’ is a lilting, melancholic cut channelling rootsy reggae vibes inna acoustic stylee — think Natty or Damien Marley at their best. ‘Come Again’ feat Strategy on the flip is S-X’s ‘Woo Riddim’ beamed though a future dancehall prism. Stone cold killer.

MARKLE 58a Tetherdown, London, N10 1NG

Adam Prescott feat Dynamite MC & Jah Screechy On A Dubstep Tip

Remixes Nice Up! 7.0

Administered CPR in 2012 by Mungo’s Hifi, Woz and GOLD remixes, the mouth-to-mouth wines medal goes to Woz for a slipping bit of dutty future dancehall tongue.

Last Magpie (Who Knows) Where

The Love Goes Hypercolour 8.0

A big anthemic EP

from Leeds producer Last Magpie here, giant keys, humongous vocal samples and gigantic Balearic beats. A large combination.


Stress Box Clever 6.0

Two deeper rolling numbers from the Dutch producer, and sadly pretty unremarkable. You could imagine Mala or Cyrus opening a set with these, though. Meditational.

WrongTom Meets Deemas J

Jump + Move + Rock Tru Thoughts 8.5

Wicked digital dancehall made with style and charisma that even Prince Jammy would be pleased with. The FBR remix is d&b fire. Find and purchase!


01. DUSK & BLACKDOWN ‘High Road’ Keysound “Our comeback single: dark rolling underground garage will never die.”

02. SWINDLE ‘Need To Know’ Swindle Productions “Putting the g-funk into grime: Roger Troutman meets Butterz.”

03. COOLY G ‘Playin’ Me’ Hyperdub “Woozy UK funky from one of the albums of the year.”

04. LV FEAT OKMALUMKOOLKAT ‘Animal Prints’ Hyperdub “LV continue their stealth mission to up the levels, via SA.”

05. WEN ‘Commotion’ CDR “130bpm. Dread. Grimey. Hype: this is what the commotion is about.”

06. BENEATH ‘Prangin’ CDR “Dark rolling UK funky: one of 2012’s brightest talents.”

07. BENIN CITY ‘Baby (LV Remix)’ CDR “More woozy vocoder funk. The most touching song about junkies in love.”

08. GIRL UNIT ‘Ensemble (Club Mix)’ Night Slugs “This won’t make your soul glow, it’ll make it explode in light. Epic!”

09. DJ PANTHA FEAT SHANTIE ‘Love To The Max Hate To The

Minimal’ weRBass “Ruff but funny vocal UK funky from Marcus Nasty’s MC.”

10. FRESH PAUL ‘Sunblazed’ CDR “Fresh Paul? Fresh new talent alert. Neon grime synths on smash.”


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