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2Players Signet (Wellenrausch

Remix) Afterglow 8.0

With the trance classics well seemingly run dry, we’re now reviving some near misses. ‘Signet’ was a beaut and this superb, starry- minded Wellenrausch re-rub should see it fly again.

DJ Shog

Annual Dream High Contrast 7.5

Taking a rest from his retirement, hard trance vet Shog’s toe-back-in is an enjoyable, spirited uplifter. Slightly throwback, sure, but well written and well produced.

Ethan Rhode

Orbitala Aria Digital 7.5

‘Orbitala’ has a good trance-

progressive groove working away behind it. With plenty of FX and a cheeky, whistle- ly little riff, it’s among this month’s most original.

Joseph Areas

Parvenu AVA Recordings 6.5

Not instant, for sure, but if your media player’s ‘random play’ picks it up enough, Joseph’s melodic ministrations will have it connect eventually.


Sundown Always Alive 5.0

‘Sundown’’s excellent intro sends anticipation levels high. The slightly worn sub-riff in the break issues a profit warning, before descending into a way- too-jerky, fitful stop/start mainline.

trance REVIEWS

Juventa & Johnny Yono

The Machine Captivating Music


From its opening drums (which sound like someone banging a pair of breezeblocks together) on, ‘The Machine’ is an unstoppable, inexorable and visceral thrill. It marries relentless bottom end chug with gripping, ear-twitching sound fission up top. Slick and stylistically androgynous, it boasts not one, but two ‘just-when- you-think-it-can’t-get-any- bigger’ moments. In this day and age you really can’t say much better than that.

Chris Metcalfe

Curveball/Monsoon Subculture 7.5

‘Curveball’ and ‘Monsoon’ both share a mixtape mentality. Whilst hitting many a well-worn trope and mainstay of the melodic-to-euphoric sub-genre, critically you never get the impression that Metcalfe is simply pushing your buttons. Despite the familiarity of the thundering beats, synths and chord structures, they have an unmistakable wholehearted, right-minded-ness which shines through.

Elevation vs Grube & Hovespian

City Of Angels Coldharbour Recordings 7.5


01. GEMINI FEAT GRETA SVABO BECH ‘Fire’ Inspected “Insanely powerful track with a filthy dubstep bass. Just the way we like ‘em.”

02. TRITONAL & KAENO ‘Azuca’ Enhanced “Mixing elements of trance and house to great effect. Infectious vocal and a

groove that we just love.”

03. TYDI ‘Sex, Lies & Still Oblivious (Eximinds Remix)’ Armada “Quite an experimental remix for us, but initial club reactions have been


04. RYAN MENDOZA ‘Focus (Mike Hawkins Remix)’ Spinnin “Loving what Mike has put into this track. Very innovative and loaded with

energy.” 05. M-3OX FEAT HEIDRUN ‘Beating Of My Heart (Matisse & Sadko

Remix)’ Heat “One of the best vocal melodies we’ve heard this year.”

06. DADA LIFE ‘Rolling Stones T-Shirt (Cazzette Approaching Starry Homes

Remix)’ So Much Dada “Just one word to describe this: MASSIVE.”

07. SOUNDPRANK ‘Cloudsound’ Anjunadeep “Light on energy, this one, but one of our favourite tracks right now, with great


08. CHRISTIAN BURNS & STEFAN DABRUCK ‘Bullet’ Armada “Quite an unusual track that doesn’t fit into any specific genre. Superb vocals.”


Heaven (Seven Lions Remix)’ Anjunabeats “We love tracks that combine trance and dubstep. This is a great example.”

10. ALY & FILA VS JWAYDAN ‘Coming Home’ FSOE “One of our favourite remixes and played by Aly & Fila at almost all their gigs

this summer.”

If one track typifies the amphetamised sound currently entrancing LA, ‘City Of Angels’ is likely it. The ‘Original’ intros purposefully with concussive drums, hard struck percussion and express- train bass. Igniting spectacularly three minutes in, the modulation wheel sends its air-raid siren lead-line hurtling through the roof. Packed with sounds and FX intent on ripping themselves free of the speakers, this ‘City’ should come with a public health warning!

Headstrong feat Stine Grove Love Until It Hurts (Aurosonic

Remix) Sola Records 8.0

Originally appearing on Headstrong’s ‘Timeless’ album, it’s taken two years for ‘Love Until It Hurts’ to become a single. Well worth the wait it’s been, too. That’s down to a balance of Stine Grove’s reflective, heartfelt vocals,

which are dexterously handled by Aurosonic. They bookend it with a sonically powerful production that’ll see it hold its own on the vast majority of trance floors.

Judge Jules & Corderoy

Give Me A Reason Vandit 7.0

With a bit more production time on his hands these days, Jules (ably assisted by Dale Corderoy) delivers a quick-heeled studio follow-up to ‘The Attack’. ‘Give Me’ is a pumping mainline trancer with a very passable male chorus vocal in tow. During the mid-section, it plumps for a breakbeat/dubstep sequence that transposes slickly and efficiently back into euphoric trance territory. Decent gear.

Markus Schulz feat Adina Butar

Caught Armada Music 8.5

‘Caught’ may be Schulz’s most accomplished vocal outing in three years. Wildfire catchy and lent an unmistakably radio-friendly edge by Adina Butar’s vocals, its thermally rising lead line and supporting minor melodies chime sublime. Remix-side, and notes are equally as good. Duderstadt give the mainline a refreshingly organic house-ish tweak, whilst Tritonal apply a punchy, very du jour US-sounding twist. Even the much-expanded ‘Instrumental’ kills. This is indeed the complete package.

Ost & Meyer

Antalya/Tenerife Anjunabeats 8.0

Spot trivia: Wikipedia says Antalya is the third most visited city in the

world, even (crazily) beating out NYC. Well overdue a musical tribute then, duly rectified by O&M here. They heat the synths to an appropriately Med-level, whilst adding a stout supporting backing. ‘Tenerife’ isn’t your everyday source of trance inspiration, either. While its riff shares note-and-sound DNA with ‘Antalya’’s, for some reason it sounds far more dynamic. Very good release.

Purple Stories

Sky/Palm Island Fraction 7.0

With its big ‘n’ ballsy sound set-up, ‘Sky’ ascends rapidly to a great harmonic midsection, paying out at the top of the drop with a bellicose tech finale. Content-wise, ‘Palm Island’ is busy as hell, with a euphoric opening giving way to a breakbeat/ dubstep drop, further ceding to more vigorous tech-trance business. With so much going on, inevitably the polish suffers (the drums sounding especially loose), but proper fun nonetheless.

Solarstone with Aly & Fila

Fire Island Black Hole 8.0

Third single from the ‘Pure’ album and one that’s about as sun-kissed and spiritually Solarstone as you can get. Rubbing shoulders with latter day gems like ‘4Ever’ and ‘Touchstone’ and back-in-the-day corkers (‘Seven Cities’/’Solarcoaster’), it’s a guitar ‘n’ piano-soaked goosebump popper. In perceptibly reactionary fashion, Aly & Fila’s remix is hard-driven by 303 throughout, and is hell-bent on being as full-force, in-yer-face and ‘5am’ as possible.



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