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successes for the likes of Rush Hour, Relish, Don’t Be Afraid and World Unknown. Over its epic 10 minutes, the mid-tempo ‘A Life Of Silence’ leaves a trail of modulating synths weaving through spiralling melody — nodding to the likes of Klaus Schulze and Manuel Göttsching’s proto-techno classic, ‘E2-E4’, on the way. A familiar to the label (by means of a cracking debut), Tim Fairplay appears on remix detail, adding jangley guitar phrases and dub tones to give the original a thoroughly opiated makeover.

Siafu Slunk Dub EP (inc. Neville

Ceephax Acid Crew

Capsule In Space Waltzer


Connery or Moore? The Bond conundrum that we’ll never agree on; but one we all can agree on is that the John Barry-penned ‘Space March (Capsule In Space)’ tune from 1967’s ‘You Only Live Twice’ is one of the finest compositions in film history. From the isolated coldness of outer space to a jostling, heated dancefloor, Andy ‘Ceephax’ Jenkinson has worked a brilliant Italo-disco inspired homage to Bond culture and to the late, great John Barry himself. It maintains all the drama of the original, but given an irresistible, fun makeover. Changing the mood on the B-side, ‘Mediterrenean Acid’ employs synths that are bouncier than Judith Chalmers on a jet ski and a sinuous 303 sequence set to a middle-eastern scale. Essential.

Aashton & Swift Holy House (inc. Tronik Youth

Remix) Body Work 8.5

Body Work has certainly claimed the first half of 2012 and may well continue their conquest through to the end of the year. I conclude that this is the case via Aaston & Swift’s rather dazzling effort, ‘Holy House’, and another Waze & Odyssey bomb that promises to follow. ‘Holy House’ sharpens an insatiable appetite for these label releases with its breathy vocal hooks and tropical, melodic sequences; given extra ballast by a flickering disco fix from Tronik Youth. My favourite, however, is the dubby house cut, ‘Covenant’, that’s on an early Italian house/ Morales ‘Red Zone’-style tip.

062 Hand Plant

Gone Ghost Disco Bloodbath 8.0

Keeping up the momentum caused by the first release, the Bloodbath boys reveal release number two, this time by Ben Pistor (of the club/label) and Sam Watts (Maxxi Soundsystem) who have mastered the heady sound of house music and growling electronic disco in two of the three tracks on offer here, ‘Gone Ghost’ and ‘Arpy’. Between these is a Jamie Blanco remix of the title tune in a Larry Heard/Gherkin Jerks-style acid version.


Body Music Diagonal 8.5

This second release on his Diagonal label has Powell ploughing a deeper furrow into his modern take on the sound of no wave, EBM/metal dance and other ancestral, primitive machine music forms, maintaining an icy cool aesthetic akin to that of his debut release. Loosely arranged, these five tracks hold an off-kilter charm that evokes the rugged intensity of pre-sequencing era post-punk. All fans of 23 Skidoo, Mark Stewart & The Mafia or new-beat/EBM pioneers, Liasons Dangereuses — this will have you salivating.

Scott Fraser A Life Of Silence (inc.

Timothy J. Fairplay Remix) Bird Scarer 9.5

Second outing for Andrew Weatherall’s vinyl-only Bird Scarer label and a feather-in-the-cap for Scott Fraser, who has recently scored production and remix

Watson Remix) Bokhari 8.5

Smart follow-up on Bokhari, a label by the Siafu lads themselves. Keeping the tempo just under 100bpm, ‘Slunk Dub’ builds upon snappy drums, acid licks and spiralling Don Carlos-style leads; breaking at the three-minute mark, blooming into something quite lovely indeed. Accompanying is Neville Watson’s superb remix, notching up the tempo control somewhat whilst giving his 303 an optimum flex. Elsewhere is a dubbier, more ethereal contribution from Disrupted Project, rounded off nicely with a Siafu remix. Top stuff.

The 2 Bears

Warm & Easy DFA


Cult NY label partner up with Southern Fried to boast this latest from cuddly duo, The 2 Bears. Fans of the Balearic Beat have a generous amount of Leo Zero remixes to peruse through; his slow, dreamy disco versions appear in vocal, dub and instrumental form. Southern Fried’s Jack Fell Down weighs in a techy, dub rhythm to twist Joe and Raf’s vocal around, but it’s Leo’s mixes and the original version that are the highlights here.

The Crystal Ark

We Came To DFA 9.0

Gavin Russom and Viva Ruiz release this primer to their self- titled album out later this year. ‘We Came To’ is another crafty brace of proggy synth tracks that touch on new beat and early techno styles, infused with staccato vocal mantras, provided by Ruiz. The B-side dub version composes the mood, switching rough analogue techno into a spiky, new-wave-esque variant.


Let’s Get Lost 17 Let’s Get Lost 7.5

Tokyo’s Cos/Mes step up with this dreamy selection of deep

boogie, fusion and disco edits for your listening pleasure.

Freaks Black Shoes White

Socks Hot Creations 8.5

A fashion faux-pas is the subject of this mutant disco offering from the Freaks boys. Chicago house legend, Cajmere, lends a hand with an even darker version.

QUICKIES Music Lovers

(Keep On) Dancin’ International Feel 8.0

Big, big disco moment on International Feel! A classic disco tune reworked in tasteful fashion by the mysterious Music Lovers.

Niki & The Dove

Somebody Mercury 7.0

‘80s style power-ballad tune that nods to ‘Purple Rain’-era Prince. Enhanced by remixes from the likes of Bobby Tank, Kutz, Karlsson & Winnberg and Clock Opera.


01. ISAAC JOHAN ‘Every Time I See Your Face’ Comeme “This special Comeme record is my favourite.”

02. PEOPLE GET REAL ‘Herbie Goes Bananas (Morgan Hammer

Remix)’ Metis “Here we stop and dance to the colours and bright emotions created by Morgan Hammer.”

03. PETER GRUMMICH ‘Disposing’ Auftrieb “Taken from the Squeeze 12-inch, released in 2003, it definitely keeps the

timeless dancefloor magic.”

04. CAPRACARA & THE DISTRICT UNION ‘Nickel Ride’ Comeme “Recommended record.”

05. BARNT ‘Ariola’ Comeme “Discover what’s next after his track ‘Geffen’!”

06. PHILIPP GORBACHEV ‘In The Delta EP’ Comeme “‘Welcome In The Delta’ is the name of a special live programme for Radio

Comeme, where the debut Philipp Gorbachev EP would be mixed together with a bunch of live jams on top!”

07. CLEMENT MEYER ‘Sweet Insanity’ Correspondant “Correspondant is a great label by Jennifer Cardini and my personal favourite

remains ‘Sweet Insanity’ by Clement Meyer.”

08. DANIEL MALOSO In & Out Comeme “Counting the days till Daniel Maloso’s first full length will hit the stores! It is

an outstanding record, and it is essential in all means, in every house!”

09. ALEJANDRO PAZ ‘Free’ Comeme “Music for big hearts.”

10. MICHAEL MAYER ‘Mantasy’ Kompakt “I like the emotional direction of the new LP. ‘Mantasy’ for sure!”


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