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Various Erol Alkan Another Bugged Out! Mix/Another Bugged In! Selection !K7

Another brilliant mix

Eight years on from his first double-disc entry to the Bugged Out! mix series, Erol Alkan returns with ‘Another Bugged Out! Mix/Another Bugged In! Selection’. As before, the more traditional, club-friendly ‘Bugged Out! Mix’ is the least interesting side, though even here, Alkan refrains from loading it with obvious ‘hits’, instead pulling together the likes of Model 500, Secondo and Smith & Hack to produce a mix that effortlessly skips between disco, techno and acid. Once again, though, it’s the ‘Bugged In! Selection’ where Alkan’s skill and nous as a selector truly comes to the fore, expertly sequencing the likes of Robert Wyatt and Buffalo Springfield amongst more contemporary offerings from Jai Paul, Mickey Moonlight and Bibio to create a psychedelic-yet-focused after- hours set that still makes a convincing case for Alkan being one of the more interesting DJs today. John Power

Various 5 Years of Diynamic Diynamic Five year plan

Five years in, and Hamburg’s Diynamic label sits pretty as one of the most established labels in underground house. Its distinct aesthetic and fine- tuned quality control means that as an anniversary compilation, ‘5 Years Of Diynamic’ feels like more than simply a well-deserved victory lap. The first CD is given over to exclusives from the Diynamic family, including the limber, funky minimalism of Hunter/Game’s ‘Call My Name’ and the offbeat decadence of Stimming’s ‘Trombone.’ Still, it’s label chief Solomun who turns in the highlight with ‘Living On’ — a rubberised electro house cut coated in a sheen of chemical sweat. Disc two is dedicated to reinterpretations of Diynamic’s back catalogue by outsiders such as Hot Chip and Gui Boratto which, while less thrilling, is a nice touch to an already essential package. Oh, and did we mention it’s for charity? Louise Brailey


Various Keb Darge & Little Edith’s Legendary Wild Rockers 2 BBE 8.0

Makes Elvis sound like Aled Jones

If America was worried about Elvis’s hips, they clearly never heard the rare rockabilly and surf on this. With tracks ranging from Jimmy Grubbs’ rough-and- ready country boy ‘Let’s Rock Tonight’ to the dark-and-dangerous ‘Madness’ by The Rhythm Rockers, you’ll be shaking a tail feather, too. Zoe Wallis

Metronomy Late Night Tales Late Night Tales 4.5

Would you like to come in for coffee?

The Mercury-nominated Metronomy try all the classic ear seduction moves in the latest ‘Late Night Tales’ offering. They dim the lights with Outkast’s ‘Prototype’, fascinate our brains with Sa Ra Creative Partners’ ‘Cosmic Ball’. But, with their take of Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Hypnose’, you can’t help stifle a yawn. Not the bang you expected.Zoe Wallis

Lucas Santtana Remix Nostalgia Mais Um Discos 8.0

Brazil nuts

‘Remix Nostalgia’ is a reconstruction of last year’s ‘Sem Nostalgia’ — itself a deconstruction of Brazilian guitar music. Confused? Don’t be. All you need to know is there are some beauts on here, such as Burnt Friedman’s reworking of ‘Ca Pra Nos’ and Deerhoof’s John Dieterich’s take on ‘Night-Time In The Backyard’. Zoe Wallis

Various Hospital Loungecore Classics Hospital 7.0

Hospital history 8.5

Various Future Classic DJs Future Classic Deep down under

Over the past few years, Australia’s Future Classic has, thanks to bright and breezy releases from the likes of Flight Facilities and Poolside, steadily grown in stature, and this new 20-track compilation — featuring exclusive original tracks and remixes from the likes of Danny Daze, Soul Clap and Tigerskin — does nothing but burnish that reputation. From the shimmering haze of Perseus’s edit of Jeremy Glenn’s ‘New Life’ onto the Mr Fingers-esque bounce of Junior Boys remix of Joakim’s ‘Labyrinth’ and the smartly-tailored disco of Tigerskin’s ‘In Public’, the Future Classic DJs offer us an enviable glimpse of what life sounds like when even the winters are spent down on the beach. It might be slashing down and barely nudging double digits on the thermometer, but give this set a spin and you’ll soon be asking for a cocktail umbrella in your mug of tea. John Power


Toddla T Watch Me Dance (Agitated) Ninja Tune Echo deck

Rather than bussing in some hired hands to remix last year’s ‘Watch Me Dance’ LP, Toddla T has instead turned it over to Ross Orton and DJ Pipes – two of his original mentors on Sheffield’s underground dance scene. And like many things you leave with your mates, they’ve given it back to him dirty, dog-eared and with some of the bits missing. Taking their cue from Jamaican dub version LPs and Mad Professor’s ‘No Protection’ reworking of Massive Attack, the pair break tracks down to their bones before smothering them in plenty of reverb and Steel City bleeps and grease. Casting everything in iron boots means that already dubby tracks like ‘Fly’ now have even greater weight, but it does mean that ‘Watch Me Dance’’s poppier moments such as ‘Take It Back’ and ‘Cherry Picking’ sound slightly leaden compared to the originals. Interesting but not essential listening. Paul Clarke

A 28-track compilation of early tracks from the likes of High Contrast, London Elektricity and Netsky, spotlighting that early period in Hospital’s history when the pop presence, in the form of kitsch, exotica and Brit-soul songform was offset by a rougher, tougher energy. Newer label converts might be surprised. Sunil Chauhan

Various Vagabundos 2012 — Mixed By Luciano Cadenza 7.0

Vagabundos by name…

The Ibiza stalwart puts the sound of his parties on record. It’s a sharp, finely-executed affair, loosely themed by downtempo tech house but soaking up all sorts of flavors around the theme. Some nice highlights from Marc Romboy vs. KINK, and Nick Harris’ ‘Surfing With Kilgore’. Tristan Parker

Various The Sound of Swedish House Cubrik 6.5

Saluting SHM, sort of

Not sure if most of the artists here would class themselves as Swedish house, plus, not featuring the planet’s most famous Swedish house act is somewhat contradictory. Weak concept aside, this is musically a strong compilation. Tristan Parker


Various Love Me Plant Music 8.5

NY imprint Plant Music’s first ‘Love Me’ selection really is worthy of your affection.

Luke Solomon Cutting Edge D-Edge Records 8.5

Fittingly excellent mix for Sao Paulo’s coolest club from Classic/Music For Freaks’ DJ’s DJ.

Jaymo & Andy George Moda Black 01 Moda Black 8.0

Moda duo take things deeper on first mix for their new spin-off reserved for darker 4/4 sounds.


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