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A Great Time to Play More Golf


hope your summer is in full swing (maybe a pun was intended) and that you are enjoying a lot of golf with family and friends. With longer days, a quick nine is always a great idea. In speaking with many

people over the past few months, and asking about their biggest obstacle to play- ing more golf, the answer has been time…just how difficult it is to justify getting out to play. When asked a few more questions, the sentiment they share is how much they enjoy the experience once there and they hope to carve out time to play more often. Since taking this amazing

job with the NCGA, I, too, am playing less golf than ever, and find that I truly cherish the rounds I play with my friends. Golf recharges my batteries and enriches my days by celebrating time with people I really care about. It is hard to find extra

time these days; we should make time for ourselves, col- leagues, friends and family and get back out there even if it’s for a few holes, a friendly putting contest or an entire round of golf. The game is good for you to get a little exercise, take in some amaz- ing vistas while walking and remembering how good (no matter how bad the score) this game is. Congratulations to The

Olympic Club, which did a fantastic job hosting the U.S. Open in June. Director of Golf Maintenance Opera- tions Pat Finlen, Head Golf Professional Chris Stein and Lakeside Manager Michael Dewees were led by Gen- eral Manager Greg DeRosa and did an incredible job in

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By Lyn Nelson, CEO/Executive Director

providing challenging course conditions that were impec- cably manicured. The club’s staff delivered excellent service to the players and more than 50,000 daily guests. The NCGA salutes you and thanks you for being one of the iconic courses in Northern California.

NCGA CEO/Executive Director Lyn Nelson with R&A Director of Rules and Equipment Standards David Rickman at Olympic

Then there is amateur

tournament golf! I must say a huge thank you to our volunteers and staff for the great job they are doing with our tournaments and events. We have had record participation and registrations for most tournaments. I am very pleased to report that the first event that sold out this year is held in November, the Mixed Couples Champi- onship (more of these will be added in 2013). The Women’s Championship had over 100 entries (first time ever) and our Pub Links and Senior Championships had record entries. This is fantastic and we thank you for your participation. Membership Services

is also doing a great job signing up Northern Cali-

fornia golf courses for the Member Advantage Online Tee Time Portal. Through our members-only area on the website, you can book tee times at more than 30 properties (numbers are grow- ing daily) at any time with terrific values. This program is very similar to other online systems, except the NCGA system does not support a third-party entity; it is modeled to provide great values for you propelled by partnerships with great golf properties in the area. There is an article on page 14 dedicated to how to use the portal, what

the website looks like and a list of golf courses on board. Additionally, there are

new programs that need only some finishing touches in executing contracts before we bring more fantastic benefits to you. The NCGA consists of a network of nearly 400 golf courses, with nearly 800 associate clubs that along with eClub members and juniors total more than 150,000 members. This is an organization dedicated to golf; if you know of anyone who might want to join the NCGA, we can facilitate the process of finding a regular club, associate club or eClub to join. There is so much golf to enjoy in North- ern California; you find the time and we can facilitate a great experience.


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2012 Publication Dates Fall edition ............... October 15

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Jessica Lantz. Cover photo: Saratoga CC. Some photos supplied by featured golf courses and credited when necessary.

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