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fast and secure online card payment services across its booking engines and websites. Since the implementation, customers of the operator of hotels, conference and training venues, golf clubs, luxury lodges and many other facilities across the UK can now complete bookings faster and easier than before, enhancing the overall customer experience. De Vere Group staff also no longer


ospitality group De Vere has worked with independent UK payment processor SecureTrading to enable

partner that could work well with our web agency in terms of build as well as providing full PCI [Payment Card Industry] compliance and 3D Secure validation. Having worked with SecureTrading on other projects for three years and recognised its customer-centric

approach, we quickly realised it was the perfect partner. SecureTrading has provided an excellent level of service throughout the process, from the initial account set-up to the launch, and the support team is among the best I have ever worked with.”

have to manually download bookings, take the payments or encrypt the credit card numbers, as this process is now automated via the new service, which has drastically reduced administration costs. Another plus is that customer payments also reach De Vere Group’s bank accounts quicker. Joanne Stanford, De Vere Group IT director, commented: “We were looking to introduce an online payments system and wanted a


Fulham Football Club has installed Genetec’s Omnicast video surveillance system in its 22,000-seat stadium. When Fulham recently sought a new

video surveillance platform, Nicholas Pendlebury, head of IT Projects at Fulham, brought in IT services provider EMC to assist in the design of a new system. Genetec’s Omnicast was chosen for its open architecture and its ability to improve both security and operational processes; not only enhancing safety, but also crowd control and monitoring procedures. Fulham required undisrupted video

coverage, as well as image quality that would enable operators to zoom in on individual faces in a crowd. Sixty-three Axis Communications cameras, 25 of which feature ‘pan, tilt and zoom’ functionality (PTZ), using joysticks for simple camera angle manipulation were installed.

RETAIL TECHNOLOGY MARCH/APRIL 2012 Using Axis’s network cameras, Fulham

is able to use built-in features like motion control for alarm triggers out of hours and privacy masks to limit PTZ fi eld of vision from encroaching on neighbouring private property. Thirty days of archived video are stored on 100 terabytes of EMC Celerra storage that are shared with Fulham’s fi le storage. The Omnicast system has full failover capabilities and the infrastructure is monitored 24 hours a day via a site-to-site virtual private network (VPN). Fulham’s Omnicast system is used

largely for live monitoring on match days, at which time police, Fulham stewards, and medical staff convene in the control centre to monitor the tens of thousands of stadium patrons. Video footage can also be called up within seconds instead of days, especially with the added aid of the instant replay feature, reducing incident response time.

“Omnicast has addressed our main security

needs, but also provided numerous additional features,” said Pendlebury. “It has changed our lives. It has made our safety team a lot more responsive and proactive, with less work and less stress. We have even saved money by requiring less staff to review tapes. Between the ability to easily bookmark incidents as they occur and quick video archive navigation, there is now far less wasted time.” Future plans include an upgrade to

Genetec’s unifi ed video surveillance and access control platform, Security Centre and the inclusion of Plan Manager, a feature that enables interactive, spatial mapping of cameras to further facilitate system navigation. Additional plans for a nearby training facility include the installation of 25 high-defi nition (HD) cameras, thermal imaging and deployment of the provider’s licence plate recognition system, Genetec AutoVu, which can also be unifi ed within its Security Centre.

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