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sites 24 hours a day, while reducing the burden of employing onsite security staff. Anderson Harkins manages eight sites across the UK for a major property developer client. Having previously employed monitoring, maintenance and security (MMS) provider Clear Image MMS to deliver traditional closed circuit television (CCTV) implementations, it approached the Mobotix partner for advice on how to secure two particular sites: Catcliffe Retail Park and Manningham Retail Park. Clear Image recommended its Freedom monitored CCTV service, which uses a CCTV camera system based on Mobotix technology combined with 3G connectivity and remote monitoring from its National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold Category II control centre.


property management fi rm is using Mobotix technology with 3G connectivity to protect large retail

the number of cameras needed to secure any perimeter. In addition, its battery backup and wireless connectivity allows for fl exible deployment and quickly redeployment if the site requirements change. The Catcliffe deployment of the Freedom service required just three cameras to provide complete coverage of its vacant site and led to a quick payoff. In September 2010, a group that had been suspected of stealing metals targeted the site.

Steve Pearson, Anderson Harkins

operations manager, explained: “As I was leaving the site following an inspection, I noticed a few individuals loitering on the service road and contacted the monitoring station. They said they had already picked them up and would continue to monitor them.”

After Pearson left, the group gained

The system uses hemispheric cameras to provide a wider fi eld of vision that reduces

entry to the building via a roof door. However, the Freedom monitoring station had tracked the entire incident and called

the police, who responded with six squad cars and a helicopter to catch the intruders, two of whom had existing arrest warrants. The Manningham retail site deployment in October 2010 captured an organised gang stealing a high value piece of plant equipment, while contractors were working on a phase of refurbishment. The images from the incident were supplied to the police. As the cameras’ fi eld of vision is wider than old-fashioned ‘pan, tilt and zoom’ (PTZ) cameras, there was no danger of missing any incidents, according to the provider.

“The system has helped us to improve

the security on both sites while removing the need to employ onsite security guards,” explained Pearson, “Clear Image has provided a highly professional level of service to us and the fact that they survey the site, install, maintain and monitor the entire service for a fi xed price is very cost effective for our business model and clients.”


The changes adopted by the European Union (EU) to its e-Privacy Directive over two years ago in relation to internet tracking technologies will come into force this May.

They require consent for placing a

tracking device or technologies onto consumers’ computers such as a cookie, fl ash, or beacon. Kevin Edwards, strategy director at

internet affi liate marketing company Affi liate Window, told Retail Technology the ePrivacy Directive affects anyone working in the digital space. “Given the advice from the ICO [Information Commissioner’s Offi ce] and the UK government has been relatively non-prescriptive (we have to hope in the spirit of the industry self- regulating) it’s been left to individual


companies or trade bodies to devise their own approaches,” he said.

Edwards said this has led to accusations of companies sleepwalking towards the directive’s May deadline. “From an affi liate perspective we have been working closely with the IAB [Internet Advertising Bureau] to provide uniform guidance,” he explained. “This has led to the creation of a ‘fi ve-point plan’ for the affi liate industry that focuses on transparency and education. It also highlights the need for a consumer-facing site that explains what the affi liate industry is and how it benefi ts consumers.”

He added that Affi liate Window does not record personally identifi able information or directly offer retargeting or behavioural advertising. “Therefore we

are comfortable that we sit somewhere in the middle of any scale to measure the intrusiveness of any tracking used,” he said. Joshna Patel, head of online for Affi liate

Window network member Red Letter Days, said that working with Affi liate Window had helped speed its response to the directive changes. He added: “We are working closely with the IAB Affi liate Marketing Council and our networks to implement any changes we need to make on our site to be compliant. “Further to this we are also working with our partners promoting us via ad-serving methods such as retargeting. As a business, we are making sure that we are fully aware of the changes and impacts that it will have to our customer communications and onsite activity.”

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