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Baby goods retailer Mothercare is benefi tting from productivity gains and crime prevention by implementing new call button and headset systems. Mothercare is deploying the Quail Digital retail communication system, as specifi ed and supplied by onsite communications and retail software provider, Call Systems Technology (CST).

Previously the stores used desk phones and loudspeaker announcements to communicate with staff and request assistance or information, which left customers waiting. It would also not always guarantee contact, while loud PA announcements were annoying to customers and staff. The Quail Digital system

allows discreet, instant, two-way communication and has been installed in Mothercare’s Peterborough, Warrington, Stoke, Bristol and Stratford stores, with more to follow. The headsets facilitate handsfree team communications, so staff can remain engaged with their customers while attending to their queries. It comprises cashdesk call points and customer call buttons in key areas of the store, enabling customers to request help when they wish. At some stores, the system is also being used in car parks, improving the security of staff working in the car seat fi tting bays, enhancing customer service. In addition to improved effi ciency and customer service, the system is proving a valuable theft deterrent. “We were very pleased when the new system helped prevent a £1,200-theft from one of our stores,” said Mark Birnie, store process manager for Mothercare. “Being able to communicate instantly when a danger or a threat presents itself is a major improvement over our previous systems.”



D Williams & Company has eased its data security compliance burden with log management software from LogRhythm. As the UK’s largest direct home shopping companies, J D Williams relies heavily on technology to not only process and fulfi l customer orders, but to also handle multiple credit card transactions across its 50 different branded e-commerce websites and mail order catalogues.


As a result, Payment Card Industry Data

Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is one of J D Williams’ key priorities, according to Geoff Lloyd, the company’s IT information security analyst. “As well as implementing network segmentation and intrusion prevention systems, we needed to address log management, as PCI DSS requires us to have centralised log management for our cardholder data environment and all its system components,” Lloyd explained. J D Williams turned to existing network

security partner Nebulas to address its log management requirements. “Nebulas suggested LogRhythm’s SIEM [security information and event management] solution,” Lloyd said. Nebulas implemented the SIEM software in three days, customising some functions to give specifi c alert options and enhanced functionality. JD Williams can now collect logs from all

sources, including Windows events, syslogs, fl at fi le, databases or applications. Logs are automatically archived, but can be retrieved from a central store and searched in just a few seconds. It also provides a single central view, forensic searches can be made

quickly and easily and any anomalies across applications, databases, systems and devices can be identifi ed in real time. “We were impressed with LogRhythm’s capabilities and its ability to save us further costs through its integrated fi le integrity monitoring was particularly relevant,” commented Lloyd. “Including this facility in a single solution meant it could be implemented more quickly and with less resource. It also gives us further long- term savings by reducing our ongoing management and maintenance costs. Given all the cost savings and its considerable functionality, the LogRhythm solution met all our requirements.” Lloyd and his team have since been able to meet their deadline for PCI compliance within their budget and report the required progress to their bank. Additionally, J D Williams has to date not experienced any incident that has resulted in its need to use the software’s forensic tools or detailed reporting.

Although there is no PCI (or other legal) requirement to deploy an SIEM solution beyond the cardholder systems, JD Williams is now extending LogRhythm across its entire estate. While providing greater overall security, the extension will also enable far greater insight into day-to-day operational activities throughout its business.

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