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nternational winter clothing specialist Winter Time has selected Eurostop’s retail management solution to support its 24 outlets across Singapore and Malaysia. The retailer is using e-rmis to manage its stock more effectively across its stores and staff process all sales using e-pos at the tills. And it is planning to use Eurostop’s franchise solution for its planned expansion into Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. Winter Time’s new online store will also be developed using by Eurostop’s e-commerce system.

Winter Time has also invested in a

number of additional Eurostop modules. Using the promotion module, discounts and product promotions are pre-set by the head offi ce team and activated when they are current. These are then automatically calculated and included when the transaction

is processed, improving customer service and accuracy of sales by ensuring that there are no pricing errors at the till. The head offi ce team also use the data cubes and business intelligence module to monitor stock movements across the stores. Using sales data reports they can identify what products are the hot sellers and the product mixes that are successful in different stores, creating promotions to maximise sales across the outlets. Winter Time is also using the loyalty

program both at till point to capture customer information and at head offi ce to monitor customers’ buying patterns and preferences. A spokesperson for Winter Time stated:

“Eurostop’s retail solutions meet every requirement that we have to support our operations. It gives us tighter control on our

stock management, improving our service delivery and cash fl ow. We can now make informed business decisions based on accurate sales data. “Eurostop are also providing e-commerce

expertise to help us develop an online presence that will build on our stores’ success. It will not only provide a new way for our customers purchase, it will extend our reach to a global market.”


Pure Sport Specialists has adopted cloud computing-based multichannel management software to join up its store, e-commerce, inventory and back-offi ce accounting processes. The group was struggling to fulfi l orders

and keep track of inventory between its busy e-commerce store and Cardiff city centre shop selling its Pure Rugby and Pure Football brands. Dan Way, IT manager of Pure Sport

Specialists, said: “We were trying to be a true, multichannel ‘clicks & mortar’ retailer, were struggling, as we didn’t have the IT infrastructure in place to fully realise the potential of the business. “We needed to fully integrate our

websites with the city centre store and warehouse, to monitor sales, inventory levels and fi nancial performance in real time. There is no way we could have grown any larger with the systems we had, it was costing us too much to fulfi l the orders and we were starting to lose our battle


with the manual processes – something had to change.”

Cloud consultant and provider First Hosted implemented and customised cloud-based business management software from NetSuite for Pure Sports Specialists, creating a bespoke electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) for the business. This integrates with the website, real-time inventory management, accounting and EPoS. The EPoS application, FirstPOS, provides sales staff with visibility of inventory levels in real time, stores customer relationship

management (CRM) and loyalty data, and facilitates real-time input of sales data into NetSuite. It also provides instant visibility of vital management data from any location, on key metrics including store profi tability, staff time and transaction tracking, all with secure log in. Overall the solution has improved Pure

Sports Specialists customer satisfaction and increased business productivity by cutting out wasteful manual processes. Way concluded: “The system does

everything for our business: it runs our fi nances, controls stock levels, point of sale and connects all our retail outlets – virtual and physical. We are able to run our operation with less staff, allowing us to focus on growing our business and providing top quality customer service. We have solved our fulfi lment problems, eradicated the manual data entry processes and now sell our products through several different physical and online channels with ease.”

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