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4 Art and Architecture


A dazzling, polychromatic visual feast. This unforgettable volume charts the artist’s life as a graphic entertainer, covering his whole exuberant career from 1963 on. Just like the Beatles, for whom he worked, he burst upon the creative world of 60s London. His imaginative designs and intoxicating, colour-rich images, captured the dreams and hallucinations of a generation. He designed album covers for The Who, Cream and Elton John and innovative covers for Penguin Books. In the 1970s, he produced bestselling children’s books, then moved into animation in Los Angeles, working on film and TV projects. En route, he took part in a drawing duel with Salvador Dalí, interviewed Paul McCartney, went bike riding with Steve McQueen and pitched a film idea to Francis Ford Coppola, not to mention being lauded by Sir Elton John, Yoko Ono Lennon and Terry Gilliam. 240 large pages with 528 illus, 421 of them in sizzling colour. £24.95 NOW £7

67450 LIFE AND MASTERWORKS OF J. M. W. TURNER Revised, Expanded and

Updated Fourth Edition by Eric Shanes According to the author’s exhaustive research, Turner came from a working class family, with a mother who was mentally unbalanced. His surroundings were slightly squalid. The volume describes his being sent to stay with an uncle and afterwards to one of the Royal Academy Schools, although he would have had to earn his keep from the beginning, and the schools did not teach painting - only drawing, initially from plaster casts of antique statuary. The range of works that follow the section on Turner’s life is breathtaking, fully supporting the view that here was a genius, and the analysis of each plate is authoritative and informative. 255 very large pages (32x27cm) with striking colour and b/w plates and chronology. ONLY £22.50

68260 ART OF CHINA: 3,000 Years of Art

and Literature edited by Jason Steuber A magnificent book, the gorgeous golden cover alone is enough to make any bibliophile lust to possess it. It traces China through its tales and stories, plays and poetry, paintings and objects, from ancient divinations incised on bovine scapulae to modern people’s literature spawned from the revolution, and from Song dynasty silk scrolls depicting sublime mountain valleys to government-commissioned propaganda posters. Text and images are chronologically ordered within each of its eight thematic chapters from Birth and Life, Nature, Memory, Food and Drink, Politics to Death and the Afterlife. Among the literary selections are the famous Book of Songs, the epic Dream of Red Towers, and the complex dramatic masterpiece Romance of the Western Chambers as well as extracts from Confucius, Laozi, Du Fu and Su Shi. An enthralling anthology. 240 36x26cm pages, 100 dazzling colour images with map of China and chronology.

£39.95 NOW £17.50

66663 KANDINSKY: Book and Prints Slipcased by Helmut Friedel and Annegret Hoberg

With 450 illustrations of which 300 are in colour, this luxury tome has been exclusively created to showcase the work of Vasily Kandinsky, the founder of abstract painting. Previously unpublished photographs along with essays by leading experts provide insight into the evolution of the artist’s work throughout his career. A richly illustrated in-depth biography examines his personal life and creative development. The second slim volume in this beautifully decorated slipcase is a facsimile of Kandinsky’s Kleine Welten or ‘Small World’, an original graphic series from 1922. Between 1910 and 1914, Vasily (Wassily) Kandinsky worked on the basics of the abstract image, leading ultimately to the development of Abstract Art. A teacher at the Bauhaus in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin, and the author of numerous art theory writings. Weight 13 pounds, 320pp measuring 12" x 16". The folder includes facsimile of the original graphics which were individually numbered in a bound booklet of 12 facsimile artworks measuring 11" x 14". U.K. delivery only. May be a very slight dent to slip case. £126 NOW £50

68169 FIRST LADIES OF THE POSTER: The Gold Collection

Toulouse-Lautrec, Bonnard, Grasset, Chéret, Mucha, De Feure, Cappiello, Steinlen, Grün, Pal, Bradley, Penfield and others were all masters of the colourful and attractive poster. Here is a window into a bygone era when posters were all the rage, awash with splendid images and vibrant colours. Here are 206 of the best. We see women taking to the road on bicycles, behind the wheel of an automobile, taking the helm of boat, hoisting an aperitif, even attending a ball unescorted, and

68753 TITIAN by Peter Humfrey

The commentary, which places the artist’s career and works into the social and historical context of 16th century Italy, is lively and accessible and the colour plates are unsurpassed. Titian’s influence has been immense, inspiring many great masters from Rembrandt and Velázquez to Turner and the Impressionists. He was celebrated for his brushwork and revolutionary use of colour, and his paintings range from portraits to religious and mythological scenes. This comprehensive and erudite volume traces his life from his artistic beginnings to his triumphs in Venice and Ferrara, then at the courts of Mantua and Urbino where he worked for the North Italian Dukes. Later, he was painter to the Serenissima and made visits to Rome and Augsburg, then saw service with the King of Spain, creating mythological and devotional pictures for Philip II. The

penultimate chapter sees his return to Venice and the details of his late career. 238 very large pages, bound in bright red with gold tooling, with more than 170 works in gorgeous colour by Titian and his contemporaries, chronology, map,

biographies and glossary. $69.95 NOW £28

we are provided with glimpses into women’s burgeoning, nascent sexual freedom. Grouped by wines and liquors, apparel, performing arts, travel, sports and recreation etc. US first edition 1998, 160pp in outsize softback. $45 NOW £7

68132 1910s: Decades of the 20th Century by Nick Yapp

Here is the Western Front, the Home Front, the wider war at air and sea, peacetime, revolution, work and leisure, entertainment and the arts, fashion, transport, sport, children and all human life. Caught in super monochrome photographs, each picture is worthy of inclusion and speaks a thousand words. The bloody conflict on the Western Front, funeral of victims of the ‘Lusitania’ disaster, the Bolshevik revolution, Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, a conductress on an open top bus 1916 in the snow, naval recruits undergoing a foot examination, inside slums to an animal balancing act. These are pictures you can stare at over and over again. 400pp in paperback. $7.95 NOW £4

68133 1920s: Decades of the 20th Century by Nick Yapp

Although often referred to as the Jazz Age, the events that overtook the world during the 1920s were way crazier than any of the music Bix Beiderbecke or Jelly Roll Morton ever produced. Rudolph Valentino, Isadora Duncan, James Joyce, Evelyn Waugh, D.H. Lawrence, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Jack Hobbs, Dixie Dean, Babe Ruth, Malcolm Campbell, Albert Einstein, Alexander Fleming were the names that spelt relief from the bad things in life. Here is the decade in nearly 400 captioned photos: the movers and shakers, haves and have-nots, work, leisure, entertainment, fashion and the arts, science, transport and all other human life. 393pp, 5½” square, text in English, German and French. Square softback. $7.95 NOW £4

68134 1930s: Decades of the 20th Century by Nick Yapp

After the joy-riding Roaring Twenties, life came down to Earth with a bump and the capitalist West was hit by the worst depression it had ever known. The British Empire soldiered on, the bitterest of civil wars gave Spain a foretaste of what Fascism was to serve most of Europe in the Forties. There was a plaything called “television” and the Hollywood system was in full and glorious production. Somehow, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers and Fats Waller and his mountainous humour made people forget the mess they were in, if only for a moment. Captured in hundreds of carefully selected clear monochrome snapshots are a unique collection by the world’s finest photographers. 393 page softback. 5½” x 6½”. $7.95 NOW £4

68135 1940s: Decades of the 20th Century by Nick Yapp

The 1940s was a one of total war, misery and destruction for the first half, followed by raised spirits and reconstruction in the second half. The decade also left the world with three colossal hangovers: the Holocaust, the Bomb and the Cold War. Sport returned, with record gates at football and cricket matches and baseball games, and Gorgeous Gussie Moran brought sex to tennis. The world of fashion, bled almost to death by the rationing and requisitioning of all fabrics for the war effort, came back with a vengeance after the fighting ceased, with spectacular creations adorning the most glitzy shop windows in London, New York and Paris. Here is the best and the worst of this split decade captured on camera. 393pp, 5½” square, a photo and captions in English, German and French on each page. Softback. $7.95 NOW £4

68136 1950s: Decades of the 20th Century by Nick Yapp

Iconic black and white stills capturing this decade of decadence and change. Here are ordinary lives - Blackpool Tower July 1953 as three friends cram into an automatic photographic booth and a Lambeth couple scan the pages to decide which film to see in the West End, 1955. The pouting sex kitten of the 1950s, Bridgette Bardot looked so ordinary in her black leotard and legwarmers in a dance studio, February 1956. A crowd of anti-war protestors in Trafalgar Square at the height of the Suez Crisis, soldiers in Malaya 1953, North Korean prisoners of war October 1950, self service replacing the personal touch in a US 1950s supermarket, the golden age of Hollywood, entertainment, science, transport, sports, children - here is all human life and quirky oddities. 396pp in paperback. $7.95 NOW £4

68138 1970s: The Hulton Getty Picture

Collection Decades of the 20th Century by Nick Yapp

What an eventful decade! The categories begin with Movers and Shakers, in this case Ayatolla Khomeini in 1978, Brezhnev and Castro, before we go to Cambodia in the Conflict section and the killing fields and victims of Pol Pot, Bloody Sunday and Uganda and Idi Amin. Next comes Terrorism with Baader Meinhof and the Guilford bombing. In Issues there is neo-fascism which attracted an ugly mixture of bullies and malcontents, Screaming Lord Sutch, and the other categories are Cinema with many familiar faces, the arts, pop and the whole punk movement, fashion, youth, sport with Mohammad Ali and Joe Frazier and other great sporting moments at the Montreal Olympics and finally children. Quality monochrome photographs. 396pp in paperback. ONLY £5

66660 CEZANNE AND GIACOMETTI: Paths of Doubt

edited by Felix Baumann and Poul Erik Tojner Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) has been the artist’s artist of choice for more than a century now. Despite 62 years separating their births, it is almost impossible to avoid drawing comparisons between the lives and works of Cézanne and Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966). The subtitle of the volume ‘Paths of Doubt’ refers in part to both artists’ refusal of the movement by which they were embraced - in Cézanne’s case Impressionism and in

! Bibliophile Books Unit 5 Datapoint, 6 South Crescent, London E16 4TL TEL: 020 74 74 24 74

Giacometti’s, Surrealism. It also alludes to Cézanne’s late success. His legendary bad social skills led him from the artistic hub of 1870s Paris to the French countryside where he lived as a recluse, only attracting attention for his work when in his late 50s. Conversely Giacometti found early success with the Surrealists but broke off with them in the late 40s when he began making more realistic black figurative sculptures. With essays by Baumann, Tojner, Tobia Bezzola and others. 360pp, 219 illus with 195 of these in colour. 8½” x 11". Rare first edition.

£35 NOW £25


CONNOISSEURSHIP by Catherine B. Scallen Published by Amsterdam University Press in 2004, this first edition is the first full-length study of the scholarly formation of the corpus of Rembrandt’s 700 paintings at the end of the 19th century. The book

concentrates on the written connoisseurship of Wilhelm von Bode, Abraham Bredius, Cornelius Hofstede de Grott and Wilhelm Valentiner who, in their articles and catalogues published between 1870 and 1935, shaped the modern conception of Rembrandt as a painter. This was not challenged until the 1960s, and even today their decisions are referenced by other scholars. The book includes discussions of the social context of their opinions, their museum careers and their relationships with dealers and collectors during a period of rapid expansion of the art market. Scholarly and rare. 416pp, 61 b/w plates. £38 NOW £10

65796 CHAGALL: A Biography by Jackie Wullschlager

Pioneer of Modernism and one of the greatest figurative artists of the last century, Marc Chagall achieved fame and fortune over his long career. Born in 1887 into near poverty in Russia, the son of a Jewish herring merchant, he fled the tsarist empire for Paris in 1911, where he lived in a tumbledown tenement with Modigliani and Léger. In his portrayals of the “shtetl” life of his childhood he captured the whole lost world of pre-Nazi Eastern European Jewry and the characters who peopled it - his passionate mother Feiga-Ita, his eccentric fellow painter and teacher Bakst, his clever, intense first wife Bella and their glamorous daughter Ida, and the colourful and tragic cast of writer, artist and actor friends who all perished under Stalin. First edition of 2008, 604pp with 32 pages of colour plates plus many b/w photos and other illus.

£25.75 NOW £6.50 66665 SAINT EXUPERY: Art, Writings

and Music by Nathalie des Vallieres Ever since the publication of The Little Prince in 1943, Antoine de Saint Exupéry (1900-1944) has been well known for his artistic and literary talents. It is less well known however that since childhood he decorated his letters, notebooks, journals, diaries and his later manuscripts with small drawings, caricatures, cartoons and visual puzzles, very few of which have ever been published. Now this anthology features the most beautiful and artful of these uncollected occasional writings from his juvenilia until his death. Its gives unprecedented glimpses into his childhood, friendships and love affairs, travels and adventures, his fascination with the sky and experiences as a pilot with the postal service, as a WWII fighter pilot and his passion for the desert and for solitude. Over 80 colour facsimiles, colour artworks and 200 mono photos. 10" x 11½”, 224pp. £38 NOW £20

68159 DEFINING MOMENTS IN ART edited by Mike Evans

Subtitled ‘Over a Century of the Artists, Exhibitions, People, Artwork and Events that Rocked the World’. Here are 100 years of classic masters, distinctive icons and rebels who broke all the rules. Covers over 40 artists, curators, critics and academics who select 1,000 most important moments in 20th century art. It spans painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, performance and seminal criticism. Here are Eadweard Muybridge’s early experiments in moving pictures, key exhibitions and key artworks like Manet’s Le Déjeuner Sur L’Herbe from 1863, the painting that heralded Impressionism and his painting Olympia, which caused uproar, and did you know that the Coca-Cola logo type was created in 1886, before Van Gogh’s Sunflowers was exhibited and before the first meeting of the Nabis? Chronologically arranged. 250 colour images, 800 pages, heavyweight softback. £18.99 NOW £8


BENSON by Faith Andrews Bedford Benson is a pivotal artist of the American Impressionist Movement. In mid-life, after an extremely successful career as a portraitist and painter of plein air canvasses, he returned to the wildfowl, hunting and fishing subjects. Whether painting a hunter setting out decoys, a wash of geese by moonlight, a watercolour of a companion posed to gaff a salmon, or etching a group of ducks silently gliding in for a landing, he conveyed the joy, beauty and satisfaction of a life lived to the full outdoors. This is the first book to create an intimate portrait of a man who was not only a successful artist but also a consummate sportsman. 272 large pages illustrated in subtle colour with list of awards. £48.95 NOW £12.50

60230 JAPANESE PRINTS by Gabriele Fahr-Becker The first two chapters look at the origins, history and development of “Ukiyo-e”, the style that first appeared in 17th century Edo (today’s Tokyo). Mostly woodblock prints, they depicted the pleasurable side of life, and could be reproduced in large quantities for the households of the day. The main part of the book comprises approx. 140

exquisite colour reproductions. For each is given title, artist, date and dimensions of the original, followed by an expert commentary which provides an analysis of the work and the artist’s intentions, and many more points of interest. Also tells a great deal about the customs, traditions and society of Japan at a time when it was only just opening up to Western travellers and traders. A visual feast, 200pp, 9¾” × 12". ONLY £9


A Selection of the Original Drawings and Watercolors Used in the Making of Birds of America Accompanied by a Choice of Audubon’s Writings.


PORTFOLIO edited by Ben Forkner

Make space on the bookcase for this very special and rare edition. The sturdy clothbound presentation box measures over 12" x 15". The portfolio contains a selection of the original drawings and watercolours used in the making of ‘Birds of America’

accompanied by a choice of Audubon’s writings. Edited with an introduction by Ben Forkner, this is the rare 2004 Edition de la Main Fleurie. On cream card and measuring 12" x 15" are the individual, unbound sheets explaining the contents. Audubon was a gifted and compulsive letter writer and here are correspondence and illustrations, letters to his wife Lucy written during his trip to Florida in late 1831-32, letters from his trip to Labrador written in the summer of 1833 and letters to John Bachman written during his trip to the Gulf of Mexico in 1836-37. The list of illustrations includes Nightingale, Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, Common Grackle, Avocet, Hawfinch, Black Tern, Woodchat, Shrike, European Hoopoe, Wild Turkey, Hooded Warbler, Barred Owl, American Swallow-Tailed Kite, Belted Kingfisher, Grasshopper Sparrow and more. For each the Latin name is given, and we counted 48 ending with Anna’s Hummingbird, Greater Flamingo, Great Egret, Boat-Tailed Grackle and Little Blue Heron. Full sized, full colour right hand pages reproduce exquisite artworks of birds, interspersed with the letters and correspondence in the first 202 pages of the first folio. The edition we reviewed was number 378 of 2500. Printed in France, we learn that 35 copies were accompanied by a suite of illustrations on hand- manufactured pure rag paper, 200 copies on a special Japanese paper and the remaining 2265 copies (of which we have stock) printed on Maine Fleurie paper, 300gsm and numbered 236 to 2500. What number will yours be? But that is only the half of it. The second loosely bound volume, this time with no roughcut edges and on the same 300gsm quality paper, is the portfolio of individual

reproductions, identical to those in the text.

10¼” x 13½” on a sheet size of

about 11½” x 14½”, it is a complete set of loose bound bird prints, ready for framing.

$1400 NOW £275


An innovative monograph published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the artist’s birth in 1834. James McNeill Whistler’s painting, drawings and prints offer exquisite beauty. Ex-patriate artist, performer, writer, self-publicist, and sometime-gunrunner, Whistler was one of the most easily misinterpreted creative talents of his age. Today Whistler’s pictures with their abstract qualities and confusing titles remain ‘uneasy pieces’. His ‘White Girls’, ‘Portrait of the Painter’s Mother’, ‘Caprice in Purple and Gold: The Gold Screen’ 1864, the etching ‘The Balcony’, arrangements in black and white of various different portrait subjects like Thomas Carlyle, Lady Meux or Sir Henry Irving as Phillip II of Spain sit happily alongside colour plates by other great masters like Manet and Sir Joshua Reynolds, furniture and interior designs, wood engravings, etchings and pencil sketches. 456 pages, 8½” x 10" and includes hundreds of colour and b/w paintings, drawings and prints. Rare US import. £35.99 NOW £20


VIEWS OF EDO by Prof. Dr. Melanie Trede

and Dr. Lorenz Bichler Luxury heavy Japanese silk binding and in clamshell case with bamboo toggles, 13.4" x 16.7". Hiroshige (1797-1858) was one of the

last great artists in the ukiyo-e tradition. Though he captured a variety of subjects, his greatest talent was in creating landscapes of his native Edo (modern-day Tokyo) and his final masterpiece was a series known as “One Hundred Famous Views of Edo” (1856-1858). This resplendent complete reprint pairs each of the 120 large- scale illustrations with a description, allowing readers to plunge themselves into Hiroshige’s beautifully vibrant landscapes. Literally meaning “pictures of the floating world”, ukiyo-e refers to the famous Japanese woodblock print genre that originated in the 17th century and is practically synonymous with the Western world’s visual characterisation of Japan. Because they could be mass produced, ukiyo-e works were often used as designs for fans, New Year’s greeting cards, single prints and book illustrations, and traditionally they depicted city life, entertainment, beautiful women, kabuki actors and landscapes. Japanese silk binding and slipcase, 294 pages. Rope hand binding. U.K. delivery only. The “budget” edition see code 64211. ONLY £100

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