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32 Pets 56599 HOUSE BY THE

CHURCHYARD by Sheridan Le Fanu Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu is best known today as one of the Victorian period’s leading exponents of supernatural fiction. This is perhaps his best novel in this genre. Set in the village of Chapelizod, near Dublin, in the 1760s the story opens with the accidental disinterment of an old skull in the churchyard, and

an eerie late-night funeral. This discovery relates to murders, both recent and historical whose repercussions disrupt the complacent pace of village affairs and change the lives of many of its notable characters forever. Charm and chilling darkness abound in equal measure. 560 page paperback. ONLY £3

67433 BOOK OF SECRETS: Miracles Ancient and Modern, with Added Chapters on Easy

Magic You Can Do by Walter Gibson In ancient times, wizards, alchemists and necromancers surrounded themselves with an atmosphere of mystery that commanded respect and greatly magnified their importance. With the dawn of the modern age of science, magic experienced a drastic change. A new art came into being - the science of legerdemain or magic of the stage. By the application of mechanical methods and inventive genius, magicians created remarkable illusions. The baffled reader is led behind the scenes. The true facts of Oriental mystery are revealed. The secrets of the Hindu fakirs become an open book. Tricks are outlined so clearly that anyone can learn them. 159 pages, line drawings. $24.95 NOW £4


OTHER STORIES by Marjorie Bowen

Marjorie Bowen (1885-1952) spent the early part of her working life providing for a demanding and ungrateful family. We are lucky that she did so, since among the results were these short stories of rare quality. In their use of dreams, ancient anecdote, and ruined or dilapidated buildings (‘Florence Flannery’, ‘The Fair Hair of

Ambrosine’) they are at times in the finest tradition of The Castle of Otranto and the Gothic revival which had chilled the blood of the British public 150 years earlier. But her stories are more subtle in their construction, and often use simple materials (‘The Crown Derby Plate’, Elsie’s Lonely Afternoon’), interweaving their terror and mystery with the commonplace of everyday life. Full of sinister force. 189 page paperback. ONLY £3


Diverse forms of magic were practised in the Middle Ages, from simple charms to complex and subversive rituals to summon demons. This charming book explores the place of magic in the medieval world, examining representations of the magician, wise-woman and witch, as well as magical objects, ritual procedures and charms against lightning, wax images for finding love and diagrams to find treasure. Illustrated throughout from The British Library’s extensive collections, this volume shows how magic texts and images formed part of life in the Middle Ages. The practice of magic reveals a medieval fascination with the secrets of nature and the points of contact between this world and the celestial and infernal realms. 64pp, paperback. ONLY £4

67660 SUPERNATURAL NORTH: True Ghost Stories by Darren Ritson

Here are shivery supernatural legends from the Scottish borders to South Yorkshire, and from the North West to the North East coasts. There is a full chapter devoted to the South Shields Poltergeist case and a large section dedicated to the North of England’s most famous haunting, Willington Mill, plus a host of other blood curdling ghosts, along with a detailed investigation of screaming skull legends. Places visited include theatres, castles, public houses, hotels, stately homes, public parks and even a lighthouse or two. 220 paperback pages, illus with related websites. £12.99 NOW £6


by Gordon Smith and Dronma Gordon Smith is an internationally renowned psychic medium and author. With his co-author Dronma he brings us this extraordinary deck of oracle cards which fuses ancient Tibetan wisdom with contemporary Western psychological insight. The aim is to give you keys to achieving

a happier and more balanced life. Using the five Tibetan elements of earth, water, fire, air and space, this deck will help you understand the elemental forces of which you and the world around you are composed. Use these beautifully decorated and inspirational cards, of which there are 34, in individual spreads or for meditation. Also included is a mandala image for guidance in laying out spreads and protecting your cards. Neat box set. £11.99 NOW £5.50

67872 IN SEARCH OF GHOSTS by Darren Ritson

Takes the reader on a thrilling, fascinating and evocative tour of haunted Britain. From Exeter castle in the southwest to the Tower of London and the haunted hotels of Norfolk to the eerie Castle Urquhart on the banks of Loch Ness, via York, which can rightly lay claim to being the most haunted city in the world, here are the country’s most paranormally active locales. The author has visited them all. Some, like the irresistible “Hairy Hands of Dartmoor”, Borley Church in north Essex and Edinburgh’s Burke and Hare are well known, but we reckon that the majority will be new to all but the most avid spook-hunter. Colour photos, 220pp. £20 NOW £7

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Judiciously show a cat milk, if you wish her to thirst for it. Judiciously show a dog his natural prey, if you wish him to bring it down one day.

- Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities 69348 LAZY DOG’S GUIDE

TO ENLIGHTENMENT by Andrea Hurst and Beth Wilson

The bark stops here when it comes to dogma about enlightenment! Loveable labs, terriers, Scotties, bulldogs, whippets and mongrels

have relished the playfulness and adoring eye of the photographer Zackary Folk who has caught them in sepia and beautifully dramatic black and white photographs. Alongside are captions of down-to-earth spiritual wisdoms - ‘Sometimes just being is enough.’ ‘Smile! It’s the simplest way to share joy.’ ‘Your destination is not as important as enjoying the beauty along the way’ and ‘Love unconditionally.’ A delightful romp through canine philosophy to reach doggy nirvana, having struck downward dog and other yoga poses along the way. 118pp, photos. £12.50 NOW £3


DOG TRAINING by Patsy Parry

An unruly dog can cause havoc in homes and lives. The secret to living harmoniously with your canine companion is proper training, and this book covers all the basic principles that a first-time owner needs to know. It starts with a guide to

responsible dog ownership, from choosing a breed that is appropriate for your lifestyle through to neutering and spaying. A guide to equipment gives an overview of the collars, harnesses, leads, crates, bedding, food bowls, brushes, combs, treat bags and toys that are available. There are also hints and tips on general dog care, including dietary advice and recipes for home-made treats. The volume also covers the most common problems that can occur, with solutions for correcting them. From biting, digging and barking to stealing food, jumping on the furniture and attention-seeking, you will learn how to cope. An invaluable 96 large sofback pages in full colour with 330 step-by-step photos. ONLY £4.50

59952 MOVIE CATS by Susan Herbert

All Quiet on the Kitten Front, The Cat of the Baskervilles, Pussies Galore, A Brief Tail of Love and From Fur to Eternity - to put you in the picture, these monochrome stills are actually gorgeous Susan Herbert paintings, re-enacting the scenes,

but with a big difference - pussy cats - kissing on the beach, saying goodbye at the train carriage window - get the picture? Then the colour section - Rebel With Four Paws (alley cat with jeans, red jacket, fag in mouth, yet with a curly tail and cool cat face). Grouped by drama and romance, the musicals and the Sirens. 64pp, 57 illus in total. £9.95 NOW £3

66578 GET FIT WITH YOUR DOG by Karen Sullivan

With canine and human obesity in the UK at an all time high and exercise by both species in steady decline, it is time for some informed action. From walking and jogging to ball games and agility workouts, lose pounds, be happier and enjoy the mutual benefits. There are even water workouts, agility courses to simple fetching and carrying, warming up to warming down. 112pp in softback with many colour photos. £6.99 NOW £1

66641 ALL PETS GO TO HEAVEN by Sylvia Browne


Pets have personalities just as humans do and famous psychic Sylvia Browne believe that these quirks, habits and emotions are proof that pets too possess souls. With 40 years of research and heartwarming stories culled from her long career, she reveals insights into the psychic abilities of cats, dogs, horses and other creatures that have shared our homes and our hearts. She goes back to the lives of animals in ancient times, animal totems, the other side, grief on losing a pet, animal bravery and protection, love and communication and on page 205 the Native American ten commandments. 210pp in paperback.

£6.99 NOW £3.50

66661 THE CATWALK CATS by Grace Coddington and Didier Malige A highly entertaining private work by the fashion powerhouses Grace Coddington and Didier Malige who live together with a menagerie of incorrigible cats. Meet Puff, a mixed up longhair from Harlem whose curiosity has not killed him yet and Bart, the Persian youngster who would rather sit on the rooftop terrace than in the front row. Meet also Henri, an old school chartreuse, his sister Coco, a couture-obsessed cat on a sashimi diet and her pal Baby who will never be a sample size. This extraordinary visual diary gives us a window into four madcap seasons in the life of a fabulous furry brigade with sections devoted to the Collections, the Campaigns and of course the Catfights. Photos and illus. 192pp. £20 NOW £3.50

67617 FERRETS by Vickie McKimmey Friendly, playful and active, ferrets have all the best qualities of cats and dogs rolled into one. Aside from their amusing antics and intelligent nature, they are quiet, take up little space and seem to really thrive on human companionship - in many ways the perfect indoor pet. This book provides all the guidance required to keep your ferret healthy, happy and well-behaved. Expert advice on topics ranging from daily care regimes, housing and nutrition to selecting a kit and solving problem behaviour. 100 colour photos of the cutest ferrets. 112pp.

ONLY £3 Bibliophile Books Unit 5 Datapoint, 6 South Crescent, London E16 4TL TEL: 020 74 74 24 74 67392 THOUSAND DOGS

by Raymond Merritt and Miles Barth Exactly as it says on the cover, a thousand Dalmatians, puppies, tiny dogs in pockets and one wearing a crown, another glasses, cap and binoculars, an Eskimo photographed in 1912 with his hound, an Austrian sailor in 1930 aboard ship with his Jack Russell, a 1928 Parisian lady with a dozen muzzled greyhounds, Queen Alexandra photographed in 1908 with two black and white collies, babies and children with dogs, dogs in top hats or smoking a pipe, alongside their owners on a penny farthing, alongside nude ladies from 1845 and 1860 in sepia photographs. An extraordinary collection of photographs from the last 150 years, some in colour, many iconic. 576pp in chunky Taschen softback. ONLY £4.75

68141 ALONG CAME DYLAN by Stephen Foster

By the author of the riotously funny bestseller Walking Ollie, here the second book takes up the lead. But instead of one canine conundrum, now Foster has two - Dylan, the outlaw, proves to be virtually untrainable. Ollie, feeling threatened, becomes increasingly antisocial and Foster is caught in the middle wondering why man’s best friends can’t just be friends. Ollie was just about cured of his basket case habits - the neurotic lurcher at last appeared to have his paws planted firmly on the ground but did Stephen Foster take a rest? No. He decided Ollie needed a friend and bought a pure bred Saluki lunatic called Dylan. As soon as the new puppy peered through the door, mayhem ensued. A real shaggy dog tale. 264pp in illustrated paperback. £7.99 NOW £3.50

68160 DEWEY: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter

On the coldest morning of the year, the author found a tiny, bedraggled kitten almost frozen to death in the night drop box of the library where she lived. Her life, and the town of Spencer, Iowa, would never be the same again. Dewey, as the townspeople named him, quickly grew into an adorable cat whose antics kept patrons in stitches and who seemed to have a sixth sense about those in need. As his fame grew, fans drove hundreds of miles to meet him. Through it all, he remained a loyal companion, not just for the author but for the whole town. 277 paperback pages, illus. £6.99 NOW £3

68212 SLUM DOGS OF INDIA by Eloise Leyden

We have all been charmed by the cats of the Greek Islands and now we can ahh at the slum dogs of India as they make their way through life in packs, in pairs, often alone, in gutters and doorways, garlanded, as puppies staring expectantly, on the streets of Calcutta, Varanasi and Udaipur. The street urchin children also feature heavily in these bustling city streets, scavenging for food in markets and touching our hearts. The close bond that often develops between dogs and their fellow street-dwellers shines through in this warm tribute to the unique spirit and colour that dogs bring to the world. Big full page colour photos with captions. 224pp in softback. £9.95 NOW £4

68289 CAT DETECTIVE: Solving the Mystery

of Your Cat’s Behaviour by Vicky Halls Does your cat scratch your carpets or soil the house? Has its behaviour changed recently, becoming withdrawn or aggressive towards you or another member of your family? Do you want to understand the way your cat thinks? In this comprehensive guide, a renowned cat counsellor helps owners identify the causes of their cats’ conduct and provides clear steps to tackling problems. Fascinating case studies, drawn from her personal and professional experiences, are included. 368 paperback pages with the answers to Common Cat Conundrums and list of useful addresses. £7.99 NOW £3.50

68760 WHAT CATS ARE MADE OF by Hanoch Piven

Really designed for youngsters aged three to eight, we could not resist this kitty cat extravaganza. There are 39 registered breeds of cats and here we learn a little of some of the most celebrated cats in history. The Devon Rex is such a mischievous cat that it has been compared to a monkey. Feline facts include that cats usually land on their feet when they fall because of what is known as a ‘cat righting reflex’. Scottish Fold cats have ears that are folded forward and down onto their heads, just like an origami version! And opposite these cats are beautifully crafted origami, collage and other handcrafted representations in a big bold picture book. $16.99 NOW £4.75


We need never be ashamed of our tears. - Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

69049 ON MY OWN by Florence Falk

If I am a woman alone, who am I? The book is subtitled ‘The Liberation of Being A Woman Alone’ and in it this leading psychologist asks, ‘how is it that even the most apparently self-assured woman feels inadequate without a man?’ Encouraged by society, all too many of us assume that a woman alone must be miserable yet just under half of adults in many

Western countries are single and many households are occupied by one solo person. By embracing your solitude and by claiming your place in the world with pride, and with Falk’s expert guidance, you can discover that being on your own can be a source of strength. Find your voice and live a truly happy and rewarding life. She looks at a woman’s cultural heritage, childhood, adolescence and rediscovery of the self. With recommended reading and resources, 291pp in paperback.

£10.99 NOW £3.50 e-mail: James & Friends

Characterful Creatures 69072 JAMES AND OTHER APES by James Mollison

James is an ape, five years old whose parents were killed for bush meat trade. Photographed in close up, he could look like a human being. On every single full page are other character-full faces of bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans. Cleverly, the eyeline is identical on each page if you flip through, framing the face perfectly. Each little character has a biography giving his age and background, where he was confiscated, his condition, and where he was photographed, many of them at the Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund in 2001-2003. Meet these characters like Simon, Kudel, the very pretty Haidar with her long lashes or the scary very, very black Matoko and Koto. A most unusual find, Bibliophile would like to introduce you to some marvellous new faces. With a moving essay by Jane Goodall, the book celebrates the great apes. 50 are photographed. 120pp. £10.95 NOW £5

69305 PIGGY PARADE translated by Catherine Haward ‘Once upon a time when pigs spoke rhyme and monkeys chewed tobacco...’ - Three Little Pigs. Little pig, little pig, let me come in! In repose, chewing on an apple core, resting, sniffing out a field mouse, looking cheekily up to camera with big, shiny wet pink noses, on tippy toe hooves, seemingly laughing, with piggy eyes looking straight at you, here are piglets of all colours with curly tails and everything bar the grunt. Up close and hairily personal, each superb photograph, many from the Getty Picture Gallery, is accompanied by a pithy quotation from Charles Dickens, Hemingway, the Rolling Stones, Elizabeth Taylor and others. Big glossy colour photos, 128 adorable and impossibly cute pages for all animal lovers.

£9.99 NOW £3.50

69043 JUMBO by Paul Chambers This being the true story of the greatest elephant in the world, here is a magical blend of true story and popular science. It is the colourful tale of the greatest elephant ever known. Born in Africa in 1861 then captured and shipped to London Zoo, Jumbo was a superstar of the Victorian era. For three decades he enjoyed global renown and adoration.

Thousands of people flocked to visit him every day and ride on his back. When, in 1882, he was sold to the Barnum & Bailey Circus in America, 100,000 children wrote to Queen Victoria begging her to intervene. But fame came at a price and Jumbo led a troubled private life that was far from idyllic. He was also subject to the petty vagaries of the human world and unwittingly found himself at the centre of political battles, international rivalry and greed. Based on the journals of Matthew Scott, the London Zoo keeper who became Jumbo’s lifelong friend, this is the extraordinary story of the world’s most famous elephant. It even answers the question of how you should pat an elephant’s trunk. 224pp in paperback with photos. £7.99 NOW £3

68729 PENGUINS by John Love

King and Emperor Penguins are unique in that they have no need of a nest since they incubate their single egg on top of their feet. The largest known colony of penguins is on the Crozet Islands south of

Madagascar in the southernmost Indian Ocean with an incredible 300,000 breeding pairs. The author from his boat viewed hundreds of birds on rocks and skerries, and the resulting photographs are superb, particularly the mother and baby nuzzling up in the morning light, the backdrop amber, the thieving penguin who pilfers a stone from his neighbour’s nest and looks like he is wearing a long white coat and orange shoes, and crowded together, often in rather straight lines, fluffy chicks. Beautiful glaciers, icy blue water in colour photos, large softback, 72pp. £10.99 NOW £5

68745 STARING AT THE SUN: Overcoming the Dread of Death by Irvin Yalom

Yalom brings uncommon wisdom as a gifted psychiatrist in his mid 70s to a universal human experience - the terror of death. He shares with us the problems of his patients and offers his compassionate insight into their death anxieties and most movingly his own feelings and personal experiences with death. While the existential realities of death, isolation and meaninglessness may at first seem bleak and full of despair, Dr Yalom’s approach helps his readers frame these realities in positive and meaningful ways that foster personal growth and intensify our connections to others and to the world around us. 306pp in paperback. £8.99 NOW £5

67566 TRUTH ABOUT STRESS by Angela Patmore

Stress. By any means of measuring, we are living through an epidemic of it, with some 15 million websites devoted to it and over two million accredited stress therapists, counsellors and healers in Britain alone. But is there really a stress problem? Angela Patmore examines the confusion and controversy which surrounds the whole concept. She suggests that health angst engendered by “stress awareness” sends its victims off in search of unnecessary therapy and sedation which fuels this epidemic which costs patients personally and the UK as a whole billions of pounds. Far from helping people, she contends that this unregulated industry is

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