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Handicrafts 19

for contrast. Many of these 150 projects using fresh or dried flowers are for special occasions, and they are all beautifully photographed in the 700 colour plates. 255pp, softback. ONLY £4.50


Barnett and Terence Moore If you have ever wondered how to make beautifully individual floral garlands, circles, wreaths, candle rings and swags then here is your answer - over 100 projects, ranging from simple wreaths using ready- made rings to flamboyant dramatic

garlands and seasonal swags using a wide variety of flowers and natural materials. There is essential advice on simple floristry techniques, tools and materials and how to make the most of nature’s abundance with fresh and dried flowers, foliage, nuts, twigs, seedpods, fir cones and shells. The book features contemporary and traditional designs, from a gorgeous summer rose garland and a fresh springtime circle of pussy willow and fruit blossom to an aromatic evergreen Christmas swag and a daffodil Easter wreath. 256 softback pages lavishly illus with over 800 photos in colour, with list of suppliers. ONLY £4.50

69257 FABRIC DECORATING: Step-by-Step

Project Book by Susie Stokoe Want to try fabric decorating and transform your home and your person? Learn all the techniques including printing, silk painting, space-dyeing, stencilling, spray- dyeing, tie-dyeing, dip-dyeing, marbling and fabric painting! Here

are 95 inspirational yet practical ideas with easy-to-follow techniques, using tried and trusted methods. They range from a paisley pelmet and printed cushion covers to silk- painted scarves and a batik deckchair cover. Each project is graded from simple to more challenging and shown in step-by-step photos. In no time at all, you will be confident enough to create original clothing, lampshades, tablecloths, drapes, blinds, screens, scarves, picture frames and much, much more. 256 softback pages with over 925 colour photos and templates. £9.99 NOW £4.50


CRAFTS: Greetings Cards by Cheryl Owen

With ready-to-use templates, the beginner and more experienced crafter will enjoy these 15 step-by- step projects with beautiful colour photography. Includes a host of techniques including stencilling, glass painting and wirework to create a stencilled oriental screen decorated

with chrysanthemums, a rubber-stamped Dutch scene, a pressed flower trellis, a driftwood ship, a Christmas handbag, a painted Easter egg, an embossed metal fern and a beaded heart concertina greetings card. Packed with tips. 80 page very large softback, colour. £8.99 NOW £3.50

69294 DRAWING THE HEAD: Four Classic Instructional

Guides by Walter T. Foster A practising artist in the 1920s and 30s, Foster produced manuals for artists on his kitchen table until he became an international bestseller. Consisting of a series of sketches with notes and advice on technique scribbled by the side, these books amount to a masterclass in portrait

drawing. Unlike some world famous portrait artists, Foster does not repeat himself but makes all his people look completely fresh and individual. The basis of good portraiture is having a strong technique, working on your general draughtsmanship skills, and finally taking careful measurements and using them in your drawing. The author suggests that the aspiring artist might take the template of a standard head and then change it by altering the eyes, lips, hair and general proportions. The first book includes basic techniques and studies of ordinary looking people, and later the author goes on to wrinkled and characterful heads, turbans, moustaches and spectacles. The final book breaks the head down into different planes in order to study the structure. 154pp, softback, sketches throughout. £12.99 NOW £5.50

69299 HAND ME UPS:

Recrafting Kids’ Clothes by Lorine Mason

We all know about hand-me-downs, but what about the pile of discarded clothing that kids have outgrown or the cheap sale items which turned out to be not quite the right fit? This useful book covers lots of ideas for revamping old clothes so that you can enlarge your child’s wardrobe in

a fun and inexpensive way. A Rick-rack Butterfly Skirt is a colourful item made from curtaining, while the section on Denim Do-overs includes an old denim jacket revamped with colourful panels and fabric paint designs, while the Patchwork Overalls project applies the same technique to a small boy’s dungarees. Most children’s clothing can be jazzed up with a row of decorative buttons, a pleated ruffle or colourful patchwork. Structural changes involve ripping open seams, and the author recommends getting a good quality seam ripper to save time and effort. The section on Deconstruction covers techniques for reshaping and resizing. Finally, accessories can be given a new look with stamping and yarn-wrapping, and a pair of lace-up boots is converted into a fashion item by painting them blue and adding some decorative flower motifs. 128pp, softback, colour photos on every page and full step-by-step instructions. £12.99 NOW £5.50


Fashion Knit and Crochet Styles edited by Michelle Lo

Hand stitching is all the rage these days and this is a spirited collection of 20 easy going projects. With a simple knitting guide at the back, here are some very stylish modern ideas for a Cabled Muff at double thickness, some frilly cuffed wrist warmers, an unusual

69210 MUSIC PAGES: Book and CD by Andrea Vetten-Marley

Ready-to-use scrapbook pages featuring rare vintage items, many in the high Victorian style featuring the front pages of lyric and song books, cute toddlers, decorative borders, floral, découpage, silhouettes, pages from advertisements and song books of yesteryear. Tear the perforated pages directly from the book, photocopy them or print them from the enclosed CD. The CD contains hundreds of high quality images for both PC and Macintosh users. 8" x 8"

perforated pages in an illustrated gallery to create a beautiful layout in minutes. 57 page softback. £10.99 NOW £6

peacock scallop pattern and a pair of peacock flipped mittens, warm and cosy mittens knitted in a smart Donegal tweed or some gorgeous, super soft hand warmers in luxurious mohair (with its own detachable cord that goes around the neck or through a jacket). 96pp in paperback, colour photos throughout. $17.95 NOW £4.75

68748 SUPER STITCHES CROCHET: Essential Techniques by Jennifer Campbell and Anne- Marie Bakewell

Crochet patterns can look complex, but most require only three or four different stitches: chain stitch, slip stitch, and single and double crochet. They can be combined to make intricate patterns which look sophisticated but are really quite simple. The book starts with the tools: yarn and hook, with a choice of different materials, sizes and gauges. Symbols, abbreviations and instructions on how to follow a pattern are accompanied by techniques such as how to hold the hook, join yarn together and fasten off. It is important to spend time practising the basic movements so that the yarn flows smoothly, because an attractive effect depends upon an even tension. The authors give an easy-to-follow section on the essential stitches with step-by-step diagrams, then the main part of the book provides instructions for over 180 different stitch patterns, including fans, trellises, arches, medallions and speciality work such as Broomstick Lace. Each pattern is accompanied by a photo of a worked swatch. Particularly attractive is the authors’ choice of toning colours for their swatches, giving both the novice and the veteran craftworker ideas about colour combinations. 256pp, softback, numerous colour photos, diagrams. $19.95 NOW £6

56581 THE WOODBOOK by Romeyn Beck Hough

Assembled by Romeyn Beck Hough between 1888 and 1913 in what still remains and stunning and unparalleled achievement, ‘American Woods’ - originally published in 14 volumes, with actual specimens mounted on card stock, is a work of breathtaking beauty that has set the standard for study of trees and wood. Taschen’s Wood Book reproduces, in painstaking facsimile, all of the specimen pages from the original volumes; for this purpose they have obtained the use of an extremely rare original set of volumes in very good condition, with minimal damage to the wood cuts. For each tree, three different cross-section cuts of wood are represented (radial, horizontal, and vertical), demonstrating the particular characteristics of the grain and the wealth of colours and textures to be found among the many different wood types. Also included in this special edition are lithographs by Charles Sprague Sargent of the leaves and nuts of most trees, as well as texts describing the trees’ geographical origins and physical characteristics. 864 pages, 160 x 232mm. Slipcased. ONLY £26

67106 DRIED FLOWERS FOR ALL SEASONS: Creating the Fresh-Flower Look Year-Round by Jan and Michael Gertley

With the easy, step-by-step instructions, you will soon be able to create new and lovely arrangements. There are details on how to grow a variety of plants that are often difficult to find in craft stores, including tulips, dahlias, lilacs, pansies, peonies and daffodils, as well as a plant guide for 60 flowers particularly suited for drying. In addition, 24 inspirational projects showcase a host of seasonal arrangements, from wreaths and garlands to flower pots and Christmas ornaments. 210 paperback pages, beautiful colour photos, with a list of sources. £16.99 NOW £3

67943 AFGHANS AND THROWS: A Step-by-Step Guide to Knit and Crochet Designs, Patterns and Techniques by Luise Roberts

Whether knitting or crochet is your speciality, with this special book, you can choose yarn types and colours, achieve different effects with a range of stitches, embellish and finish with decorative seams, beading and trims, and so much more. There is a selection of fabulous practise projects, such as an attractive Fair Isle Throw and fashionable Shrug, which allow you to test your new abilities further. All samples are coded by skill level, ranging from structural basics for beginners to complex challenges for the more experienced. 144 large pages illustrated in gorgeous colour with diagrams, symbols and abbreviations. $24.95 NOW £5

67958 DECORATIVE KNITTING: 100 Practical

Techniques by Kate Haxell and Luise Roberts 18 creative projects are the jumping off point for learning 100 practical techniques, organised into five sections, it starts with three-dimensional yarn effects which include traditional Aran techniques such as bobble and twist and cross, looping, shaping and decreasing. Projects include a simply gorgeous Pyramid-Block Cropped Sweater. A spectacular Organza Blind or a Cosy Caterpillar Baby Snuggler can be very effectively made using mixed yarn techniques. Other sections are Knitting In (including beaded fingerless mittens and a gorgeous beaded beret), Embroidery (a gorgeous crazy patchwork cushion is a must) and Edgings and Trimmings. 20 original or 125 ideas projects from scratch, or alternatively incorporating some of its techniques into your existing patterns. 160pp, colour photos, templates, diagrams. £19.99 NOW £6.50

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68240 ODD BALL KNITTING: Creative Ideas for Leftover Yarn by Barbara Albright

Want to solve the conundrum of what to do with your yarn left-overs without the finished product looking as if it were made with odds and ends? Here are more than 30 beautiful projects from stylish accessories to decorations for your home. Patterns are organised within chapters by the amount and type of yarn required to complete each project, so knitters with lots of extra yarn will rejoice in the Funky Poncho or the Felted Patchwork Rug, while those with a more modest collection can stitch Curlilocks Finger Puppets, Mini Christmas Stockings and other quick projects. For everyone’s favourite, there is a special section featuring reversible scarf patterns. 128 large paperback pages with close-up colour photos, drawings. £13 NOW £6


This book is a 2007 unabridged softback reprint of a book first published in 1959, and still regarded as one of the best explanations of painting theory and practise. Using the works of almost 100 master artists, Watson reveals the vital importance of design theory in creating art. A painting’s true power lies in its theme and design. With a highly informative text and easy-to-follow suggestions and analysis, this manual of design is equally useful for students of applied art and students of art history, as well as anybody who wants some simple ideas to improve their own work. Superbly illus. with colour and b/w reproductions of paintings by Mondrian, Corot, Isenburger and many more, the book expertly demonstrates the fundamental aspects of balance and structure, among other elements, and by analysing the line, colour, form and pattern of each work. Mini-biogs. 207pp, 8¼”×11". £16.99 NOW £6.50


Adorable Projects by Sue Whiting For newborns to four year olds, here are cute, cuddly and ultra wearable special knits for baby feet. Lacy socks on chubby ankles, ballet shoes with beautiful shiny taffeta ribbons laced through knitted eyelet holes, sailor stripes, seaside socks in a robust cotton yarn with the motif embroidered on later, frill-top bootees for the most sensitive of tiny toes, Fair Isle socks for year-round colour, zebra feet in a luxurious soft yarn, snake socks to slither little feet into. To suit all knitting levels. 144 large pages in softback. £12.50 NOW £5.50

68695 EASY CABLE KNITS FOR ALL SEASONS by Andra Knight-Bowman

An elegant cape, a basic cable scarf and hat, a summer shell sleeveless shirt, a lattice cable sweater, country cables, batwing sleeved, v-necks, mock cable and moss stitch are the creative designs geared to all levels of knitters. 16 classic designs plus how to use all the features for your other projects. Connect with your inner artist at the hands of this able teacher. Big colour photos throughout. Large softback, 64pp with diagrams. £17.99 NOW £6


Minds, like bodies, will often fall into a pimpled, ill-conditioned state from mere excess of comfort.

- Charles Dickens, Barnaby Rudge

69152 PILATES BACK BOOK by Tia Stanmore

Super exercises for neck, shoulders and back to relieve tension and pain, improve alignment, and stabilise our bodies giving better posture. There is a direct connection between reduced spinal stability and spinal pain. The muscles, ligaments and bones and nervous system are interlinked, and each one is able to compensate in some way for

deficiency in the others. Pilates develops stability and control of the torso without putting stress on the spine. It works by aligning the body correctly and balancing the muscular and external forces acting on the joints and musculoskeletal structures. For example, a person who lifts regularly using the muscles in the arms and shoulders without the aid of powerful torso muscles will develop a weakness of the stabilisers, essentially the back and abdominal muscles. This will eventually cause injury and degeneration of the unsupported spine. Pilates can form an integral part of rehabilitation from overuse or misuse of the body, reducing the chance of imbalances recurring. It develops muscles through a full range of motion in various movement patterns and results in lengthened, flexible muscles with greater strength. To begin with you will perform all the exercises lying down using a simple little mat at home. With clear instructions and step-by-step colour pictures and useful watch points. 128pp in paperback. £9.99 NOW £4.50

69154 SHAPE UP SIZE DOWN: Drop a Dress Size in 4

Weeks by Sally Lewis The New Year is here and the most common resolution made is to get fit and detox that long-suffering metabolism. It is the fate of most get fit resolutions not to last much beyond mid-January, and one of the most common reasons for failure is

that the goals we set ourselves are unrealistic. In the introduction Sally Lewis explains fitness, a sensible diet and regular exercise and their physical and psychological benefits - increased energy, a leaner, more toned body shape and the “feelgood factor” created by the body’s release of endorphins. She then shows us how to tailor our exercise regime to our requirements - body size, age, fitness level etc, warming up, posture, balance and cooling down, before moving on to the exercises, 50 in all, which will strengthen and tone every part of the body with a wealth of colour photos, with lots of tip boxes and theory on how they work and why. 128pp. £9.99 NOW £5


69256 TOTAL BODY MASSAGE by Lacroix,

Rinaldi, Seager and Tanner Massage is of two types - the deep muscular type which is especially good for people who do sports, and the energy-based chakra massage which aims to find particular pressure points and loosen tension for the purpose of spiritual wellbeing. This book draws on both

sources for routines designed to promote wellbeing and also includes techniques of self-massage, including quick fixes which can be used on particularly stressful occasions. The Kama Sutra and ancient Ayurvedic scripts include many references to massage used to stimulate sexual pleasure and this book covers massage for couples. Head massage became popular in the late 20th century and this ancient Indian art can relieve anxiety, sinus problems, headaches, asthma and insomnia. The basic body massage techniques of effleurage and kneading, pressure, vibration and percussion are described, followed by different methods used for different parts of the body. Foot massage is a popular aid to relaxation, with areas of the foot corresponding with parts of the body. Essential oils and their uses form the final section. The four authors are experts in healing, reflexology and aromatherapy. Over 800 colour photos make this a user-friendly manual. 256pp, softback, glossary. ONLY £4.50

21927 CULPEPER’S COMPLETE HERBAL by Nicholas Culpeper

The great book of natural remedies for ancient ills. From Amara Dulcis to Yarrow, All-Heal to Viper’s Bugloss, Culpeper’s Complete Herbal and English Physician Enlarged offers remedies for all ills known to seventeenth century society. Together with an alphabetical section on herbs, their provenance and properties, there is The English Physician and Family Dispensary which provides an astrologo-physical discourse on the human virtues in the body of man. The Herbal remains a fascinating historical treatise and stands as a monument to botanical and medical science. 624pp. Paperback. ONLY £4

46647 JOINT PAINS by Penelope Ody Many types of herbs can be used in arthritis treatment - anti-inflammatories, analgesics, diuretics, laxatives, diaphoretics, metabolic stimulants and so on. In traditional Chinese medicine, practitioners use classic formulae for particular syndromes. With an ageing population, it is estimated that at least 52% of us will suffer from some degree of osteoarthritis by the time we are in our 60s. The book looks at the whole area of herbal treatments including both Western and Eastern approaches, dietary regimes and the ever-growing assortment of food supplements. Contact addresses. 172 page paperback. £7.99 NOW £3

66560 ARTIFICE OF BEAUTY: A History and

Practical Guide to Perfumes and Cosmetics by Sally Pointer

At the 15th century court of Edward IV, men as well as women whitened their complexions, reddened their lips and probably applied kohl round their eyes. In addition to tattooing, the Crusaders brought back the sauna and although soap was a relative luxury, the popularity of cleanliness steadily gained ground. The main part of the book is an A-Z of cosmetic and perfume ingredients, giving chemical composition, history and, where possible, their modern uses. 302pp, colour photography. £25 NOW £3.50

66948 COMPLETE NUTRITION: How to Live in

Total Health by Dr Michael Sharon Trace Elements such as iron and zinc are essential to the body’s functioning and the author covers their beneficial effects, deficiency symptoms, best natural sources and recommended daily dosage. The intricacies of digestion and absorption mean that foods act better in certain combinations, and the author explains the optimum pairings for different kinds of diet. Intestinal fitness has a section of its own, together with exercises to improve elimination. Herbs are “a neglected medicinal bounty” and the final sections deal with the beneficial effects of creativity, vegetarianism and fasting. This 20-year-old classic has been fully updated. 491pp, paperback. £14.99 NOW £3


Why did Charles Dickens need a compass to sleep? Why did the Elizabethans rub dormouse fat onto their feet? How did Samuel Pepys - the only diarist with his own catchphrase, “And so to bed” - make himself have erotic dreams? Here too is the culture of sleep and associated paraphernalia, such as pyjamas from India, mattresses brought back from the Crusades and, rather less appealingly, electric blankets, which originated in draughty TB clinics in the early 20th century. The ultimate bedtime read, 256pp with photos. £12.99 NOW £3

67112 INVISION GUIDE TO A HEALTHY HEART by Alexander Tsiaras

Subtitled ‘Regain your Cardiovascular Health, Learn Valuable Prevention Strategies, Live Longer and Feel Better’. By showing the astonishing beauty of the heart in action, this inspiring, patient-focused book makes the urgency of maintaining heart health real and relevant as never before. It offers a fabulous journey through the cardiovascular system. The result is stunning pictures that are not merely reflections of the surface of a blood cell, artery or heart valve, but are many-dimensional renderings. 128 large paperback pages with awesome close-up colour photos and glossary. $19.95 NOW £2.25


TOUCHED BY ALZHEIMER’S edited by Colleen Fell

Having a spouse, sibling or parent with Alzheimer’s disease affects the family in every possible way and can leave you feeling like you have nowhere to turn. In a series of moving stories, here you will recognise you are not alone. Printed in large print, these are recollections from American families who have put their own needs aside and sacrificed everything to become carers. Here is the loneliness, the anger, paranoia, short temperedness and sometimes violence as the disease takes hold. 326pp in paperback. £8.99 NOW £1.75



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