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38 War and Militaria

three share is a withering view of the modern world. 256pp in paperback. £9.99 NOW £5

68699 GARDENS OF EUROPE: A Traveller’s Guide by Charles Quest-Ritson

The author traces the nuances of garden history in the different and very varied climatic conditions and landscapes that prevail on such a large canvas as Europe. From Italy we have learnt the principles of design - geometry with careful alignment, cross-axes, volumes of space and focal points, expanded by the French to control optical illusions and linear perspectives. It looks at all types of garden including Ancient Roman remnants in Italy, Moorish gardens in Spain, tiled gardens in Portugal, Baroque masterpieces and English- style landscape gardens throughout the continent, English flower gardens and woodland gardens, great botanic gardens in Germany and Scandinavia, Arboreta in Northern Europe, high-level alpine gardens in Switzerland and cutting-edge contemporary gardens in France and the Low Countries. Over 600 gardens and an invaluable Plant Collection Guide, a short list of Europe’s Greatest Gardens for quick reference, location, opening times, contact and other details. 500 gorgeous colour photos, 7½” x 11½”, 382pp. £25 NOW £9


Search for the Perfect Bath by Alexia Brue Most people travel to Greece for the Classical ruins, Turkey for the Hagia Sofia, Russia for St. Basil’s, Finland for the lakes and Japan for the bustle of Tokyo or Mount Fuji - but not Alexia Brue. What started off as a simple holiday treat quickly developed into an obsession, and soon she was visiting public baths the world over. Brue found that nakedness among strangers (she still could not be naked with her friends, she found) induced a strange and novel sense of peace and relaxation. Full of intimacies, discoveries and unexpected twists. 230pp paperback.


You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. - Albert Einstein

69112 THE IRREGULARS: Roald Dahl and the British Spy

Ring in Wartime Washington by Jennet Conant

Drawing on never-before-seen wartime letters, diaries and interviews, this extraordinary tale of deceit, double-dealing and moral ambiguity provides a rare and remarkably candid insider’s view of the counter-intelligence game during the tumultuous days of World War

II. When Roald Dahl, a dashing young wounded RAF pilot, took up his post at the British Embassy in Washington in 1942, his assignment was to use his good looks, wit and considerable charm to gain access to the most powerful figures in American political life. He invaded the upper reaches of the government, winning over First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and her husband, seducing the glamorous congresswoman Clare Boothe Luce, gaining an entrée into the Roosevelt White House and being initiated into British Intelligence’s élite dirty tricks squad. He and his co-conspirators David Ogilvy and Ian Fleming, recruited more for their imagination and dramatic flair rather than any experience in the spy business, gossiped, bugged and often hilariously bungled their way across Washington, doing their best to carry out their cloak-and-dagger assignments and see that Roosevelt was elected for an unprecedented fourth term. An incredible and riveting 391 pages with b/w archive photos.

£18.99 NOW £7 69325 CHINESE MARTIAL

CODE: Bilingual Edition by A. L. Sadler

Three classic works - The Art of War by Sun Tzu, The Precepts of War by Sima Rangju and Wu Zi on the Art of War - these books have been studied by those seeking timeless tools for victory in their endeavours for thousands of years. They are the classic writings on strategy by China’s military masters, considered

the foremost guides to success on the battlefield and in today’s boardrooms. This edition of A. L. Sadler’s classic work contains a new foreword and extensive annotations that place its teachings into perspective for modern readers. It also includes the original Chinese language version of the texts, making this book a treasure for Chinese history and military scholars. With a clear, easy to follow translation converted here into pinyin and heavily annotated. 190pp. £16.50 NOW £5


1453 by A. J. Pollard John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, was the last of the celebrated English commanders of the Hundred Years’ War. In his lifetime his reputation for audacity and courage gave him an unrivalled fame among the English, and he was feared and admired by the French. This perceptive account reconstructs the long career of an extraordinary

soldier, and offers a fascinating insight into warfare in the late medieval period. Talbot was the last representative of generations of brave, brutal warriors whose appetite for glory and personal gain had sustained English policy in France since the time of Edward III. His defeat and death at the Battle of Castillon on 17th July 1453 marked the end of the wars. It was also the final act in a heroic but savage tradition. 166 paperback pages with list of abbreviations, two prefaces and appendix; Musters and Counter-rolls of Talbot’s Retinues. £10.99 NOW £4.50

69080 NAPOLEON’S INVASION OF RUSSIA by Theodore Ayrault Dodge

When Napoleon crossed the Niemen River in July 1812 with the biggest army Europe had ever seen, few predicted that the campaign would end in defeat. However, of the 500,000 soldiers who entered Russia, barely 20,000 returned. This book examines the enterprise in great detail and sheds light on exactly why the invasion failed. In his examinations of the battles, the author provides a review of crucial engagements. As well as a discussion of strategic operations, there is a full analysis of the logistical situation and how it affected plans from the very beginning of the project. All the failures are studied, both those made by Napoleon and by his generals, and an explanation is given of where the programme went wrong and how it resulted in one of the worst defeats in military history. For every serious student of the Napoleonic era, this book provides a clear and concise strategic review. With foreword by George F Nafziger. 286 pages illustrated in b/w with maps. £19.99 NOW £7


II by David Mondey Featuring over 100 aircraft with over 400 b/w photos and full-colour artwork from Germany, Italy, Japan and Hungary, the entries are arranged alphabetically by manufacturer. Starting with Aichi of Japan through Caproni (Italy), Dornier, Fiat, Focke-Wulf, Heinkel, Junkers, Kawasaki, Messerschmitt,

Mitsubishi, Nakajima and Weiss to Yokosuka, there are 34 manufacturers, and for each model they made there is a full history and a specifications section which details type, powerplant (including manufacturer if different), performance, weights, dimensions, armament and the air forces which operated them. 256pp softback, fully indexed.

£12.99 NOW £6


CUTAWAYS by Bill Gunston 60 classic cutaway drawings of aircraft and engines from the magazines Flight and The Aeroplane are reproduced in this enthusiasts’

paradise, including double page foldouts for 12 large-scale artworks. The art of the cutaway, revealing the inside while outlining the outside of an aircraft, has been transformed in modern times by computer aided drawing. These superb examples from World War II return to former times to represent the pinnacle of the draughtsman’s art. They include a Blenheim, Wellington, Halifax, Hurricane I, Sunderland I, Albemarle I, York I, BMW 801, Mustang, Spitfire, Lancaster Messerscmitt Bf 109 fighters, the Flying Fortress and numerous other famous names, with a history of each aircraft and details of their special features. 155pp. Landscape, 9" x 11". Lavishly illus with period archive b/w photos from Aeroplane Monthly and Max Millar’s wash drawings, plus cutaway drawings. £16.99 NOW £9

68418 WAR IN THE CRIMEA - An Illustrated

History by Ian Fletcher and Natalia Ishchenko In addition to the work of pioneering photographer Robert Fenton, this book prints many studies by the celebrated war artist William Simpson, sketches made for the Illustrated London News and also highly dramatic studies by Russian artists such as Kokorin or Makovsky. Prior to 1854, trouble had been brewing for some time over Russia’s attempts to secure access to the Mediterranean, but it was a dispute over ownership of the Holy Places of Jerusalem that finally sparked the declaration of war. Facing the might of the Russians were two Allied armies: the British, with little recent combat experience, and the seasoned French troops, many of whose regiments had seen active service in North Africa. It was misunderstandings between the commanders which led to the war’s most famous episode, the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Battle of Balaklava. The author describes the manoeuvres, deployment and numbers of troops in great detail. Old photos and prints. 288pp. £30 NOW £12.50

68774 DIVIDED UNION: A Concise History of

the American Civil War by Peter Batty and Peter Parish 600,000 was the death toll of the American Civil War which ended in trenches and earthworks around Richmond and Petersburg, and in Sherman’s sweeping advances through Georgia and the Carolinas, designed to bring the war home to ordinary people and break their will to resist. Here is an account of five of the most dramatic and tragic years in the history of the USA. While great leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant found their moment, millions of ordinary Americans suffered terribly. The victory of the North determined the indivisibility of the Union and ensured its development as a nation, yet deep scars remained, and the ideals outlined by Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address failed to become a blueprint for the modern USA. 224pp, illus paperback. £12.99 NOW £4

66286 ANZACS AT WAR: From Gallipoli to the

Present Day by Dr Peter Pedersen The very name Gallipoli is synonymous with top brass military incompetence. Although the Turkish debacle is the best known, Anzacs fought with distinction in the worst fighting of the Western Front in the Great War, all over North Africa and the Malay Peninsula in WWII, throughout Korea in the Korean War of the early ’50s and alongside the US troops at Saigon and Long Tan in Vietnam. This is a magnificent tribute. Over 150 colour and sepia photos and 12 envelopes containing many removable facsimile documents of historical importance, such as maps, communiqués, enemy propaganda leaflets. 66 pages, 11½” × 9¾” in a robust slipcase. £30 NOW £6


by Primo Levi with Leonardo de Benedetti Auschwitz survivor Primo Levi gained international honour with his life-changing book If This is a Man. This very different earlier work is an official report written in the holding camp of Katowice in 1945 immediately after his liberation from Auschwitz, about the living conditions there. In the holding camp Benedetti set himself up as camp doctor with Levi as his assistant while they

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When you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite.

- Winston Churchill

69138 BLITZ SPIRIT: Bravery, Patriotism, Humour by Jaqueline Mitchell

As the German bombs began to rain down on London and many other British cities in September 1940, homes were flattened and people emerged from cramped shelters after sleepless nights into barely recognisable surroundings. Yet, from all this terrible devastation, injury and loss of life, was born something quite unique, that indomitable state

of mind that became known as the Blitz Spirit. Although e-mail:

awaited repatriation. In the report, Benedetti describes the six main pathologies - dystrophic or wasting diseases, gastrointestinal, infective diseases, diseases requiring surgery and those due to cold or work-related conditions. The report chronicles the two faces of medicine at Auschwitz - the inhuman, experimental side and the provision of basic treatment in order to keep the prisoners working. Operation of the gas chambers is also covered, together with the selection of staff and victims. Benedetti and Levi remained close friends. 97pp. £9.99 NOW £4.50

67250 HITLER: Military Commander by Rupert Matthews

For Hitler military power was merely a means of furthering his agenda of retribution, extermination and conquest - he was always a Nazi first and a commander second. As Führer of the Third Reich, Hitler was responsible for deciding the German war aims in 1939. As Head of the Armed Forces from 4th February 1938 he was also responsible for the overall Wehrmacht strategy intended to achieve these aims. The book examines his key military decisions during WWII. 240pp in paperback with photos and maps. Apologies for sticker. ONLY £1.50

67248 FIGHTING THEM ON THE BEACHES by Nigel Cawthorne

Subtitled ‘The D-Day Landings 6th June 1944’, the book tells the story of one of the largest and most meticulously organised seaborne invasions in the history of warfare, the Allied landings on 6th June 1944 - D-Day. As dawn broke on 6th June, waves of assault craft hit the Normandy beaches. British, American, Canadian, Polish and Free French troops began to stream ashore to storm the defences of the Atlantic Wall in the teeth of almost overwhelming enemy firepower. By midnight on D-Day 150,000 Allied troops were ashore and the process of consolidating the beachheads and pushing inland had begun. 240pp in paperback, maps. Apologies for sticker. ONLY £1

67254 OVER THE TOP: Great Battles of the

First World War by Martin Marix Evans This is a now classic and innovative examination of trench warfare on the Western Front and Gallipoli during 1914- 1918. The First World War was on a scale previously unknown. During four brief years three new major weapons were introduced - gas, tanks and aircraft. Machine-guns and modern, quick-firing artillery were well established since the Boer War, but the new science of using the big guns - flash detection and ranging and eventually sound ranging and identification - increased their effectiveness a thousand-fold. The author presents the circumstances of the battles in terms or terrain, human resources, weather, weapons and planning. Maps, facsimile reprint in 240pp paperback. Apologies for sticker. ONLY £1.50

67262 TURNING THE TIDE: Decisive Battles

of the Second World War by Nigel Cawthorne After the First World War, many former members of the German army, including the Austrian Corporal Adolf Hitler were disaffected. They felt that they had been defeated not only on the battlefield, but by Communist agitation at home. Many prominent German Communists at the time were Jewish. The result was the rise to power of the Nazi party and its demagogic leader Adolf Hitler who became Chancellor in 1933. From the frozen plains of Russia to the baking Libyan desert, beginning with the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940, the book reaches a climactic end with the bloody final reckoning between the Red Army and the Third Reich amongst the ruins of Berlin. 240pp in paperback. Apologies for sticker. ONLY £1

67625 WAR STORIES: A Graphic History by Mike Conroy

Mike Conroy here examines the entire genre of war comics, tracing the development of warfare from Thermopylae to the Napoleonic Wars, the US Revolutionary and Civil Wars to World Wars I and II, and Korea and Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan through the eyes of the greatest comic artists ever to put pencil to paper. The Beano had “Musso the Wop - He’s a Big-a-da Flop and the Dandy had “Addie and Hermie, the Nasty Nazis” and the regulars got stuck in too, with Lord Snooty and his pals downing a German plane with a kite, Pansy Potter sinking a U-boat with a tin opener and Desperate Dan punching Hitler all the way back to Berlin. Comic art on every page. 192pp softback, 8½”×9½”. $24.95 NOW £4

68121 TALES FROM SPANDAU: Nazi Criminals

and the Cold War by Norman Goda Sentenced to long prison terms at the Trial of Major War Criminals at Nuremberg, seven of Adolf Hitler’s closest associates; Rudolf Hess, Albert Speer, Karl Doenitz, Erich Raeder, Walther Funk, Konstantin von Neurath and Baldur von Schirach were to have become forgotten men at Berlin’s Spandau prison. Instead, they became the focus of a bitter four-decade tug-of-war between the Soviet Union and the Western Allies. This was a dispute on the fault line of the Cold War itself that involved heads of state, military strategists, powerful businessmen, vocal church leaders, old- world aristocrats, international spies and neo-Nazis. Provides a new perspective on the terrifying shadow thrown by Nazi Germany on the Cold War years. 390 pages. ONLY £4.50

Great Journeys

From South-East Asia, South America and North America to the Middle East, intrepid travellers tell great tales.


FOXES by William Dampier They were all racked with fever. The daring canoe trip from the Nicobar Islands had been full of hazards, not least starvation, dehydration and terrible storms. But William Dampier was a hardened adventurer. His chaotic career on the high seas encompassed three around-the-world trips and his journals became the stuff of legends. He seemed immune to danger as sailor, explorer, amateur anthropologist and pirate, his life always at risk. The setting is Sumatran shore, 1686. Map, 106pp in Penguin paperback. £4.99 NOW £2.50



Sailing the Indian Ocean circa 1310, we journey back in time with history’s greatest adventurer. He had heard tales of rubies as thick as a man’s arm. He knew of the king, naked but for a jewelled loincloth and a necklace of dazzling pearls, who had 500 wives. He describes birds of every colour and would

explain the true appearance of the legendary gryphon. As Marco Polo explored the Indian Ocean, his reports of wonderful creatures, strange tribes and faraway lands astounded all who heard them. And now we can be astounded too. Map, 85 page Penguin paperback.

£4.99 NOW £2.50


We travel to the ancient city of Baghdad, AD915. Persian pearl fishers, raiding Norsemen, kings draped in fox fur, Turkish nomads crossing frozen rivers, chess players, astronomers, warring elephants, jewel-filled tombs, spitting volcanoes and terrifying seas. These are just some of the incredible sights Mas’udi has discovered since he left his beloved Iraq as a young man, bound for a lifetime of adventure. Now, exiled from his homeland, he sits down to write the greatest history the world has seen. Map, 112pp in Penguin paperback.

£4.99 NOW £2.50 69344 IN THE HEART OF THE AMAZON

FOREST by Walter Henry Bates Set on the banks of the upper Amazon River, 1859. Soaked to the skin, zoologist Walter Henry Bates lies shivering in a canoe, waiting for dawn, hoping the pattering sound is not a prowling black jaguar. At least he has had a fascinating morning, collecting specimens of insects never recorded before. His battered notebooks tell his story - an incredible 11 year adventure in the Amazon jungle, hunting fish and precious turtle’s eggs, avoiding deadly snakes and killing alligators with one blow. Map, 106pp in Penguin paperback. £4.99 NOW £2.50


by Alexander von Humboldt Set in the tropical heat of Venezuela in 1800, in a canoe just 30 feet long so unsteady that standing up could capsize it into piranha-infested waters, a group of travellers are journeying upstream from the mouth of the Orinoco to the banks of the Rio Negro. They have hacked through tropical jungles, survived

jaguars, crocodiles and electric eels, had their feet torn by rocks and their skin attacked by mosquitoes. But still Alexander von Humboldt’s desire for adventure is unconquerable. Map, 100 page Penguin paperback. £4.99 NOW £2.50

69368 SHIPWRECKED MEN by Cabeza de Vaca

Lost in the wilds of America circa 1530, here is another of history’s greatest adventurers. He had been missing for five days and his companions had given him up for dead. But Cabeza de Vaca was a survivor, one of 600 men who had set off to conquer and govern America. But shipwrecks, hurricanes, starvation, disease and cannibalism ensured that just four men lived to tell their extraordinary tale of human endurance and courage. They were, unwittingly, the first Europeans to cross the American South-West. Map, 150pp in Penguin paperback. £4.99 NOW £2.50

69593 GREAT JOURNEYS: Set of Six Buy all six intrepid travellers’ tales and save £3. £29.94 NOW £12

personified back then and ever since by Winston Churchill and best summed up in his “Fight them on the beaches” speech of 4th June 1940, the Blitz Spirit was to be found in every town and city in the kingdom, from schoolchildren bidding farewell to their loved ones as they were evacuated to the men of “Dad’s Army” and their stalwart wives. This witty, uplifting and unputdownable volume comprises 40 extracts from sources as varied as Churchill himself, government information leaflets, ARP and Home Guard personnel, Noel Coward, A.P. Herbert, military top brass and most importantly and numerous, members of the civilian population. Colour and b/w photos, posters and other illus, 208pp.

£9.99 NOW £4.50 69094 ROSIE’S WAR: An English Woman’s

Escape from Occupied France by Rosemary Say and Noel Holland January 1939, and 19-year-old Rosie Say is waving goodbye to her family on the platform of Victoria Station. She is bound for Avignon in the south of France, full of hope and excitement, to begin her new job as an

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