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Red, blue, green and yellow crayons are enclosed with this large softback book packed full of great pictures of Rupert Bear and all his friends in Nutwood Forest. For ages 2+.

£2.99 NOW £1

66850 HUMAN BODY: Giant Pop-Up Poster by David Hawcock and Lee Montgomery For ages six to adult, unfold the six large colour card pages to reveal a child-sized human skeleton which you can actually hang up from the book. The body is held up by 206 individual bones, linked together at joints. Starting with the hands and feet, through the backbone, the flexible rib cage of 24 bones, right to the skull which connects with your spine at the atlas, we go further into the heart of the matter with a look at the circulatory and nervous systems, muscle power and body fuel. Includes parts to move, have a truly sensational interactive learning voyage of discovery. ONLY £6


Everyone is scared of something, and Little Mouse is scared of spiders (Arachnophobia), monsters (Teratophobia) and getting lost (Whereamiophobia), not to mention accidents, knives, heights, shadows, dogs and birds. This beautifully illustrated large book is designed to encourage a child to confront his or her fears by talking about them and drawing them in the spaces provided. Some of the pages have pop-ups. Fear of Dogs is illustrated by a big double spread of a large canine, made up of photos of a variety of hounds, but when you lift the flap which is its head you discover a postcard of a beautiful cat with the message “...and I’m petrified of cats!”. Ingenious. 12 large double spread pages in colour. $17.99 NOW £4

67514 HOW YOUR BODY WORKS by Anita Ganeri

Open the sturdy box with magnetic clasp to take a look inside all the squelchy, spongy, stretchy and slimy bits inside the human body. The brain is the control centre of your body. The blood is the transport system carrying food and oxygen, the lungs bring fresh air into the body and breath stale air out. The muscles work with your bones to make your body move. The pack contains a 32 page large softback colour book with lift up flaps, an x-ray of the skull, four colour transparencies of nerves and skin and 13 items for the young scientist to use on their search and discoveries including a rather graphic eyeball, brain, tubes, sponge and more. A colourful and creative box set for ages 7-11. $19.99 NOW £5.50



A lovely big storybook starring Corinne and her three friends who all long to become Musketeers and protect the royal family. When they uncover a plot against handsome Prince Louis, the girls put their skills to the test. Use the 60 colour

stickers over four folded pages on the beautiful scenes to recreate the adventures yourself. On the last page, find the crown stickers for Louis and the Musketeer’s hat for Corinne. A delightful treat for little girls aged three plus. Large softback.

£3.99 NOW £1.50

68173 GEORGE’S COSMIC TREASURE HUNT by Lucy and Stephen Hawking George’s best friend Annie needs help. Her scientist father Eric is working on a space project, and it is all going wrong. A robot has landed on Mars and is behaving very oddly and now Annie has discovered something weird on her Dad’s super-computer. Is it a message from an alien? Could there be life out there? How do you find planets in outer space and if you could talk to aliens, what would you say? Filled with masses of the latest scientific knowledge about our Universe, including special essays from top scientists. A cosmic journey indeed. 300 pages with line art and 24 pages of colour photos. Suit ages nine plus. £12.99 NOW £4



Mr Happy, Little Miss Naughty, Mr Bounce, Mr Bump, Little Miss Daredevil, Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr Messy and Little Miss Sunshine are just eight of the 16 characters to pop out from the card pages. Scratch the panels to reveal hidden clues in

your activity book. They are the good people of Dillydale. The brave, the loud, the rather accident prone. Meet the cast of the side-splitting Mr Men with your favourite characters. Dare you dally in Dillydale long enough to work out the puzzles in this wacky world? Includes crossword, who says that, find the words, follow the trail, tricky tickles, who’s that shadow, word maker, odd one out and much more. Very large softback to suit ages three plus. £3.99 NOW £2

68203 RACE CARS STENCILLING BOOK by Terry Pastor and Gary Slater Formula One cars, stock cars, championship cars, rally cars, the dragster and the endurance sports car - learn about six different race cars and become a pro at stencilling them. Each page has a cutaway in this cleverly designed big and colourful picture book and use the bright ideas to improve finishing touches and make your designs extra special and discover fun facts along the way. Suit boys ages four to 94. Softback. £3.99 NOW £2


COLOURING BOOK by Daisy Meadows

Hours of rainbow magic fun using over 100 magic stickers and fairy stencils which are easily detached from this large card book. Twinkle with the snow fairy named Crystal, the present fairy Jasmine and the sapphire fairy Sophie and others. A beautiful book for little girls aged five plus. Large softback. £3.99 NOW £2


It is a hopeless endeavour to attract people to a theatre unless they can be first brought to believe that they will never get in.

- Charles Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby

69067 CHAPLIN: The Tramp’s Odyssey by Simon Louvish

The hat, the moustache, the cane. Sharp, fast, full of unexpected detail, this impressive biography succeeds in demystifying Charlie Chaplin while leaving the Tramp’s mechanistic mystique largely intact. An everyman who expressed the defiant spirit of freedom, Chaplin was first lauded and later reviled in the America that made him

Hollywood’s richest man. He was a figure of multiple paradoxes, and many studios have sought to unveil ‘the man behind the mask’. In this book Simon Louvish looks at Chaplin afresh, summing up the roots of comedy and its appeal to audiences everywhere who revelled in the clown’s raw energy, his ceaseless struggle against adversity, and his capacity to represent our own hopes, fears, dreams, foibles and inner demons. It deepens our understanding of how Chaplin nurtured his comic creation and how in turn it nurtured him. 412pp in paperback with illus and cartoons. £9.99 NOW £5

69405 CHAPLIN’S GIRL by Miranda Seymour Subtitled ‘The Life and Loves of Virginia Cherrill’, here is a rags to riches story of a beautiful girl and a Hollywood legend, the world’s most handsome man, fame, wealth, aristocracy, sex, scandal and ultimately the redemptive power of love. In 1931, Charlie Chaplin’s ‘City Lights’ turned 20 year old newcomer Virginia Cherrill into the most famous girl in the world. She

went on to become the adored first wife who broke Cary Grant’s heart when she left him. She turned down the eligible Maharajah of Jaipur to befriend his Indian wife, and in the 40s she became the Countess of Jersey. Everybody sought her friendship. All that eluded her was love. And when she found it, she gave up all she had to marry a handsome and penniless Polish flying ace, whose dream it was to become a cowboy. A delightful book about one of those beautiful charmers who leave broken hearts in their wake. 369pp in illustrated paperback. £8.99 NOW £3.50


edited by Timothy Bricknell Antony Minghella grew up above his Italian parent’s café on the Isle of Wight. He studied and then taught at the University of Hull where he began to write. His prize- winning plays appeared in the theatre, on radio and television. His debut feature film which he wrote and directed, ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ was a huge surprise hit with

audiences everywhere. Each of his subsequent movies saw him grow in ambition, stature and acclaim, from the epic scope of The English Patient to the lustre of The Talented Mr Ripley and his monumental adaptation of Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain starring Nicole Kidman. In his own words here is how he likes to cast the characters alone, how he interprets the books like Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient, how Ondaatje handed him a proof copy of Cold Mountain; ‘flakes of snow fall in the pages with tragic consequences. It announces itself as a masculine book, reverent about the workings of guns and tools, about the way to skin a hog, hunt a bear, read a trail. But it is the women who stay in the mind, Ada and Ruby, remarkable and original creations, flinty, clear and funny. I was mesmerised.’ 178pp with many photos. £12.99 NOW £5

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68747 SUPERSONIC PAPER PLANES Highflyers of all ages love to fold coloured paper, create beautiful objects and see them fly across the room! Our special box set includes beginner and advanced handbooks on two different skill levels to soar to solar heights! Turn a simple piece of paper into a gravity- defying aircraft by following the easy step-by-step instructions and let your imagination take off. Here are tips on throwing angles, and a flying guide to dart planes, gliders and stunt planes. 26 page large softback booklet, 48 double sided coloured snazzy design paper sheets and very cool coloured stickers to decorate your planes with stars, arrows, lightning, thunderbolts etc. ONLY £5

68792 OLD MACDONALD’S FARM: A Bathtub Colouring Book

by Smart Kids Publishing Three floating magic pens in red, blue and green and a patented, water-friendly cloth book makes bathtime even more fun as toddlers can colour in the silly monkey as he

takes a bath and join other animal friends. With simple illustrations, the book can be scrubbed up and used over and over again. Suit ages 1-5. Replacement pens are available.

£7.50 NOW £3

68793 I LIKE NUMBERS! by Stephanie Weeks Two pieces of chalk, a rubber, and a very special blackboard style wipe clean book - this has to be a favorite (sorry for American spelling!) Toddlers aged 3+ will love to chalk up their storyboard book and follow the dotted lines to learn writing numbers one to ten, telling the time and some number facts about themselves like their address, phone number and how many years old and a space to draw their birthday cake. $8.95 NOW £2.75


by David Mamet

Subtitled ‘On the Nature, Purpose and Practice of the Movie Business’, here the award-winning playwright and screenwriter gives us an exhilaratingly subversive inside look at Hollywood. His is the

perspective of a filmmaker who has always played the game in very much his own way. Who really reads the scripts at the film studios?

What happens in a pitch meeting? How is the screenplay like a personal ad? What makes a great chase scene and why are so many producers listed in a movie’s credits? Refreshingly unafraid to offend, Mamet provides hilarious, surprising and bracingly forthright answers to these and other questions from concept to script to screen. Demigods and sacred cows of the movie business beware! With very useful appendix listing all the stars and a very brief plot line to all the films he refers to. Great and rotten acting, film noir and he-men, storytelling and techniques, begging letters, helpful hints of screenwriting, Jews in show business, victim and villains and much more. Great fun. 250pp in paperback. £11.99 NOW £4.50

68362 CATHERINE TATE: Laugh it Up! The Unauthorised

Biography by Tina Ogle The controversial characters created by Catherine Tate for TV - from the truculent teenager Lauren ‘Am I bovvered’ Cooper, through the effete Derek Faye to foul-mouthed grandmother Nan Taylor - served to showcase the extraordinary talent of the comic writer and performer and created a myriad catchphrases. But

her versatility has taken her far beyond The Catherine Tate Show to roles with The National Theatre, The Royal Shakespeare Company and to the far reaches of the universe with Dr Who. Here is her remarkable story, based on numerous interviews and background material. 248 pages.

£16.99 NOW £2.50

68621 DALÍ & FILM edited by Matthew Gale Dalí was one of the most famous and one of the most notorious artists of the 20th century, his flamboyant personal style establishing him as a showman. This volume investigates for the first time in depth the part played by film as a key influence on his art and his extensive involvement in film-based projects. In 1929 and 1930 he collaborated with Luis Buñuel on the startling and highly controversial film Un Chien Andalou and L’Age d’or. Many years later, Dalí worked with the Disney Studios in Hollywood and with Alfred Hitchcock, devising a dream sequence for the psychological thriller Spellbound that remains one of the most innovative in cinema. Graphic images, colour paintings, film stills, story boards and photos. Softback, 240pp. £29.99 NOW £6.50

68709 HOW TO BE A MOVIE STAR: Elizabeth

Taylor in Hollywood by William Mann In the 1960s, Elizabeth Taylor’s affair with the married Richard Burton knocked everything else off the front pages. This biography uses untapped sources to show how Taylor all but created the American art of being a movie star, helped kick down the studio system and practically invented the big business of celebrity star making. Here is her rise at MGM, her 1944 screen test shot for National Velvet where she was deemed too short to play the little jockey, but her relentless mother promised to make her grow! She survived a marriage engineered for publicity, feuds with Hedda Hopper and Mr Mayer, she won Oscars, endured tragedy and juggled Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton and her country’s conservative values. Swathed in mink, staring down at us with her lavender eyes, disposing of husbands but keeping diamonds, here is Elizabeth Taylor leading her epic life on her own terms. 484pp with 32 pages of photos.

£15.99 NOW £6



When Groucho Marx and Charlie Chaplin were born, variety artists were among the most loved and hated elements of Western culture. Along with Harry Houdini, Milton Berle, Mae West and countless others, Vaudeville’s stars would become America’s first stars in the modern sense. Here is a very funny history of American popular culture, as riotous as the stars it showcases. It ranges from the puritanical to the licentious, from the patriotic to the anarchistic, from idolaters of wealth to egalitarians and so on. It was a world where nightclub dancer Joe Frisco could meet opera singer Enrico Caruso backstage. 328pp with photos.


Greatest Movie Never Made by Alison Castle

All special ten books bound in green cloth with gilt embossing for all military enthusiasts. Costumes photographed in colour, interiors, locations and historical figures all very carefully researched. For 40 years, Kubrick fans and film buffs have wondered about the director’s mysterious unmade film on Napoleon Bonaparte. Slated for production immediately following the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick’s “Napoleon” was to be at once a character study and a sweeping epic, replete with grandiose battle scenes featuring thousands of extras. To write his original screenplay, Kubrick amassed an unparalleled trove of research and preproduction material, including approximately 15,000 location scouting photos and 17,000 slides of Napoleonic imagery. But alas, Kubrick’s movie was not destined to be: the film studios, first M.G.M. and then United Artists, decided such an undertaking was too risky at a time when historical epics were out of fashion. This publication brings together all of the ten books from the original edition reproduced in facsimile: correspondence, costume studies, location scouting photographs, research material, script drafts, and more. Kubrick’s final draft is reproduced in its entirety. Includes keycard access to searchable/downloadable online research database: Kubrick’s complete picture file of nearly 17,000 Napoleonic images. Mock leather, gilt embossed, marble endpapers. 8" x 13½” tall, 1112 pages.

ONLY £45 e-mail:


Here is the story of one of Hollywood’s most enduring legends, remembered - and often reviled - for his grandiose biblical sagas such as Samson and Delilah and his version of The Ten Commandments with its cast of tens of thousands, before computer graphics made the modern epic mundane. The author reveals the character of DeMille through his work. Was he a saint or sinner, artist or hack, defender of freedom or a hypocritical opportunist who embraced the Golden Calf of sheer consumerism? From the wealth of evidence here, readers will be able to make up their own minds. Most of his 70 films were silent and remain unknown even to avid fans. He was an unsung auteur, a master of increasingly bizarre narratives, with tales of adultery and divorce, hedonism and sin, reflecting an age in which modernity, the consumer society and the pursuit of money made the USA a battlefield of clashing values and temptations. He will probably remain a pervasive puzzle, a mirror of the larger puzzle that is America itself. A huge 507 pages illustrated in b/w with notes, chronology and list of plays and films.

£25 NOW £8

67095 JOHN LENNON: Unseen Archives by Marie Clayton and Gareth Thomas

John Winston Lennon, the man who founded The Beatles, was a man full of contradiction. His songwriting partnership with Paul McCartney changed the face of popular music, but after the band split up his relationship with Yoko Ono became one of the great love stories of our times and with her he developed into a formidable conceptual artist and an influential campaigner for peace. After a period of experimentation his music matured in the late’70s, and during this decade he also took five years out of the public eye to raise his son Sean. On 8 December 1980 he was shot dead by Mark Chapman, a deranged fan. 500 rare b/w Beatles photos, many of them full page, from the archives of the Daily Mail and the Hulton Getty picture collection. 384pp, 8¾”×11". £20 NOW £5


Mae West by Charlotte Chandler Actress, playwright, screenwriter and iconic sex symbol, Mae West was born in New York in 1893. She created a scandal and a sensation on Broadway with her play Sex in 1926. Convicted of obscenity, she was sentenced to ten days in prison. She went to jail a convict and emerged a star. Her next play, Diamond Lil, was a smash, and she would play the role of Diamond Lil in different variations for virtually her entire film career. In Hollywood she played opposite George Raft, Cary Grant in one of his first starring roles and W. C. Fields, among others. She saved Paramount Studios from bankruptcy in the 1930s and her films included some notorious one liners that she wrote herself. 317pp with photos. $26 NOW £5.50


67591 SOMEBODY by Stefan Kanfer Subtitled ‘The Reckless Life and Remarkable Career of Marlon Brando’. Scarred by a brutal father and fatally alcoholic mother, Marlon Brando escaped to 1940s New York. Here, his stunning Broadway debut as Stanley Kowalski made him an instant star at the age of 23. He then decamped for Hollywood where he gave stunning performances in films like The Men, Julius Caesar and On the Waterfront. The reader gains a sense of the star’s breathtaking talent and sexual power, and also the vulnerable man behind the towering image. 350 roughcut pages with 16 pages of photos in b/w. £26.95 NOW £5

68157 PORRIDGE and DAD’S

ARMY BOX SET by Richard Webber The best scenes, jokes and one- liners from two of the best British comedy television series ever. Here the two most popular books have been slipcased together making one unique gift set. From Porridge: ‘Barrowclough’s a vitamin freak. He takes so many tablets, I

should think when he makes love he rattles.’ Ronnie Barker’s inimitable tone and his interplay with Richard Beckinsale was one of the sitcom’s many strengths. Slade Prison was the setting for Dick Clement’s and Ian La Frenais’ unparalleled comedy which began transmission on 5th September 1974. The BBC archives have provided some superb stills and there are dozens of memorable scenes and one-liners to enjoy again and again in this 152 page book. The author also spoke to actors including Bill Pertwee, Ian Lavender, Clive Dunn, Pamela Cundell, Philip Madoc and others. With episode lists from each of the nine series plus the two Christmas specials from 1975, here are the best one-liners, best scenes and best photos from the BBC archives. 150pp. Slipcased set of two. £15.98 NOW £6.50


of British Light Entertainment by Louis Barfe With a cast of thousands, as varied as Peter Cook, Ken Dodd, Dusty Springfield, Spike Milligan, Rolf Harris and Bruce Forsyth, this appealing book brings vividly to life a host of comedians and crooners, dancing girls and dames. From the early days of vaudeville via the golden age of radio, live TV spectaculars, the chat show and alternative comedy, it pulls back the curtain to reveal the fascinating and irresistibly nostalgic story of the enduring love affair between the people of Britain and light entertainment in all its glory. The author demonstrates how the performances of the best-loved entertainers, from Shirley Bassey and the Crazy Gang to Tommy Cooper and The Two Ronnies, were conceived, written and then recorded. 400 pages with b/w photos. £22 NOW £6


Five movies were nominated for an Oscar in 1968 - the groundbreaking Bonnie and Clyde, The Graduate, the Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn comedy hit Guess

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