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30 Music and Dance

68184 JOHN BARRY: The Man with the Midas Touch by Geoff Leonard, Pete Walker and Gareth Bramley

John Barry was far and away Britain’s most successful and celebrated film composer, winning Academy Awards for Born Free, The Lion in Winter, Out of Africa and Dances with Wolves. His contribution towards creating James Bond’s musical persona is now part of film legend. During the formative years of British rock ‘n’ roll, John Barry led his own band the John Barry Seven into the charts as well as masterminding the emergence of singer Adam Faith. In our heavyweight first edition tome, his astonishing 50 year career is celebrated in all its musical facets. People have been interviewed who knew him over the years as a performer, producer, arranger or writer and there are almost 200 photos. 304 large heavy pages with colour and b/w photos. £19.99 NOW £7

66110 FAVOURITE OPERA CLASSICS FOR PIANO: Volume VII by Jean-Baptiste Lully,

Georges Bizet, Leo Delibes et al Selected musical scores arranged by Mihaly Szari in a collection featuring the work of ten composers including Lully, Auber, Gounod, Rameau, Meyerbeer, Ambroise Thomas, Bizet, Offenbach, Delibes and Massenet. With memorable passages as sung by Don José in Carmen, the Pearl Fishers and Romeo and Juliet’s madrigal. For each the date and place of the première is noted. 104pp in large softback, 9" x 12". ONLY £2.50

66615 PINK FLOYD: The Dark Side

Interviews DVD by Pink Floyd For true fans, these insights show another side to the music that we all know and love made famous by Pink Floyd, writers of such spectacular musical compositions as The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. The content for the programme was assembled from the collections of private collectors, fans and enthusiasts and is presented here for the first time ever in DVD format to complete your Pink Floyd collection. The archive footage shows a variety of previously unavailable behind-the-scenes material reflecting many serious and humorous episodes. Running time approximately 50 minutes, these are all interviews, not musical performances by the band. ONLY £2.50

66656 THE PROMS: A New History edited by Jenny Doctor and David Wright The story of the Proms is an oft-told narrative, reaching back over a century with a dazzling array of orchestras, conductors and soloists - the greatest musicians in the world performing for audiences of thousands in the Queen’s Hall or the Royal Albert Hall and to millions more around the world through radio, TV and the Internet. Yet the story of the London Promenade Concerts is far from simple. When the series began in 1895, the bold vision of Robert Newman, the Proms’ founder, was to mount an informal summer music festival conducted by Henry Wood, in which a wide range of music including much new work was performed to the highest standard at affordable prices to largely socially mixed audiences. Our book charts the fortunes of this musical experiment. Colourful Underground posters. 320 large heavyweight pages, 155 illus, 42 in colour. £24.95 NOW £6.50

66769 REMAKING THE SONG: Operatic Visions and Revisions from Handel to Berio by Roger Parker

An elegantly written, beautifully concise book spanning almost the entire history of opera. The book examples works by Handel, Mozart, Donizetti, Verdi, Wagner, Puccini and Berio in order to challenge what many regard as sacrosanct - the opera’s musical text. Scholarly tradition favours the idea of great operatic texts permanently inscribed in the canon. This is challenged as the author looks at examples ranging from Cecilia Bartoli’s much criticised insistence on using alternative arias in The Marriage of Figaro to Luciano Berio’s new ending to Puccini’s unfinished Turandot. Controversially, he argues that opera is an inherently mutable form. 165 pages with musical examples. £24.95 NOW £3


As the much missed John Peel says on the front cover, “An extraordinary work of scholarship”, and anyone would be hard-pressed not to agree. Rock music’s Leslie Halliwell, Martin Strong is back with the eighth (2006) edition of what is, put simply, the bible for all rock fans. A Herculean labour of love and quite staggeringly meticulous, this is one to settle arguments, revive memories of old tunes and save you from sleepless nights desperately trying to recall who played bass on the first Bob Marley and the Wailers album (Soul Rebel, 1970, and it was Aston Barrett, as you ask). From AC/DC to ZZ Top, here are all the facts and figures on every rock band, ever. Complete discographies, biographies and histories, plus chart positions of all singles and albums, release dates, album ratings, UK and US catalogue numbers, awards, an absolute truckload of trivia and so much more that we could not possibly mention it all, this is quite breathtaking in its scope and depth of detail. 1250pp of chunky softback with 100 full page b/w photos. £20 NOW £6

68686 CHASIN’ THE BIRD: The Life and

Legacy of Charlie Parker by Brian Priestley Charlie Parker has been idolized by generations of jazz musicians and fans. His blinding speed and brilliant improvisational style made Parker a legend even before his tragic death at the age of 34. Here, a noted jazz pianist and biographer describes Bird’s life, from his childhood in Kansas City to his final harrowing days in New York City. New insight is offered into the great musician’s career, illuminating his collaborations with Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach, Bud Powell, Mary Lou Williams and Thelonious Monk. Classic recordings such as Salt Peanuts, A Night in Tunisia and his own compositions Shaw Nuff and Yardbird Suite - music which defined an era - are discussed, and the author also takes an unflinching look at Parker’s dark side - the drug abuse, heavy drinking and tangled relations with women and the law. 242pp paperback, photos and discography. $15.95 NOW £7

67306 ONCE MORE WITH FEELING selected by Rupert Christiansen

A book of classic hymns and carols bound in scarlet cloth with gold tooling this book will be up at the piano or music stand any day of the year. Embedded deep in our national consciousness, hymns remain a source of comfort and joy at every occasion of note in our lives -

weddings, funerals, prize giving and even the FA Cup final. Lift up your hearts and sing! Angels from the Realms of Glory, Onward Christian Soldiers, Lord of All Hopefulness and Did Those Feet in Ancient Times - musical scores included and line art. £12.99 NOW £2.50


Opera Characters by Joyce Bourne Up to date, authoritative and packed with valuable information, this entertaining A-Z is an essential book for opera lovers. From Aeneas to Zaida, the volume contains more than 2,500 entries on operatic characters around the world. Giving details of the composer of each role as well as notable performances, this unique reference book also provides comprehensive synopses for over 200 operas and operettas. It features articles by well-known personalities from the world of opera, including Plácido Domingo, Dame Janet Baker, Christine Brewer, Susan Bullock, Simon Keenlyside and Joyce DiDonato. It now contains an appendix of contemporary opera of the last ten years, with detailed synopses and world première cast lists. 326 pages plus 34 pages of biographies of contributors and web links. £17.99 NOW £5


Book and CD by John Dutton Can you actually learn to play the piano in just 24 chapters? If you have ever wanted to learn to play different piano styles from Baroque and classical to boogie woogie, pop, rock and jazz, then here is the book for you. It offers 24 clear, self-contained lessons with diagrams and musical examples for you to take at your own pace. Each chapter takes you through workouts and exercises right through to performance pieces. The accompanying DVD gives you all the know-how in a clear, informative and entertaining way explaining technique, tone and terminology, historical background, top tips and a great collection of original compositions. 120pp in very large softback, photos. £19.95 NOW £7

68351 BACK TO THE GARDEN: The Story of Woodstock by Pete Fornatale

Woodstock was the weekend in 1969 that changed the whole of American culture, and this 40th anniversary celebration takes the reader through three days of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll with eyewitness accounts of each band. Saturday’s programme included Santana, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, The Who and Jefferson Airplane, and contemporaries pay tribute to the way Janis was exploring territory that no woman rock performer had ventured inon. By the time Jimi Hendrix would up the show, a lot of people had left, and an elegiac note creeps in. 303pp, photos. £16.99 NOW £5


HEAR BEFORE YOU DIE Selected and Reviewed by Leading International Critics edited by Matthew Rye Selected by a team of 35 leading music critics from around the world, the 1001 classical recordings are absolute ‘must-hear’ pieces. From

medieval madrigals, through the heavy-hitting greats like Brahms, Bruckner, Dvorak Mahler and Sibelius, to the latest important living composers such as Steve Reich or Philip Glass, all the greatest works by the finest composers past and present are surveyed and described in one handy volume. The book features album cover illustrations, highlights recommended releases and includes quotations that shed light on the composers and their works. For novice and seasoned aficionado alike, the passionately opinionated reviews, whimsical biographical info and unexpected insights make this a unique and indispensable companion to the best of classical music. 960 pages lavishly illus in colour and b/w. $36.95 NOW £9

68794 NEVER BREAK THE CHAIN by Cath Carroll

Subtitled Fleetwood Mac and the Making of ‘Rumours’, here is an insightful look behind the workings of one of the most inventive, creative, successful and sexy groups in rock history. In 1977, Fleetwood Mac produced one of the bestselling albums of all time. Although the making of ‘Rumours’ was fraught with technical challenges and was ultimately fuelled by excessive drinking and drug taking, it remains a triumphant and wholly original album, fusing pop, folk and country music expertly, and exceeding the hype and expectation that surrounded it. This fascinating book explores the complicated relationships and creative tensions between those individuals that helped to shape the lyrical content and unique sound. 240pp in paperback, photos. £12.99 NOW £4


When the locked door opens, and there comes in a young woman, deadly pale, and with long fair hair, who glides to the fire, and sits down in the chair we have left there, wringing her hands.

- Charles Dickens, A Christmas Tree

68659 GRIMM’S GRIMMEST illustrated by Tracy Arah Dockray Rapunzel’s suitor is blinded when thorns pierce his eyes, Snow White’s stepmother dances to death in red-hot iron shoes and doves peck out the eyes of Cinderella’s stepsisters. In the original German, the tales of the Brothers Grimm include graphic descriptions of incest, murder, mutilation and cannibalism, hardly suitable for bedtime stories for children. The Juniper Tree recounts the story of a woman who decapitates her stepson, chops up his corpse, and cooks the pieces in a stew that she serves to his father. Here are the original, unsanitised, unholy tales with 17 full page colour plates plus drawings. Limited stocks. 142pp in large softback. £16.95 NOW £8


23906 GOLDEN AGE OF MYTH AND LEGEND by Thomas Bulfinch

For over 100 years, Thomas Bulfinch’s masterpiece on ancient myth and legend has been consulted by scholars and lay readers alike. The timeless stories of the gods

Bibliophile Books Unit 5 Datapoint, 6 South Crescent, London E16 4TL TEL: 020 74 74 24 74

and goddesses of Greece, Rome and Northern mythology are brought to life, and throughout the book Bulfinch shows, by extensive and resonant quotation, how these images have enormously enriched the development of English literature. 528pp. Paperback. ONLY £4

67539 THE CLASSICS by Caroline Taggart It is no myth - the legacy of the Ancient Greeks and Romans touches each of us in some way every single day. The great thinkers from this period laid the foundations for much of our language, art, architecture and science. Everyday phrases still in common use, religion and mythology, a detour to Crete, Ancient Greek history, Roman, classical literature, art and architecture, maths, science and inventions, philosophy and the liberal arts through to a light relief with games are the topics covered in a most light-hearted and hugely entertaining way. 174pp, dedication page. $14.95 NOW £2.50


This classic study of popular attitudes to secret societies by an eminent 20th century historian, starts with the spread of Freemasonry the 18th century. Freemasonry was the product of the Enlightenment, though legend and tradition take the movement back to Hiram, master-mason of Solomon’s Temple who was allegedly

murdered because he would not reveal Masonic secrets. The medieval itinerant stonemasons, who grouped themselves into lodges as an alternative to the medieval guilds, created a system of signs which probably influenced the mystique which began to surround Freemasonry in the 18th century, when it also developed a strong Jacobite element. Conspiracies were internal, with the splinter group of the Illuminati infiltrating their parent lodges in the hope of instituting a purer form of the craft. The author also covers the French Revolution, the Carbonari of the Napoleonic era and the assassination which sparked off World War I. 478 pages, paperback. $19.95 NOW £4

67553 COMPLETE FAIRY TALES by Charles Perrault and Gustave Doré Fairy tales delve deep into the unexpressed parts of the human spirit and this translation of Perrault’s masterpiece gives full value to the subtlety of the original. Griselda, Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Bluebeard, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are all much-loved stories with a darker, disturbing undercurrent. The scene between the Godmother and Cinderella is masterpiece of narrative, not only for its clever dialogue but because it concerns the magical transformation of humble or unimportant things and foretells the change from persecuted child to attractive young woman. In Cinderella, this is done without sexual symbolism, but most of the stories are heavily charged with sexual images, for instance the spindle on which Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger. Illus by Gustave Doré. 204pp. £14.99 NOW £5

68543 BEST-LOVED STORIES by Hans Christian Andersen Illustrated by Isabelle Brent in her distinctive illuminated style with gold borders and page edges, here is Neil Philip’s sparkling translation of these much-loved tales. In his introduction he considers Andersen’s life and achievements and hails him as one of the greatest artists ever to write for children. The stories include

Thumbelina, Little Ida’s Flowers, The Wild Swans, The Sweethearts, The Nightingale, The Snow Queen: A Story in Seven Parts, The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep, The Goblin at the Grocer’s, The Shadow, In A Thousand Years’ Time, It’s Perfectly True, Dance, Dance Dolly Mine!, Grief, The Gardner and His Master and The Snowman are among the 17 tales. Beautifully produced softback, 224pp, sparkling colour illus. £9.99 NOW £5

68650 STORIES FROM WELSH HISTORY: Told for Children

by Elisabeth Sheppard-Jones 15 tales of fact and legend selected from different parts of Wales and different historical periods. We go back to Roman times to hear of the amazing dream of the Roman man who imagined a lady of Caernarfon and who eventually found her. Here too is the story of Lord Grey of

Ruthin who so annoyed Owain Glyndwr that Wales became unified under a single ruler, and the beautiful tale of St. Melangell, the Patron Saint of Hares, set in a remote parish in mid-Wales. The Wreck of the Spanish Galleon comes from Rhossili on the Gower Coast and here too is the story of Henry Tudor, the first Welsh king of England. Ages eight and up. 64 page paperback with illus.

£2.99 NOW £1.25

68764 BRITISH GOBLINS by W. Sikes First published in 1880, this classic exposition of ghosts, fairies, dragons, superstitions and supernatural folklore was drawn from the Welsh traditions. It contains fascinating sections on Welsh fairies, mystic wells, magic stones, basilisks, dwarfs, invisibility stones, water fairies, mountain fairies, elves, fairy music, exorcisms, colour in fairy attire, lores of the spirit world, ghost habits, spectral animals, goblin veils, bells and ghosts, rocking stones, dragons and treasure hills and much more. 412pp in facsimile reprint, large print and original line artwork. ONLY £5

36260 IRISH FAIRY TALES by Joseph Jacobs The captivating Irish stories collected in this new edition include both comic tales such as Paddy O’Kelly and the Weasel, and tales of heroes from ancient literature such as How Cormac Mac Art Went to Faery. By turns funny, fantastical and mysterious, the stories are matched in liveliness by the original illustrations of John D. Batten. It would be hard to find a better introduction for children to the special magic of Celtic storytelling. The stories in this book are taken from Joseph Jacob’s classic two-volume collection Celtic Fairy Tales (1891-2) and More Celtic Fairy Tales (1894). 232pp. Paperback. ONLY £2

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It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.

- Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


by Chris Weston

The companion book to the ITV series of the same name, this is the gripping story of one of the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust’s ‘release prides’. With intimate photos of the lions, a

knowledgeable text and contributions from the series’ presenter, the author explains the background to the ALERT programme and how it is linked to other conservation efforts across Africa. He details the history and mythology that turned lions into the ‘king of beasts’ and the complex social structure that makes them unique among cats. Finally, he shows how the ALERT lions are reared in preparation for their release and follows them on their great adventure into the wild. The photos of majestic lions, lionesses and their cuddly cubs, as well as the other beasts by which they are surrounded, are irresistible. With foreword by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. 184 large format pages in glorious colour with extracts from the TV programme and behind the scenes with the photographer. £19.95 NOW £8

69089 WHALE WATCHER: A Global Guide to Watching Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises in the Wild by Trevor Day

Here is the very latest research on the world’s whales and their smaller relatives, the dolphins and porpoises, as well as practical info and expert advice on how to

identify each species. Dramatic action photography brings to life the thrill of watching cetaceans in the wild, while detailed artwork provides an essential and comprehensive visual reference. Identification keys show, at a glance, the most recognisable features of each species, from its shape, size and colour to behaviour and diving patterns. Authoritative fact files provide up- to-date info on each species’ habitat, range, conservation and population. You can also find out where to watch cetaceans life, when to go and how to get there. 160 large paperback pages in gorgeous colour with glossary and list of useful addresses. £12.99 NOW £4

69147 KEEPING BEES: A Complete Practical Guide

by Paul Peacock Beekeeping is a wonderfully relaxing and rewarding pursuit. Anywhere that you can spare the space for a hive or two is a spot suitable to begin a lifelong love affair with the marvellous honey

bee, and here is where you can learn how. Beekeepers are an extraordinarily gregarious and helpful bunch. We learn about the ecology, biology, classification, nutrition and behaviour of bees, the history of beekeeping and, most importantly, equipment you will require and how to avoid - and deal with - stings. Next we look at all the different types of hive and hive siting, how hives work, how to set them up and colonise them, before moving on to bee health issues and checking that your queen is doing her job properly. Then on to the lovely, lovely honey! And beeswax too, of course. How to collect, store and use your hive’s products, followed by a season-by-season routine to keep everything running smoothly. The book is capped off with a selection of mouthwatering honey recipes, and finally there is a glossary of terms. 144pp with colour photos. £10.99 NOW £6

69122 RED KITE COUNTRY: A Celebration of the Wildlife and Landscape

of Mid Wales by Colin Woolf and Mike Read In the foreword to this very special book the popular BBC wildlife presenter Iolo Williams remarks on how Central Wales, “the green void” in between the mountains of Snowdonia and the beaches of the Gower and Pembrokeshire, has long been ignored by tourists and birdwatchers alike. Not only is this a great surprise, as this area is one of the most beautiful regions in all of Britain, but it is also the reason that so many species of birds which are in decline elsewhere in Britain are thriving here. There is no better example of this than the majestic Red Kite, with its five foot wingspan one of our largest and most beautiful raptors. Persecution and poisoning saw their population fall to just two pairs in 1933, and even in 1980 there were only 30 pairs. Intense efforts in conservation, artificial hatching, fostering of chicks to barren parents and surveillance cameras to deter egg thieves have seen the population jump to 400 pairs, and it is mid-Wales where most have made their home. Mike Read has been a professional nature photographer for nearly 30 years. Here he showcases his best photos from the thousands of hours he has spent travelling Central Wales, wonderful shots of animals, trees, water and landscapes, taken in all weathers and seasons. Colin Woolf adds to Read’s photos with a large selection of his striking

watercolours. Over 160 photos and watercolours. 130pp,

10"×11¼”. £25

NOW £8

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