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Kilgore and Maddox Brothers and Rose are among the artists featured on this rather hip and swingin’ collection. Tracks include I Love You So Much it Hurts, Dang Me, Wishful Thinking, Folsom Prison Blues, The Cotton Patch, Release Me, With Pen in Hand and Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down. ONLY £4

68231 BURNIN’ BIRD CD by Charlie Parker This specially selected album recreates the excitement of 20 Charlie Parker performances displaying the amazing dexterity of Bird and his cohorts. Featuring Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell and Max Roach. The tracks include Tiny’s Tempo, Salt Peanuts, Koko, Ornithology, Blow Top Blues, Crazeology, Anthropology and Chasin’ the Bird. Bargain price CD. £17.98 NOW £5.50

68232 GETTIN’ DIZZY: The High Flying CD by Dizzy Gillespie

John Birks ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie (1917-1993) grew up in South Carolina, picked up the trumpet at aged 15 and by the mid 1930s and into the 40s honed his incredible skills with big bands like Lionel Hampton, Cab Calloway, Charlie Barnet, Duke Ellington, Earl Hines and Billy Eckstine. He then joined forces with ‘the other half of my heartbeat’, Charlie Parker. These two giant figures set a new course in jazz that remains as vital today as the day they created it. Our CD features performances by John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Stuff Smith, Percy Heath, Milt Jackson, Ray Brown, Sonny Stitt, Art Blakey and others. 15 tracks in total on bargain CD. £11.98 NOW £4

68821 WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER CD by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra et al George Formby, Gracie Fields, Vera Lynn, Ambrose and his Orchestra and Geraldo and His Orchestra are among the performers of such memorable tracks as the title song, ‘This is the Army, Mister Jones’, ‘We’re Gonna Hang Out the Washing on the Siegfried Line’, performed by Flanagan and Allen, ‘Sing as we Go’, ‘It’s A Pair of Wings for Me’ (Nat Gonella) and ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ by the Andrews Sisters. 18 rousing tracks in total. ONLY £4


24 unforgettable tracks on quality compact disc, digitally enhanced from the archive recordings in the Memory Lane series. Together with the title track are: Don’t Let’s be Beastly to the Germans, Mrs. Worthington, His Excellency Regrets, London Pride, Poor Little Rich Girl, Let’s Say Goodbye, A Room With a View, The Last Time I Saw Paris, Imagine a Duchess’ Feelings! and The Party’s Over Now - not with this quality compact disc! Great value and highly recommended. ONLY £4

68824 PENNY ON THE DRUM CD by Stanley Holloway

The Lion and Albert (who could forget that Lancashire accent and poor Albert being swallowed up whole by the lion in his Sunday best with only his cap left behind?) Hi- Di-Hi, Albert and the ‘Eadsman, Gunner Joe, Yorkshire Pudding, Song of the Sea, Albert Comes Back, The Beefeater and Join the Navy - 19 archive recordings digitally enhanced in this wonderfully nostalgic collection for Yorkshire folk and those beyond who have enjoyed the delicious humour of Stanley Holloway. Bargain CD. ONLY £4

68826 WARTIME ANTHEMS CD by Yesterday’s Gold

Featuring Vera Lynn, George Formby, Al Bowlly, Anne Shelton, Gracie Fields, Bing Crosby, Noel Coward, Perry Como, Dinah Shore, Johnny Mercer, Deanna Durbin and Arthur Askey (Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major). Here is a nostalgic collection of 20 tracks of all-time favourites, Magic Moments, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, Say a Little Prayer for the Boys Over There and This is the Army Mr Jones among them. ONLY £4

68828 SONGS THAT WON THE WAR CD by Blackpool Belles

Medleys include We’re Gonna Hang Out the Washing on the Siegfried Line, We’ll Meet Again, Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major, The White Cliffs of Dover, Lili Marlene, Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye, Roll Out the Barrel, Underneath the Arches, You Are My Sunshine, I’ve Got Sixpence, The Lambeth Walk and the ninth track is Auld Lang Syne. A beautifully performed nostalgic collection. ONLY £3.75

68829 BEST OF BRITISH FOLK CD by Fairport Convention et al

Waxies Dargle, Show of Hands, Claire Hamilton, Magna Carta, The Albion Band, Firebrand (with their Kyng Horn Set), Gerry Healey, Paul Downes and Phil Beer are among the 14 performers of these most traditional British medleys and cracking folk ditties. They include Greenfields, City of Dreams, Salt Hill and Spanish Lady. ONLY £4

68830 BEATLES KARAOKE CD by Bornagen Beatles

One of the best Beatles tribute bands around play the songs of the Beatles and of course you can sing along, as loudly as you like! The 27 cover versions include Love Me Do, She Loves You, I Want to Hold Your Hand, I Feel Fine, Ticket to Ride, Help!, Yesterday, Day Tripper, Paperback Writer, Yellow Submarine, Penny Lane, All You Need is Love, Lady Madonna, Hey Jude, Come Together and The Long and Winding Road among the much-loved Fab Four tracks. ONLY £4

68831 KISS ME KATE CD by the Original Broadway Cast

A rare chance to buy at a bargain price from the Broadway Musical Collection a performance of this ever-popular musical by the original cast in New York featuring Alfred Drake, Patricia Morison and Lisa Kirk. The 17 tracks include Wunderbar, We Open in Venice, Tom, Dick or Harry, I’ve to Wive It, Wealthily in Padua, I Hate Men, Too Darn Hot, Where is the Life That I Led?, Bianca, Brush Up Your Shakespeare and I Am Ashamed that Women are so Simple among them. Bargain CD. ONLY £4

68832 SKIFFLE KINGS CD by Yesterday’s Gold Lonnie Donegan and his Skiffle Group are Puttin’ on the Style with 19 other performances by skiffle groups including those of Ken Colyer, Chris Barber, Alexis Korner and Bob Corte. Tracks include Wabash Cannonball, Railroad Bill, Gypsy Davy, Skip to my Lou, John Brown’s Body and I Ain’t Gonna Worry No More. ONLY £4


To think well and to consent to obey someone giving good advice are the same thing.

- Herodotus 69117 HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN WILL: 4th

Edition 2009 by Gordon Bewley LLB This book will not only save you money on solicitors’ bills but it also tells you in clear language the facts about such knotty matters as inheritance tax and the financial effect of divorce, remarriage or the ending of a civil partnership. The reasons for making a will are compelling, but there are a lot of things to consider. Who should be your executors? Who can be a guardian to your children? How can you avoid challenges? The two chapters on inheritance tax are invaluable and the author, a family solicitor for over 30 years, advises keeping a roof over your head at all costs: your children’s partners may have less concern for your welfare than they do. A detailed chapter on clauses which should and should not be included is a useful nuts-and-bolts section, and the author also addresses the sensitive questions of giving power of attorney and making a “living will”. Specimen forms, specimen wills, checklist and glossary help to make the process easy. 249pp, paperback. £9.99 NOW £4.50


SIMPLE by Lucinda Wierenga Known as ‘Sandy Feet’, sandcastle sculptor and instructor Sandy Wierenga is a multiple international sand sculpting contest winner. These creations are quite

breathtaking right down to the detail of doors and windows, a spiral

staircase, a diminishing balcony, spires and finials, even to simple projects very young children can try like making a sea turtle. Tiling, the landscape, bricks beneath plaster, the ledge balcony, the pyramid, the gabled roof, here too are all the tools and carving equipment you will need, making use of coloured sand, and how to embellish your castle until it really comes alive. Step back and enjoy your creations, at least for a couple of hours! 128pp in softback with colour photos. £6.99 NOW £3.50

69096 BOYS’ HANDBOOK: Essential Skills A Boy Should

Have by Martin Oliver Here is the only book that boys need to survive and thrive in life. If changing your duvet cover defeats you, or the washing up gets you in a lather, it is guaranteed to help. Master the essential skills outlined inside, and you will be able to tackle tricky tasks and keep calm in any crisis. This volume is packed

with tried and tested tips and tricks that will help you get to grips with essential everyday skills, from boiling an egg to fixing a puncture. So go on, get hands-on and amaze your friends and family with a new set of super- skills. 127 pages lavishly illustrated in b/w. £7.99 NOW £3.50


BEASTS by Jim Pavelec Enjoying Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft games, heavy metal and Dragon magazine, Jim Pavelec also loved watching scary movies as a kid. No kidding! If you dare open this kit and unleash horror, here is everything a good

monster maker needs to know. It is a master class in the drawings of the massive heads of the Hydra, the jagged teeth of the Giant Rat, the wicked curved claws of the Basilisk, blood-dripping fangs, putrefied decaying wounds, goblins and vampires. Discover tips on making your creatures even creepier with the skilful use of point- of-view, iconic and action poses, colour and shadow. Line art through to finished colour drawings, the kit includes a project book, drawing pad, eraser, three pencils, blending stump, sandpaper block and monster trading cards. Suit ages eight to adult. £7.99 NOW £4.50


THINGS by Reader’s Digest What a truly brilliant book! An amazing A-Z of hints, tips and things you never would have realised, this tome will surely prove to be worth its weight in gold. Some of the examples of the everyday things which with a little know-how can save you time, money and sanity are aluminium foil (51 uses,

including cleaning of jewellery and improving your central heating), bicarbonate of soda (88, including tenderising meat and a staggering number of cleaning uses), the wonder that is gaffer tape (38), lemons (36, including insect repellent and invisible ink for junior spies), salt (64, including delousing your goldfish and cleaning your cast-iron wok), vinegar (171 - really!) and every chap’s favourite stand-by, WD40 (58). But these are only some of the marvellous ideas, some 2209 in number to be found here. With colour illus. and photos. 400pp, large softback. £12.99 NOW £6


SELF-SUFFICIENCY by Eve and Terence McLaughlin

Ever think of The Good Life? Tired of the rat race and the throwaway consumer economy? Then this is the book for you. Self-sufficiency may not be as challenging as you think. The authors dismiss the idea

that you should take it to the max and weave your own garments, but recommend instead that you start with a kitchen garden and only if it goes well should you move on to livestock, solar and wind power and turning the

Bibliophile Books Unit 5 Datapoint, 6 South Crescent, London E16 4TL TEL: 020 74 74 24 74

whole thing into a business. Making the most of what you’ve got is a basic principle. Getting started involves tools, nets, frames, a greenhouse and a compost heap, and you may want to plan for wildlife. A sowing calendar is a useful point of reference, and after that the authors describe standard crops such as potatoes, onions, leeks and tomatoes, with some less common ingredients such as nuts, endive or chicory. Rhubarb, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and even grapevines are popular crops, as is home-grown hooch! The authors cover the snags in great detail: how to deal with pests, diseases and weeds, and how to allow yourself a holiday. When the growing is complete there is advice on bottling, preserving and freezing, and the final sections deal with turning the project into a commercial enterprise, including the all-important red tape. Apologies for incorrect spelling on spine. 256pp, many lovely line drawings, glossary, websites. £14.99 NOW £6


The author, herself an experienced hands-on grandmother, tackles all the practical and emotional dilemmas, big and small, facing grandparents today, such as How can you establish a close and loving relationship with your grandchildren? To what extent should you interfere in their upbringing? What do you do if your child’s marriage breaks down and their partner will not allow you to see your grandchildren? 288 paperback pages with line drawings. £8.99 NOW £1.50

67355 SHELVING KNOW-HOW by Mike Lawrence

A simple guide to show you how to fit a wide variety of shelves, brackets and shelf supports on walls and in alcoves. There are instructions for making free-standing shelving units, cabinets, drawer kits, fitting built-in wardrobes and creating clothes organisers. For more

Artist’s Workbooks 69159 PRACTICAL GUIDE

TO DRAWING ANATOMY by Barrington Barber The master tutor invites us to improve our techniques as he explains in this lovely clear workbook the anatomy of the body. The skeleton is a solid framework. The combinations of bones, muscles and tendons, skin, joints, fat, full

figure skeletons, full figure musculature and finally the body of both male and female are outlined. Proportions of different ages - one year, four years old, nine, 16 and 25, the male and female skeleton, the skull, muscles of the neck, the head as drawn by master artists, facial expressions showing the muscles used when smiling, grinning, shouting out loud, angry, crying, happy or worried, the skeleton of the arm and hand, leg, foot, the body in movement are supported by examples by such master artists as Michelangelo, Ingris and Rubens. 48 page large softback. £4.99 NOW £2.50



Close observation of animals can be notoriously difficult, so with an expert tutor to hand here is how to study photographs and illustrations of animals and use the examples and hints provided to improve your drawing and master a quick way to

get a textural feeling into a sketch. The sharp line of a drawing pen is a good choice of medium for those spiky feathers, deliberately harsh and jagged. The direction of plumage can be achieved with little more than a silhouette drawing and an eraser. Using pencil, charcoal, graphite stick, pastels, felt tip, watercolour, bamboo pen or dry brush, whatever your chosen medium here is a basic course from drawing from life, stylisation, motion and dynamism to checks and measures. For complete beginners or more experienced draughtsmen. 48 page very large softback, illus. £4.99 NOW £2.50


TO DRAWING FIGURES by Barrington Barber The aim of the book is to explore all the practices necessary to achieve a good level of drawing of the human figure. The author looks first at how the human body is formed from its skeleton, the scaffolding that all figures are based on, down to the

details of the limbs, the torso, the hands, the feet and the head. It is always useful to have some idea as to the body formation beneath the skin and some knowledge of how the muscles wrap around the bone structure. We look briefly first at pencils, proportions of the human figure, proportions of children at different ages, the skeleton in full, musculature, drawing from life, figures in perspective, the torso, legs, arms, hands, the skull, eye sockets, facial expressions, large and skinny bodies, composition and posing and then placing figures in interior and exterior settings, even in water and using different media like pen and ink, brush and wash or pastel. 48 page very large softback, illus. £4.99 NOW £2.50


TO DRAWING PORTRAITS by Barrington Barber A master class from the master tutor who provides handy hints on the proportions of the head, profiles, measuring, the proportions of children, right from the basic method, the features in close up, an explanation of the bones of the

head, setting up a portrait, effects and techniques, exercises, different styles, posing your model and grouping figures. 48pp in large softback with line art. £4.99 NOW £2.50

69401 ARTISTS WORKBOOKS: Set of Four

by Barrington Barber and Peter Gray Buy all four and save even more. £19.96 NOW £7.50

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advanced do-it-yourselfers, projects include a folding magazine rack, a white oak bookshelf and a sloping cherry wood CD rack. 64 page paperback with colour photos.


BOOKS: Etiquette by Martine Legge

First published in 1964 and here in 2009 facsimile reprint is a charming book which provides practical information on the right thing to do in just about every situation. From how to address a Duke to the correct behaviour on a first date, conversation, introductions, approaching the professions,

committees, entertaining at home and outside the home, children, the giving of presents, tipping, clothes and appearance, taking out a girl, weddings, births and funerals, your job and going on holiday, it is a delightful insight into the social mores of the 60s and still surprisingly relevant today. 160 pages. £5.99 NOW £2.50


Give yourself a preliminary assessment to check six areas of your memory covering faces and names, birthdays and anniversaries and appointments, visual- spatial memory, short term memory using playing cards and word pairs, factual memory, numerical memory and verbal and auditory memory including word lists. It is recommended that you complete all the tests and all you will need is paper, pen, a stopwatch and some concentration. Remember lists of things to do or buy and where you have put things. 270pp in paperback, illus. £6.99 NOW £3


It is a fair, even-handed, noble adjustment of things, that while there is infection in disease and sorrow, there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good-humour.

- Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol 69007 KISS ME,

CHUDLEIGH: Auberon Waugh by William Cook

The World According to Auberon Waugh is the subtitle to this wonderful collection of Waugh’s best and funniest writings interwoven into a biography of the man himself. The comic genius died over ten years ago but he created a fantastic world that looked like ours in many ways, but in others was quite

surreal and full of bizarre and outrageous characters. Waugh was a savage, eccentric philosopher and here are pieces written for the Spectator, the Evening Standard, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, Books and Bookmen, the Literary Review and the Oldie. Remember the best neighbour is the neighbour who leaves you alone, or the revolution of our lifetime has been the availability of disposable nappies? Magnificently funny, this is a completely joyous and terrific anthology of one of the 20th century’s greatest satirists. 366pp in paperback. £9.99 NOW £5


SAY VERY BAD THINGS by Linda Berdoll

Welcome to the subtle art of the insult where you can exact revenge without fear of retribution. Euphemisms serve a greater purpose than merely keeping the ladies at a garden party from glaring at us over the top of their spectacles. Did you know that

there is an obscene gesture that is both older and more universally recognised than the digitus impudicus? Here are aspersions, brickbats, carping, cavil, censure, denunciation, disparagement, reproach, opprobrium, reproof, stricture, vitriol, epithets and vituperation, profanities and expletives, men and women behaving badly, worshipping at the shrine of Bacchus, in the privy, dally and finkdiddling, so you’ll never bethumped by words. With satirical graphics by Cruickshank, Gillray, Hogarth and Rowlandson. 144pp in paperback. £6.99 NOW £3

69265 HOME GUARD HUMOUR: During Four and a Half Years

by Campbell McCutcheon First published in May 1945 in an edition of perhaps only a few thousand, this booklet uses cartoons to take us through the history of the Home Guard, immortalised forever in Dad’s Army. May 1940, Britain stood in dire peril and in this hour of urgent need was born the LDV,

later to become the Home Guard. When real khaki was issued, the Home Guard looked more like a military force, even though there were many rotund waistlines, and some belts strained grimly at the last hole! With this was the appointment of regular adjutants, training officers and quartermasters, and indeed a giant increase in form-filling. In an almost Thelwell style of fun cartoon, each reproduced in very large size, and some double page spreads show bomb-throwing, providing an alibi, racketeers, camouflage, wireless issues and much more. Slim large softback. £4.99 NOW £2.50

68663 MAMMOTH BOOK OF LIMERICKS edited by Glyn Rees

Edward Lear, Isaac Asimov, Rudyard Kipling, H. G. Wells, William Shakespeare, John Betjeman, Ogden Nash and Spike Milligan celebrate the limerick: From cheeky but clean to scurrilously scatological, this monster volume of nearly 2,000 limericks shows the most enduringly popular verse form in the English language to

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