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Erotica 11

Who’s Coming to Dinner, the racially revolutionary In the Heat of the Night which catapulted Sidney Poitier to star status, and finally Doctor Dolittle which cost huge sums and was a huge flop for 20th Century Fox. Mark Harris traces the stories of each of these five movies from their inception as early as 1963 to the night when the verdict was delivered. Disney had tried to get hold of Dolittle for years but was not prepared to pay a competitive price. Bonnie and Clyde benefitted hugely from the superb editing of Dede Allen in the style of French New Wave cinema. In the Heat of the Night on the page was a far cry from Poitier’s sophisticated and assertive role on screen. So which movie won? 490pp, photos.

$27.95 NOW £4 68334 BORN BRILLIANT: The Life of Kenneth

Williams by Christopher Stevens Kenneth Williams - everything about him, from his gift for comedy, writing and comic and serious acting to the way he lead his personal life could not have come from any other country in the world but England, and even today, over 20 years since his death on 15 April 1988, he is still much loved, quoted, parodied and the source of controversy. He was also a peerless raconteur, top of the list of any chat show host’s guest list, and could effortlessly hold a TV or theatre audience spellbound with his delivery, by turns manic and melancholy, shrieking and sombre. With exclusive interviews with some of his closest friends such as Barbara Windsor, Stanley Baxter and Michael Parkinson. Photos, 438pp, paperback.

£9.99 NOW £5 EROTICA

A good uniform must work its way with the women, sooner or later.

- Charles Dickens, Pickwick Papers

69318 ASIAN APHRODISIACS by Jerry Hopkins

In traditional Chinese medicine, the whole plant is used of the beloved Lotus which represents in Buddhism purity, eternal life and spiritual enlightenment. The roots for haemostatic and astringent effect, the large round leaves for heat relief and headache, the stamen as an astringent and remedy for

premature ejaculation, the seeds as a mild aphrodisiac. It is said that the blossom is a symbol of the ‘cosmic vagina’. A lovely thought! Author Jerry Hopkins ‘road tests’ dozens of Asia’s most popular aphrodisiacs and surveys the best and worst ‘turn-ons’. Tiger penis soup? Rhino horn on the oyster half shell? He looks at potions, sex toys, aromatherapy, music, massage, belief systems and pornography as he travels from his home in Bangkok to Tokyo, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Kathmandu. He discovers that Asia was the first in developing breast and penis enhancement surgery and has been and still is in the lead when it comes to the promise of sexual excitement. 254pp in paperback with colour photos. Beware - real bear’s paws being removed are photographed in colour. Much content for adults only. £16.50 NOW £4.50

69126 WHY WOMEN HAVE SEX by Cindy Meston and David Buss

“Would you have sex with Robert Redford for a million dollars?” “Yes, but I’d need time to raise the cash” is an old joke, but it illustrates the unpredictability in women’s sexual behaviour. In this interesting survey Meston and Buss draw on research conducted by the Meston Sexual Psychophysiology Lab to ask questions about the relationship

between genital and psychological arousal, the effect of traumatic early sexual experiences, the impact of cigarettes and other drugs, including the side effects of anti-depressants, and the impact of having sexual intercourse on overall sex drive. These days the measurement of physiological responses may involve thermal and magnetic resonance imaging as well as interviews and questionnaires. The authors use the whole range of methods to test theories about the way sexual responses have developed over time in response to the evolutionary effect of competition and selection. They examine patterns of behaviour prompted by competition, for instance ways of dealing with a sexual threat, and behaviour associated with poaching a mate or trading up. Among young women who reject the concept of “Mr. Right”, the one night stand or “friend- with-benefits” relationship is common. Coercion of various kinds is also an issue addressed by the authors. 306pp, paperback. £12.99 NOW £4.50


These pages are patinated with the pulsating passion of vigorous youths, willing wenches, innocent initiates, meddling madames and vicarious voyeurs. The passionate participants, the actors and actresses of these romances, the heroes and heroines of these tales all seem to need little encouragement to indulge in their ribald and riotous recreation. Few avenues of amorous adventure and exotic experiment will be left unexplored. Includes ‘A Weekend Visit’ by Anonymous, ‘Venus In India’ by ‘Captain Charles Devreaux’, ‘The Autobiography of a Flea’ by Stanilas De Rhodes and ‘Justine’ by The Marquis De Sade. 1488pp. Paperback. ONLY £7

66499 APHRODISIACS: An Encyclopedia of

Erotic Wisdom by Octopus Publishing Historical paintings rub shoulders and other body parts with Japanese woodcuts, Sanskrit and ancient Indian art, the sensuous line drawings of Felicien Rops and Aubrey Beardsley, Gustav Klimt and Thomas Rowlandson in this, the first love manual of its kind. And of course there are details of the herbs and spices, scents and unguents, recipes and concoctions which lovers the world over have used as aphrodisiacs in harems to oriental pleasure houses. Outsize volume, 160pp with colour. £14.99 NOW £2

62890 HELMUT NEWTON: SUMO Helmut Newton (1920-2004) was one of the most influential photographers of all time. Controversial scenarios, bold lighting, b/w nude women were his signature. With the physically commanding ‘Sumo’ weighing in, boxed and shrink-wrapped, over 30kg, Helmut Newton and publisher Taschen created a landmark book that stood head and shoulders above anything previously attempted in publishing history. Stunning portraits, many in colour, bizarre scenes, iconic imaginary abound on these huge pages. Published in an edition of 10,000 signed and numbered copies, ‘Sumo’ sold out soon after publication and quickly multiplied its value. A decade on from its first publication, is here now in a format that will reach the widest possible audience. It comes with a unique stand for displaying the book at home - a heavyweight, clear Phillipe Starck-style folding bookstand. Heavy duty mailing box with handle and ‘Making Of’ booklet. Some explicit adult content, 100s of photos including Elizabeth Taylor, bejewelled and beautiful in her pool, Hugh Heffner and a bevy of beauties, mafia types, clothed and unclothed women in those iconic 1980s shots, often monochrome, and many famous names to spot from Hollywood. Includes colour. 10½” x 14½”, 464 pages. 7.3kg. U.K. delivery only. ONLY £100

64216 BIG BUTT BOOK by Dian Hanson Female hindquarters exist to please the eye, the hands, and parts south. The ancient Greeks worshipped at the temple of Aphrodite Kallipygos, Goddess of the Beautiful Buttocks, while a womanly rump has always been an object of worship in most of the southern hemisphere. The Big Butt Book has over 400 bottoms from 1900 to the present day, including works by Elmer Batters, Ellen von Unwerth, Jean-Paul Goude, Ralph Gibson, Richard Kern, Jan Saudek, Ed Fox, Terry Richardson and Sante D’Orazio and interviews with porn icon John (Buttman) Stagliano, filmmaker Tinto Brass, artist Robert Crumb, bootylicious butt queens Buffie The Body, Coco and Brazil’s Watermelon Woman, plus Eve Howard and her life-long spanking obsession. The cellophane cover indiscreetly reveals the bare bottom and private parts on the book’s striking cover! 11½” x 11½”, 372 pages. ONLY £35

65372 AMERICA SWINGS by Naomi Harris A startling photographic account of American swinging, the wife-swapping, gangbanging, all-hang-outing kind. Published by Taschen, with text in English, French and German, this heavyweight volume is the result of five years (2003 to 2008) spent taking part in and photographing the surprisingly popular US swinging scene, at 38 different events, from California to New Jersey and Minnesota to Texas. On this evidence, it would appear that married couples engaging in consensual extra-marital sex is the fastest growing pastime in the US, with estimates - figures courtesy of the North American Swing Club Association - of couples who have indulged at least the once as high as 15%! US swingers tend to be middle or upper-middle class, between 35-55 years old, better educated than average, Caucasian, the product of religious Christian homes, less jealous than most and liberal only in their attitudes toward sex. There is not a face here without a smile. 256pp, 12½”×10" with some very explicit 200 photos. U.K. delivery only. ONLY £26


1989 BOX SET edited by Dian Hanson What distinguished Swedish publication Private, the world’s first sexually explicit magazine? Female lust. After 20 years of photographing mostly amateur models, publisher Berth Milton came to believe that females were more sexually ravenous than males. After moving the Private headquarters to Barcelona, he shot most of the photo sets in his own home and garden, playing out his most intimate fantasies in the pages of his magazine. This five-volume, 960-page mini-boxed set presents the best of Private from 1980 to 1989. Each 192-page book features seven to ten of the finest photo sets, arranged in chronological order, produced from the original colour transparencies. Also included are photos never seen in the magazine, as well as all the magazine covers, plus behind-the-scenes photos of Milton at work. Vintage art, ads, and editorials complete this fascinating look at the golden age of pornography as interpreted by Sweden’s most notorious publisher-photographer. Flexicover, five small volumes in a slipcase, 960 pages. Adults only! ONLY £25

66533 MAKING LOVE TO MARILYN MONROE: The Faber Book of Blue Verse edited by John Whitworth

With poets ranging across the centuries from Fleur Adcock, Kingsley Amis, Robert Burns, Geoffrey Chaucer, John Dryden, Christopher Marlowe, John Wilmot Earl of Rochester to Paul Verlaine and Kit Wright, here is work that is tender, ribald, coarse and technically adept, exploring that perennially fascinating subject, sex. One to dip into again and again to keep by the bedside. 305pp in paperback. £9.99 NOW £1.25

66575 RUDE BRITANNIA by Tim Fountain ‘My one-man show about casual Internet sex, which had started life as an experiment on the Edinburgh Fringe, had overnight become the most scandalous show to play at the Royal Court Theatre in a decade…and all I’d done was go on stage, talk about my sex life, logged on to my own website, solicited sexual partners, gone off and done the deed and then the next night reported back on it.’ Having slept with over 5,000 people and been labelled a pervert by much of the mainstream press, who is better qualified to report on the eccentric, inventive and above all thoroughly British ways of having sex? 246pp in paperback. £8.99 NOW £1

66707 BRIEF ENCOUNTERS: 31 Postcards by the Advertising Archives

Rust-proof corsets, glow-in-the-dark girdles, pneumatic circular-stitch cups for bras, perfumed brassieres, exotic lounging wear, chafe-free crotches, days-of-the-week knickers, disposable panties and leopard-skin briefs for the ultimate in ‘cat-like confidence’ - here is a furtive peek at the wonder products that have offered salvation down the years to women of every shape, feats of engineering to help you hide the bits you don’t like and display those you do. Truly a vivid world into the unmentionable, this is women’s underwear in the classic age of advertising. Oversized detachable postcards in softback, 31 in total. £7.99 NOW £3

Bibliophile Books Unit 5 Datapoint, 6 South Crescent, London E16 4TL TEL: 020 74 74 24 74

66572 BIG BOOK OF TALKING DIRTY: 5000 Slang Phrases for Every Occasion by Jonathon Green

Oaths, swear words, insults, chat-up lines, rejoinders and ripostes, delight and disgust - 5000 slang phrases of every conceivable type are organised by 90 alphabetically arranged categories. In fact it is everything you would pick out from the dictionary when you were a teenager - a popular thesaurus of slang phraseology, full of linguistic playfulness. 336pp with cartoons.

£6.99 NOW £1.25

66748 THREE WOMEN by March Hastings Archetypal lesbian pulp fiction from the 1950s. Unconventional, even immoral behaviour is certainly not rare in Manhattan art circles. But perhaps what was going on in the ménage of the Byrne women raised the eyebrows even of the most broadminded. Bought by lesbians and prurient men by the millions, cheap, easy to find in drug stores and easily recognisable by their lurid covers, here are the darkly glamorous ‘gay’ places like Greenwich Village, in the over-heated prose typical of the era and the genre. 220pp in paperback in facsimile reprint.

£7.99 NOW £2.25

66935 LA PETITE MORT by Will Santillo and Dian Hanson The title means “the little death,” a euphemism for orgasm, but the women who exuberantly masturbate for Toronto photographer Will Santillo in this book are as lively a bunch as you’ll ever meet. Santillo conceived the project to include a thorough cross section of women: young to old, slim to thick, perfect beauties to those not considered beautiful until seen through his lens. The one constant would be that each would decide and direct how she masturbated to climax while he captured the moment. He set out to reveal the diversity and creativity with which women approach self-stimulation, and to portray the beauty of ordinary women in the throes of orgasm - a beauty far richer than the male oriented depictions seen in pornography. Dian Hanson interviewed 37 of the women, and their candid insights on overcoming inhibition, giving in to exhibitionism, and achieving orgasm in front of a stranger with a camera provide a framework for the lush, sepia-toned photos. 8" x 11½”, 208 pages. For adults only. Text in English, French and German. ONLY £28

66938 RICHARD KERN, ACTION: Book and DVD Edition by Richard Kern, Richard Prince and Dian Hanson

Richard Kern likes real women: unpretentious, unadorned, and definitely undressed. Those who love Kern know each book is an invitation to join him in his privileged world where natural young women share their most intimate moments. Kern has never lost his boyish curiosity with girls and their secrets, so instead of posing them in sterile sets he follows them through the house, or rather his New York apartment, from backyard to kitchen to bathroom to bedroom, capturing every sexy and embarrassing moment. Action is his most revealing book yet. This special edition comes with Taschen’s clever new Panic Cover. Includes an hour-long DVD of original Kern film with an exclusive musical score. 240 pages with DVD. ONLY £12

67077 NERVE: The First Ten Years: Essays, Interviews

edited by Rufus Griscom and Genevieve Field Today is renowned for its bold and intelligent publishing on the subject of sex in all its many guises - erotica both written and visual, sexual health, sexual problems, sexuality, sex and the law, sex and morality - and was described by Entertainment Weekly as “Playboy’s body with the New Yorker’s brain”. Provocative prose, edgy cultural coverage and striking photography which reveals more than just the subject’s naked flesh, there are contributions from the likes of Norman Mailer, David Cronenberg, Mary Gaitskell and Richard Kern. Spectacular electric pink plastic book cover; 272pp, 9"×10½”, colour illus. ADULTS ONLY. £27 NOW £6.50

67334 4 DREAMS OF MISS X by Mike Figgis and Kate Moss

Agent Provocateur is the best known lingerie brand in the UK and possibly the world, and this is not only because of their exquisite, sensual products. The AP promotional people are quite simply a country mile ahead of the pack, and this collaboration goes to show just why. “That was such a strange dream…” and so begins the relationship between Miss X (the model Kate Moss) and the camera of renowned film director Mike Figgis. Miss X relates four dreams, and Figgis follows her around as she replays them around a darkened house - in bed, in a gilded armchair, on the edge of a table and just in front of a mirror. And, naturally, throughout she is clad in the most sensuous, sexy and (yes!) provocative of AP’s range of products, and the reader is the voyeur. Lusciously beautiful and exciting. Comes complete with a DVD film of the “Dreams”. 152pp, 9½” × 11", colour and b/w.

£25 NOW £9

67411 VAGINAS: An Owner’s Manual by Dr Carol Livoti and Elizabeth Topp From the first period to beyond menopause the authors give an overview of what to expect from medical consultations. They explain contraception, abortion, STDs, pregnancy and some of the most common gynaecological problems. The C&C procedure today can have a tiny video camera inserted to look inside the uterus whereas in the old days gynaecologists used to do vaginal hysterectomies. Ultrasounds, problems of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, clitoral and vaginal orgasms, the big O, the bladder and how your body changes are all covered in what must be the best book yet about ‘down there’. Some diagrams, 266pp in paperback. £10.99 NOW £3.50

67519 LOVE AT FIRST STING: Sexy Tales Of

Erotic Restraint edited by Alison Tyler Bondage aficionado Alison Tyler presents a cornucopia of kink - tantalising, XXX-tales, rich in variety and saucy details as lovers are put in their place and held there firmly. A cross-dresser waiting in high heels attracts the cruel attentions of a hunting crop. A woman obeys her boyfriend by kissing their flirtatious waiter. A seductive professional assassin submits to discipline for failing to kill a man who was just too damn good in bed. Dark fantasies and heart-pounding suspense of erotic bondage for adults only. 178pp in paperback. £10.99 NOW £3.50


67985 THE EAST, THE WEST, AND SEX: A History of Erotic Encounters by Richard Bernstein

Marco Polo scandalized 14th century Europe with his account of the Beijing harem of the Mongol ruler Kublai Khan. 600 years later in Beijing, when the author was Chinese correspondent for Time magazine, erotic pleasure was regarded as counter-revolutionary because it put emphasis on private fun rather than the triumph of the proletariat. In this fascinating book Bernstein traces the seductive myth of the erotic east. A modern historian has provocatively commented that in the days of the British empire, colonialism “turned the whole world into the white man’s brothel”. The Victorian explorer Richard Burton, translator of the Thousand and One Nights, promoted the myth of eastern sexual connoisseurship, and the Ottoman empire also exerted its fascination, with Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, feminist wife to the ambassador in Constantinople in the early 19th century, writing an account of Turkish sexual practices which presented the inmates of harems as enjoying a freedom unheard-of in the west. A different kind of case history is that of Amy R., whose marriage broke up a couple of years after moving to Singapore. She explains that western men are attractive to Asian women because they represent

escape, while the women are soothing and non-combative, unlike their western

counterparts. A fascinating and frank history. 325pp, photos. $27.95 NOW £5

67559 JEALOUSY: The Other Life of Catherine M by Catherine Millet

Catherine Millet hit the literary headlines in 2002 with her bestselling The Sexual Life of Catherine M. A landmark book, it was portrait of a sex life lived without boundaries and without a safety net, and was remarkable for, among other things, the superhuman sangfroid of Millet and her partner Jacques Henric, with whom she had a very public and extremely active open relationship. Jealousy details the crisis provoked by the discovery of Jacques’s infidelity and her attempts to reconcile this with her need for sexual freedom and liberation. If the first book appeared to completely disregard emotion, then this is its diametric opposite - the paradoxical confession of a libertine who discovers that love, in any of its forms, can have a dark side, and that you can never be fully prepared for what it can throw at you. Frequently sexually explicit. 185 roughcut pages. $23 NOW £3

67629 NEXUS CONFESSIONS: Volume Two edited by Lindsay Gordon

Swinging, dogging, group sex, cross-dressing, spanking, female domination, corporal punishment and extreme fetishes - this collection explores the length and breadth of erotic obsession, real experience and sexual fantasy. It is an encyclopedic collection of the bizarre and utterly inappropriate, collected by the world’s leading publisher of fetish fiction. Office girl Linda dresses to tease her older boss from whom she secretly craves punishment. Sharon is an up-skirt exhibitionist who uses her husband’s friends as an audience. Shameful erotica for adults only. 231pp in paperback. £7.99 NOW £3

67639 UNIFORM DOLLS by Aishling Morgan Kinky tales of women in uniform. ‘I began to dress…my cap was the perfect finishing touch, leaving me as a young, feisty US Navy lieutenant, ready for action.’ Here is a story straight from the heart of the lifelong uniform enthusiast who conveys the sensual delight to be had from wearing uniforms and enjoying others in uniforms. Whether it is the smartness of authority of military dress, the sassy temptation of a naughty schoolgirl or the possibilities offered by an air hostess, police woman or even a traffic warden, it is all described here in sumptuous arousing detail with unabashed accounts of kinky sexual encounters. For adults only. 220pp in paperback. £6.99 NOW £2.50

67640 WICKED OBSESSION by Ray Gordon 18 year old Anne has always been jealous of her attractive and successful older sister Haley. But when a handsome young man rejects her advances and takes a shine to Haley, it is one humiliation too many. Seething with envy, Anne decides to take revenge the only way she knows how - by using her young body and sexual charms to destroy her sister’s relationship. Before long behaving wickedly becomes an obsession and Anne relishes the rewards of her promiscuous behaviour. She even makes plans to seduce Haley’s future husband on the night before their wedding. A Lexus paperback for adults only. 249pp. £7.99 NOW £2.50


This eye-opening book traces each step in the history of taboo sex, reconstructing forbidden lives in a candid and chatty manner. Using the letters, poems and diaries of those in the grip of passion, as well as those disgusted by other people’s sexual antics, this journey from antiquity to the modern day is insightful and often shocking. From the sex slaves of the harem to the women of Melanesia, who accept that their husbands will want to have sex with other men, and from the sophisticated brothels of the Middle East to Jack the Ripper’s victims’ filthy hovels in the Victorian East End, the attitudes toward and peculiarities of sexual behaviour down the centuries are entertainingly explored. 35 b/w photos, drawings and prints, 153pp. £20 NOW £6.50

68191 TOO HOT TO HANDLE: More True Stories by Madam B

Our mysterious hostess Madam B tells the tales of ten young women who have pushed passion to the very limit. Delicious desires and sexy secrets are revealed with steamy scenarios and extreme indulgences stripped bare. One of the Ann Summers collections of erotic tales for the sexually confident reader. 166pp in paperback. £6.99 NOW £2.25



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