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A large number of new cities and urban centres were founded like Gudme in modern Denmark, Helgo in Sweden, Ralfwiek in Germany and Staraja Ladoga in Russia and these, are just a few of these previously unknown cities. Finally, the peoples of pre-Charlemagne Europe kept Christianity alive in the four long centuries after the fall of the Christian Roman Empire. 240pp with many illus.

£17.99 NOW £6.50 67657 ROYAL DATES WITH

DESTINY by Robert Easton For every day of the year Robert Easton has unearthed an unusual aristocratic demise, from the famous, such as Julius Caesar and his fellow countrymen in the Senate (15 March 44BC, as he should have known) and Cleopatra and her bosom-loving asp (12 August 30BC), to the less well known, like Anna, Contessa Trotti (3 May

1589), sliced to bits by her cuckolded husband, ably assisted by her own brother, and the appropriately named Roger II of Sicily (26 February 1154), “worn down by his immense efforts and more devoted to sexual activity than the body’s good health requires.” Based on a wide range of sources, these 400-odd “summaries of royal mortality”. Illus. 240pp. £20 NOW £5


With great clarity and a jargon-free approach Dr Beckensall explores the nature of rock art, the significance of where it is found, what it might mean and how it should be looked after. These curious marks vary from simple, circular hollows known as ‘cups’ to more complex patterns with rings and intertwining grooves. Many are in spectacular, elevated locations with extensive views, but some are also found on monuments such as standing stones and stone circles, or within burial mounds. The carvings were made by Neolithic and early Bronze Age people between 3,500 and 6,000 years ago. Their original meanings are now lost but they provide a unique personal link with our prehistoric ancestors. 160 paperback pages with plates in colour and b/w. £18.99 NOW £7.50

67966 LONDON RISING: The Men Who Made Modern London by Leo Hollis

London as we know it rose out of the ashes of the Great Fire of 1666, which destroyed the old city and opened the way for new designs and technology. Five men were at the heart of London’s regeneration: the architect Christopher Wren, his scientific colleague Robert Hooke, bitter rival to Sir Isaac Newton, the philosopher John Locke, whose work on liberty, society and the self was at the centre of Enlightenment thinking, the aristocratic diarist John Evelyn whose knowledge of continental urban theory had a profound influence on the new city plans, and finally the speculator Nicholas Barbon, son of the Millenarist “Praise-God” Barebone, who ignored building regulations and threw up new houses everywhere between the City and Westminster.


author follows the life and fortunes of these five men in parallel. 390pp, colour photos. £17.50 NOW £7

67987 THE GREAT WALL: The Extraordinary Story by John Man

Widely believed to be the only man- made structure visible from space, running in an unbroken line of stone across China in order to keep the barbarians at bay, the Great Wall is in fact none of these things. The spectacular Badaling sections on the hills near Beijing, carefully reconstructed for the benefit of the

outside world, have created a mythology, but in this history of the wall the author shows that the reality is far more fascinating and complex. First, there are many walls, and some of them, such as the “wall of Genghis Khan” in northern Mongolia, are small earth banks, clearly not designed to repel barbarian hordes but more likely to have been trading frontiers. The First Emperor’s Wall in the third century B.C. was a metre or two in height, more a border than a defence. The first British embassy led by Lord McCartney in 1792 approached via the Zhao River in the north east. The wall’s most beautiful section is at Simatai but it is hazardous and vertiginous and the author attempts it but has to turn back. A superb travelogue. 335pp, paperback, colour photos. £9.99 NOW £4

68011 THE NUBIAN PHARAOHS: Black Kings on the Nile by Charles Bonnet,

Dominique Valbelle and Jean Leclant In 2003, a Swiss archaeological team working in northern Sudan uncovered one of the most remarkable Egyptological finds in recent years. At the site known as Kerma, near the third cataract of the Nile, archaeologist Charles Bonnet and his team discovered a ditch within a temple from the ancient city of Pnoubs, which contained seven monumental black granite statues. Magnificently sculpted, and in an excellent state of preservation, they portrayed five pharaonic rulers, including Taharqa and Tanutamun, the last two pharaohs of the Nubian dynasty, when Egypt was ruled by kings from the lands of modern-day Sudan. For over half a century, the Nubian pharaohs governed Egypt and Nubia together, with a huge kingdom stretching from the Delta to the upper reaches of the Nile. The seven statues, with their exquisite workmanship, transform our understanding of the art of this period. 215 large pages 32 x 25cm illustrated with 190 superb colour photos, diagrams, plans, chronology and a map. £35.50 NOW £16

68168 EMPIRE OF BLUE WATER by Stephan Talty

Subtitled ‘Henry Morgan and the Pirates who Ruled the Caribbean Waves’. Henry Morgan challenged the greatest empire on earth with a ragtag bunch of renegades and brought it to its knees. A 20 year old Welshman, he arrived in the New World in 1655 and over the next three decades his exploits in the Caribbean became legend. He gathered disaffected English and European sailors and soldiers, runaway slaves, cutthroats and sociopaths and turned them into the fiercest and most feared enemy. Sailing from English Morgan and his men terrorised Spanish merchant ships and devastated the cities where great riches in silver, gold

and gems lay waiting to be sent to the King of Spain. 332pp, softback. £11.99 NOW £5

68174 GETTING OUR WAY by Christopher Meyer

Nine stories from Britain’s diplomatic annals over the last 500 years in which the diplomats themselves are at the centre of the narrative. Be it Henry Killigrew’s mission to Edinburgh in 1572, Castlereagh at the Congress of Vienna, Our Man in Washington and the Nassau Deal, or the Hong Kong handover to China, we can see how Britain has viewed its interests in the world and sought to advance them. Each story is illuminated by colourful anecdotes and insights drawn from Christopher Meyer’s firsthand experience of international relations. Delightfully undiplomatic, it is brimming with barbed comments and amusing assessments of No. 10’s top talent. 292pp with colour plates and lampooning cartoons. £18.99 NOW £7.50

68284 PHILOSOPHERS BEHAVING BADLY by Nigel Rodgers and Mel Thompson This fascinating, erudite and above all amusing account of eight major philosophers’ lives suggests that their personal moral standards may have left a lot to be desired. Rousseau converted to Catholicism to gain social advancement and found himself in a ménage a trois with a Catholic noblewoman. Nietzsche too had unorthodox sexual tastes, though contrary to popular myth he condemned anti-Semitism. Sartre himself showed cruelty, whether conscious or not, in his friendships with vulnerable fellow-writers like Camus and Genet. Other philosophers covered in this highly readable book are Schopenhauer, Russell, Wittgenstein and Foucault. 240pp, paperback. £13.95 NOW £4.50

68367 DOGS OF GOD: Columbus, the Inquisition and the Defeat of the Moors by James Reston

1492, the date Columbus sailed for America, was a momentous year in the history of the world. The conquest of the New World was closely bound up with the expulsion of Spanish Jews, the conquest of Islam by Spanish Christians, the Spanish Inquisition and with the

papacy of a Borgia pope. The major players are all historical giants, including Columbus himself, the Grand Inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada, the last king of the Moors, Boabdil the Unfortunate, the court rabbis, Rodrigo Borgia who became Pope Alexander VI and at a distance but no less significant, contemporary firebrands such as Savonarola. Central to the story is the Spanish- born Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, father of the fabled Cesare and Lucrezia. 363pp, paperback, illus. £14.99 NOW £4

68394 MRS BEETON’S HOUSEHOLD BOOK An Entertaining Glimpse of Upstairs and Downstairs Life in the Victorian Home edited by Kay Fairfax

More than 140 years after her death, the name Mrs Beeton is still synonymous with good English cooking. Her Book of Household Management, first published in 1861, is not only a guide to the efficient running of a house in Victorian times, it is also a fascinating social history of middle-class England. This marvellous edition describes the married woman’s expected behaviour in the drawing room, parlour, morning room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and nursery. It also outlines the duties of the butler, housekeeper, footman, cook, housemaids, valet and lady’s maid and outlines procedures to be followed in the laundry, school room and sickroom. 287 pages with b/w pictures. £20 NOW £7

68547 BOOK OF FIRE by Brian Moynahan Subtitled ‘William Tyndale, Thomas More and the Bloody Birth of the English Bible’, this is the thrilling story of Tynedale, the first man who translated the word of God into English. The great echoing phrases of the King James Bible have boomed through the English speaking mind for 400 years - an eye for an eye, eat drink and be merry, death where is thy sting? Man shall not live by bread alone - are largely the work of a man whose genius for words matches that of Shakespeare. But the young Gloucestershire tutor who wrote them paid for them with his life - reviled, driven abroad and burned at the stake. Tyndale translated the Bible into English in defiance of the Church and State, changing the literary, religious and political landscape forever. A thriller, history and biography rolled into one. 422pp in paperback. Woodcut illus. £14.99 NOW £6


The recruitment consultant asked me ‘What do you think of voluntary work?, I said ‘I wouldn’t do it if you paid me.’

- Tommy Cooper

69166 ULTIMATE BOOK OF DRAWING: Essential Skills, Techniques and Inspiration for Artists

by Barrington Barber For beginners and for those artists looking to build upon their skills to create accomplished artworks, this comprehensive drawing reference will be invaluable. Barrington Barber looks at the four key areas - still life,

figures, landscape and portraits - and demonstrates the specific set of skills and techniques needed for each area and for the sub-genres within it. His easy-to-follow, step- by-step approach is so natural it is just like he is there with you, looking over your shoulder and making encouraging noises! He begins with a section on materials - pens, pencils, ink, paper, erasers, chalk and charcoal - and a selection of extremely useful limber-up drawing exercises such as shading, tonals, diagonals, squares, cubes, circles, cylinders and ellipses which encompass the most widely used techniques. Then each of the four key areas is tackled. Beginning each from first principles, in figure drawing, for example, we start with body proportions, the skeleton, musculature and other aspects

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of anatomy, as without an understanding of these and how the body moves as a result the artist will always struggle with this most difficult of artistic disciplines. Likewise, for landscapes we begin with how to observe the world around us, before choosing a site, the best viewpoint, how best to frame it and the light which suits it best - all this well before we pick up a pencil! Also looks at more complex issues such as symbolism in portraits and still lifes, imaginary landscapes, figures in action and much more. With b/w drawings on every page, 352pp, 8¼”×11¾” in softback. £14.99 NOW £7.50


ONE AMAZING PUZZLES compiled by Robert Allen and Mensa

Numerical Conundrums, Testing Word Games, Logic Teasers and Visual Puzzles, here is a baffling, mind-boggling, intriguing, entertaining and downright infuriating collection of more than 1,000 Mensa-standard puzzles for your delectation. Inside you will

find puzzles to solve in a tea-break as well as brainteasers to keep you busy for hours. There are many puzzle types and difficulty levels, ensuring a challenge for everyone. You will find word teasers, lateral thinking problems, visual posers, logical enigmas, riddles, number puzzles, spatial brain-twisters and much, much more. It is known that using your brain-power increases and improves it, so be prepared to unveil a brainier you! A gigantic 704 paperback pages illustrated in b/w with answers. £9.99 NOW £3.50

69424 WORLD’S 200


Which English word contains all the vowels in alphabetical order? What is the three digit number that can be made from the numbers 2,3,5 and 7 where no two numbers in the three digit number are alike, and where the three digit number is a multiple of each of the numbers chosen?

Help yourself to these logic puzzles, riddles, maddening maths problems, mental games and mindbenders, puzzles and curious questions to sharpen your brain. US import so please work around the dimes and dollars! 188pp in softback with illus. £6.99 NOW £3


It was sad to hear of the demise of the great Kodak company and nowadays digital cameras are being overtaken by better and better quality cameras and videos in our mobile phones. This special field of digital photography undergoes new

development every day. Here a renowned travel photographer provides readers with information on how to use the camera to its full potential. Spontaneous photos of unexpected moments taken with a camera phone can be instantly modified, sent, e-mailed and printed to provide tangible, long lasting memories. Start by taking the best photos possible. He also looks at accessories, software and applications like the telephoto lens and tripods, portable storage, lighting and shadows, photographing children, setting your scene, whether to use auto focus and much more. 120pp in small softback, colour photos throughout. £4.99 NOW £2.50


PRACTICAL JOKES by Geoff Tibballs

Here you will find more than 250 different tricks scaled to suit all levels of difficulty and deviousness ranging from simple but entertaining tricks performed with just a pack of playing cards or a common household object through to devastatingly cunning practical

jokes. You will rarely need anything more than some coins, a box of matches, some blank paper, a pencil, a deck of cards and/or a glass. Most of the tricks are easy to perfect and will help you build up an impressive repertoire. The real key to success with practical jokes is picking the right time and the right victim. Try the Clingfilm Trap, skill level 3, embarrassment factor 10, all you need is a roll of Clingfilm and warning this trick can be dangerous so take care! It involves a toilet bowl and probably a new pair of trousers. Guaranteed to send the squeamish screaming to the garden, how about the moving finger where all you will need is a cardboard box with a lid, cotton wool, glue and tomato ketchup. And if you are at a loose end one afternoon, why not try talking to a pillar-box? Try some mind reading, coins through a table, and some knotty problems. Not forgetting escapology and levitation for beginners. With many clear and helpful diagrams. 176pp in softback. £9.99 NOW £3.50


by Ivan Hissey and Curtis Tappenden

Here is a detailed guide to drawing and manipulating your own digital cartoons. It is packed full of professional advice, fantastic examples and practical step-by-step techniques that show you how to produce amazing characters and

worlds. The volume begins by introducing the equipment and types of computer software needed, and features plenty of informative screen grabs and illustrations to help you create sensational cartoons. A useful guide to digital techniques follows, explaining how to edit a scanned image, how to combine different media and how to add speech bubbles and much more. The main section features a range of fun projects that offer the opportunity to try out the digital techniques and produce a variety of styles, such as graphic novel, futuristic, manga and science fiction. There are also projects for creating caricatures as well as animal portraits and simple animation. 96 large softback pages with 200 illustrations in dazzling colour. ONLY £4.50


Hobbies 23 69278 MOST ENORMOUS

PARTY GAMES BOOK EVER! Over 500 Party and Drinking Games

edited by Kerrin Edwards Are you planning a party but are afraid that it will turn into a serious and solemn occasion, with people looking at their watches at ever shorter intervals? Then this is the book for you. It is the biggest ever collection of all the best party games - some of them, it has to be

admitted, involving drinking - as well as comical tricks to keep you and your guests thoroughly amused. There are Party Games in categories that range from Breaking The Ice to Not In Front Of The Vicar, Drinking Games such as classics Fuzzy Duck and Drink Don’t Think, tricks that anyone can perform and Practical Jokes that will leave both friends and enemies with egg on their faces - literally - or talking to post boxes for hours. With more than 500 themed games to entertain 3 to 30 people plus over 250 tricks and practical jokes, you will soon be the most renowned party animal in town. A huge 704 paperback pages illustrated in b/w. £9.99 NOW £3.50


INTELLIGENCE TESTS: Discover How Smart You Really Are - and Improve! by Mensa

Based on tests by Mensa, the international society for people with a high IQ. Did you know that each cell in your brain can have up to 10,000 connections and that you constantly make new connections between those cells in a network many thousand times more complex

than the world-wide telephone network? Recent studies have shown that intelligence can be improved by exercising the brain. Knowledge increases the network of connections, as does acquired skill. Not merely a series of puzzles, this book will enlighten the reader about the nature of intelligence and the different types, such as divergent and convergent thinking. Working through the tests will enable you to discover your strengths and weaknesses, maximize your memory, improve your reading skills, understand numbers and altogether increase your intelligence. 400 paperback pages illustrated in b/w. £7.99 NOW £3.50

28148 BRITAIN TO COLOUR Two Colouring Books

Book one covers eight places of interest: in glorious colour which could be carefully removed for framing (over 11½ x 9) on the left side is the beautiful hand- coloured original drawing and on the right side the outline drawing for you to colour. The places of interest include the Houses of Parliament, Urqhuart Castle, Little Moreton Hall, Caernarvon Castle and Kinloch Sperve. In book two, Edinburgh Castle, Scotney Old Castle, Kent, Ribblehead viaduct in Yorkshire, Stone Henge and the Cenarth Falls, Dyfed. Terrific value. Per set of two. ONLY £2.50

32528 NATURE COLOURING BOOKS SET 2 These four colouring books feature rather excellent charcoal and crayon originals in colour on the left hand side of each double page spread, and on the right, an outline only copy of the same artwork. In fact, the originals are in many cases good enough to detach and frame. The four titles are: Birds, Countryside, Animals and Flowers and there are in all 24 originals and outlines to colour, including a striking owl by moonlight, a tranquil castle on a loch, busy field mice on ears of corn and a loveable labrador puppy sitting amongst scarlet poppies. Each picture is 11½”× 9". Great value at ONLY £2.25


Set 4 Mountains and Moors by Henrike Petzl

The four titles are ‘Mountains and Moors’, ‘Forests and Fields’, ‘Rivers and Reeds’ and ‘Sea and Sand to Colour’. In ‘Forests and Fields’, for example, there is a poppy field in Northamptonshire, Buttermere, Lake District, Ribblehead in snow with a steam train pulling into the station and Clun Castle, Shropshire. Each of these four large colouring books has a rather excellent watercolour painting in colour on the left hand side of each double page spread. On the right, an outline only copy of the same artwork is ready for you to work on. Each picture is 11½” x 9". Softbacks. ONLY £4


CONVERSIONS by Duncan Howarth This book tells you how to get started, what pitfalls to avoid and suggests possible scenarios where adaptation can create an impressive effect for a modest outlay. For his first project the author chose French Napoleonic line artillery teams and a box of Mamelukes, Napoleon’s special Georgian and Armenian forces. Projects include a adjusting the pose of an 1815 Cuirassier, Lancashire Fusiliers Mounted Infantry, South Africa 1900, a soldier from World War I earning his VC, Russian tank riders and a scene featuring the “Band of Brothers” heroes of Utah beach. 176pp, softback, tools list, colour photos. £16.99 NOW £1.75


From James May’s Toy Stories, this book tells the amazing story of the world’s longest Scalextric track built by James May himself and a team of volunteers as part of the BBC 2 TV series. His book examines the development and expansion of Scalextric over the course of half a century’s innovation and improvements, outlining the history of this iconic brand from the first tinplate cars to modern digital control. We go with James on a visit to Brooklands where his record breaking Scalextric track was created. Colour photos. £9.99 NOW £2

67549 WEEK-END PROBLEMS BOOK by Hubert Phillips

The author is known as Caliban in the New Statesman, Dogberry of the News-Chronicle, is composer of Trinculo’s Crossword and is an expert in ‘time tests of intelligence’ and word puzzles. This special book contains hundreds, even thousands of hours of stimulating puzzlement in its different sections. Some of the ‘Caliban’ problems include Better than Bogey, The Five

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