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18 Handicrafts

in Billingshurst. Many signs relate to Britain’s farming heritage, for instance Plough, Harrow, Haycock or Wheatsheaf. Modern signs include a number celebrating Sir Winston Churchill, and in 1967 the Crown and Anchor in Plymouth was renamed the Sir Francis Chichester to celebrate Chichester’s round-the-world voyage in 1966. 176pp, softback, illus. £8.99 NOW £3

68636 DON’T BE LATE ON MONDAY: Life and Work in a Nottingham Lace Factory by Mark Ashfield

With affection, humour and an eye for details that characterised life in Nottingham in years gone by, the author recalls day-to-day episodes from the factory to give an accurate view of a vanished way of life. He tells of company excursions by rail and road to the seaside and remembers such moments as the day the boss lost the keys to the safe and had to have a locksmith break in so he could pay the wages, and the day the pigeon catchers came to fill sacks with roosting birds from the rafters. The book above all is a tribute to the remarkable people, from the office boy to the company owner, whose labours added to the worldwide reputation of the lace trade. Lovely mono photos. 126 page large format softback. £9.99 NOW £5

68639 SLUMS OF LEICESTER edited by Ned Newitt

Between 1932 and 1975, slum clearance changed the face of the city of Leicester. Here is a superb range of contemporary photographs and maps set out district by district. Here is Blackfriars - Jewry Wall Street and Friars Causeway, High Cross Street, Queen Mary’s Street, Bedford Street, Abbey Street, Northgate and Sanvey Gate, Grange Lane and Oxford Street, Wharf Street, Taylor Street and Palmerson Street, New Humberstone and Old Belgrace, the West End, Wycliffe Ward, Chardwood Street and Highfields and much more. There is a report from the Inspector of Nuisances, the medical sanitary Officers’ Report, a letter to the Chairman of the Highways and Sewage Commission, The Advantages of the Water Closet Report and Drug Taking in the Slums Report from Mrs Bell-Richards. Here are shops long gone, horses and carriages, people making do busy about their daily lives, B/w photos and maps bound in 192 page large softback. £12.99 NOW £6

68640 THE BEATLES: Liverpool Landscape by David Lewis

Here are the recognisable yet very different scenes of Liverpool in the 1940s and 50s, a city of bombsites, trams, the Overhead Railway, cobbles and gaslight. The book roots the band firmly in the older and broader history of the city looking at the Starkey, Lennon, Harrison and McCartney family stories in Everton, the Dock Road and lost streets and houses the family knew. With stories stretching back 160 years, the author took a series of walks and bus rides across the city to see the Lamb pub at Wavertree, Falkner Street, the Art College and Institute, the Pier Head, the Allerton, the Empress and the Admiral, the wild south by way of some northern songs, relatives, and Beatles city tours, moon dogs in bohemia and John Lennon’s Woolton. Websites, 192pp in illus paperback. £9.99 NOW £5


Making of a Modern Metropolis by Bruce Marshall

Here is a visual record of a remarkable story detailing the relentless progress of building in London. Step-by- step, we see how the city was built, and meet the great architects and engineers. We learn about where Londoners lived, how they were entertained, where they worked, shopped and worshipped. The book is organised thematically and, within that, chronologically, with rare images from the earliest days of photography as well as evocative and compelling photos from the last 100 years. All of London’s iconic buildings are featured and extensively illustrated from the vast archives of Getty Images. The history of building in London is both fascinating and amazing. Today, the City is still confined to a square mile enclave, as it was when its residents crossed the river to see Shakespeare’s newest plays in Southwark. At that time, up the river was another city - Westminster, seat of the Royal Court, the Law Courts and Parliament. Villages such as Islington, Bermondsey and Paddington grew, and within 200 years, the two cities and their satellites fused together, making London the largest city on earth and the first to reach a population of 1,000,000. 303 very large format pages illus in colour and b/w. $55 NOW £15


I phoned the local builders today, I said to them ‘Can I have a skip outside my house?’ He said, ‘I’m not stopping you!’

- Tommy Cooper


edited by Mark Johanson Published in the US for Black and Decker, this is an inspirational guide to using trim carpentry to improve the look of your home with low financial outlay and immense personal satisfaction. A perusal of your nearest DIY superstore will

reveal a huge range of ready cut wooden mouldings available in all lengths and at very reasonable prices, as well as good quality, seasoned and planed timber in all sizes. Arm yourself with a selection of tools that you probably already own - and if not, what a great excuse to splash out on some lovely new boy-toy power tools - and you are ready to go. Easy to follow instructions and step-by-step photography hold your hand all the way, demonstrating dozens of useful trim projects in all manner of different styles to either repair and improve existing rooms or give a room a complete makeover. You will soon be installing crown mouldings like a pro, making your own cornices, chair rails and dado rails, creating stately wainscoting, retrimming doors and windows, installing ornate light fittings - even installing

new interior doors. What we particularly liked was the excellent “problem area” solutions, for example, what to do when your walls are not perfectly vertical, your corners are not the 90° they are supposed to be and how to get around obstructions like power points. 240pp of no-nonsense tried and tested advice in 8¼”×10¾” softback with hundreds of colour photos. £15.99 NOW £6.50


OF NAPKIN FOLDING by Luigi Spotorno

Over 80 ways of folding a napkin are illustrated with full-page colour photos in this gorgeous book. Each photo has easy-to-follow diagrams on the facing page, and the book

begins with an introduction covering basics such as napkin etiquette, hygiene and safety. The Opera Fold is a series of white peaks, thought to be the inspiration behind Sydney Opera House, and for an intimate occasion the Tango, shown here in red, is a fold which suggests two dancers locked in an embrace. The Ragdoll is folded so that the napkin corners stick out like arms and legs, with a spoon for the head, and the Samurai is an elegant fold resembling the warrior’s jacket. Football, Cricket, Professional and Dress shirts are easy and effective folds, with Negligee as a seductive variation. The section on Breakfast Folds is designed for people in the catering industry, enabling them to demonstrate the care and attention necessary to help a guest to start the day well. Peak, Tower, Swiss Chalet and High Society are all striking and simple. The collection concludes with Luigi’s “royal” folds created for the Royal family - Consort, Coronation and Throne. 192pp, softback, over 80 colour photos. £11.99 NOW £4

69235 SILHOUETTES: Contemporary Paper Cutting

Projects by Sharyn Sowell Whether boldly contemporary or elegantly romantic, silhouette designs are a clever, inexpensive way to give home décor a stylish new look. The author, whose work has been featured in magazines such as Victoria and Better Homes and

Gardens, shows you how to create beautiful silhouettes using four simple methods: casting a shadow, using a digital camera, cutting or drawing your own freehand design and - easiest of all - copying the patterns included in this book. From Easy Leafy Napkin Rings through Playful Storage and Pet Plate Mats to a Lampshade, the more than 20 projects will lend a fresh, modern touch to any room. 128 large paperback pages with colour photos and range of silhouette patterns, as well as details of basic tools and supplies, and ways of mounting. $19.95 NOW £6


CROSS STITCH by Helen Philipps

Everyone loves a Victorian sampler and it is surprisingly easy to create your own contemporary version. This book of cross-stitch projects concentrates on cosy domestic comfort. Home Sweet Home, the classic sampler message, is shown in pastel colours with the traditional

alphabet and a picture of a house with the family name at the side. Full instructions and a double spread template make the process of creating it absolutely foolproof. Home is where you hang your heart is slightly jazzier, with bouncing letters and a balloon in the sky which consists of an embroidered heart-shaped cushion hanging from a button. A Heart of the Home hanger for the kitchen features 12 decorative panels showing pots, egg cups, kitchen utensils and a central vase of flowers. Gift tags, jam jar covers and cushion covers are among the other projects, and the author concludes with a beautiful Christmas sampler, All hearts come home for Christmas. The final chapter covers materials, techniques and stitches, with advice on making up. 112pp, softback, colour photos and step-by- step instructions throughout. £14.99 NOW £6


COTTON by Diana Leone Piecing together memories and themes, here is a fun and easy way to start quilting. Even for experienced quilters, here are new possibilities for incorporating their histories and passions into their art. Follow along the photo illustrations and clear how-to instructions to successfully make the first of many

cotton crazy quilts for children, weddings, birthday, decorating, interiors and more. With an informative overview of the history of textiles, this is an effective tutorial on the techniques of colour usage and quilt construction. 96 pages in very large softback packed with colour and diagrams. £21.99 NOW £6

69224 ORIENTAL PAPERCRAFTS: 25 Beautiful

Eastern-Inspired Projects by Cheryl Owen

From willow patterned bone china to paper lanterns, we in the West have long been fascinated by and appreciative of oriental designs. Author, fashion designer, embroiderer and long-time crafter

Cheryl Owen certainly has, and here she presents 25 delightful projects that are not only beautiful but also practical and decorative and perfect for personal use or to give as gifts. Each design involves some branch of papercrafting such as card making, origami, stamping, papier mâché, stencilling, box or book making, and with a minimum of tools and equipment, much of which you may already have around the house anyway, and a few easily learned skills, Cheryl shows us how to produce spectacular results. The ones which particularly caught our eye were the red weeping willow gift pouch with gold tie cords, the Chinese dragon puppet/model with good-luck pearl between its big teeth, the blossom spray, the torn paper paperweight, the stencilled butterfly kite and the gold-tasselled lantern, but all are a joy to behold and fun to make. We see no reason why most of these could not be attempted by children eight

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and over, given the occasional adult look over the shoulder! Full instructions and materials/tools list for each project, and colour throughout this sturdily bound 128pp craft book. 8½”×11". £16.99 NOW £6.50

69097 GIRLS’ HANDBOOK: Essential Skills A Girl Should

Have by Alexandra Johnson Hi girls! Are you ready to be a super-skills star? If sewing on a button has you tied up in knots, or chopping an onion reduces you to tears, this book gives you the power to conquer cool skills in style, and make light work of being independent for ever. There are six sections to help you to find the type

of skill you want to master - from Everyday Essentials through Master Skills to Emergency Skills. Simply follow the easy step-by-step instructions and use the pictures to help you crack the technique. Whether it is dealing with a zit, cooking spaghetti, de-tangling your hair or even saving someone’s life, this handy volume can help. 127 pages illustrated in b/w. £7.99 NOW £3.50

69211 KNITTING ANSWER BOOK by Rita Taylor

Answers to Everything from Casting on to Decorative Effects. Got a knitting problem you cannot solve? Curious to know more about a specific technique? Want to know how to achieve a range of decorative effects? This volume will come to your rescue, answering 200 questions on a vast range of knitting topics, with helpful advice from a leading expert on all aspects of the craft. There are questions designed for both beginners and experienced knitters and clear, detailed step-by-step illustrations help to explain how to achieve certain particular effects. Here, too, are chapters covering casting on, basic stitches, shaping, cables and twists, picking up and joining and much, much more. 224 pages in a tough, spiral bound cover, with super, close-up colour photos and section of useful info. £12.99 NOW £7.50

69198 DRAW ANIMATION: Equipment Set-Up, Basic Techniques Tricks of the

Trade by Paul Hardman With this all-encompassing guide written and illustrated by a professional cartoonist, whose work has appeared in many films, magazines and newspapers, teach yourself how to draw and make fun

animated short films. The book includes a comprehensive introductory section covering the materials and equipment needed to get you started. Using body form to show expression, and type casting, it helps you to build and develop your characters. Useful information is given on how to develop story lines that will enthral viewers. 96 large paperback pages in colour and b/w, with glossary. £9.99 NOW £4.50

69199 DRAWING INDEX by David Webb

It is never too late to start drawing, the materials are as cheap or as expensive as you choose, and the subject matter is all around you. Practise improves our skills and you can start by setting aside a short time each day for drawing, always carrying a small sketchbook and pencil with you to fill in the odd five

or ten minutes. Soon you will be hooked. The first section of the book introduces the wealth of drawing material available, the second drawing techniques, the third exciting ways of combining media, a knowledge of colour theory, perspective and the basic rules of composition. Beautifully illustrated in colour with step- by-step instructional artworks and packed with practical advice and tips, a wealth of media and equipment is demonstrated for beginners and accomplished artists alike. 320 page handy reference and a quick and comprehensive guide. Softback. £14.99 NOW £5



Ottoman embroidery was born of the desire of privileged Turkish women to beautify the palaces of Bursa and Istanbul. Initially simple silk stitchery on narrow cotton fabric copied the much-admired patterns on Italian brocades. But increasing

contact with Europe encouraged more complex designs and the bold primary colours were muted to glowing pastels that complemented the sumptuous metallic threads. Joyce Ross has developed ten easy to follow step-by-step projects that recreate the look and feel of that era. She presents a collection of Ottoman borders and motifs, designs for coasters and tableware, a lily bookmark and gives a dictionary of stitches and historical background. 72 page large softback, colour photos. £9.99 NOW £4

69230 READY, SET, DECORATE: The Complete Guide to Getting it Right Every

Time by Emma Callery You do not have to be a professional to decorate like one. Fortunately, you can avoid taking interior design classes, or even hiring an expensive designer. Whether

you want to freshen up a room with small changes or take on a full renovation, this volume offers detailed info on getting the job done. Every major decorating element, from painting to lighting, is comprehensively covered. Each chapter is conveniently broken down into three sections: ‘Ready’ presents the choices you need to make as you plan what you would like to do. ‘Set’ deals with preparations for the job, and ‘Decorate’ looks at the techniques you will use and helps you to stay organized so that jobs happen in the right order. There is advice that will make accomplishing projects easier and you will also find practical tips on choosing materials. Simple! 128 large pages with attractive colour plates. £16.99 NOW £6.50


Calling all Quilters 69084 QUILTING WITH THE MUPPETS:

Fifteen Fun and Creative Patterns by

Barbara Konzak Kuhn and Lauren Attinello You loved the celebrated Muppets on TV, now here is your chance to capture forever their personalities in a series of striking quilts. There are 15 patterns to choose from and all your favourite Muppet characters to appliqué as quilt blocks, including Kermit, Miss Piggy, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and more. The blocks are compatible in size, so that you can mix- and-match patterns for a personalised quilt. With numbered diagrams, templates, order of working and step-by-step

instructions, you just cannot go wrong and there are extra tips to facilitate your work on nearly every page. 112 larger pages in brilliant colour with glossary and index. £21.99 NOW £6


by Margaret Peters and Anne Sutton

18 charming projects for all seasons to celebrate the friendships in your life with quilts. Here are 18 country-style quilts and accessories with a seasonal themes like placemats for the autumn/winter, a Christmas

stocking napkin holder, a snowman quilt to warm your hands, feet and heart, a stuffed felt Easter bunny and bunny pillows and a beautiful honey bee appliquéd quilt to step into spring. Easy gifts to make in an evening and charming stories about friendship and inspirational quotes. Step-by-step instructions for all skill levels plus actual patterns inserted in the back of this large softback. 56pp. £16.99 NOW £6



From A-Z you will find combined wisdom from a star-studded cast of 60 expert quilters. Lavishly illustrated in colour, this fun ‘look and learn’ reference book covers the basic quilt making techniques, with hard-to-find information on specialised techniques and

reviews of tools and supplies. Basic quilt types are explained and illustrated, there are definitions of terms that every quilt maker should know plus inspiring ideas for creativity. With diagonal line variations, border designs, measurements and batting sizes in inches for various sizes of beds and superb tip boxes called ‘Taking the trouble out of’ to cleaning, storage, needles, that thread that breaks, embellishing, drawing grids without graph paper, buying quilt design software and more. 288pp and over 700 colour how to illus. £23.95 NOW £8.50


Projects with Keepsakes and Collectables by Rita Weiss and Linda Causee Trace your life history in fabric and thread. This series of warmly personal projects were created by the authors as a way to celebrate loved ones and memorable occasions, rather than have photos, postcards, love letters or poems moulder away in drawers or boxes. They decided to make such objects a part of every day life, by transferring them on to fabric and showcasing the images on a beautiful quilt. Here are instructions for quilting basics and info on two methods for reproducing images on fabric using transfer paper and a computer printer. You could commemorate: a man by turning his discarded ties into a whimsical design, a navy career by using appliquéd blocks that depict ports of call, competition victories featuring colourful prize ribbons or family members with a quilt that looks like an old- fashioned album page. 128 very large pages illustrated in colour with metric equivalents. £16.99 NOW £6.50

69253 NEW FLOWER ARRANGER: Contemporary

Approaches to Floral Design by Fiona Barnett

The 150 designs in this gorgeous book are designed to provide projects for everyone from the beginner to the super-sophisticated. Bridesmaid’s posies and headdresses, a ruby wedding display of red roses, a beautiful

Christmas Clementine Wreath and a dried-flower Harvest Wreath are examples of flowers to celebrate a particular event. A Hallowe’en display is one of the most breathtaking in the book with its mixture of Red Hot Pokers, Chinese Lanterns, Antirrhinums, Orange Lilies and autumn leaves. Arranged in a large pot without the assistance of wire or foam, the blooms are encouraged to fall in the way they would naturally grow. A cream and yellow display of tuberose, stocks, freesias and mimosa not only looks lovely but is gloriously scented. Less profuse but strikingly spiky is a spring arrangement using lilac, pussy willow and cherry blossom. Subtle blending of colours is the hallmark of many of these designs, and an exotic red table arrangement features striking red striped Codiaeum leaves, while a bathroom arrangement of dried flowers in a faded blue trug uses subtle pinks and coral colours

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