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69086 SHOES: A Lexicon of Style

by Valerie Steele

Here is a book that is a must-have for every wannabe Imelda Marcos. The photos are most unusual to say the least. This is not just women standing wearing shoes. Here are women crawling,

glimpsed under toilet doors or being helped up steep steps on impossibly high heels and crutches! By the way, according to the author, high heels transform a woman’s body, throwing it into a state of tension resembling that of female arousal. Sex and shoes are inseparable, with masculine and feminine styles sending coded messages about gender. The section Almost Barefoot describes the liberating effect, both physical and sexual, of a summer sandal. Booted Amazons are powerful, erotic and haughty, and sneaker chic has nothing to do with being sporty -it is about style credibility. Well! We are speechless! 192 pocket size pages lavishly illustrated in colour with footnotes. ONLY £5

69065 BAGS: A Lexicon of Style by Valerie Steele and Laird Borelli

From the Utility to the Luxury and from the Practical to the Precious - not to mention the Status - here are bags for everyone to lust after. As The Times remarked: ‘These bags are made for talking’

and that is what they are gonna do. For the active career girl there are totes, bucket bags and handbags with bags of room. For the urban romantic, jewel-like envelopes, pouches and dainty concoctions decorate the persona. Designer logos appeal to the fashionista and label junkie. In the domain of the uptown heiress are bags fashioned with expert craftsmanship from luxury materials. Hands-free practicality combined with chic are for the sporty types with no-nonsense style. Our favourites are the luxury bags - like Versace’s glossy alligator-skin texture handbag but, alas, these are out of our price bracket. Still, it is nice to dream over these 192 pocket size pages lavishly illustrated in colour with footnotes. £9.99 NOW £5

69125 THE WHITE DRESS: Fashion Inspiration for Brides

by Harriet Worsley A wedding dress is the most expensive and glamorous gown a woman will ever wear. As such, it is an important style statement for both bride and designer. This romantic book chronicles the

collision between tradition and high fashion and provides inspiration for both designers and future brides. Here is a rich collection of images from dresses suitable for religious ceremonies to bikini-clad brides on the beach. Fantastic movie stills show some of the most glamorous wedding dresses ever made. Reportage shots from celebrity marriages celebrate Bianca Jagger on the Côte d’Azur in a white suit and Princess Grace, demure in white lace. Paparazzi pictures of white dresses worn on the red carpet will inspire exciting bridal wear today. Photos and fashion illustrations from leading fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, and dresses by designers including Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Vera Wang complete the picture. Tiaras, trains, flowers, scarves, veils and other essential bridal accessories feature throughout. With its strong narrative and careful selection of beautiful plates, this volume is a fashion bible for new brides and fashion designers alike, not to mention all those of us who cry at weddings! 320 large pages packed with glorious b/w and colour photos.

£24.95 NOW £7 66277 HANDBAGS: What

Every Woman Should Know by Stephanie Pederson Do you fantasise about Fendi, drool over Dior and gush over Gucci? Featured are all the famous names from Yves Saint Laurent, through Louis Vuitton and Prada to Mary Quant.

Guaranteed to satisfy the cravings of even the highest maintenance bag addicts, this sassy gift book for glamour girls everywhere will help you to get your hands on the hottest handbags in history, discover the compelling past of purses, and find out how to get the best from your most adored accessory. 128 pages illustrated mostly in colour with archive photos and vintage ads.

£9.99 NOW £3.50


by Trinny Woodall and

Susannah Constantine Superb coverage on scarves, gloves, shoes and bags, even looking at the shape of your ankles and demonstrating which

shoes, like flat pumps to medium heels, will look best. It suggests what to chuck out of your wardrobe, how to organise your underwear drawer, which boots will suit your leg shape best, how to wear necklaces, belts and even gloves depending on your body shape, under eye circles and disguising scars with concealer, what to travel with, and classic mistakes in your make-up. 336pp. Colour photos. £20 NOW £6

67610 SINGING THE LIFE: The Story of a

Family in the Shadow of Cancer by Elizabeth Bryan

All three Bryan sisters have had cancer as a result of an inherited gene. Writing not only as a daughter, sister and aunt of those afflicted and bereaved by cancer but as a sufferer herself, the author conveys the shock, sadness and uncertainties that come with diagnosis and treatment. By comparing the impacts of remission and terminal prognoses, she offers a uniquely wide-ranging account of dealing with the terrifying illness and the threat it still poses to her family. 306 pages with colour and b/w illus.

£12.99 NOW £2

68197 NATURAL HEALING: Remedies and Therapies by Mark Evans

On glossy paper here are over 600 colour images of natural remedies plus helpful step-by-step photographs of techniques. It clearly explains the main alternative therapies and their advantages - aromatherapy, massage, herbalism, naturopathy, shiatsu, reflexology, moxibustion, homeopathy, Bach Flower remedies, Makko Ho and iridology, hypnotherapy, hydrotherapy, meditation and rolfing. Makko Ho looks rather like yoga but is a series of exercises originating in Japan to develop the flow of energy or Qi in our bodies and is widely used in the Shiatsu world of self healing techniques. Cranio- sacral therapy, foot massage, meditation and exercise are all included in this superb handbook on wellbeing. 256pp with space for your own notes on glossy white paper. Large softback. ONLY £5

68200 OSTEOPOROSIS: The Silent Epidemic by Marilyn Glenville

Osteoporosis is treatable and preventable and this book will show you how. Inside you will discover whether you have any symptoms and if you can tell you have got it, how to avoid it, how you can boost your bone health and why diet and exercise are so important. Looks at the risk factors, testing, drug treatments, the nutritional approach to healthy bones which is not just about calcium, looking whether osteoporosis is in your genes, the plan of action for you, eating for stronger bones and a look at men and osteoporosis. With useful addresses and clinic information. 208pp in large softback with charts.

£10.99 NOW £4.75

68226 WOMEN’S HEALTH FOR LIFE edited by Dr Sarah Jarvis et al

Top to toe healthcare is the subject of this magnificent volume. We take a look at diagnosing symptoms of the head and face, upper chest, abdomen to pelvis, genitals and bladder, neck and back through to your limbs by way of breast health, heart and circulation, brain and nerves, breathing and respiration, mental health, blood disorders, bones and joints, the digestive system, hormones and metabolism, the bladder and urinary tract and skin and hair. Kidney stones, type 2 diabetes, painful shoulder, bruising easily amd coronary heart disease are among the thousands of topics covered. 384 very large pages, colour photos. £20 NOW £8

68267 THE SEE-SAW: 100 Ideas for Work- Life Balance by Julia Hobsbawm

The 36 hour day, your little angels and devils, work and childcare, flexibility, fitness, freaking out, guilt and the g- spot, here are your top ten headaches of modern living. Pressure, lack of government recognition of carers, inequality in pay - this is the book for superwoman who might land with a bump. In a society where women are under constant pressure to juggle their commitments as partners, carers and workers, our book offers life- changing tips and dozens of case studies to inspire and reassure you that you can get your work-life balance back on track. How do I save time? How do I relax? Bursting with practical advice. 168pp in paperback. £6.99 NOW £1.50

68280 HEARING LOSS: From Stigma to Strategy by Michael Simmons

Hearing loss is under researched and under funded and frequently exploited by unscrupulous hearing appliance manufacturers. The author looks at the challenge and stigma associated with it, investigates the historical figures who have experienced the condition, the remedies that sufferers and their partners have tried and finds that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. 190pp in paperback. £12.95 NOW £4

68359 CANCER - ANY AGE, ANY TIME: The Practical Step-By-Step Guide For Men To Preventing, Detecting and Beating Cancer by Dr Ian Banks

In the UK nearly two-thirds of men are overweight. Portion control, smart shopping and moderate exercise are all essential. Respiratory, blood, brain, and digestive cancers are discussed, followed by the endocrine system and cancers of the bones, skin and uro-genital system. Treatment options include chemotherapy, surgery or, with slow-growing cancers, simple monitoring. The second section of the book covers getting the best from your GP and pharmacist, including asking for a second opinion, screening programmes and living with cancer. The final part of the book lists the common symptoms which can be associated with cancer but may have many other causes. 58pp, numerous charts and diagrams.

£12.99 NOW £3

68301 SECRET PLEASURES OF THE MENOPAUSE PLAYBOOK: A Guide to Creating Vibrant Health

Through Pleasure by Christiane Northrup Scores of midlife women share the nitty-gritty details about how they incorporate delightful, sensuous and health-enhancing ideas into their own lives. Their poignant,

insightful, straight-from-the-heart stories illustrate the empowering truth that simply daring to expand joy and pleasure in your life is actually the key to creating vibrant health - physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually. At the end of each chapter, there is space for you to choose options and record your own ideas. 222 pages.

£9.99 NOW £3 Bibliophile Books Unit 5 Datapoint, 6 South Crescent, London E16 4TL TEL: 020 74 74 24 74 68303 MINDLESS EATING: Why We Eat More

Than We Think by Brian Wansink No crash diets, no frustrating calorie counting and no starving yourself - but still lose weight? With an insightful exploration into our habits and what makes us eat the way we eat, the author demonstrates that it is not what we eat that matters, it is how we eat it. In fact, every one of us makes over 200 decisions about eating every day and, of those, 90 per cent are made without any conscious choice. What does your favourite comfort food say about you? People, says the author, do not eat calories, they eat volume and, simply by gaining knowledge of your eating habits, it is entirely possible to lose a stone in weight. 276 pages with line drawings. £8.99 NOW £3.75


NATURALLY by Lisa Helmanis

This book encourages a genuinely holistic approach to getting the best sleep possible and combating all common sleep disturbances, whether short term or persistent. It explains the different phases of sleep and circadian rhythms, offers advice on alternative and complementary

therapies, shows how to tackle dietary factors and suggests sleep-inducing foods and drinks. There are also strategies for combating ailments affecting sleep such as jetlag, mood swings, anxiety, sleep deprivation and sleep apnoea. Middle age weight gain increases the narrowing of the throat and the chance of snoring in both sexes. Women tend to get colder than men at night - hence the duvet struggle! 160pp in large softback. Colour photos. £12.99 NOW £5


COLITIS: 2nd Edition by Fred Saibil Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) includes two chronic conditions known as Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. These have remained for far too long the secret illnesses that no-one wants to discuss. In this fully revised and updated bestseller, Dr. Fred Saibil, a renowned expert looks at signs and symptoms, diagnostic tests including capsule endoscopy and MRI, the effects of diet, various surgical options, how drugs work including the new biological and probiotic varieties, effects on sexual activity and childbearing, and recent genetic discoveries. Dr. Saibil provides travel tips and other useful self-help strategies for living with IBD. Diagrams, 224pp in paperback. $19.95 NOW £5

68810 EASEFUL DEATH: Is There a Case for Assisted Dying?

by Mary Warnock and Elisabeth McDonald Published by the Oxford University Press, this is a serious treatment of the subject of voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide. In the British parliament there have been three recent attempts in 2003, 2004 and 2005 to legalise assisted death for those who requested it and who were terminally ill. The subject is now a matter of much more urgency because in an age where medical technology is constantly becoming more sophisticated, many people who die in hospital could be kept alive almost indefinitely on life support machines. Secondly, in the old days an individual doctor might decide on treatment or the withdrawal of treatment, relying on his own judgement. Lastly, the book looks into the practice in other countries where some form of assisted death is already lawful. 155pp in paperback. £7.99 NOW £3

68368 EATING POMEGRANATES: A Memoir of Mothers, Daughters and Genes by Sarah Gabriel

With a home, a partner and two beautiful daughters, the author intends to write a novel about family relationships. But then, at 44, she is diagnosed with breast cancer and learns that, while you can turn your back on your past, you cannot escape your genetic legacy. Her problem is M18T, a rare and deadly mutation on the BRCA1 gene that has already killed her mother and countless female ancestors. Will it claim another victim? In her struggle for survival, she takes us on a white-knuckle ride through contemporary genetics, the rigours of her treatments for cancer and the impact of the disease on her family’s dynamics. It also concerns a fight for identity and for sanity. 308 brutal but beautiful pages. £16.99 NOW £2


Remember to the last, that while there is life there is hope.

- Charles Dickens, Wreck of the Golden Mary

69110 HEART AND STOMACH OF A KING: Elizabeth I, The Wiles of a Virgin Queen

by English Heritage

Drawing on anecdotes, quotations and intriguing snippets of historical fact, this book highlights the wit, wisdom, guile and statesmanship of

a resourceful and fascinating queen. The celebrated Virgin Queen was the last of the Tudor monarchs and the blood of her father, Henry VIII, flowed vigorously through her veins. Whether she was heroically exhorting her troops at Tilbury to repulse the Spanish Armada or dealing with a high-handed courtier, her manner and expression seldom failed to leave their mark. Her godson, Sir John Harington, commented: ‘When she smiled it was pure sunshine, that everyone did choose to bask in, if they could… but anon came a storm from a sudden gathering of clouds, and the thunder fell in wondrous manner on all alike’. A riveting 92 pocket- sized pages illustrated in b/w. £7.99 NOW £4

69079 MUSSOLINI’S BARBER: And Other Stories of the Unknown Players Who Made History Happen by Graeme Donald

Tired of the usual books about the great generals of military history and those famous men, and women, whose heroic deeds changed the course of whichever


particular war they were involved in? Then what about those people, no less significant, behind the front line? This unusual book reveals the stories of 45 of military history’s bit players. They include the actor, Norman Shelley, who was said to have voiced some of Churchill’s most famous speeches during World War II, thus raising the morale of the whole nation and inspiring the population to deeds of valour. Here, too is Luigi Galbani, Mussolini’s Barber, who knew his client’s worst secrets - but did he keep them to himself? There is also Tsutomu Yamaguchi who, incredibly, survived the atomic bombs on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as Boston Corbett, the man who shot the man who shot President Lincoln! And many more… 288 pages illustrated in b/w. £9.99 NOW £3.50


OF ENGLAND’S QUEENS by Margaret Sanders From Catherine of Aragon to Queen Victoria, these letters provide an absorbing angle on the personal lives of England’s queens. Anne Boleyn’s bitterness, Lady Jane Grey’s last protestation of innocence and the desperate hope of Mary I to marry a Catholic monarch are revealed in these touching documents. Queen Elizabeth I was separated from

family members for much of her young life and her teenage letters make fascinating reading. On the death of her father Henry VIII she received a proposal of marriage from Thomas Seymour and when she turned him down, Seymour moved on to her stepmother Catherine Parr, the dowager queen. Elizabeth had to fend off Seymour’s flirtations even when he had married Catherine, and after her death Seymour’s plots brought about his execution. Elizabeth had to navigate skilfully once again when her Catholic half-sister Mary came to the throne and Elizabeth was the centre of Protestant intrigue. Henrietta Maria’s grief and fear after the execution of her husband Charles I, Queen Anne’s increasing isolation and Victoria’s resistance to being dominated by anyone, including her beloved Albert, are fascinatingly chronicled in these letters, together with full explanations of the context in which they were written. 235pp, paperback, b/w photos. £15.99 NOW £8



When her book ‘Married Love’ was published in 1918, it sold over a million copies and was translated into 13 languages. Its 37 year old author, Marie Stopes, a lecturer in fossil plants, insisted she was still a virgin. She went on to open the first free birth control clinic in the British Empire and to win international fame for her work.

Admired by Lloyd George and Bernard Shaw, her crusades aroused the violent opposition of the Roman Catholic Church and she became enmeshed in a series of sensational libel suits. Orderly and brilliant as a scientist, her emotional life reigned chaotic. She pursued and married a Japanese professor to Japan, declared her Canadian husband impotent and so exhausted her second husband that he consented in writing to allow her to take any lover she pleased. She remained bra-less and ardent until her late 70s. With chronology, 333pp in paperback with photos. £12.99 NOW £4

56597 MOHAMMED by Washington Irving According to Mohammed, the one true religion was revealed to five great prophets before him - Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. But each time their message was ignored and people chose to worship false gods instead. As the last and greatest prophet of the one and only God, it was his task to abolish all idolatry. For many years his mission seemed hopeless. As long as he remained in Mecca, he made few converts and had to endure dangers and persecution. But when the city of Medina offered him sanctuary, his small band of followers rapidly multiplied. Mohammed now led his armies out to do battle in the desert, spreading his religion at the point of the sword. This later part of his life, as told by Washington Irving, is as much about military conquest as spiritual teaching. 272pp. Paperback. ONLY £4


of the Garmans by Cressida Connolly They were the last muses - seven sisters who were prepared to sideline their own talent, friendship, material comforts and even their own children in order to beguile and inspire the men they loved. Each of the Garman sisters were strikingly beautiful and wild. Forging marriages, affairs and intrigues with artists like Roy Campbell, Laurie Lee and Lucian Freud that both informed those artists’ work and scandalised the establishment, their morals were unconventional, their love fierce and loyal. A family saga that encompasses bisexuality, unfaithfulness and illegitimate children. 281pp, photos.

£7.99 NOW £2.50

66766 JULIUS CAESAR by Luciano Canfora In a rich, revelatory, meticulously researched, full biographical portrait of the dictator whose mission of Romanisation lies at the very heart of modern Europe, the author offers a radically new interpretation of one of the most controversial figures in history. Julius Caesar played a leading role in the culture and politics of a world empire, dwarfing his contemporaries in ambition, appetite and achievement. He has occupied a central place in the political imagination ever since. Yet Caesar, struck down by his own lieutenants because he could be neither comprehended nor contained, remains an enigma. 392 pages with chronology. $34.95 NOW £6.50

67357 LADY PENELOPE: The Lost Tale of

Love and Politics in the Court of Elizabeth I by Sally Varlow

Penelope Devereux was a pivotal figure in Queen Elizabeth I’s court, one whose dramatic story has, until now, remained untold. Penelope’s grandmother was the love-child of King Henry VIII and Mary Boleyn, sister of the unfortunate Anne. It was inevitable that the beautiful and supremely well-connected Penelope would pose a threat to Queen Elizabeth. She had a loving mother, a nursery full of children and a handsome lover -

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