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Nature 31 69311 YESTERDAY’S FARM: A Taste of

Rural Life from the Past by Valerie Porter If ever a book was full of surprises, this must be one of the most amazing. The photo of Colin Newlove jumping his Ayrshire bull William through a flaming hoop on his farm in Yorkshire is a prime example: Newlove, who trained his bull to ride to hounds, lived into the 21st century. A photo from World War I shows landgirls hoeing briskly and wearing picturesque bonnets from bygone days. Clogs and pattens were traditional footwear for women on the farm, but in the 20th century they joined the men and wore hobnailed boots. The harvest is a major event on the farm and an astonishing photo here shows hop-workers on stilts taking a smoking break in mid-air. Lunch-break for a steam-threshing gang in the 20s shows a row of cheeky lads in front of a traction engine, while on the facing page the white-bearded Revd Joseph Henry Hutton supervises his whole household, including a seven year old boy and the local bootmaker, as they bring in the hay in 1892. In 1951 a stern looking

policemen in a high helmet is shown investigating foot- and-mouth disease at Writtle in Essex. Archive photos on every page unpack the bucolic image of rural life,

supplemented by a detailed and well- researched text. 254pp, softback, hundreds of archive photos.


Book and CD by Dr R. F. Symes et al With the CD you can download 100 incredible rock and mineral images. Using the expert files you can meet vulcanologist Marie Edmonds to learn about the greatest geologists of all time, test your rock-collecting skills with activities and start your very own log book. The 24 pull-out profile cards reveal which 48 rocks, minerals and gems every expert should know about. On the map, you can check out the detailed geological details of the world, which show plate boundaries, volcano locations and the varying age of the earth’s crust. The eye- popping, giant-sized wall poster is packed with facts and images, and finally, you can build cardboard models of the geometric structure of crystals and see how minerals form distinctive shapes. A 72 page large book with colour photos, PLUS 64 page Hands-On Guide to Geology, Clip-Art CD, profile cards, wall chart, map and cut-out crystal models. Slip-cased. £29.99 NOW £10

66765 GIANT PANDAS: Biology and Conservation

edited by Donald Lindburg and Karen Baragona A secretive denizen of the dense bamboo forests of western China has become a worldwide icon of progress in conservation and research. The most important sourcebook to date, it is the first book since 1985 to present current panda research and the first to place the species in its historical, evolutionary, biological and political and conservation contexts. More than a progress report on a highly endangered species, the book details the combination of scientific understanding, local commitment and government involvement that has turned the tide in favour of the panda. It also looks to the future, asking what more needs to be done. 308 large pages with tables, graphs, maps. £48.95 NOW £5

67130 WILDLIFE ADVENTURE’S GUIDE: A Guide to Exploring Wildlife in Britain by Steve Backshall

Anyone who watched Steve Backshall’s series for BBC TV, Deadly 60, will probably have come to the conclusion that he is slightly crazy as he exposes his person to all manner of fearsome animals. He has discovered species new to science and explored wild places not seen before. If you start early, you could end up spending your life chasing chimpanzees through the forests of Tanzania, tagging lemon sharks on tropical reefs or ringing golden eagles in their lofty Scottish eyries. He begins with the basics - the six Ss of wildlife watching - Style, Stealth, Stink, Sight, Scat and Sign. 160 pages, colour illus. £14.99 NOW £3


AND IRELAND by Christopher Lever This is the fully revised, expanded and updated edition of the 1977 classic handbook. The core of the book describes animals that have been imported, either deliberately or accidently, by humans. Other sections discuss feral domesticated species such as the reindeer and goat, ephemerals like the Oriental Short-clawed Otter and Redbelly Tilapia and reintroduced species such as the wild boar, Eurasian beaver, Great Bustard and White-tailed Eagle and proposed reintroductions like the Eurasian Lynx, Grey Wolf and Common Crane. For each species there is a history, characteristics, ecological and economic impact if any and maps showing animals’ distribution. The beautiful colour photographs reveal their astonishing varieties. Glossy paper, large hardback 242pp. £35 NOW £9

67447 NATURAL CURIOSITIES by Alfred Russel Wallace

Reproduced on glossy paper in a sturdy square hardback are beautiful plates from Audubon’s Birds of America, plates from Besler’s Herbarium, Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Natural Curiosities like his puffer fish, tropical butterflies and caddis flies, snakes from around the world, crocodiles, toads, lesser anteater, python, beautiful shells, all manner of insects, birds’ nests and more. As Lao Tzu said, ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’ Many of God’s creatures, plants and birds have been recorded carefully in scientific drawings over the last 200 years. Here are examples of many of the best in a beautiful new publication. 256pp. ONLY £9

67507 DARK BANQUET by Bill Schutt Subtitled ‘Blood and the Curious Lives of Blood-Feeding Creatures’, these are the vampires which have inhabited

our nightmares and horror stories. Schutt makes a remarkably persuasive case that leeches, ticks, bedbugs and other vampires are misunderstood. He tracks the history of medicinal leech use, once employed by the tens of millions to drain perceived excesses of blood. Today the market for these ancient creatures is booming once again, but for very different reasons. Here are also deadly encounters with ticks and mites, the latter implicated in Colony Collapse Disorder, currently devastating honeybees worldwide. 325pp, line art. $25.95 NOW £5

67510 FLIGHTS OF FANCY by Peter Tate Birds in myth, legend and superstition, this is a perfect bedside companion. A medieval Persian tradition said ‘The peacock is ashamed of its large black feet.’ In Cherokee Indian legend, ‘When the raven tried to bring fire to the world, ash turned its feathers black.’ Swallows, ravens, pelicans, nightingales, geese, lapwings, eagles, doves, cuckoos and blackbirds are among the endless flights of fancy into fascinating myths, legend and bizarre superstitions from around the world, Ancient China to Shakespeare and Siberian folklore. 180pp with beautiful line art. $19.95 NOW £4

67686 THE ARCTIC: An Anthology edited by Elizabeth Kolbert The Arctic is difficult to define. It is designated as 66 degrees 33' North, however, owing to a slight wobble in the Earth’s axial tilt, the actual Arctic circle might shift by as much as 50 feet a year. The works collected here touch on travels as far south as Iceland and as far north as the Pole itself. The author has chosen to focus on the most celebrated and most disastrous attempt to find a passage, that led by Sir John Franklin in 1845. Also included are accounts of three efforts to reach the Pole, those led by Mansen, Peary and Salomon August Andrée. 275pp in paperback. £8.99 NOW £2.25

67755 DOLPHINS AND WHALES: Biological

Guide to the Life of the Cetaceans by Maurizio Wuertz and Nadia Repetto The blue whale is the largest animal that has ever lived on Earth, with a recorded weight of a mind-boggling 209 tons and a length of 110.2 feet. The cetaceans, however, are in fact very distant relatives of man, who returned to the sea about 60,000,000 years ago. Today, there are 81 species accounted for, which have colonised nearly all the oceans and even some big rivers. Represents the most recent research conducted on these endlessly fascinating creatures and guides readers towards a vaster and deeper knowledge of their world. 168 softback pages, colour with maps, tables and graphics galore. £12.99 NOW £4

68497 PENGUIN by Frans Lanting A big glossy photographic book, one to keep on the coffee table for all visitors to enjoy. The photographer Frans Lanting hopped up the rocks to join a colony of thousands of penguins, each individual finds its way to the two square feet it claims as home. There it meets with a partner who breaks out in a frightening whine, by way of welcome. They affirm their pair bond by screaming and tossing their heads from side to side. The stunning backdrop is New Island, on the edge of the Falkland archipelago. Agile and gregarious, each member of the colony begins to take on its own character, and the big fat King penguin chicks with their oversized dark fur coats are hilarious. Against the icy blue glaciers, our little black and white friends cut quite a figure, captured either solo or in their colony. See the spectacular gatefold in the centre pages for real close ups of a rather special community. 168 very large pages, colour. ONLY £9

68632 RSPB HANDBOOK OF BRITISH BIRDS by Peter Holden and Tim Cleeves Over 1,150 superb colour illustrations showing all major plumages for each species, the handbook covers 282 common birds in Britain and Ireland. With a concise text, it offers a ‘biography’ of each species in a simple and non-technical language with key information on identification, behaviour and conservation. Covers moult patterns, habitat, range, voice, food and feeding, breeding ecology, distribution, seasonal movements and more. With map, text and illus all integrated in a very nicely designed handbook. 304pp in paperback. £9.99 NOW £6


by Billie Lythberg and Sian Northfield Are you a bold tulip or a passionate red rose? An early riser like the hyacinth or a retiring hibiscus? Or you could be a classically beautiful camellia or a social chameleon like the capricious hydrangea! Celebrated photographer Ron Van Dongen’s exquisite work captures the rich colour, fine detail and sensual form of a dizzying array of flowers: regal orchids, lush roses, sweet mimosas, delicate violets, fragrant hyacinths and more. Drawing on botanical, mythological and astrological sources, this volume is at once an insightful daily divining tool for fortune seekers and a gallery of glorious flowers for nature lovers. 376 large pages, 366 close-up colour photos. £14.99 NOW £5


Here is the natural history and conservation of these superb marine animals which form the captivating order Cetacea. Here are fascinating facts on some 85 species including White and Grey whales, Beluga and Narwhal with its mythological, unicorn-style tusk, marine dolphins and porpoises and river dolphins. The fabulous colour photographs come from the world’s best wildlife photographers. Author Tony Martin presents the latest research and leads us on a journey of discovery about some of the sea’s finest creatures. 96 huge pages in paperback, colour photos throughout. $17.95 NOW £4.50


AND EUROPE: Fifth Edition by Roger Tory Peterson et al

Sponsored inter alia by the National Audubon Society, the author’s unique system shows exactly what features to look for in order to tell one species from another. In effect, every illustration and every word is directed to being able to work in the field. The descriptions include information on geographical races, vagrants and introduced species, whilst confusing species such as waders, raptors and warblers have additional notes on how to distinguish them. 312 paperback pages with 364 range maps and 96 colour plates portraying 548 species, plus ornithological societies, checklist of European birds, topography and a section on identification. $25 NOW £4

Bibliophile Books Unit 5 Datapoint, 6 South Crescent, London E16 4TL TEL: 020 74 74 24 74 68676 A VERY VICTORIAN PASSION: The

Orchid Paintings of John Day by Phillip Cribb and Michael Tibbs Tottenham in North London was the home of John Day and his orchid glasshouses for most of his life. Day (1824-1888), from 1862, also began to paint watercolours of the plants in his own collection at High Cross. His paintings of over 2,300 orchids, bound in 53 ‘scrapbooks’ constitute a unique archive of these beautiful flowers from around the world and introduced England to orchidmania. Species of orchid have been found throughout subtropical and tropical Asia, Africa and Madagascar, the tropical Americas, Cambodia and the rainforests plus the most famous collections of the time, and Day was able to paint the first flowering of many newly cultivated wild orchids. He was a frequent visitor to the major nurseries and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew as well as the salesrooms in London which sold the newly imported orchids. Amateur growers such as S. Rucker, W. Marriott and Sir Trevor Lawrence sent him plants to paint too. The paintings are not only gloriously beautiful they are of real scientific value. The Day archive has never been published or widely available before. It is an incomparable record of the introduction of novelties from around the world, particularly the New World, India and the Far East, the early hybrids and spectacular species that have been lost to horticulture. With 465 illustrations in colour and black and white, many with his manuscript handwritten on his image, pencil drawings reproduced and some double page spreads. 464pp, 12" x 8½”. First edition 2004. £49.95 NOW £20


Darkness is cheap, and Scrooge liked it. - Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol


by Glennyce Eckersley The meaning of the word ‘angel’ is messenger. Every spiritual path and culture has references to these magnificent beings. The primary work of angels is to mediate between ourselves and God - they bring us messages of reassurance and love and the abiding knowledge that we are never alone. As a source of help and comfort, angels

have never been more popular or widely recognised. In our book they appear in many different forms - in traditional guise with wings, as a simple light or fragrance, as heavenly voices and music, or as people in modern day clothing. International angel expert Glennyce Eckersley has gathered inspiring true stories from around the world to open our eyes to new possibilities. 162pp in paperback. £6.99 NOW £3.50

68994 WE ARE THEIR HEAVEN: Why the Dead Never

Leave Us by Allison DuBois What happens to our loved ones when they die? Is there a Heaven? Is there a true connection between the living and the dead? The author’s remarkable ability as a medium has been verified by scores of people who have been contacted by the deceased through her. She has also been tested by scientists and recorded exceptionally high

marks for accuracy. Now in her book she explores both connection and communication between the living and the dead and explains that the dead choose to remain with us because we are their happiness. Throughout the book people who have had readings with Allison share their experiences, giving unique details and the initial private piece of information that convinced them that they were communicating directly with their loved ones. In turn, Allison takes us through the same readings and describes exactly what was delivered and how it was conveyed. Rather than say goodbye, here is a chance to say hello again. 214pp in paperback. £7.99 NOW £4


Zen Warrior Exercises by Martin Faulks

The Zen Warrior exercises are based on an ancient regime created by the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. He taught these simple techniques of movement and meditation with the

monks of the Shaolin Temple in China, famed for its connection to martial arts, so that they could be free of illness, halt the ageing process, and even reverse it. The exercises work by removing blockages in the body’s energy system. In one amazing story, one person practised the sequences for just one month and their grey hair turned black again! Turn back the clock with this simple set of exercises and practise them everyday to look younger and feel healthier following this ancient system of exercise. Line illus to follow. Paperback, 64pp.

$8.95 NOW £3

67975 SELF-HEALING REIKI by Brian Cook

Reiki, channelling energy through the palms of your hands, is a soulful and powerful healing technique for the body, mind and spirit. An excellent therapy to use alongside other forms of healing, it can also be used at any time, not just in times of illness, to enhance health, vitality and wellbeing. Anyone can learn the skills that are required and our step-by-step instructional book will teach you how to use the three main Reiki symbols to heal yourself and others. Each right hand page has a big illustration explaining aura and chakras, self-attunement, the three energies meditation, sending healing to the past, brushing away the day and much more. 64 page illustrated softback. $8.95 NOW £3


REGISTER: The Book of Ghosts edited by Cate Ludlow

A great many of these stories have not appeared in print since he would have read them, and there is a wealth of eerie original woodcut illustrations to add further to the sense of dread the tales evoke. Packed with reports of apparitions and premonitions of all kinds, extraordinary instances of second sight and visitations from the spirit world telling of fortune, death and disaster, the book will chill all but the stoutest of hearts, and will delight and fascinate all who love a good spooky story. 143pp. £9.99 NOW £3

68665 STONEHENGE: Build Your Own Ancient Wonder by Morgan Beard

With 16 real grey building blocks, you can have great fun waiting for a sunrise on the Summer Solstice to align your circle astronomically, just

as the ancients did. Build your own personal Stonehenge with this kit for kiddies aged five to 95. The kit comes with 16 Stonehenge rocks, a landscape map and a 32 page softback booklet guide to the monument explaining the maths and tools needed to create the Sarsen circle which is the most impressive feature and how the biggest of the stones, the Grand Trilithon, was almost 27 feet tall! £7.99 NOW £5

66538 SERVANTS OF THE SUPERNATURAL: The Night Side of the Victorian Mind by Antonio Melechi

Mesmerism was the pseudo-science beloved of many Victorians which gave birth to another Victorian supernatural obsession, the séance. Mediums and psychics were investigated by amateur sleuths and renowned scientists such as Darwin and Faraday. In its late-19th century “golden age” the Victorian obsession with science, religious doubt and entertainment saw not only a motley bunch of quacks, bluffers and rogues get on the séance bandwagon, but also respected physicians like Sir John Elliotson and writers as real and rational as Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle were to find spiritual succour in its mysteries. 290pp with b/w plates. £20 NOW £3.50

55439 TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER by Dennis Wheatley

Why did the solitary girl leave her rented house on the French Riviera only for short walks at night? Why was she so frightened? Why did animals shrink away from her? The girl herself didn’t know, and was certainly not aware of the terrible appointment which had been made for her long ago and was now drawing close. Molly Fountain, the tough-minded Englishwoman living next door, was determined to find the answer. She sent for a wartime secret service colleague to come and help. What they discovered was horrifying beyond anything they could have imagined. Dennis Wheatley returned in this book to his black magic theme. This is, by any standards, a terrific story. 336pp, paperback. ONLY £3

68181 HUMAN DESIGN: Discover the Person

You Were Born to Be by Chetan Parkyn

The author is a British man who originally qualified as a mechanical engineer. His book is designed to be read alongside our Human Design life chart which reveals your personality blueprint and the chart can be found at the website Download the programme and take your first step on a miraculous journey. More individually specific than astrology, it is a revolutionary system that is changing people’s lives around the world. Using the date, time and location of your birth, it reveals the person you were born to be and the life you were meant to lead. Perhaps you would like to make better decisions, discover potential careers, partners or your highest potential and find out who you really are. It is, after all, written in the stars. 304pp in very large softback with line art. £14.99 NOW £6.50

69203 GHOSTHUNTER: A Journey Through Haunted France by Simon Marsden

In Britain we are rightly proud of our haunted history, and Sir Simon Marsden has spent over 40 years pursuing the elusive trace of ghosts and associated otherworldly manifestations all over Europe, a fascination that began during his childhood in the English countryside. With all these decades of ghosthunting behind him he is firmly of the opinion that when it comes to haunted places France and Britain are in a class apart. For this stunningly atmospheric volume, published in Paris by Flammarion, he visited the chateaux, cemeteries, abandoned ruins and forests around which famous ghost stories have circulated for centuries, armed with his camera and a sense of excitement tinged with foreboding. Starting in Paris, he travels north to Normandy then west to Brittany. Next he travels eastwards through Vendée and the Loire Valley to Burgundy and Lyon, before heading south to Auvergne and the Dordogne. From there he headed to the Pyrenees then east along the southern coast of Provence, finishing at Arles. In all he visited 56 sites, and for each there is one or more b/w photos of outstanding and often unsettling supernatural beauty which capture the place itself and, more importantly, the aura and essence of the place in a very moving way. Marsden relates the legends and ghost sightings that surround the location with obvious relish, tales of murder, skulduggery, passion, lost love and violence, as well as giving the

earthbound history of the buildings and those associated with them. A very special book of a riveting ghost hunt across France which unveils her darkest secrets and most terrifying legends. 192pp, 10"×11¼” with bibliography and site index.

£24.95 NOW £10



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