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Religion & Philosophy 33

actually harming them. 440pp paperback. £8.99 NOW £3


by Niall Edworthy and Petra Cramsie A clear-sighted and indispensible guide for your journey through the vale of tears and Slough of Despond, be comforted in the knowledge that millions share your sense of impending heartbreak and doom. Packed full of pithy saying from both sides of the fence and history and arranged for both persuasions in A-Z format by category from Art to Youth. Very funny. 250pp. $16.95 NOW £2.50


‘Repositioning’ is about assessing where you are today and facing yourself as you are. Use the book as a navigator, looking after your expenses and how you may bring your loved ones into your life and inner thoughts a little more or how you might strive to include your family in your public life. And finally, telling the truth about the past and looking after your supporters in life. Take charge now of your finances, relationships and creativity and ultimately change your material and spiritual condition and mood to improve your life. 231pp in large softback. £9.99 NOW £3

68302 FREE YOURSELF FROM FEAR: Conquering Your Phobias, Anxieties and Fears by Dr Lucy Atcheson

Fear is the feeling of being intimidated or being made to feel insecure about a situation, emotion or object. Here leading Harley Street psychologist Lucy Atcheson, who featured in the successful TV series The Panic Room and Make Me Perfect, explains the different types of fear and the variety of ways in which it can limit and control us. Using her advice, which is based upon her own case studies, she offers highly effective practical advice to help the reader overcome phobias and phobic behaviour, panic attacks and anxiety, and fear of social occasions, people, places and things. 280pp paperback. £8.99 NOW £3.50

68381 HOW MANY FRIENDS DOES ONE PERSON NEED?: Dunbar’s Number and Other

Evolutionary Quirks by Robin Dunbar The Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford gives a superbly entertaining account of some of evolution’s more fascinating quirks. The author is fascinated by the reproductive cycle of the bonellia worm, and moving on quickly from sex to drugs, another evolutionary fact is that during the 1950s DDT and penicillin were wonder remedies, but bacteria quickly developed resistance, with the result that penicillin- resistant MRSA and a host of other horrors are now with us. Dunbar investigates the psychology of lonely-hearts ads, why men in their late 40s wildly overestimate the strength of their bargaining power and why women place a very high premium on wealth. And was Obama’s election a triumph of political skill or was he just taller than his opponent? 302pp. £14.99 NOW £3

68777 LIAR: The Truth About Lying by Robert Feldman

Packed with examples such as Amanda and the Seven Dwarves, the Mystery of Charles Darwin, false confessions, tricks, lies and cheats, here are mindboggling examples of real life liars who are caught in the act, as well as years of research into deception. But don’t feel bad - we all tell lies, all the time. Two to three times in a ten minute conversation is the average according to the latest research. The author reveals the truth about why we lie, including how children learn to do it, what it costs us, how we benefit and how it can fail with catastrophic results. 292pp in paperback. £7.99 NOW £2.50


“God bless us every one!” said Tiny Tim, the last of all.

- Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

67409 PUZZLEMENTS AND PREDICAMENTS OF THE BIBLE by Linda Washington, Schmitt and Smillie

Subtitled The Weird, the Wacky and the Wondrous, this gathering of intriguing stories uncovers some of the most puzzling people and prickly predicaments found in the Bible. Read about talking animals, a man- swallowing fish, plagues and prostitutes, good kings and bad

queens, harrowing escapes and miraculous healings. Read about Noah’s losing battle with some high-proof wine, and how Lot’s effort at ‘family values’ goes awry as he settles in Sodom. Find out where the prophet Jonah finds himself when he jumps off a ship and how the Prophet Jeremiah uses dirty underwear to make a point. Watch King David fake insanity and Jesus miraculously stretch one meal to feed thousands. With helpful indexes, here is a whimsical look which reminds us why the Bible is still the most popular book in the world. A super book to dip into again and again. 272pp in paperback.

$13.99 NOW £3.50


by St John the Divine The Book of Revelation is a work without parallel - visionary and spiritual, powerful and terrifying. The last of the books of the New Testament, it relates an apocalyptic time of war and disaster, a final judgement of the wicked and the

dawn of a new heaven and earth. This handsome edition brings together the text with many of the artworks it has inspired down the centuries, from medieval illuminated manuscripts to magnificent paintings

by Raphael and William Blake. A detailed introduction helps to explain the symbolism and structure, as well as the cryptic signs and allusions of this extraordinary text. For example, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represent war, famine, conquest and death, while the woman arrayed in scarlet and purple represents Rome and its empire. With an introduction by George Davidson. 126 large softback pages lavishly illustrated in dazzling colour. ONLY £6

69157 THE PRAYER DECK edited by Emma Beare An elegant box containing 50 prayers for everyday living on sturdy large cards which could be slipped into your bag and used for contemplation. Each has a dreamy colour photograph from the world of nature like deserts, ferns, trees on an icy lake, or a meadow in full bloom. Praying is not easy. Every day so many other things require

our attention, and the world around us puts little value on prayer. Yet many of us still feel the need to pray. The words chosen here could be simple and humble, a cry of love or despair, always coming from the heart. There is still a place for written prayers, both old favourites like the Lord’s Prayer or the whisperings of a long dead saint. If you do not have the words to get you started, these cards will give you just that. There is a Celtic prayer from the Carmina Gadelica, a traditional Jewish prayer, the words of Hildegarde of Bingen, St. Francis of Assisi, Mechthild of Magdeburg and Sanskrit prayers, among others. £12.99 NOW £6.50

68740 ROAD TO SIENA: The Essential

Biography of St. Catherine by Edmund Gardner First published in 1907, Edmund Garrett Gardner’s classic work on St. Catherine of Siena remains one of the most important modern biographies of a medieval saint ever written. This edition was published in the US in 2009, and is slightly abridged and generously supplemented with reflections of other biographers, historians and artists. The influence of Catherine of Siena (1347-1380) was felt throughout the kingdoms of Europe. She enjoyed the confidence of popes, royalty, bishops and, most of all, the common people of Italy. Gardner was the first to uncover and examine original documents in the Vatican Secret Archive relating to his subject’s life which had been left largely untouched for over five centuries, including the manuscripts of her letters, which had been unaccountably neglected by previous biographers. This edition is the definitive biography of St Catherine. 205pp, US first edition. $21.99 NOW £4.50

68759 WATKINS DICTIONARY OF ANGELS: Over 2,000 Entries on Angels and Angelic Beings by Julia Cresswell

The author has researched angels across religions, folklore, literature and art, to compile the most comprehensive angel resource ever published. More than 2,000 entries cover all the angelic references in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as well as angel figures from other traditions such as Zoroastrianism, the ancient Persian religion. Cross-references shed light on the role of particular angels such as Gabriel, in more than one tradition. Read in depth and detail about angels’ supposed physical appearance, their functions, what they were designated to guard and why, their place in the hierarchy of angelic beings, all the names they are known by, and more. 217 paperback pages. $17.95 NOW £5

68765 THE CANON: The Pagan Mystery as the

Rule of all the Arts by W. Stirling The Canon appeared anonymously in 1897 and enjoyed a high reputation. The subject of The Canon is the ancient esoteric Law which formally regulated every aspect of human activity, which provided a canonical standard for all the arts and sciences, as music, architecture, sculpture, astronomy and the art of government. According to Plato it preserved for over 10,000 years the stability of Egyptian culture. The numerical ratios of which the Law was essentially composed, were also applied to metaphysics and theology. The nature of each god was represented by a number, to which reference was made in the numerical value of the letters in his name, in the dimensions of his temples, and the number of verses in the hymns addressed to him. 404pp, illus. ONLY £4

68782 THE SOUL’S CODE: In Search of

Character and Calling by James Hillman Plato and the Greeks called it ‘Daimon’, the Romans ‘Genius’, the Christians ‘Guardian Angel’, and today we use such terms as heart, spirit and soul. For the author, it is the central and guiding force of his utterly unique ‘acorn theory’. His imaginative code offers a liberating vision of childhood troubles and an exciting approach to themes such as fate, fatalism, character, desire, family influence and freedom and most of all calling - that invisible mystery at the centre of every life that voices the fundamental question ‘what is it, in my heart, that I must do, be and have? And why?’ 336pp in paperback. £10.99 NOW £3

210654 GOLDEN BOUGH A Study in Magic and Religion

by Sir James Frazer Sir James George Frazer (1854- 1941) is rightly regarded as one of the founders of modern

anthropology. ‘The Golden Bough’, his masterpiece, appeared in 12 volumes between 1890 and 1915. This volume is the author’s own abridgement of his great work, and was first published in 1922. Remarkable for its vast assembly of

facts and its charm of presentation, it offers the thesis that man progresses from magic through religious belief to scientific thought. It discusses fertility rites, human sacrifice, the dying god, the scapegoat and many other symbols and practices which have influenced a whole generation of 20th century writers. 784pp. Paperback. ONLY £4

30323 HOLY QUR’AN by Abdullah Yusuf Ali The Holy Qu’ran (also known as The Koran) is the sacred book of Islam. It is the word of God whose truth was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel over a period of 23 years. The first full

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compilation was by Abu Bakar, the first Caliph, and it was then recompiled in the original dialect by the third Caliph Uthman, after the best reciters had fallen in battle. Muslims believe that the truths of the Qur’an are fully and authentically revealed only in the original classical Arabic. This translation, by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, is considered to be the most faithful rendering available in English. 562pp. Paperback. ONLY £4

62887 BIBLE IN PICTURES: THE LUTHER ILLUSTRATED BIBLE From The Workshop of Lucas Cranach (1534) by Prof. Dr. Stephan Füssel

Martin Luther’s Bible, published in 1534, was the first complete German Bible and a pivotal event in the history of Christianity. Luther’s revolutionary translation, modern in vernacular and interpretation, made the Bible accessible to laypeople, fuelled anger and revulsion toward Rome and the Papacy, and begat a new religion, Protestantism. The most desirable copies came with shockingly graphic and politically-charged illustrations, such as those depicting the Whore of Babylon riding a seven-headed beast while wearing the Papal crown, or the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse led by a Turkish soldier. Other illus are of powerful angels, Death on horseback and stories from the Bible like Susanna or Antiochus with his letter to the Jews. Here are the 117 hand-coloured woodcut illustrations that triggered a religious revolution, created in the workshop of Lucas Cranach (1534). Each is meticulously reproduced from a rare and sumptuous original copy. Stephan Füssel provides a scholarly overview of Luther’s life, the historic context and cultural significance of his Bible. Colour facsimile illus, 9" x 13½”, 200 pages. ONLY £16

64970 THE BIBLE: A Biography by Karen Armstrong

The Bible, the single work at the heart of Christianity, is the spiritual guide for one out of every three people in the world. Translated into over 2,000 languages, it is a perennial bestseller. Acclaimed historian Karen Armstrong discusses the conception, gestation and life history of this most powerful of books. She analyses the climate in which oral history was turned into written scripture, how this was collected into work and how it became accepted as Christianity’s sacred text. She explores the challenges to the historical accuracy of the Bible caused by Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and in eight short chapters this former nun and literature professor makes the complex relatively simple. 300pp. $21.95 NOW £4.50

65675 HOLY BIBLE: The National Family Bible Limited Edition

edited by the Reverend John Eadie Bound in full cloth, foil blocked with gilt-edged pages, there are over 1200 pages and 25 colour and black and white plates. Measuring 30cms x 24cms, this huge heavyweight ‘Illustrated National Family Bible with the Commentaries of Scott and Henry’ contains all the books of the Old and New Testaments. It has marble end papers, a satin bookmark and many thousand critical and explanatory notes, a family register to fill in with names and spaces for children, dates of birth, marriage and death and a family portrait gallery in the colour plates section at the beginning of the tome. A rare find. Special limited edition of 3,000 copies. £75 NOW £29


Extraordinary First-Person Accounts of Healings, Mysteries and Miracles by Nancy Connor and Bradford Keeney An intimate encounter with traditional healers from nine unique indigenous cultures. The traditional healers of Bali share vital lessons on balanced living before you explore the secrets of Japan’s masters of seiki jutsu. After visiting the Shakers of St. Vincent, who use the power of mourning and ecstatic prayer to create community- based healing, you conclude your journey in Africa, where you witness the ceremonial dances of Kalahari Bushman Mabolelo Shikwe ‘the man who says and knows everything’. 286 pages, colour and b/w illus. £22 NOW £4.50

66259 CHRIST THE LORD: The Road to Cana by Anne Rice

The bestselling novelist presents a second book in her hugely ambitious and scrupulously researched life of Christ. It begins in the last winter of the ‘hidden years’, culminates with 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness, and concludes with a miracle - the turning of water into wine at the marriage in Cana. In a vivid and moving narrative, she recreates that miraculous journey. We see Jesus - Yeshua Bar Joseph - during a winter of no rain, endless dust and disruption in Judea. Now in his 30th year, this quiet man of Nazareth emerges from his baptism in the River Jordan to confront his mission - and the devil. 242pp in large softback. £11.99 NOW £1.75

67053 ASCENT OF MOUNT CARMEL by St. John of the Cross

When St. John of the Cross was proclaimed to be a Doctor of the Church, Pope Pius XI praised his work as ‘a guide and handbook for the man of faith who proposes to embrace a life of perfection’. Born in 1542 as Juan de Yepes Fontiveros, after studies in Medina, Juan took the Carmelite habit in 1563. Imprisoned in Toledo during the 16th century, St. John wrote about his spiritual struggles with a unique poetic vision, illuminating a path for the faithful to grow closer to God. John’s words are uplifting, lyrical and filled with hope for any soul who aspires to the Divine union. 334 pages. Paperback. £11.99 NOW £2.75

67505 CHRISTIAN WORLD: A Global History by Martin Marty

By examining this facet of Christianity from its historical and sociological viewpoints, Marty lays bare the roots of the faith, in turn chronicling its success throughout the world. He provides clear interpretations of the history, canon and liturgy of Christianity for readers of all faiths and levels of familiarity. He depicts the life of Christ and His teachings and explains how the apostles set out to spread the gospel, and how the religion emerged from Africa, the Levant and Asia Minor, was imported into Europe and from there spread across the world, mainly via trade and conquest. 262pp. £15.50 NOW £2.75

67211 MYSTICAL LIFE OF JESUS by Sylvia Browne

The renowned psychic Sylvia Browne addresses his birth, childhood, travels, ministry, miracles, crucifixion,


death and resurrection and asks was Jesus married? Was he divine? What did he do for the first 30 years of his life? Was it a virgin birth? Was there a Star of Bethlehem? Is there a Jesus lineage? Using her relationship with her spirit guide and her in depth knowledge of the controversial Gnostic texts, she answers all of these questions with the confidence and authority which only someone who has visited the afterlife can bring. 245pp in paperback. £7.99 NOW £3

68701 GOD UNDER MY ROOF: Celtic Songs and

Blessings by Esther de Waal Facsimile reprint of a 1984 British classic we have imported from the US. Esther de Waal has brought together a collection of significant poems, blessings, prayers and songs that embody the vivid sense of the presence of God that marks Celtic spirituality. She evokes the beauty and richness and poetic tradition imposed ranging from birth to death,

dawn to dusk, the dark of winter to the light of midsummer. For the Celtic peoples, praying was part of the pattern of life. The prayers of household and farm and workplace were handed down from generation to generation in oral tradition. 74pp, illus. $14.95 NOW £3.75


Moslem, Christian and Jewish by J. E. Hanauer A lifelong resident cleric of the Holy Land, Canon J. E. Hanauer lovingly gathered these folk tales from an area that is the home to three great religions - Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Here are stories describing the cause of earthquakes and eclipses, the death of Aaron and Moses and the lives of David, Solomon and Simon the Just. Here are detective stories and scraps of unwritten history, nursery tales and lore about animals, plants and magic cures. 280pp in paperback, a facsimile enlarged reprint of the 1935 edition. £14.95 NOW £4

67658 SATAN: A Biography by P.G. Maxwell-Stuart

Every religion and culture since time immemorial has attempted to personify evil in some way, but Christianity in particular developed a highly graphic view of Satan from its earliest period. He has been portrayed as grotesque and beautiful, threatening and helpful, terrifying and comical, playing a variety of roles in human existence. In the Middle Ages he was the feared and frightening adversary of humankind, blamed for everything from crop failure to infertility. In the 16th century he was the supposed master and friend of witches, many of whom were burned, and in the 17th century he was cast as seducer-in-chief of the devout. 36 b/w plates, 224pp softback. £14.99 NOW £4


Reader’s Companion with New Translations by James Kugel

An acclaimed Harvard scholar has selected 18 essential poems from the Hebrew Bible and offers his own original and articulate translations of these core pieces of religious literature. The author explains traditions, clarifies often- misunderstood language and offers readers wonderfully insightful explanations that are indispensable to understanding the poems and, ultimately, the fundamental teachings of the Old Testament. 350 paperback pages with dates of important figures and events, notes on translations and scriptural index. £13.75 NOW £4.50

68215 SPIRITUAL CLASSICS by James Russell

Subtitled ‘The Thinking Person’s Guide to Great Spiritual Books’, this superb compendium includes books from many different parts of the Christian church over the centuries including medieval mysticism, Quakers, modern evangelists, Protestant and Catholic alike. Includes Sayings of the Desert Fathers, Theresa of Avila, John

Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, G. K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, The Way of a Pilgrim, Timothy Keller’s The Reason for God, extracts from letters and diaries in a section called Approaches to Prayer, Simone Weil’s Gravity and Grace, Leo Tolstoy’s A Confession, Mother Theresa’s No Greater Love and even includes secular texts from William Blake, Dostoevsky and Salinger and ends with alternative approaches from the Tao Te Ching and The Prophet to Carlos Castaneda. 244pp in large softback.

ONLY £3.50

68290 LOVED: Stories of Forgiveness edited by Rebecca St. James

Compiled by a Grammy award-winning musician, author and actress, Rebecca St. James. Her book is about prodigals and for prodigals, which is all of us. God has His arms open wide waiting for us, no matter what we have done. This is her message of hope which every generation needs to hear. No matter where you have been and what you have done, you are loved. She invites us to pray and take a journey with her as we encounter God’s extravagant love for humankind. Here are 48 true stories of women who turned away from God before finding their way back to Him. 238pp in paperback.

£11.99 NOW £3.75

68611 SONG OF KRISHNA translated by Sir Edwin Arnold Subtitled The Illustrated Bhagavad Gita, this famous Sanskrit poem occurs as an episode in the Mahabharata in the 6th century or Bhishma, Parva of the great Hindu epic. It is regarded as a jewel of Indian literature with its plain but noble language which unfolds a philosophical system which remains to this day the prevailing Brahmanic belief, blending as it does the doctrines of Kapila, Patanjali and the Vedas. This beautiful poem is here beautifully decorated with Indian miniatures on each right hand page in glowing colour. 320pp. £9.99 NOW £3.50


to Mao Second Edition Revised and Expanded by Martin Cohen

In a clear, relaxed, jargon-free and often witty account of political philosophy, great schools of thought are audaciously summarised in a paragraph or two which,

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