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products.” Now back in the US, she is pursuing a master’s of music in harp per- formance at the Peabody Institute in Bal - ti more, MD. Keith Petri recently launched online travel tool iGottaGuide, which connects local and visiting tourists to professional and amateur tour guides. For more, and if you’re ever planning a trip to NYC, visit Leah Sussman is beginning her second

year as an AmeriCorps volunteer at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona in Phoenix, where she tutors and mentors middle and high school students. She has run two half-marathons (one with Emma New - combe) and has been training for a full. For the past year Amanda LaRose has

been interning at the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, NJ, and working as a tech in a local vet’s office. She says, “The phrase ‘creative thought matters’ has cer- tainly stayed in the back of my mind as I find new ways to enrich the animals I work with and solve many exhibit prob- lems.” She is currently attending St. George’s University of Veterinary Medi - cine in Gra nada. Emily Schlemmer is pursuing a master’s

at the Harvard Graduate School of Edu - cation in technology, innovation, and education. Kyle Bogaert started a master’s program

in maternal and child health at Boston University’s School of Public Health. Lauren Donovan lives in Manhattan

and works in publicity at Random House Children’s Books, along with Linda Leon - ard ’96, who handles online marketing, and Lee Wade ’81, co-publisher of the Schwartz & Wade imprint. Heather Friedman has been studying international infectious-disease epidemiol- ogy, with an emphasis on water scarcity issues in Africa. She is currently in Kenya studying with the Maasai community. She will finish a master’s program later this year.

Arielle Manstein is in Elkins Park, PA,

and on track to go to dental school. And she’s still rooting for the Phillies! Keke Mullins spent the last year in

Boul der, CO, interning and taking gradu- ate classes at the University of Colorado. She is now enrolled in a master’s program in film production at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Joshua Stone finished his first year of

med school at Penn State and loves it. This summer, he did neurosurgery re - search on deep brain stimulation and served as treasurer for the Neurosurgery Interest Group. He was also the physician

coordinator for LionCare, a student-run free clinic for the uninsured in Harris - burg, PA. He says, “I’m looking forward to year two!” Johanna Barr is a news editor at the Huffington Post, where she is part of a five- person team that edits all the original reporting that appears on the site. She was accepted to the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University for a master’s in digital media, but she elected to stay put and hopes to attend Columbia in a few years. Emily Goldman lives in Manhattan, where she works in digital advertising at Collective. She enjoyed her first full year of employment and exploring all that NYC has to offer. Riley Capus lives with Nate Morgan in

the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadel - phia, PA. She has been working one-on- one with kids with psychological prob- lems. “It’s been a difficult job, but I love it,” she says. She misses Saratoga and can’t wait to visit! Chantrice Ollie is a division leader for Primerica in South Euclid, OH. I had a wonderful time at our unofficial Class of 2010 reunion: graduation 2011! It was great to spend time with Melissa Ross, Anne Wisan, Jordan Klein, Sara Riker, Jess Thorn, Ross Goldberg, Pat Cronin, Adrian Texidor, Matt Vollinger, Michael Cass-Antony, Elissa Nadworny, Kathryn Alexander, Tess Dmitrovsky, Jeff Meyers, and so many others. It felt like “old times” as we ran into each other on Broadway or Caroline Street. I have one year left in Jackson, and am excited to be joined in the South by several re - cent Skidmore graduates—including Ben - jamin Vail ’11 and Elizabeth Gron quist ’11, who are doing Teach For Amer ica. I look forward to visits if you make cross- country road trips. CLAIRE SOLOMON 1715 MYRTLE STREET JACKSON, MS 39202-1336 CLAIRE.A.SOLOMON@GMAIL.COM

for Peace. She teamed up with Taliah Hope-Griffith ’12 on a mobile-library ini- tiative in the rural villages of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. They got the idea while on a community service trip with the Vermont- based Sembrando Esperanzas (Planting Hope). They worked this summer on their project to buy and refurbish a used bus to bring literature and other resources to res- idents of areas served by Planting Hope. This fall they’re reporting on it at the


Jenna Cameron is co-winner of a $10,000 grant from Davis Projects

Saratoga Peace Fair and during Skidmore’s Celebration Weekend and International Education Week.

Do you enjoy staying in touch with classmates? Why not consider signing on as class secretary? You’ll be the first to know about new developments in the lives of your classmates and help keep them connected to one another. For more info about this position, contact Mary Monigan, class notes editor, at mmoni- or 518-580-5617. ALUMNI AFFAIRS OFFICE SKIDMORE COLLEGE 815 N. BROADWAY SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY 12866

In Memoriam Alumni

Vivian Rowe Blanchard ’29 of Saratoga Springs, NY, died May 31. A music major, she joined the Skidmore faculty as a piano instructor, teaching for 15 years. She was a member of the Katrina Trask Garden Club and the Orenda Garden Club. There are no known survivors. Son John and husband Robert predeceased her.

Elizabeth Chrisp Finegan ’32 of Law - renceville, NJ, died May 18. An art major, she also studied at Cooper Union Women’s Art School. She was a longtime secretary for the Garden City (NY) Board of Educa - tion. She is survived by a son and a daugh- ter. Husband Edward predeceased her. Janet Freeman Gilmartin ’33 of Naples,

FL, died February 7. An English major, she was a former board member of the League of Women Voters and leader of the Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts. She served Skid - more as class president, class secretary, and club volunteer. She is survived by a daughter. Her husband, Daniel, prede- ceased her. Alice Brunjes Prest ’37 of West Kings -

ton, RI, died May 20. A drama major, she was an assistant school librarian and office manager. She served Skid more as a club president and class agent. Prede - ceased by husband Edward, she leaves two sons and three grandsons. Harriet Johnson Merrick ’38 of Post Mills, VT, died October 15. A costume major, she worked as a clothing designer. She served Skidmore as a class agent. She is survived by a daughter, three sons, and grandson Edward Merrick ’03. Her hus- band, Harvey, predeceased her. Doris Treptow Hull ’38 of Boulder, CO,

died December 27, 2009. An art major, she was an active community volunteer.

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