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Walsh School of Foreign Service. University of Pennsylvania medical stu-

dent Jonathan Brestoff spent last year pursuing a master’s in public health in Ireland, funded by a George J. Mitchell Scholarship. While there, he collaborated with epidemiologist Jan Van den Broeck, a medical professr at University College in Cork. Their partnership has resulted in the textbook Epidemiology: General Princi - ples and Practical Research Guidelines, slated for publication by Springer in 2013. Jodie Levinson, who helped lead the

Ac cents and the band Grace Over Glass, is starting a promising career. While she was working as a lyricist for hit composer and producer Lisa Ratner (her clients include Barbra Streisand, Vanessa Williams, and Dolly Parton), Ratner proposed collaborat- ing on a CD of Jodie’s own songs. The result is a jazzy, bluesy collection titled In the City, in which Jodie sings in both and French and English about the tribulations of city life. To listen: Ryan Greer was selected to the federal government’s prestigious Presidential Management Fellowship Program, which seeks to create a cadre of future high-level government leaders. Its classroom train- ing in leadership, management, and pub- lic policy comes with a full salary and benefits. After completing two years of service with a federal agency, Ryan will be free to accept a permanent position. He is finishing his master’s in public policy at Georgetown University. Megan McAdams was awaiting assign- ment as a Peace Corps volunteer when a trip to see a friend in Guatemala led her instead to teach English in Guatemala City with Safe Passage, which provides the city’s most impoverished, at-risk chil- dren with “a safe place to learn, play, and grow.” Students attend the center for four hours a day, getting healthy meals, med- ical attention, and instruction in art, sports, music, health, and English. Megan teaches five classes a day; her students are third- and sixth-graders, high school sen- iors, and adults. Recently she became co - ordinator of the center’s English program. Meredith Feir is in England attending

the University of Leicester, where she is a graduate student in museum studies. Lots of Skidmore friends have met up with her in Europe. Textile artist Pavlos Mayakis, UWW, has taught weaving at colleges and work- shops across the country and around the world. He specializes in shibori, in which additional threads gather the surface of the textile before dyeing, resulting in unique patterns. Pavlos worked with stu-

62 SCOPE FALL 2011

dents at the Yates Arts in Education Mag - net School in Schenectady, NY, to create a large woven artwork as a gift to the city’s Proctor’s Theater for its longtime support of the school. For more on his art, visit KELLY GENOIS KGENOIS@GMAIL.COM

graphic- and Web-design agency Tone Creative in Saratoga Springs. They special- ize in branding and design for small busi- nesses and community groups; they also offer eco-friendly printing solutions. Daniel is creative director, and Arielle is design director. Recent clients include Capital Accent, Saratoga Health and Well - ness, Slow Food Saratoga, and Black Dog Recording Studio. Ashlee Rubinstein earned a postbacca - laureate certificate in studio art from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She is pursuing an MFA at New York Studio School in NYC. Vanessa Banti earned a master’s in li -


brary and information science from Rut - gers University last summer. She is also working on a graduate fellowship at Rut - gers’s Eagleton Institute of Politics, where she studied public policy and interned with the New Jersey State Legislature. By day Lyle Divinsky performs acoustic

soul music for NYC subway riders. The singer-songwriter was featured in the April 19 New York Daily News. At night, he performs in above-ground venues such as the Rockwood Music Hall, the Living Room, and Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl. Listen at Jill Rafferty-Weinisch, MALS, has been certified as a secular celebrant by the Hu - manist Society of the American Humanist Association. She performs secular wed- dings, commitment ceremonies, and other nontheistic life-moment ceremonies. She lives in Troy, NY. SHANNON HASSETT SHANNON.HASSETT@GMAIL.COM

College of Art with a postbaccalaureate certificate, specializing in printmaking. She lives in Burtonsville, MD, with boy - friend Greg and is an art sales consultant for the Wentworth Gallery. She is focus- ing on building up her portfolio by work- ing in local print shops and says, “It is all very exciting!” Sara Staples completed her first year of medical school at the University of Ver -


Amanda Marie Ellis King gradu- ated from the Maryland Institute

Daniel Vidali and Arielle Lands - berg have joined forces to launch

mont. She enjoyed Doctoring Vermont, a program that allowed her to examine and diagnose patients at a family practice outside Burlington. Last summer she vol- unteered in El Salvador with the Foun - dation for International Medical Relief of Children. She says, “The first year of med- ical school has flown by, and soon I will be finished with classes and learning in the hospital full-time!” Christopher Curmi is an investigator

for a NYC agency that probes allegations of police misconduct. Until recently Rebecca Rawling was “enjoying the beach lifestyle” and work- ing at an IT consulting firm in Redondo Beach, CA. She’s now at the University of Rochester, in a graduate program in Vic torian-era English literature. Ashton Frulla is a research fellow in anesthesiology for Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. Ali Cooper spent the past year traveling

and tutoring a competitive equestrian athlete. She spends her free time practic- ing CrossFit, volunteering at a hospital, and writing on Gracie Winschel’s Face - book wall. Jordan Klein was an exhibit assistant

at the Connecticut Science Center in Hart ford, CT, earlier this year. She is now pursuing an MFA in museum exhibition planning and design at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. In August Joel Amidon started at the University of Medicine and Health Sci - ences in St. Kitts, in the Caribbean. Raina Bretan happily finished her first

year of law school at Rutgers University. This summer she worked for a Superior Court judge in NYC. She misses “DA’s, Hot Dog Charlie’s, and Claire Solomon.” Claire Buckley visited Dan Haro in Madrid, Spain, and then they traveled to Rome, Italy. Dan was stateside this sum- mer visiting friends in NYC and Saratoga before going back to Madrid to continue teaching at a bilingual school. Rachel Elias is a graphic designer at Learned Evolution in NYC. She is proud to report that sister Emily Elias ’15 is starting on her path to Thoroughbred- dom this fall. Rachel went on an excellent vacation with Shirley Barkai last winter and has enjoyed hanging out with Skid - more alums in the city. Zoe Coppola spent a year teaching English at Sun Yat-sen University through the Skidmore Teach in China program. She says, “I had a blast collecting experi- ences, pictures, relationships, and many unnecessary but irresistible, cheaply made

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