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parents. She has a new studio space to create her intricate collages. She is active in the West Hartford Art League. I am truly impressed and humbled by

the creativity that resurges in the lives of classmates in retirement. The decades of work and raising families were demanding and rewarding, but the most personally fulfilling years may be those ahead of us. MARY HARDMAN LAPORTE 143 FERN STREET HARTFORD, CT 06105-2248 CBANDCO2@AOL.COM

Kathy Kariotis and Jill Aszling-Shek ’71. Barbara Chin looks forward to our next reunion. She happily notes that daughter Elizabeth graduated from Boston Univer - sity School of Law last May and is an assistant district attorney in Manhattan. Carol Christenson Parker attended the college graduation of younger son Ned, a physics and math major who plans to go to grad school. Older son Jonathan, a jazz musician in NYC, started a master’s pro- gram at the Eastman School of Music this fall. Carol is a painting conservator at the National Gallery. She uses her vacation time to complete sections of the Appala - chian Trail (900 miles done; 1,100 left!) and to participate in active vacations (bik- ing Nova Scotia, walking across the U.K.). She still gets together with Terri Huxta - ble and Liz Hood to perform at Saratoga’s Caffè Lena (most recently in June). In June, after retiring from a 40-year teaching career, Janet Sangenito Fagal of Syracuse, NY, launched a second career as a consultant. She shares her award-win- ning program for teaching poetry with schools and arts organizations as well as at major conferences. A member of the National League of American Pen Women, Janet attributes much of her success as a teacher to her Skidmore education. To view her students in action, go to YouTube and type in “Janet Fagal and poetry.” She also volunteers for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and is a team captain for the local Great Strides walk. Susan Lane Herley and husband Pete


are happily retired in northern California, near San Francisco and the Napa-Sonoma wine country. A former Sonneteer, Susan plays piano and sings at several elder-care facilities and is in a community chorus that gives concerts for the elderly. She also volunteers in the public library’s bookstore. She loves antiquing, garden- ing, and traveling with Pete in Europe and around the US. Son Brad, 27, was

Penny Cunningham Hommeyer has connected via Facebook with

married in July. Jordan, 25, is working on his MBA at Pepperdine. Susan says she has trouble believing that her boys are grown up and she is “that old.” She loved reconnecting with classmates at our 40th reunion and hopes to be back at Skidmore when our 45th rolls around! Betsy Evans welcomed third grand- daughter Phoebe, authored her third book, titled You’re Not My Friend Anymore! Illustrated Answers to Questions About Young Children’s Challenging Behaviors (HighScope Press), and attended the May wedding of oldest son Tryfan. She educates teachers across the US and, last fall, in Ireland. Peggy Broz practices law full-time in the Florida Keys. Her son Will Beery ’98 lives in Norwalk, CT, with his two boys. Her daughter is a dermatologist who lives in San Francisco, CA, with her little girl. The distance between family members offers a great excuse for Peggy to travel and visit friends along the way. Carolyn Schatz is editor of Harvard

Women’s Health Watch, a newsletter for women at menopause and beyond. She is always looking for good health topics and encourages classmates to send ideas and questions for the “Ask the Doctor” col- umn to In March her son Sebastien LeMenager ’06 married his love of two years, Aria, in Saratoga, CA. Carolyn says it was “a glori- ous event.” A business analyst at, Sebastien is studying for an MBA at the University of San Francisco. Second son Lucien is a junior at Worcester Polytech - nic, majoring in interactive media and game development. Husband Jack is an employee communications consultant. Carolyn ran into class president Bev Armsden Daniel at the produce market this spring and was glad to catch up a bit. They commiserated about having to work full-time and harder than ever for the foreseeable future. Chris Waterbury Dearnaley coauthored Snapshots: College Memories—And Beyond with Ed Baranowski, whom she dated while at Skidmore. The book chronicles Ed’s college years at Hamilton and in - cludes some “wonderful descriptions of road trips to and from Skidmore.” Lelde Skipsna Muehlenbachs and I got together in June for a quick mini-reunion of our own, while she was en route to Sara toga to visit her dad. And I was happy to have dinner with Jane Roberts Alpert and her husband, Mark, as they stopped in Syracuse on the way to visit his family. Mark has retired, and he and Jane have exciting plans for their future. I have launched

as a home for the articles I have written over the last 12 years on antiques and collecti bles. My time has been divided be - tween singing in a community chorus, supporting our local symphony (which, sadly, joined the ranks of failed orchestras this past spring as it tried to celebrate its 50th year), and restoring my 90-year-old bungalow. BARBARA CROSSMAN BELL 218 CANDEE AVENUE SYRACUSE, NY 13224-1608 BICI@TWCNY.RR.COM


In June, Marjorie Gilman Baker and her husband were in Munich,

Germany, visiting their month-old first grandchild, Claire. Working part-time in surgical services at Newport Hospital in Rhode Island, Sarah Borst Kempen was awaiting the birth of her daughter’s first child and Sarah’s first grandson (she has three granddaughters) in June. Sarah also manages a wine and spirits store she owns with her husband and cares for her 89-year-old mother. Carol Machcinski Santora was attend-

ing a wedding in Tennessee during Re - union. Her daughter Kristin is getting married, Karyn is pursuing an MBA at the University of Chicago, and Kim is looking to leave her position at Barclays for the nonprofit sector. Carol also has a grand- daughter, Kyle. When not traveling with her recently retired husband or doing health-related philanthropic work, Carol can be found behind the camera at She enjoys spending time with Ellen Schapps Richman, who lives nearby. Betsy Polezoes D’Annibale enjoyed a Rhine cruise, visiting Switzerland, France, Germany, and Holland. She is glad to be back on terra firma. In March Candy Keeler Krop, husband

Tom, and canine buddy Clover moved into a log home on 22 acres in Afton, VA, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Moun - tains. Her plans include organic garden- ing, raising chickens and goats, tending fruit orchards, growing hops, and hiking. Candy was helping her parents with housing issues during Reunion. Barbara Bull Riester was a Red Cross emergency services director in Baton Rouge, LA, this spring. The floodwaters from the Mississippi did not recede enough for residents to return to their homes and deal with the damage until well into June—which is why she didn’t make it to Reunion. Bev Leader and Sam Pratt spent a week in Utah just before Reunion. Next on their

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