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hen Vané Becidyan Broussard ’03 was only 10, she already was planning her

wedding. Two binders of pages from bridal mag- azines, her own wedding in 2008, and a suc- cessful blog later, she is a go-to font of informa- tion for brides in New York City and beyond. “It started when I was engaged in 2007,”

Broussard says. “I did wedding research online,” but there were few blogs on weddings at the time, and “the style I wanted was not repre- sented.” That drove her to solve the prob- lem with her own innovation and hustle. She launched brook- in 2007, after com pleting her master’s in inte- rior architecture

at the Pratt Institute. Within six months, the blog earned a mentioned in Martha Stewart Wedding. The former English major works by day as an

interior designer and edits the successful Web site and e-magazine in her off time. She also hosts events where brides can learn about new services and products. It was at one of these events that she became reacquainted with callig- rapher (think: wedding invitations) Bryn Chernoff ’02. Subse quent Skidmore connections included makeup artist Jessa Blades ’01 and wedding photographer Tory Williams ’04 (Broussard had taken a photography class with Williams in her sophomore year at Skidmore and was pleased to see her in the same field and same city years later). And at last year’s Urban Wed event hosted by Brooklyn Bride, one of the premier vendors was Studio Booth, a mobile custom-photography studio whose founder is Dan Eckstein ’02, the husband of Tara Jepson Eckstein ’02. For Broussard, who is becoming a major

style-setting advisor for “design-driven” wed- dings, her serendipitous reunions with her Skid - more kin have been not just good vibes, but good business. “They all do really good work,” she says. “I would recommend them even if they weren’t Skidmore grads. It’s just really nice that they are.” —Janit Stahl

’06 were in the wedding party. Also in at - tendance were Eleanor Halgren and Chris Brown ’06. It was a beautiful summer day, and they all had an amazing time! Seth McEachron runs the bottling plant

for Battenkill Valley Creamery, a fifth-gen- eration family farm in Salem, NY, that supplies premium dairy products to stores in New York’s Capital District, NYC res - taur ants, and Skidmore’s Murray-Aikins Dining Hall. Seth also heads up marketing for a service that delivers milk in glass bottles to customers’ doorsteps. With 330 Holsteins, the bottling plant, and a dairy bar, Seth and company can “control the entire process from cow to table.” Batten - kill captured first place in a tasting con- tent at the New York State Fair last year and was ranked highest-quality milk in the state by Cornell University’s food sci- ence department. Teaching my first course at Penn State University, I really enjoyed working with the undergrads. I felt I was able to bring some of the best aspects of a Skidmore edu cation to the large university setting. I look forward to many great years of teaching and research to come. JACQUELINE VERNARELLI 1909 N. OAK LANE STATE COLLEGE, PA 16803 JVERNARELLI@GMAIL.COM

Kristen Coates is stepping down as class secretary. Thanks to Kris - ten for helping to keep the class connected over the past several years, and to Re - becca Blum for collecting news for this issue. If you are interested in serving as class secretary, please contact Mary Moni - gan, class notes editor, at mmonigan@ or 518-580-5617. Ellen Goldstein completed a PhD in mathematics at Tufts University. She and her fiancé, Kraig Theriault, moved to Chi - cago, IL, where Ellen has begun a three- year instructorship in math at Northwes t - ern University. Michelle Avery received a doctorate in neuroscience from the University of Mas - sa chusetts Medical School. She is now an associate at MacDougall Biomedical Com - munications in Wellesley, MA. Ben Szczypek and wife Priscila Martins welcomed daughter Sofia Pinheiro on February 11. Ben has opened a practice as a nonsurgical spine specialist in Wood - bridge, CT. Lindsey Fyfe completed a master’s in painting from the University of Edin - burgh in Scotland. After graduating, she contributed vocals to an album of Scot - tish folk music and traveled throughout

’05 60 SCOPE FALL 2011

Europe. Stateside, she is represented by Gallore Gallery in Middletown, CT. This summer she was in Deer Isle, ME, on a fiber-arts fellowship at Haystack Moun - tain School. Katie Garcia earned a master’s in social

work from Washington University in St. Louis, MO, last year. She is a program coordinator at the Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center at Vanderbilt University. Kate enjoys the feminist focus of her work. Nick Kask finished the first year of an

MBA program at George Washington Uni - versity by spending three weeks in Viet - nam for an international residency pro- gram. He had a summer internship with AT&T’s financial leadership program. Steven Mora lives in Cherry Hill, NJ,

with his wife, Erika Chavez-Mora. He is a market specialist for FMC Corp. in Phila - delphia, PA, and enjoys working from home and traveling throughout the US. This fall he began graduate studies in entomology at Rutgers University. Katy Drennan married Scott Almstrom

in June on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Ashley Goldsmith was there to help celebrate. Kate teaches Latin at Kimball Union Academy in the Upper Valley region of the state. Hillary Nammack has started her own company, Dinner ’n’ a Date (dinner-n-a-, which plans cooking classes and culinary adventures for singles in NYC. She is also a development associate at the New School for Social Research. Elizabeth Weymouth married Gil Ma -

tos last summer. On March 11 they wel- comed son Clayton into the family. They live in Auburn, MA, where next fall Elizabeth will return to work as a teacher. Matt Bohenek and Krista Keeler were married at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Kate Goyette was the maid of honor, and Pritha Mani ’04 and Joanna Caliman were bridesmaids. Other Skid - dies in attendance were Ezra Selove ’04, Erica Sexton Mahoney, Christine Whel - ton Lattuada ’04, Rebekah Baranoff, Jessica Cunningham McBride, Cather - ine Rogers, and Kevin Wozniak. Krista and Matt live in Ithaca, NY, while Matt finishes his third year at Cornell Law. Krista is a day treatment counselor at a school and an individual therapist at an outpatient practice. Megan Taylor and husband Curt bought

a sunny little house in Glens Falls, NY, where they live with three cats and a bull mastiff puppy. Megan has been running her family’s tire store since 2008. This fall, in addition to managing the business, she is starting graduate school at Goddard



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