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still doing public relations work (she en - joyed seeing the area of Tunisia where one of her clients, Newman’s Own Organ - ics, sources its olive oil). Hope Thompson Kerr and her twin sis-

ter spent three weeks in Patagonia last winter, working their way down the Andes by plane, boat, and bus. They flew to Brazil to view the Iguassu Falls from both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides. The sisters saw many glaciers, beautiful sunsets, and the 228 waterfalls for which the region is known. “It was unbeliev- able—we just kept clicking away on our cameras,” she says. Hope deems the trip a must for any nature-lover’s bucket list! Ann Douglass Moore has lived in Tuc -

son, AZ, since 1962 and is still in volved in residential real estate there. She en - courages classmates who are interested in the area to visit her Web site, Moore - She and her husband of 54 years, Bill, are still having fun playing golf, traveling, and spending time with grandchildren. I am sad to inform you that Pamela Battey Mitchell died in November. Max and I had a wonderful visit with Pam and husband Jere last summer at a Skidmore alumni gathering on Cape Cod. DOROTHY DODD O’MEARA 5 PONDSIDE LANE WEST SIMSBURY, CT 06092-2421 DOTTIEOMEARA@COMCAST.NET

surgery in March. Her oldest granddaugh- ter graduated from high school, and the youngest will celebrate her first birthday in March 2012. Anne Davis Carrier and her husband


are back in Minneapolis, MN, after win- tering at their home in Rio Verde, AZ. Anne chaired a search committee there to help find a new church minister; after extensive efforts, “a remarkable woman was hired.” Anne raises funds for the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery and stayed busy this summer fine-tuning her golf game. She and her husband have eight grandchildren; they attended high school graduations for two of them in Longmeadow, MA, this past spring. Joan Cole Pendergast has joined the “replacement parts department” after get- ting a new knee last September and a hip replacement in April. Unfortunately, she and her husband missed their first grand- child’s graduation from St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD. Gretchen Koehring Strong still runs a bed and breakfast in Southwest Harbor,

Susan Sprague Brady has been recovering from knee replacement

ME. Her sons enjoyed a long snowy win- ter on Mount Desert Island off the Maine coast. Gretchen invites anyone going to Acadia National Park to stop and visit. Joyce Gilburt Hood-Jelliff joined her three children at a granddaughter’s gradu- ation from Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, CA, this past spring. Also, a grandson graduated from Boston College and went to Ecuador with a humanitarian program similar to the Peace Corps. Joyce’s recruiting work has been slow in this slug- gish job market. Happy retirees Frances Garrett Crew

and Pete are busy on their 50-acre farm in Elmira, NY. They also travel with their 40- foot motor home and spend summers at their cottage at Keuka Lake. Frances says visitors are always welcome there or on the farm. The class sends its sympathies to Mon -

ica Reis de Janosi, whose husband, Peter, died after a stroke last winter. We also extend condolences to Eliza -

beth Rumreich Mottur, who lost her husband, Allen, in January. Libby and Mott met during her freshman year at Skidmore; she can still remember Dr. Bolton saying that theirs was a strong friendship that would last. She has many happy memories. Talk about a mini-reunion! In May three tireless couples—Barbara Osborne Vul - koff and Craig, Sidney Wright Coursen and Beau, and your class secretary and husband Tom—met in Mystic, CT, for a day of tall tales and tall refreshment. Oz and Craig had come from Arizona for their grandson’s graduation at Virginia Tech and were on their way to Craig’s 55th reunion at Lehigh. Sid and Beau were en route to visiting their children and families in Pennsylvania and Mary - land. We enjoyed parading around Mys - tic, and all made it safely home (despite a flat, and having to buy four new tires, on our way back to Maine). PRISCILLA KNOWLTON TAVENNER 74 TAVENNER ROAD SAWYER’S ISLAND BOOTHBAY, ME 04537 207-633-4879 TTAVENNER@ROADRUNNER.COM

personal private nurse to her husband, Bob, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital. Following two operations, Evy reports a slow recovery, but no spread of cancer and a bright future. Jane Haddad Evans is also playing nurse; her Bob has had long-term health


Evy Zoda Shippee has taken on a job she did not choose—that of

issues and is now in a rehab and nursing facility. College roommate and good friend Joan Cangelosi Kicska convinced Jane to take a break: Joan and Jane met me at a low-key spa (mineral springs included) in southern California for five days this past winter. We all had a great time but missed Gail Lichtenstein Edel - man, who could not join us. Gail Wheeler had cancer-related surgery

in December and is back at the gym. She and Bob took two Caribbean trips this year. In May they spent a week in Charles - ton, SC, with a group of couples Bob has kept in touch with since the guys were 5 years old. Now semi-retired, Gail is very social and sees Cindy Magriel Wetzler for lunch and museum-viewing on occasion. She is pushing for a fall mini-reunion in NYC. Sue Clark Jorgensen is playing tennis again. She enjoys life in Saratoga Springs, NY, where her son-in-law is the district attorney. Pat Nicklaus Sabin loves being in Dal -

las, TX, and leads an “active retirement” life with grandchildren. Two of her grand- daughters are now teenagers, but her son and his wife just had a first-born baby girl, so Pat says, “I get to start all over again.” She sends her love to all. Marlene Nicholas had knee replace- ment surgery and says she’s glad she did so while still feeling great. Roe Schainman Halper’s granddaughter Elana Scaglia ’15 of Weston, CT, is a new freshman at Skidmore. Elana’s mom is Jan Halper Scaglia ’86. Roe and Chuck cele- brated his 75th birthday by going to see relatives in England and spending four days in St. Petersburg, Russia. They loved the Hermitage and visited an old friend in Italy. They are now back to gardening and painting. Beth Oliver Linguri graduated as a min-

ister of Centers for Spiritual Living and plans to start a spiritual community in her hometown of Geneva, Switzerland. She writes, “Just call me Rev Beth!” To learn about the Center for Peace that she is founding, check out In Florida this past winter, she visited with Sylvia Smalley Chapman and Sue Gosch Martineau. Sue Martineau recently volunteered in

a second-grade class in South Carolina. After a couple of years of “health issues,” Linda Amerling Scull and Pete are fine. Two grandsons are at Colgate, one at St. Lawrence, and one nearby at NYU. Linda hopes we are all enjoying the Golden Years! Bev Sanders Payne and husband Dave

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