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Miller stopped in Connecticut to spend the night with Barbara Block Zwick. She later stayed overnight with Kathey Adair Coombs and husband Fred in Sarasota, two days before Kathey’s birthday. Marilee Karins Pellegrini joined Liz Pugh Grout at a Lancaster, PA, gallery opening for a show of Professor Emeritus Regis Brodie’s ceramics and paintings. Liz and Marilee spent time with Regis and his wife, Becky, talking about Skidmore. Mari - lee has worked in art galleries in Harris - burg and Stone Harbor, NJ, which carried his work and has always been “a fan of his inimitable style.” Over the winter, Sue Smith and I again

had the pleasure of hosting Mary Kelch - ner Lindner for 10 weeks stay in our sunny city of Tucson. Our time together was enriching and fun. We attended con- certs and the ballet, ate at our favorite restaurants, and spent time at Mary’s home and mine, quilting and doing needlepoint.

I received a note from Marilee Karins Pellegrini last year in which she shared her unsettled feelings about “the proclivi- ty toward violence” in American culture. Just a short time later, the shooting of US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others hap- pened in Tucson. Marilee let me know she was thinking of me in the aftermath of that traumatic event. The extraordinary sense of community, support, and caring that played an integral part in Tucson’s recovery has helped restore my faith in the goodness and beauty that lies in all of us. Alan and I enjoyed a glorious trip to Turkey and Greece, a perfect way to cele- brate our 50th anniversary earlier this year. We make the rounds visiting our chil - dren and grandchildren in Portland, OR, San Jose, CA, and San Antonio, TX. Some - one told me I’m lucky to have such fun and interesting places to visit; I couldn’t agree more. GAIL BENDIX JAFFE 5431 N. PASEO ESPEJO TUCSON, AZ 85718 520-575-0165 GAILBJAFFE@MAC.COM


With 76 classmates and 38 guests in attendance, our 50th was a fun-

filled, sentimental walk down memory lane, as well as a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with Skidmore and renew college friendships. Kudos to Pam White Leighton, Judy Brown Tulchin, and Phyllis Steinberg Marchand for their ex - cellent planning and leadership: it was a fabulous celebration. Highlights included a Lake George dinner cruise and a bus

tour of the old campus; workshops on the changes in women’s lives over the 50 years, facilitated by Zelda Jacobson Schwartz; the awards ceremony, at which our own Jacki Jung and Ellen Rein Goldin were honored for their outstand- ing service to Skidmore; and a memorial service for deceased classmates led by Cookie Rapoport Thier. Class fund co-chairs Joan Horowitz Behr

and Linda Brafman Berke and Friends of the Presidents chair Jacki Jung are grate- ful to everyone who contributed to our record-shattering reunion gift to the Col - lege—the largest amount raised for the annual fund by a 50th reunion class, or any class, in Skidmore history! The money will provide scholarship support to stu- dents, who will be known as Class of 1961 Scholars. Joan notes, “We couldn’t have done it without the hard work and dedication of our marvelous class agents. We are so proud of them and their com- mitment to our class.” “Skidmore, we rejoice to sing thy praise!” writes Peggy Hatcher Stevens, who captured the spirit of our 50th reunion well. “Our class became one the minute we arrived,” she says, “whether we knew each other well as students or began relationships at Reunion.” Peggy was delighted to spend time with Claire Hawkins Seaquist and husband Arnie. She found the campus a “peaceful haven of beauty” and enjoyed “getting the fla- vor of life at Skidmore today” from stu- dents who were at the ready to transport attendees around campus in golf carts. Peggy especially enjoyed the “poignant and caring” discussions in Zelda Schwartz’s workshops and the remem- brance of deceased classmates led by Cookie Thier. Peggy sends “a huge thank-you to all who were responsible for creating a weekend full of love, renewal, music, and friendship.” She adds that her husband, Zeus, a Dartmouth alumnus, had a great time too and told her the weekend was “truly special.” Claire Hawkins Seaquist says she had

a visceral response to encountering “sweet faces and familiar names, throwing me back to a long-ago feeling.” But she adds, “By Sunday it wasn’t just nostalgia I was celebrating, but our journeys, connection to one another, and the people we are now.” Claire says classmates who were unable to attend Reunion were missed, and she reminds everyone that “it’s never too late to come back, relive, and cher- ish.” She sends thanks to “those who put so much into making Reunion happen and equally to everyone present, for

enabling such an unforgettable aura and spirit.” Joan Beckwith Braffet describes our

50th as “awesome, magical, and very spe- cial. It was definitely a positive trip down memory lane as well as a stimulating view of Skidmore today.” Joan was impressed by the new dorms and the “state-of-the- art music and art facilities” on campus. “Skidmore continues to grow, and to be a wonderful place. I am so glad and proud to be a part of its history.” Deb Martin Grabner enjoyed touring

the old campus and visiting Furness House, now a bed and breakfast. She says that class dinners were “over the top,” and she loved being entertained by the Dy namics, a co-ed a cappella singing group. She was moved when Paula Rosen sang “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” during the memorial service for class- mates, and she enjoyed singing the Alma Mater, led by our Sonneteer classmates, at Satur day’s dinner. Deb notes the weekend was full of “energy and love—with tears, smiles, and much joy and laughter—that we can add to our memories of Skidmore years together.” Susan Stark Match, who led us in our singing, writes, “Our 50th reunion was more than I could ever have imagined. Each scheduled event for our class was more special than the last. But the very best thing of all was us—vibrant, fun, caring, interesting, still productive, and looking great!” She thanks the planning committee for making the 50th “most memorable!” “It was the best of times!” says Alice Chase Kaufman, grandmother of Kath - erine Chase Goodwin ’15. “Zeldafest attendees will never forget ‘Reina’s List,’ a time capsule of freshman-year dating. Many of us agreed that we would apply to this brave new Skidmore if we had the chance (but some of us wondered if we would be admitted). The best part of the weekend was seeing classmates again.” Christiane Boeres-Gosset, our 1959–60 exchange student from France, says her longtime friend Phyllis Marchand per- suaded her to travel from Paris to attend Reunion. During a visit last year, Phyllis made the pitch, and Titi’s husband, Pierre, who was “thrilled” with the idea, took care of all the arrangements. Titi reflects, “For me, Skidmore was a wonderful year abroad, far from my family—I was discov- ering the ‘New World.’ I feel very French, but my husband thinks the United States is my second country.” Married for 45 years, she has four children and nine grandchildren. She encourages classmates

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