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a client and became chief investment offi- cer of Edison Nation, which runs the largest group of independent inventors in the world, partnering with large con- sumer-products companies to find them new inventions to make and sell. It also produces the Emmy-winning TV series Everyday Edisons, tracing new inventions as they go from idea to store shelf. Gregg has recently seen Andrew Schiff and Marko Sonnenberg. John Demeny lives in NYC with wife Rachel and daughters Julia, 6, and Kate, 3. John works at St. Bernard’s School, where he is head of the middle school and “keeper of an awe-inspiring collection of Pez dispensers.” John says he confiscated a Pez dispenser from a student years ago, and instead of asking for it back, the stu- dent gave him another one. Then the stu- dent’s friend gave John another, and things just snowballed from there. Amy Lassman Onelum lives in Los An - geles, CA, with her husband and three children, ages 12, 10, and 3. She is direc- tor of a local Waldorf School and a free- lance human-resources consultant. I had a great Skidmore moment recently when I was in Honolulu for work and spent a wonderful evening with Jill Rich - ardson O’Brien’s parents, Jack and Jackie Watson Richardson ’52. It’s always nice to have Skidmore family to visit! I’m also looking forward to planning for our 20th reunion, May 31–June 3, 2012. It’s going to be a lot of fun, so start lining up baby - sitters now; I hope to see you all in gor- geous Saratoga next spring! JANET MACAULAY REARDON 2829 EAGLE STREET SAN DIEGO, CA 92103-5421 JANETREARDON@HOTMAIL.COM


Thais Sherell, aka Peaches Mc - Gha ney, is president of N-Spired

Productions, a nonprofit that partners with parents, educators, and youth groups to help young writers become published authors. The organization, which also seeks to stop bullying in schools, has pub- lished its first book, in collaboration with second-graders in a Georgia school. For more, visit Thais invites anyone who’d like to get involved to contact her. Dave Balter’s social-media marketing

firm BzzAgent was bought by U.K. retail giant Tesco for $60 million this past spring. He remains BzzAgent’s CEO. As reported by Ad Age Digital, BzzAgent will remain a separate business but work close- ly with a Tesco subsidiary to help retailers develop in-store marketing campaigns

56 SCOPE FALL 2011

and loyalty-shopper programs based on analysis of data about household buying habits. Chad Page is an emergency physician in Durango, CO. He enjoys skiing and mountain biking in the mountains near his home. JENNY HERDMAN LANDO 45-05 30TH AVENUE ASTORIA, NY 11103 SKIDMORE93@AOL.COM

and Industry in Chicago, IL. Earlier this year, a research trip took him to Japan at the time earthquakes rocked the country. While he wasn’t in the major disaster areas, he did feel the three quakes and many aftershocks. “It was definitely a nerve-rattling experience,” he says, adding, “I was amazed at the resiliency of the Japanese people.” He says he enjoyed their hospitality, food, and culture and looks forward to going back again soon. Laurent Bourrelly (contact@laurent- is a search-engine opti- mization consultant in France, advising companies how to leverage the Internet to boost business. He authors one of the 10 most popular blogs in the country and, with a legion of followers on Twitter, is a leading “Web influencer.” A popular speaker at industry conferences, he re - cently spoke at the international Search Marketing Expo France. He is working on a book about blogging. He lived in the United States in 2008–09, working on a business venture with Gene Friedman ’93, before his return to Europe. Laurent, now building his English-language blog, would like to connect with Skidmore alumni in the online business community to “talk SEO, Web, or anything related.” Meredith Eastman Principe and hus- band Colin welcomed daughter Margaret on May 28. Mom, dad, and daughter are all doing well. Meredith notes, “Maggie already has a variety of Skidmore outfits to choose from when she grows into them.” Heather McClure and husband Tim are pleased to announce the arrival of daugh- ter Lillian last December. A proud mom and dad “continue to be amazed by her,” Heather says. Kendra Munger originated the role of Glinda in the new musical The Next Fairy Tale at the Celebration Theatre in Holly - wood, CA.


After working in community mental health for seven years, Warren Schwartz has joined his wife, Julie Wolter, in a pri- vate psychology practice (centerforselfde-

John Beckman enjoys producing exhibits at the Museum of Science in Nashua, NH. He felt that state budget cuts “eroded the quality of care” and his work was “more about production and paperwork and less about meaningful engagement.” Now he says, “I hope to have more freedom to practice in accordance with my values.” Danielle Simonson finished an MS in nursing at the Sage Colleges in December. She is a course chair in the practical-nurse program at Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing in Troy, NY. Adam Wald lives in NYC, where he re - cords voice-overs and performs with the Moscow River Sharks at the People’s Im - prov Theater. He recently saw a reading of Alex Goldberg’s play It is Done at the Writers Guild. After the show he had drinks with John “Bones” Rodriguez and Matt Kalman. He stays in touch with me, John Beckman, Josh Weiner, Jenny Herdman Lando ’93, and Simon Petrie ’95. Adam was also thrilled to bump into Maureen Mlynarczyk at a meeting of Skidmore’s NYC Alumni Club. See what Adam is up to at Danielle Weiss Stier moved from Aven -

tura to Hollywood, FL, with husband Oren last fall. Daughter Noa, 7, and son Dovi, 4, “love the new neighborhood closer to their school and friends,” says Danielle. She continues to work part-time as a clinical psychologist. Oren is associ- ate professor and graduate director in the department of religious studies at Florida International University. Terrence Lavin ’94 was one of nine regional and national artists featured in the exhibition The Mercurial Object: Luxur - iant Obsession, at Skidmore’s Schick Art Gallery this spring. The show highlighted 3-D artwork in a range of materials, including porcelain, felted wool, carved wood, copper, pipe cleaners, and porcu- pine quills. As reunion chair on the alumni board

of directors, I was honored to attend Com mencement exercises in May and Reunion in June. The 100th graduation welcomed 652 new alumni—the largest graduating class in Skidmore’s history! And nearly 1,000 alumni and guests came to Reunion 2011. Whenever I meet new Skidmore alums, I am reminded of how much fun we are, how much we’ve ac - complished, and how the Skidmore expe- rience has touched us all in different ways. And it’s always a treat to get back to Saratoga Springs. VICKI TISCH 330 WEST 56TH STREET, #2B NEW YORK, NY 10019 VICKITISCH@YAHOO.COM

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