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consideration. The Honey-Do List marks the debut of Bobby “JuVa” Langford ’10 as an actor and associate producer. Bill’s next film, The Garden Club, is in pre - production. Adrienne Alger Buffum is the school

and outreach manager for Indian Hill Music, a nonprofit music and perform- ance center in Littleton, MA. She and Laurie Angilly Tuck live less than an hour apart and maintain their “BFF” sta- tus. Adrienne and husband Jeff are empty- nesters, with their daughter at the Uni - versity of Maryland Architecture College and their son starting at Hobart. Adrienne says she and Kyle Conard Malley ’80, whose son is also at Hobart, look forward to wearing their Skidmore Spirit wear to every event! Happily married for 22 years, Katherine

Hix runs the financial end of her hus- band’s business. The family recently moved to Harrison, NY. Son Anthony, 12, attends Windward School. Barbara Spinelli is lead physician at the Greenback Oaks Family Practice office of Sutter Medical Group. Daughter Ashleigh is majoring in neurobiology at Santa Clara University. Husband Dana is in sales for Ferguson Corporation, which focuses on property management clients. Barbara looks forward to hearing from Skidmore alums. Rick Richter has launched Ruckus Mo -

bile Media, a children’s app store offering “books you can play with and games you can read.” Before starting the firm, he was longtime president of Simon and Schus - ter’s children’s-books division. Earlier this year, Rick was interviewed about Ruckus and the kids’ apps industry by National Public Radio. Christine Edler has been teaching for

27 years, the last 20 at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts. This fall she signed on for a five-year stint chairing its history department. A longtime fund - raiser for a local animal shelter, she has adopted a Bernese mountain dog-golden retriever mix, Jack, who joins her black Lab. Jack is well loved on the school campus. LILLY JARAY OSTROVE 2129 ANGUS DRIVE WALNUT CREEK, CA 94598-3305 DANJASRY@YAHOO.COM

with Connie Messler Sharman ’37 near Connie’s central-England home in Lea - mington Spa. Peggy reports that Connie is doing well and the two had a lovely time


Peggy Holden Briggs of London enjoyed a picnic lunch in May

together. Connie shared stories about her 70th reunion in 2007, when she was joined on campus by 11 family members, including great-niece Julie Lutz ’05. Peggy, who left Connie with a “Creative Thought Matters” sticker for the scooter that gets her around town, adds, “I told her it’s good to know you can be a vibrant and beautiful woman at 97!” The newly launched was codeveloped by Stacy Pancoast Clark to link writers with publishers and agents. She says it’s a “comfortable, appealing space where writers can catalogue their work” and where “editors and agents to easily search and browse the titles.” Inku - bate welcomes the Skidmore community to sign on and request an invitation; the more work uploaded, the sooner the site will open to publishers and agents. To learn more, e-mail ROBYN TARALLO DRAINVILLE 103A KIM TERRACE STOUGHTON, MA 02072-1368 ROBYND@WEAREWCI.ORG

kan sas Delta. An article on her art was featured in a recent edition of the Arkan - sas Democrat-Gazette. She is represented by M. Ford Creech Antiques in Memphis, TN, and the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies in Little Rock. For more, check out her Facebook page. Tom Brandt is CEO of Storyteller Thea -


tres, a chain of movie theaters in New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, and Colo - rado. As a Tony Award voter this past season, he saw 35 Broadway plays before casting his ballot. He recommends War Horse and Book of Mormon for anyone vis- iting the Great White Way. Martha Christy-Shimeall manages an adolescent psychiatric facility. Therapy dog Rio is her working partner, and a rock star to both the children and staff. Martha also teaches parenting classes to teenagers at a local community college. The happy parent of sons Clark, 12, and Anson, 6, she spends her downtime working out, gardening, cooking, and reading. Linda Beck is a political science profes-

sor at the University of Maine in Farming - ton. In February her husband and their two daughters accompanied her to China, where she is teaching at Beijing Univer - sity of Technology. Her husband is con- ducting research on China’s environmen- tal movement. The family has been visit- ing such UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the terracotta soldiers in Xi’an and a panda reserve in Sichuan, where

Norwood Creech says she’s been having “a bit of fun” in the Ar -

the girls got to play with pandas. Future plans include meeting with Mon golian herders who are trying to save their grass- lands. Check out Linda’s blog, bei- Charleston, SC, resident Tom Hardy is president of a fathers’ association at his children’s school and scoutmaster for his sons’ Boy Scout troop. The troop did a 10- day hike at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico this summer. Nathaniel, 16, is working on his Eagle rank and loves computers. Cole, 14, loves to fish and plays lacrosse and football. McKenna, 12, has become a very good figure-skater. Tom’s wife, Jane, stays busy keeping up with the kids. The family is rehabbing a house they hope to sell—a great learning experience that Tom “doesn’t need to do again any time soon.” Peter Atkins has authored a new book about creativity and genius called Life Is Short and So Is This Book, which has been rated at the top of its category on Ama - Megan Sanford Greenawalt’s daughter Alexandra graduated from Yale in May and commented, “It was awesome!” Carrie Grady hates the Richmond, VA, summer heat so much that she headed to New York’s Finger Lakes Region to cool off and compete in a triathlon in Cazenovia in August. Vinca Jarrett (vjarrett@filmprofinance .com) attended her 12th Cannes Film Festival; this year she wore a fabulous piece of jewelry created by Cynthia Rybakoff. Vinca spotted a similar piece around the neck of James Mandle’s wife, Ann Klein, while visiting them in Oak - land in April. With four films in various stages of production and one to premiere soon at Toronto, Vinca is working hard to represent financiers of feature films. She encourages classmates passing through Boston to contact her. CINDY PENDLETON 81 SMITH ROAD CHARLTON, MA 01507 CROPEN1985@GMAIL.COM

come back to Saratoga (from long dis- tances, in many cases) and desire to re - connect with classmates, and for your generosity in giving back to Skidmore as we marked this big milestone—thank you and well done! The Saturday party was a glorious and memorable evening of music, dancing, food, drink, and revelry. Our own class band of Ian Selig, Greg Demirjian, Will Pouch, Vince Schimel,

’86 FALL 2011 SCOPE 53

Oh, what a 25th reunion is was! For your great enthusiasm to

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