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Focus on ancillary revenue

in terms of ancillary revenue development. Pokeware estimates that one person engages in anywhere from six to 30 pokes per segment, depending on the content. A cabin of 200 passengers on a Boeing

737 aircraft watching a 30-minute segment could, therefore, generate between 1,200 to 6,000 pokes, making this new advertising technology an excellent revenue growth opportunity for airlines.”

Less means more for savvy travellers

Customers of low-cost cariers (LCCs) will be pleased by their top rankings in the 2nd annual ezRez Reward Seat Availability Survey. It means that members of the frequent-flyer programmes operated by traditional airlines may need to place more value in benefits beyond free travel. GOL, Southwest Airlines, Air Berlin and Virgin Australia filled the top four slots in reward survey results for 2011. GOL, the largest LCC in Latin America, topped the rankings with 100% of survey queries yielding two or more reward seats. US-based Southwest Airlines matched its 2010 standing with a survey result of 99.3% reward seat availability. The average among the six LCCs was 85.6% and is significantly above the 62.9% calculated for the other 18 carriers in the survey group. Consumers realise that there is no free lunch

here. LCCs are generous with reward seats while offering bargain prices. Traditional airlines are more stingy with rewards but offer other benefits such as airport lounge entry, premium cabin upgrades, and access to worldwide flight networks. But survey results also show adding more global partners doesn’t equal more reward opportunities. The ezRez Reward Seat Availability Survey is based upon 6,720 booking queries made by AR solutions provider IdeaWorks on the websites of 24 frequent flyer programmes during March and early April 2011. Travel dates were June to October 2011, with 20 top routes checked. “Consumers continue to feel the pinch of a

difficult economy. More than ever, they expect a tangible reward for their loyalty to an airline,” said John Swanciger, cco for ezRez Software, travel solutions provider and survey sponsor. “Rewards of all types, such as air travel, hotel accommodation and retail merchandise, are the tools airlines use to fill that expectation. Social media has made the frequent flyer world less of a mystery and savvy travellers have a better awareness of which airlines truly reward loyalty and frequency of travel."

Novo’s complete retail solution

Onboard retail systems provider Novo ivc has launched a suite of products to increase in-flight retail potential. Integrating Novo’s Pay PDA, SkyPOS onboard and SkyBOS ground-based back-office software, and with the addition of GPRS functionality, Novo claims to deliver improved speeds of communication and security. Novo has also introduced a number of

flexible purchase and rental options to make implementation easier and faster. Removing the requirement for initial capital outlay, Novo now offers ‘off balance sheet’ lease and transactional-

based flexible payment models. Tim Clifford, divisional director of Novo IVC,

comments: “We are very excited by the potential of Novo’s innovative retail POS system. The additional capabilities will enable Novo to help its airline clients deliver a truly first-class onboard retail operation. Our most recent client acquisition is Thomas Cook, who will be one of the first airlines in the industry to offer Chip and Pin and Contactless Card Reading payment options onboard their aircraft.”


Low-cost concierge service

Paris-based Airsavings works with LCCs to develop value-added and ancillary revenue services. It recently launched the immodestly- titled, a travel concierge service that integrates directly into an airline’s booking path. This increases an airlines’ brand interaction with the traveller while earning a commission from every sale of a Genius365 product. Genius365 offers 24/7 access to a local concierge

for every destination in a traveller’s itinerary. It handles ground transport, flights, hotel reservations, language services and schedule coordination to ensure travellers get the most of their time abroad. Packages from Genius365. com range from seven to 365 days, with the year option costing £190, about 55p per day. For airlines, an inducement to purchase a Genius365 product can be placed at any point in the booking path, including the confirmation email, the booking engine, and on a separate white-label microsite. This makes a revenue-generating programme

more accessible without any investment in development or infrastructure.,


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