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Located in New Brunswick Canada, Orangepaint Factory specializes in goalie masks, helmets and custom bikes. Known for its vibrant graphics,

Orangepaint Factory creates one of a kind pieces of art. Owner/artist Dan Daigle has been airbrushing since the early 80”s but put the airbrush away and replaced it with a computer. Last year Orangepaint Factory opened, dusted off the old airbrushes and has been busy painting it up. Learning to airbrush the hard way, I enjoy passing on any tips that may save any time and agitation.

The punisher skull was a simple project that is getting a lot of attention. I will walk through the steps I used to create the bullet

holes and touch on how I created the other effects. The bullet skull was painted on top of a scratched metal effect that you can see in the ABT extended articles. This entire bike project was painted using AA paints and I have been very happy with the product. So let’s get going. The first step in any project is to understand what you are about to paint and set up a plan of attack. Airbrushing is about creating a illusion of whatever you are trying to paint. Break it down in simple steps and even the most complex projects are simple. After setting a plan of attack, I first started by creating the required templates. Using a photocopy of the photo design, I used a stencil burner to cut my first template out of acetate.. This template will help define the discoloration of the metal and is used as a guide for my other templates. When I create multiple templates for a design, I will put basic registration crosses and identify which side is up so that I can align my templates. These templates will go in a folder and I file them in case I have to use them again for another project.

Placing the template on rear fender I spray a light coat of transparent brown to set my base. I use magnets to help

hold the template down, but I am not worried about any under spray and how even the spray is. Below, you can see the scratch effect under the brown and how light I sprayed

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