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Greentube licensed in Alderney

ienna-based online gaming operator Greentubeis to be licensed and regu- lated in Alderney. CEO Dr. Eberhard Dürrschmid explained: “We see Alderney as one of the main international hubs regu- lating remote gaming responsibly and pro- viding a solid infrastructure for our needs. No wonder that the island has become a ju- risdiction of choice for key players of the online-industry.”


Alderney eGambling’s director of ecom- merce development, Robin Le Prevost, added: “Our robust regulatory regime com- bined with our unrivalled technical infra- structure means that our reputation within the industry and around the world is sec- ond to none.”


Igor doesn’t stop First Atlantic


irst At- lantic

Commerce (FAC), a Bermuda- based, interna- tional, online payment gate- way, continued to provide pay-

ment processing to its merchants, with no disruption to service, while Igor, a Catego- ry One hurricane whipped through the is- land. FAC’s payment gateway platform is hosted at Cable and Wireless, which is a world class hurricane proof facility and maintains independent power supply. “As in the past with other hurricanes,

FAC was able to continue processing with- out interruption, and our 24 x 7 Emergency Technical Support remained open to our production merchants during the storm,” said Ronnie Viera, FAC’s SVP of IT and op- erations.


Intralot provides gaming system


ntralot Interactive, the B2B division of the Greek gaming giant, has signed a deal to provide Lithuanian lottery firm Olifeja with a next-generation internet gambling platform. The three-year deal also contains a two-year extension option and will see it provide Olifeja with a player management system alongside an application integra- tion framework and a complete suite of games such as bingo, keno and fun-poker as well as more than 40 scratch and instant titles.

Olifeja managing director Antanas Muraska commented: “It is Intralot’s global experience, expertise and pioneering tech- nology that led us to our decision to select it as our new partner.”

Virtual migration R

adware, a leading provider of inte- grated application delivery solutions for business-smart networking, has an- nounced the introduction of its Virtual Ap- plication Delivery Infrastructure - VADI Strategy - which aims to bring the full agili- ty and efficiency of virtualisation to appli- cation delivery solutions. VADI is an architecture that transforms computing resources, as well as applica- tion delivery and virtualisation services, into one integrated, agile and scalable Ap- plication Delivery Virtualisation Infra- structure. It is designed to bridge the gap between underlying hardware resources and to serve the various application needs in terms of SLA and performance pre- dictability, whilst delivering maximum agility to application delivery services.

Name change for Hermes S

oftware engineering services and IT so- lutions provider Hermes SoftLab has changed its name to ComTradeafter merging with the ComTrade Group. Com- Trade holds a strong presence in fourteen countries across Europe and the USA, with over 1,500 employees, 1,200 of whom are skilled software and system engineers Ales Gornjec, business development manager for gaming at ComTrade, said: “Working with ComTrade Group has proved complementary to Hermes SoftLab and its existing product and service solu- tions and the renaming is another step in the continual alignment of the two compa- nies.”

Vont opens its doors

ont Limited, an Isle of Man company offering a variety of specialist consul- tancy services to the e-gaming industry, of- ficially opened its doors for business last month. The company is a collaboration be- tween five top e-gaming specialists, Tony Guoga, Antanas Guoga, Jon Sykes, Maurice McGonagle and Tony Bromham. Sykes, CEO at Vont Limited, said “Our aim is to provide clients with access to our extensive network of con- tacts and experts in order to ensure a bespoke and cost effective service. We have the facilities to offer clients a wide range of services via our team of in-house special- ists and dedicated account man- agers.”

V server based gaming JON SYKES We Go Beyond Recruitment

t +44 (0) 1737 785 970 w e

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