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If you believe that business to

government is the next boom area in gaming… we feel we are in a very strong position.

David Loveday CEO

OpenBet W

ith the vuvuzelas now silent and the tournament rapidly fading into sporting memory, the time is ripe to reflect on the signifi-

cance of this summer’s World Cup for on- line bookmakers.

Across the board, operators such as

William Hill, Paddy Power, Bet24 and Bwin have recorded sharp - in some cases spec- tacular - rises in revenues, with the latter re- porting almost the same results in terms of gross revenue for the 2010 World Cup as for the 2006 event and 2008 European Champi- onships combined.

Parspro marketing director Thorvar Hafsteinsson said this type of performance is encouraging companies with little or no experience of running a sportsbook to turn to more experienced operators in an on- going rush to acquire a slice of the cake, evi-


Speaking to The Independentnewspaper, OpenBet CEO David Loveday did nothing to calm the ‘maelstrom of speculation’ that the sportsbook and gaming

platform provider might float. “If it’s right for the company, we’ll do it,” he said. “What happens, happens.”

BettingBusinessInteractive • OCTOBER 2010

Automation the key going forward

Increased automation is key to the future growth and success of the online sportsbook industry, says Parspro marketing director Thorvar Hafsteinsson.

denced by a sharp rise in white label agree- ments.

Hafsteinsson said it is not just poker and casino operators who are interested, but also state-run lotteries now being forced to confront the realities of the free market. However, he believes the standard white label model, with groups of operators com- peting in similar markets banding together to secure a share of a limited marketplace, needs a new approach.

He explained: “I see the white label model as a tool that can enable new opera- tors to gain a foothold in a marketplace in which knowledge of conditions, demo- graphics and legal aspects is still highly lim- ited. Applied in this way, I can easily see the white label model producing a win-win sit- uation in which service providers share their expertise with local partners, leaving

the latter free to concentrate on their core specialities of marketing, event selection and fulfilling local market needs.” Hafsteinsson added that any betting op- erator should also look at reducing running costs in order to remain competitive. “I be- lieve that sportsbook operators should be looking to increased automation as a means of reducing costs, a field in which Parspro has been a leader for the past decade,” he said. “Within the next year, we can see ourselves developing a fully auto- mated sportsbook incorporating a fixed payout and providing full control of risk management including odds recalculation, payouts and event closure. “Already, our Parspro Juliet live betting platform is an excellent example of the use of automation to drive down operator costs, by enabling a single bookmaker to

oversee multiple events connected by live feeds to a single interface.” Juliet’s purpose-built management client provides full control of running bets, allowing operators to open and close mar- kets, change odds, and pay out winnings, all in real time, thereby providing the opera- tor with a complete overview of the per- formance of each bet, in order to help opti- mise profit on outstanding bets. The firm has also developed the Parspro Elektra management information system designed for use with Juliet on the Apple iPad. Elektra provides a real-time, mobile overview of all in-play events. Hafsteinsson concluded: “Elektra places control literally at the operator’s fingertips and provides an- other vital link in the drive for automation that I believe is a key to the future growth and success of the industry.”


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