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The EiG Congress and Expo is being held across three days from Tuesday 19 October at Copenhagen’s Bella Center. The event opens at noon on the first day.

EiG Kick-Off Party

Tuesday 19 October from 21.00, this new networking op- portunity is being held at a laid- back bar in the Tivoli area, Rosie McGee’s in Vesterbro- gade 2A, 1620 København V.

Expo Drinks Reception

The Botsphere sponsored drinks reception is to be held on the floor of the EiG expo itself and is the big opening net- working event on day one with another two full hours of network- ing including an open bar. It will run from 17.30-19.30.

EiG event director Ewa Bakun discusses some of the changes to the expo and what she’s looking forward to most during the three days in Copenhagen.

New markets mean more visitors than ever before

Official EiG SafeCharge Party

From 21.00 on Wednesday 20 October, one of Copenhagen’s top nightclubs is the venue for the networking night. EiG wrist- band needed for entry: Park Café, Osterbrogade 79, 2100 Copenhagen.

Which topics do you anticipate being the most popular? As I said earlier, we spent a lot of research time to ensure that all conference ses- sions are timely and relevant, so we’re confident that all sessions will be well at- tended. Traditionally, the Start-Up LaunchPad which presents the newest companies and their new approach to gaming, CEO panels and sessions investi- gating regulatory developments are par- ticularly popular. However, with so many partnerships now being created to enter new markets and to offer new products, I expect our cross-over panels on media/en- tertainment brands, land-based casinos, lotteries and social gaming to attract great audiences as well.


hat were the reasons for the show moving to October from September? Every year, when planning

EiG, we’re looking very closely at the cal- endar in order to find the most conven- ient date in autumn for our delegates based around the world. One major fac- tor to consider is holidays; a large por- tion of our delegates come from Israel and as there are Jewish holidays this year in September, we decided to move EiG to October to suit their calendar.

How are visitor numbers shaping up? As of the end of September, around 1,000 people have registered for EiG and we’re expecting at least 500 more registrations in the remaining weeks, in the run-up to EiG. However, considering that we’re much ahead of our forecasted targets, I think we can expect a substantial in- crease in delegate numbers this year. I think it’s a great indication of the strength and growth of the industry. Of course, with the new markets opening up right now, we’ve noticed quite an in- crease in delegate bookings from coun- tries such as Italy, France, Greece and Denmark, and from new entrants to the iGaming industry, like lotteries. This will only make EiG better, with even more companies and individuals there to network and strike partnership deals with.

How hard is it to strike a balance be- tween the conference and the expo?

Which one are you particularly looking forward to hearing?

I love seeing how innovative this industry is and how the newest start-ups and entre- preneurs are trying to make a difference and challenge the leading brands with their disruptive propositions. This year we’ll see a new take on social betting, skill gaming and Asian handicaps being pitched to, and critiqued by, our expert panel at EiG LaunchPad - one of the ses- sion I always look forward to. I’m also very excited about the US market and its poten- tial opening to iGaming, so I will certainly listen carefully to predictions made by ex- perts such as Jan Jones of Harrah’s, Paul Matthews and Jim Tabilio.


EiG is an all year round commitment for us all at Clarion Gaming, so we spend a lot of time making sure that both the conference and the expo are well organ- ised and relevant to the industry, and we have dedicated members of staff who take care of both. Of course, the confer- ence requires more topical research to ensure that we have the highest quality

of content and true leaders as speakers, while the expo involves a lot of time on the phone with our clients to make sure we maximise their promotional oppor- tunities. We see EiG as one event really, therefore the marketing campaign fo- cuses on how the event provides bene- fits to the industry through both the con- ference and the expo.

What’s the best thing to do in Copen- hagen away from the show? There is so much to do outside official show hours with even more events packed into the busy EiG schedule. We’ve added one more party to take place on day one after the Opening Drinks in the Expo Hall: the Kick-Off party to be held in last year’s popular venue, Rosie McGee’s. There is of course the Official SafeCharge party on Day Two, and for those who want to keep discussing business in a more intimate and calm environment, we recommend ar- ranging meetings in this year’s Official Hotel: Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers. Our delegates are being taken care offrom early morning to late evening this year with all the entertainment provided and with the shuttle buses that will take dele- gates from the venue to the official hotel and to the party venues.

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