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Bananaklan, the creative collective founded by Roots Manuva, are pres- ently engaged in a series of off-kilter showcase events, a testing ground for a vast catalogue of songs, art and DJ/ selecta talent of past, present and future Manuva collaborators.

Go Bananas: Dub College is a journey into mutant hip hop/ jazz/ reggae experimentations. Roots Manuva Live entity Ba- nanaklan will convene on 23 April for further

Dub study at the Book Club. Expect an eclectic maze of

phonic detail: a friendly clash of DJ super star: dj MK Kiss FM, Dizzee Rascal, Fun House and the Bananaklan all star Band. Two floors of revolving delight Laptop selection up- stairs, live band and turntables downstairs. Live Jam session featuring new material from Bananaklan: live band and guest recitals: Ricky Ranking, Amaziree, Roots Manuva as Hylton Goshington

DJ’s/ Selectors: Dj Mk, Dj Jawa, Photo Machine, The Bpm Brownwood record- ings, Dj diablo and Lucy Pink


Climate Change

With many fingers pointing towards a future in dire straits, and blame still often being laid on the shoulders of the 190-odd representatives of each nation at the now-not-so-recent Copenhagen climate summit (a weight of considerably heavier load for certain individuals), it would be easy to ignore the point - amidst the almost childish and self-righteous fighting - of what needs to be achieved in order to assure our planet’s long-term sustainability. Carlos Hurworth.

The earth is not an infinite resource, and at current rates of growth and consumption (the two major driving factors of neo-classi- cal economic systems – that must be seen to be failing humanity now?) nor can it re- plenish what we use, damage and destroy, fast enough for it to be available to us down the track. In the year of 2004 for example, we consumed what it will take the earth until March 2005, to replenish. In other words, we used 16 months worth of the earth’s abil- ity to regenerate, in just 12. Installing more efficient appliances in our homes – from energy saving light bulbs and washing machines, to water saving shower heads – is a simple way our carbon footprint can be reduced. In addition to this, rainwa- ter tanks and solar hot water systems are becoming more readily available at cheaper prices - and such an investment can also reap financial rewards into the future. - So can simply turning your appliances off at the wall when they’re not in use. It’s simple, and though it might cause inconvenience for you (in our lives of ever increasing, over-conve- nience) wouldn’t our world reaching the point

of no return be far more inconvenient? We need to ask ourselves whether our actions are respecting the environment – whether it is necessary to use non-biodegradable prod- ucts; whether the way we drive is efficient, or whether it is necessary at all. We need to question whether or not we are recycling as much as we can; whether we are saving as much water as is possible; whether we are minimizing our use of paper, and limiting the amount of packaging we purchase and use. So on and so forth. And when the financial costs of thinking with an environmental conscience seem to pro- hibit us from investing in these decisions, we need to consider the future cost on the earth, and generations to come. - This is something that simply just isn’t factored into our current economic model – an externality of a GDP based system (a system based on the calcu- lation of all final goods and services, narrow- mindedly linked by economists to a country’s standard of living).

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Looking for an ultra sexy funky house induced party in Camden? Then join us at Undersolo every Saturday with resident DJ Lockin (Ministry of Sound/The Egg/ Rouge)

Along with the sultry funky house is the finest in club classics and rnb, combined with exclusive cocktails

served by our flair focused bartenders.

Undersolo is a 200 capacity basement club, laying deep in the heart of camden. Perfect for those inti- mate, back to roots parties with a sexy twist!

See you on the dancefloor!

Port of Manila – Philippine cuisine

Hammersmiths former Brackenbury restaurant spices up the village with a new identity and new own- ers – but some locals might recognize the friendly faces behind the counter. Port of Manila restaurateurs Tess and Felix Penas have been serving up their tasty brand of Filipino cuisine at the Lyric Square farmers’ market for the past two years and now run this great restaurant. The cuisine is a real mixture – it a Phillip- pine restaurant but has hints Spanish and Chinese.

Make sure you call in to this great place for some super food!

129-131 Brackenbury Road London W6 0BQ 020 8741 2099

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Mogador Restaurant

22 Queensway London W2 3RX

Tel: 020 7221 5055

The Mogador Moroccan & Lebanese

We recommend a restaurant this charming establishment is a firm favourite for the locals and tourists alike. Offering an attractive array of dishes that invoke the mouth-watering flavours, all food is prepared to order from fresh ingredients. In the true fashion of Lebanese and Middle Eastern restaurants, you can finish with a Shisha, and if lucky, be entertained by the enticing belly dancer.

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